Park Davis & Co.

Digger Odell Publications 2007

In 1866 Duffield, Parke & Co. was formed as a manufacturing chemist company. By 1871, the company had reorganized as Parke, Jennings & Co. who like their predecessors supplied the wholesale druggists with standard [ official U.S. Pharmacopeoia formulas in 16 Troy ounces of the drug to the pint] medicinal fluid extracts. These they advertised as being prepared without the use of heat.

In 1872, the company again reorganized into the familiar Park, Davis & Co. we know today. This company was not exactly a wholesale druggist but a manufacturing chemist who supplied both retail and wholesale dealers.

1901 AND 1905 ADS



Initially, they specialized in fluid and solid extracts, sugar coated pills, elixirs, syrups, wines and chemicals. They made some of their own compounds for specific ailments.

They opened depots in Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati and New York which were their primary distribution outlets. These depots were operated by existing wholesale druggists who acted as agents for the Park, Davis Company.


A Short time ago we received a very pleasant visit from the agent of Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co., of Detroit, Mr. Pond. He left with us several samples of their manufactures, some very novel and elegant. Their normal liquids are acknowledged to be a valuable substitute for ordinary fluid extracts and are uniform in strength. Their pills are of a very excellent quality, made by hand, and coated by a method avoiding the application of any degree of heat that would impair their efficacy. The mass is permanently soft, the pills are elegantly finished and easily soluble.