John M. Maris & Co

Digger Odell Publications 2007


The founder of the well-known house of John M. Maris & Co. was descended from George Maris, who emigrated from England in 1683 on account of religious persecutions. he being a member of the Society of Friends. He settled in Springfield township, Delaware Co.. Pa.

John M. Maris was born Sept. 20. 1818, in Ridley township, Delaware Co., Pa.. and he died April 21, 1892. He was educated at the celebrated Westown Boarding school, married Louisa Wainwright, Oct. 14, 1846, and taught the first public school opened in the district in which his father resided. In 1836 he removed to Wilmington, Del., where he was an assistant teacher in the school of John Bullock (father of Charles Bullock) until 1838, when he moved to Philadelphia and commenced his business life as an apprentice in the whole-