Bullock & Crenshaw

Digger Odell Publications 2007

EDMUND A. CRENSHAW of the wholesale drug firm of Bullock & Crenshaw, Philadelphia, deceased on the morning of February 19 1894 at his residence In Germantown. A heavy cold contracted on the 14th inst. resulted in pneumonia, terminating his .life. He was born In Hanover Co.. Virginia. In 1827. His father, Nathaniel Crenshaw. was a prominent member and minister in the Society of Friends.

Edmund A. Crenshaw received his early education at Westtown Boarding School, He subsequently graduated at Haverford colleege. In 1846 he entered the store of Smith & Hodgson at the northeast corner of Sixth and Arch streets, Philadelphia to learn the drug business. This business house had been established by Daniel B. Smith In 1819. In 1849 he graduated at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, and in the same year, in connection with Charles Bullock, succeeded Smith & Hodgson and continued the business at the old stand until 1868, when the firm of Bullock & Crenshaw removed to 52281 Arch street.

Mr. Crenshaw was for a number of years a member of the vestry of St. Andrew's Church, during the rectorship of the Rev. W. Bacon Stevens. After removing his residence to Germantown he became a member of the vestry of Christ Church. and subsequently was one of the corporate members of St. Peter's Church on Wayne street. and held the office of accounting warden from its institution.

Coming. as Mr. Crenshaw did, from boyhood to adulthood under the best of influences, and inclined, as he was, to regard the precepts and follow the example of those who had his training in charge. nothing could follow more naturally than an upright life; and such, assuredly, was his. His commanding presence distinguished him among men, while the dignity, courtesy and gentleness of his demeanor made him equally conspicuous among his fellows. In the church, in his business affairs, in his domestic relations and in his social intercourse he was equally respected and beloved by all whose privilege it was to know him. It was less than a week before his death. when he was in his usual good health, that big fellow-members of the Philadelphia Drug Exchange elected him an honorary member of that association as a token of the very high esteem in which he was held by that body.