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What surprises me is that this was only Savannah's 6th annual bottle show given the rich history and prime bottle hunting territory.  Savannah often called the Hostess City of the South is a beautiful historic treasure located on the banks of the Savannah river.  The site has been occupied since 1733.  The city is laid out in a series of squares which are miniature parks.  The unique architecture of the historic district along with the ancient trees hung with Spanish moss  offers up charm unmatched by most other cities. 

cityhall.jpg (111310 bytes)

View of City Hall

Riverboat.jpg (89232 bytes)

Riverboat on the Savannah

riverstreet.jpg (74520 bytes)

Chart House 

Walking about the historic district was a treat.  The River Street district crowded with tourists offered sidewalk dining at the river's edge.  The stone streets must have been difficult for horse travel not to mention smelly and messy in the old days.

showview.jpg (54772 bytes)

Early buyers could get in with the dealers Friday evening

table.jpg (59990 bytes)

Digger's table

chatting.jpg (45394 bytes)

When business slows down lot of chatting goes on.

The bottle show began about 2 PM on Friday when dealers were allowed to bring in their boxes and set them under the table.  Despite the rule, by the time I arrived about 3:45 most tables were setup and people were conducting business. Unlike many Northern shows I have attended, the Savannah show had a relaxed atmosphere.  It was a pleasant change.

edharrold.jpg (45327 bytes)

Ed Harrold

Ralph.jpg (75386 bytes)

Ralph Green

diggertable.jpg (54164 bytes)

A digger's table

Dealers came mostly from southern states.  Many drove up to six or seven hours from Florida, North and South Carolina and parts of Georgia. Several diggers set tables.  Black glass and other early bottles adorned their tables.  Black glass is popular in the South probably because so much has been found there.  

bgdigger.jpg (61193 bytes)

Black glass ales and other spirit bottles dug in the South

onions.jpg (86759 bytes)

Black Glass onion bottles from Various European Countries

pottery.jpg (70813 bytes)

Southern pottery for sale.

Southern collectors have a wide array of bottles and pottery to collect.  Savannah and Charleston boast numerous colored sided sodas. While Southern medicines from the early periods are rare several great examples exist.  Southern pottery offers another fascinating area for collectors.  It has a unique look. The glazes are unlike any found in the northern states.  Face jugs are peculiar southern tradition.

Hey check this out!!

This gentleman seem to be telling his friend to stop looking the amber coke bottle and pay attention to the real beauties which have been brought out from under the table for a quick show and tell.  How many times have you seen five Solomon's Strengthening & Invigorating Bitters lined up?  Not many I'll venture- only in Savannah.