L. E. Waterman Ink Company

Old Ink Bottle Companies & Their History

Lewis E. Waterman was an inventor.  He registered a dozen or more patents for his ideal ink or fountain pen. Waterman Inks became popular mostly after his death.  Very few bottles were patented by this company.  Collectors find more machine machine ink bottles than ink bottles with tooled tops for this company.  The ad below is probably one of the earlier ads showing a tooled top Waterman ink bottle.

New York Times May 2, 1901

Lewis Edson Waterman.

Lewis Edson Waterman. inventor and manufacturer of fountain pens, died from a catarrhal trouble at his home, 265 Macon Street, Brooklyn, early yesterday morning. His illness had been serious for only about two weeks, and his recovery was confidently expected until Sunday evening. when a decided change for the worse set in. Mr. Waterman was born at Decatur, N. Y., Nov. 20. 1836. and came of an old Colonial family, his ancestors having settled in Stonington, Conn., more than 200 years ago.

He early showed inventive talent, and when he turned his attentions to pens the most common writing instrument carrying its own ink reservoir was of the stylus type, and incapable of shading. Mr. Waterman worked for ten years on his invention before he placed it on the market.  Mr. Waterman had lived in Brooklyn for twenty years, He leaves a wife, two sons, Lewis E. Waterman jr. and Fred S. Waterman. and two sons.


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