Mallinckrodt & Co.

Digger Odell Publications 2007


The exhibit of chemicals prepared by Mallinckrodt & Co., described in a recent issue of the Era, still continues to attract attention at the World's Fair. The case here shown contains probably the largest block of morphine sulphate ever exhibited. It is 7 feet high, 3 feet wide at the base, tapering to the top, and is worth about $13,500.00.

Of surpassing interest is the history of-the house which manufactures the costly alkaloids and chemicals in this remarkable exhibit. In October,. 1867, three brothers, Gustavus, Edward and Otto Mallinckrodt, associated themselves under the firm name of G. Mallinckrodt & Co., for the purpose of engaging in the business of manufacturing chemicals in St. Louis.

Gustavus Mallinckrodt had been with the old firm of Richardson & Co., wholesale druggists, for a number of years, and was well equipped to conduct the mercantile end of the business; while Edward and Otto had just returned from a four years' residence in Germany, where they had completed their chemical education. A small one-story building, 40x80 feet, was erected and the manufacture of a few unimportant medicinal chemicals started in a small way. The business continued to grow under these conditions until December, 1876, when the younger brother died, the death of the older brother occurring in June of the following year. This left the ownership and control in the hands of Edward Mallinckrodt, who, assisted by his son Edward, Jr., a Harvard graduate, has since directed the business.

In 1882 the house was incorporated as the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works. 0. L. Biebinger, who has been with the company since i888, is secretary, and Henry W. Honing, who has been with the firm since 1868, has charge of the sales and purchasing department. In addition to the St. Louis plant. branch works are located in Jersey City, N. J. The eastern offices and stockrooms are located in the Mallinckrodt buildings at 90 William street and 30-32 Platt street,New York City. The New York office was started in 1884, under the management of H. T. Jarrett, who is still with the firm, in a single room at 88 Maiden Lane. Here the offices remained about a year and a half, after which they were moved to toe present location, which is said to have been the site of General Lafayette's residence. The present handsome building was erected in 1899

From the small beginning in 1867 the business has grown to wonderful proportions. The line of chemcals now manufactured includes about 500 different articles and the works in St. Louis cover five acres of ground.