Alfred Vogeler Drug Co.

Digger Odell Publications 2007

Alfred Vogeler Drug Co.

One of the most widely known wholesale druggists whose headquarters is in the Ohio Valley is Alfred Vogeler, president of the Alfred Vogeler Drug Co., of Cincinnati. For a druggist in that part of the country to admit that he does not know Mr. Vogeler personally or at least that he has never purchased goods of the Alfred Vogeler Drug Co. is to class himself with the list of merchants who are practically unknown in their own vicinity. Popular as is Mr. Vogeler in the drug business in that .part of the country, he is far more popular and prominent in his home town, Cincinnati. He is a Cincinnatian in the truest sense of the word and Cincinnati is glad to claim him as one of her many sons who have struggled along the rocky road to success, and who have reached the goal, not by good fortune, but by hard work and honest dealing. Mr. Vogeler first saw the light of day August 20. 1861, in Cincinnati. His father was the late Frederick Vogeler, who entered the drug business in Cincinnati in 1859, the firm name then being Tafel & Vogeler. Even in his boyhood days, Mr. Vogeler exhibited traits of future success. As a school boy he was always wide awake and quick to grasp new ideas. Everything he attempted to do he did with his whole heart and soul. He went in to accomplish the desired end in everything he attempted, and he generally " won out." That determination to succeed and his almost unlimited capacity for work later on in life made it possible for him to attain his ideal- to be at the head of an immense wholesale drug business.

Mr. Vogeler received the rudiments of his education in the public schools of Cincinnati. In 1875 his father sent him to Germany to complete his education. He remained in school there under the instruction of some of the best professors in Germany until 188o, when he returned to his home in Cincinnati. It was in that year that Mr. Vogeler entered the drug business with his father. He remained with his father for two years, and then reportorial work on a large daily newspaper in a large city lured him away to Chicago, where he was on the pay roll of the Freie Presse for just one year. He did not give up newspaper work because he did not "make good," for he was making rapid strides toward success as a journalist.

It was the voice of his ideal which called him back to the drug business. He gave heed, and was soon again in his element, being identified with the firm of Lehn & Fink, of New York City. He was with that firm for about six years. He returned to Cincinnati in 1888 and resumed business with his father. Frederick Vogeler, who soon afterward retired, when Alfred Vogeler became a member of the firm. The firm name was then F. Vogeler .& Co. It was later changed to the Stein-Vogeler Drug Co. That name was used until 1901, where there was a change in the corporation. Alfred Vogeler then purchased Mr. Stein's interest and was elected president of the company, which position he still holds. In April, 1902, the firm name was changed to the Alfred Vogeler Drug Co., and under this name the business has since been conducted. So much for the history of the concern.

In justice to Mr. Vogeler more must be said about the man at the head of this great business corporation which has won for itself such prominence in the drug world. No corporation or business enterprise can become great unless "the man who runs things " knows his business and attends to it. Mr. Vogeler knows his business. and he also attends to it. Every man associated with the drug business says so, and that is one of the surest indications that he does. The great prosperity of the firm and the remarkable strides it has made during the past few years also bear silent testimony that Mr. Vogeler is a remarkably competent man. Mr. Vogeler is veritable glutton for work-the term describes him perfectly, his closest business associates say. He begins early in the morning, and is usually busily engaged until a late hour at night. His ability to " do things" is well known and especially so in Cincinnati. He has been for some years one of the most prominent of directors of other large enterprises. His judgment is good. The corporations know it. That is the reason he is sought out to help run so many large concerns. But busy as Mr. Vogeler is, he always has a pleasant word for everybody and time enough to treat courteously every person who calls to see him during business hours. When Mr. Vogeler was asked by The Era correspondent to what he attributes his great success in the drug business. he said:

"I'm a stickler on quality. My motto is that if a retail or a wholesale druggist can't be honest he had better get out of business. I have always given my customers the best that money can buy. I have always, given them what they pay for. I have always given them their money's worth, and shall always do so. To, those things and to earnest and continued hard work I owe my success as a wholesale druggist."

Mr. Vogeler lives in a beautiful home at 334 Hearne Avenue. Avondale, one of the Cincinnati suburbs. One would think that a man of such attainments and ability as Mr. Vogeler would be more or less prone to let the world know it. But not so with Mr. Vogeler. He is modest to a fault. He has never permitted the use of his photograph even in catalogues.