Lancaster's Bottles

Lancaster's Indian Vegetable Jaundice Bitters

Dear Digger,

I have a "Col. Sam Johnson, Proprietor, Richmond, VA 1852, A. Lancaster's Indian Vegetable Jaundice Bitters".  How much is it worth?

You have one of the more common Wheaton reproduction bottles from the 1970s.  They are not old.  You can find them for sale every day on Ebay.  About the most I have seen one sell for is $10.00

The Lancaster's Indian Vegetable Jaundice Bitters repros appear to have been made by several companies other than Wheaton.  Some are marked Tiawan n the base and others have no marking but were probably made in China.

These attractive bottles come in a variety of sizes from miniatures to the large size shown above. They can be found in blue, amethyst, yellow, green, red and other colors.