Sharpe Dohme Company

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The firm was established in 1860 at the corner of Howard and Pratt streets, Baltimore-the site of their present plant. From time to time, as the need for more adequate facilities for manufacturing purposes was felt, additional buildings were erected, and in 1892 the entire plant was practically rebuilt, greatly enlarged and completely equipped with the most improved machinery for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Their line is large and varied and embraces in addition to Standard Medicinal fluid, Solid and Powdered Extracts, Solume Gelatin and Sugar-Coated Pills. Granular Effervescent Salts, Soluble Hypodermic Tablets, Compressed Tablets. Tablet titurates, Elixirs, Syrups and Cordials, full line of high grade Pepsins ranging digestive power from 1:2000 to 1:2 d including their well-known S. & D. guaranteed standard just twice the standard adopted by the U. S. P., 1890. S. & D. deserve great credit for having generally introduced Porous Hypodermic Tablets, which are unquestionably much more rapidly soluble and therefore better adapted for subcutaneous use than are Compressed Hypodermic Tablets. Ergotole is another S. & D. product which has on merit alone won general professional recognition. This is a palatable liquid form of Ergot 22 times the strength of the official fluid extract, and which we believe can be used hypodermically without causing abscess. It is especially recommended for internal use because of its pleasant taste, small dose and freedom from nauseating properties.

Mr. Louis Dohme, the president of the company, is well known in pharmaceutical and chemical circles. His genial affability and personal magnetism have won for S. & D. a host of warm friends. He continues to be the active general superintendent of the affairs of the company. Mr. Chas. E. Dohme, the vice-president, a thoroughly practical pharmacist and chemist, has charge of the laboratories in Baltimore, and personally supervises the manufacturing departments.

Mr. Ernest Stoffregen, the secretary and treasurer, a good financier and a just, courteous gentleman personally, manages the business department from their general offices at 41 John street, New York. Dr. Alfred Dohme, who is in charge of the analytical department, has enjoyed exceptional educational advantages both fn America and Europe, and personally assays the crude drugs purchased for manufacturing purposes. Each member of S. & D. is a practical man, thoroughly conversant with the most minute details of his department. The Chicago house is in charge of Chas. E. Matthews & Bro.

S. & D. long ago adopted a business policy which alms to protect both the jobber and the retailer in their mutual relations as well as in their business association with the medical profession. Their creed is purity of drugs, excellence and uniformity of product and courteous treatment of their patrons, and on these lines they have developed their large and constantly growing business.

Obituaries. LOUIS DOHME

One of the master minds of pharmacy was stilled when, on December 12th, 1911 Louis Dohme, of Baltimore, breathed his last. Mr. Dohme had been ill for a number of weeks, and so it can not be said that his death was unexpected. yet the news of the end came as a shock to his family, his friends and the trade. generally. The attack of neuritis which marked the beginning of his end occurred in October while he was on the Atlantic bound for home. After treatment in New York he was taken to a hospital in Baltimore, where in spite of the best skill and attention he gradually sank.

The deceased was born July 6th, 1837, at Obernkirchen, Germany. With his parents and several brothers and a sister, he came to America at the age of fifteen, landing at Baltimore where he became acquainted with the late Alpheus P. Sharp, who at that time conducted a pharmacy at the corner of Howard and Pratt streets, that is on the exact site of the present extensive laboratories of Sharp & Dohme. Mr. Dohme even at that early age had a pronounced liking for the drug business and he therefore accepted the position of assistant offered to him by Mr. Sharp, and thus began the association which eventually developed into the foundation of one of the most widely known firms of manufacturing pharmacists in this country. Mr. Dohme studied pharmacy in all its practical details under the skilled tutelage of Mr. Sharp, and after attending the prescribed course of lectures at the Maryland College of Pharmacy was graduated by that institution in 1857.

Four years after his graduation Mr. Dohme became a partner of his old preceptor, the firm of Sharp & Dohme having been formed in 1860, and his business foresight was such that he soon began to enlarge the store's manufacturing laboratory and offer its output to other druggists. His younger brother, Charles E., having also been graduated by the Maryland College of Pharmacy, later became a partner in the business, which continued to expand. Louis Dohme, manifesting a preference for the business side of the undertaking, went out to put the products of the firm on the market. For a time he was the only salesman so engaged. He showed extraordinary ability, backed by indefatigable industry. With rugged strength and a determination to achieve he combined an ingratiating manner which instantly gained him a hearing. Mr. Sharp retired from active business in 1885, and in 1892 the firm became a company, with Louis Dohme as president, a .position he held until his death.

Sharpe Dohme bottles are often marked on the base with the letters 'SD'. They made a fair number of bottled products, most label only but there are a number of known poison bottles from this company.