Maynard & Noyes Ink Company

Old Ink Bottle Companies & Their History


Maynard & Noyes is one of the oldest ink manufacturing companies.  Their bottles are highly collectible. Early examples of ink bottles with Maynard & Noyes embossed in the glass are known as well as label only examples.

Maynard &. Noyes.

Ink Powder and Liquid Ink.

In 1818, the manufacturers determined to furnish the American public with Ink Powder and Ink, which should satisfy those who apply it to the most important uses in banks, public offices, schools, &,c. and succeeded most fully, as he following testimonials will show

Register of Deeds' Office, Boston, June 15 1830. Messrs. MAYNARD & NOYES,

Gentlemen,-Having used your Ink about seven years, I have the pleasure to inform you; that it fully answered my expectations; and from the appearance of the Records in my office, I am satisfied that. it is superior to any I have ever used. It flows well, and gives a beautiful permanent black.

Yours respectfully, HENRY ALLINE. Cheshire Bank, Keene, N. H., Jan. 1, 1831.

Messrs. Maynard & Noyes.

Gentlemen,-Yours of Dec. 27, was duly received, in reply to which I briefly state; that I have used the Ink Powder manufactured by you, and no other, for more than ten years last past. I think it makes the best Ink I ever used, and while the quality remains pure I shall not think of looking for an other kind.

Yours respectfully, N. DANA Cashier.

Sold by the Manufacturers, Boston; and by Bookeellars, Stationers, - Hardware Merchants, ant Traders generally, throughout the United States.

Saturday Evening Post

April 9, 1831



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