Collectors and dealers looking for a place to sell their better bottles other than Ebay or to one of the absentee auction houses can now consider purchasing a virtual sales table at Bottleshow.com. Signing dealer registration involves paying a fee, monthly, or even annually to set up your table which can display up to 25 items. Buyers then contact the seller directly to purchase bottles or to make offers.

The success of such a venture will depend upon bottle collectors and dealers participating. Building traffic is always a challenge to website owners like Mike George. Based on the offerings at the time this was written Mike has corralled some quality items offered by a wide range of dealers. The more outlets for buying and selling the better for the bottle world. The price of gas has made traveling to shows expensive. Dealers might initially recoil at the fee based system on Bottleshow but when compared with travel, hotel and table fees at live bottle shows, they will find the comparison economical. Ultimately however, the success of this venture will depend up buyers actually buying. Check this site out. It has been around for a while but seems to be on the right track. Digger