J. E. Hover Ink Company

Old Ink Bottle Companies & Their History

Joseph E. Hover set up business in Philadelphia in the late 1840s. Hover grew his business into a national concern. Most, if not all of his bottles are pontil age inks. He also produced a hair dye.


The Following are a few of the opinions of the Presses of Philadelphia, and as they fully express the sentiments the public generally entertain, who have used this celebrated Ink, they are therefore presented. United  States Gazette:

"HOVER'S INK.-We have made use of it, and say it is equal to any we ever used, and can recommend it as a superior article. For sale at the manufactory, No, 1(18 North Third Street below Race St. Evening Journal."

"HOVERíS INK."---We have been using Hover's Ink for some time , and find it an admirable fluid; it flows easily from the pen, and is a beautiful jet black."-Daily Chronicle.

HOVER'S INKS"-Mr. Joseph E. Hoover, No. 105 North Third Street, is getting into notice, and deservedly, for the excellent qualities of the Ink manufactured at his establishment. We have tried some of it, and with much satisfaction.- Courier and Enquirer.

"We have tried the Black Ink, manufactured by Mr. Joseph E. Hoover No 105. N. Third Street, and found it -good. We cheerfully recommend it to general use American Sentinel."

"HOVER'S INKS"-Good Ink is a very good thing, and like most good things, it is not very often to be met with but we think we may from actual experiment, cordially recommend the writing ink made and sold by Mr. Joseph E. Hover, No. 105 north Third, as being a capital article. It flows freely from the pen-is transparent and without sediment, and has an excellent color. It is by far the best ink that we have used for some time, and those who are particular in this matter, cannot do' better than furnish themselves from Mr. Hover's establishment. Their notions about ink must differ materially from ours, if they are not pleased and very much pleased with his manufacture."-T/re Pennsylvanian.

It is only necessary to state as a farther proof of the superiority of this Ink, that the Secretaries of each House of Congress have ordered a supply for this Session, so well satisfied are they of its superiority. The "Commissioner of Patents," at Washington has introduced its use into his office, and it is also used in all of the Public and private offices of Philadelphia.

For sale wholesale and retail at No 105 North Third St. Philadelphia

By JOSEPH E. HOVER, Manufacturer.

Weekly Messenger 1842


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