Shocking Tales From the Outhouse
2010 Digger Odell Publications

Death By Outhouse!

The outhouse was the stage upon which the death drama of untold hundreds of unfortunates was played out.  Stories both horrifying and yet  riveting, like reality television, they are graphic in their nature but resonate with us in a primitive and irresistible manner.


If you are a student of human nature, a history buff,  a privy digger, bottle collector or archaeologist, you will find these stories captivating and revealing in their exposure of human folly. This book is not for the feint-hearted nor the squeamish none of the details have been omitted to protect the innocent or the guilty.

This book is about those whose premature demise was the result of malice, misfortune or just plain stupidity. As you shall see, death by outhouse was not all that uncommon.


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(Guaranteed to Shock your Sensibilities)

I imagine that every privy digger or archaeologist has, at one time or another, sat in an outhouse hole and wondered of the history behind the artifacts and of the lives of the people who lived there, but in my wildest imagination, I could never have conjured up the stories to be found in my latest book:

"One of the most serious housing evils that exists in the United States today is the existence in very large quantities of the disease-breeding antiquated and obnoxious privy-vaults in various forms. No one knows just how many vaults there are in the United States, the Federal Health Service never having attempted to find out, but that they exist by the hundreds of thousands and probably by the millions, there can be no doubt...."


You might imagine this was written in the 1800s but it was actually written in 1920. Yes, thousands died from from inadequate sanitary conditions but that is only a piece of a fascinating story behind The Lethal Privy.

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