Lehn & Fink

Digger Odell Publications 2007

In business by 1875. In 1886 they were located at 128 Williams. In 1891, they were listing themselves as Lehn & Fink, importers of drugs and new remedies - manufacturing & wholesale druggists, New York

Sometime in the 1890s it is believed that the company was no longer in the hands of Fink or Lehn but owned by Albert & Joseph Plaut and others.1901

Albert & Joseph Plaut, major owners of Lehn & Fink had their four-story drug house at 128 williams catch fire. Loss of $131,000 or two thirds of their stock.

They remained at the Williams St address until 1919 when the property was sold. they incorporated into business with Schieffelin Drug Co., located on the same street in the 1920s.

Lehn & Fink Employe Is Arrested.

E. J. Robinson, an employee of Lehn & Fink, New York, has been arrested on a larceny charge. He was arraigned before a magistrate in the Tombs police court and held in $1,000 for trial. It had been brought to Lehn & Fink's knowledge that Robinson had been selling oil rose, oil neroli, and oil peppermint to retail druggists at ridiculously low prices. The case against him was worked up by Pinkerton detectives. Part of the alleged stolen merchandise was found on the prisoner's person when he was arrested.