Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Company

In 1828, Wm. S. Merrell, A. M. opened a small drugshop at the corner of Chestnut Street and Western Row (Now Central Avenue) Cincinnati. The Merrell Drugstore was afterwards located at Court and Plum streets. In 1852, Merrell & Co., A. S. Merrell , a son having become a partner was quartered at the corner of Pearl and Vine Streets. In 1858, Messrs. Merrell purchased a building at 110 West third street, where the business continued until 1875 when another change was made, this time to Sixth Streeet and Eggleston Avenue.

In 1880,, the elder Merrell died, and soon after George Merrell organized the Wm. S. Merrell Chemical company, and in 1892 the present (1915) modernly equipped plant was erected. the office building fronting on Pike Street is one of the Queen City's social and historic landmarks. George Merrell, to whose untiring energy and keen business instinct the success of the well known Merrell speciaties are due, died December 12, 1914. From the small beginning in 1828 the standard of the Merrell Company has been "quality of the highest," and from this standard it has never wavered. The N. A. R. D. Journal May 6, 1915.