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Obituaries. LEO ELIEL

One by one the leading men of the older generation of pharmacists are going over to join the great majority. Leo Eliel, of South Bend, Ind., died February 10th of apoplexy, being at his store and seemingly in good health when the fatal attack came on. He was sixty-six years old, having been born at Nentershausen, Hesse-Cassel, Prussia, in 1845. His father, who was a physician, came to America with his family when the son was a boy of eleven years. and settled at La Porte, Ind., where a brother of the elder Eliel was in business.

In those days German physicians in that part of the country experienced difficulty in having their prescriptions filled according to their own ideas, so, there being a little drug shop for sale, Dr. Eliel purchased it. and therein his three sons grew up, as the subject of this sketch once expressed it, "like kittens." Two of the brothers continued in the retail drug business-at La Porte until they went to Minneapolis and em barked in the wholesale branch of the trade, and one of them, J. C. Eliel, became a national figure in wholesale circles.

In 1873 the brother who has just died began business on his own account at South Bend, where he remained to the end. His first store there was in the suburbs, but later he moved to the business part of the town and took a partner. The partnership was dissolved in 1899 and Mr. Eliel then spent a few months in the laboratories of Purdue University in order to familiarize himself with the advancement made in the technic of his profession.

He then, January 1st, 1900, opened a pharmacy which he strove to conduct according to strictly professional ethics. He experienced much difficulty in educating the people of his city to an appreciation of his attitude, but succeeded in putting his business on a profitable basis. It was hard work to make the people understand why he (lid not recommend nostrums for their ills, or keep a fancy-goods bazaar.

In 1901-03 Mr. Eliel reorganized the department of pharmacy of the University of Notre Dame, in his city, in which he taught; and later resigned the professorship in order to give his individual time to his private interests. Mr. Eliel was elected president of the American Pharmaceutical Association in 1.906, and presided at the meeting held in this city the following year. He joined that association in 1882 and did much good work in it for pharmacy, but in a very quiet and unobtrusive manner. In 1887 he was made a member of the committee on prize essays. The next year he was put on the committee on commercial interests, and became chairman of that section the following year. He was thrice elected a member of the council, his second term expiring as his installation as president took place, and his third term beginning as he laid down the insignia of that office. From 1894 to 1900, the year in which the pharmaeopoeial convention was held, he was chairman of the association's committee on the revision of the Pharmacopoeia. In 1893 he was elected first vice-president.

As in the American Pharmaceutical Association, so in the State organization, Mr. Eliel was an active but not a -noisy worker. He was elevated to the presidency of the Indiana Pharmaceutical Association in 1886. Personally Mr. Eliel was a man of pleasing manner, kindly expression and soft voice. His sense of humor was well developed, and his wit, while keen, was never obtrusive nor used to hurt the feelings of others. He was a close student of pharmacy and an unusually well-posted one. As a citizen he was always ready to do his part for the general good, and his name always went down, as a matter of course, on the list of those who could be depended upon to take part in any worthy public movement of a commercial, educational or musical nature. Mr. Eliel was a bachelor and lived with a sister. It had been his expressed intention soon to take an extended vacation to be spent in travel. He was a Mason and a Knight of Pythias.

Mr. Eliel is responsible for at least one nice bottle that Indiana and other bottle collectors covet. The cobalt blue medicine is embossed, "Dr. Eliel's / Liver Regulator // South Bend. Ind.