Digger Odell Publications 2004

Wow, I'll bet you never knew there were so many different soda bottle designs. On these next pages are hundreds of soda bottle designs and still more images coming.  In the 1930's technology again cause great disruption in the beverage industry. A process of applying colored label which were actually fused to the glass and did not wash off revolutionized the bottle making industry.  the new process required flat undecorated space for the application of the colored label.  Factories which had been highly successful decades earlier in beating the competition like the Graham Glass, American Bottle Company and Owens were now faced with innovative newcomers. 

The best known of these was the Glenshaw Glass Company who began making the applied color label bottles about 1935.  They did not register any patents however until 1938.  Notice the 1938 bottle at the right has a large flat area for the ACL.  The embossed design is subdued compared with the earlier designs.  The ACL process was slower and few bottles could be produced in a comparable time. It would take more than a decade before this and other technical problems were solved.  Two and three colored  labels were the most labor intensive and expensive and hence today are rarer. Most Glenshaw bottles are marked with a G on the base and a unique dating code both on the base and on the neck.



Barq's 1935

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