A. TRASK'S MAGNETIC OINTMENT The rights of this product were acquired from S. Bull ( a proprietary medicine agent in New York state) by Ransom and Stevens Druggists of Buffalo, N.Y. sometime in the late 1850's or early 1860's. Aqua - open pontil - size 2 3/8" x 1 1/4". Variant - 3" x 1 1/4". Earliest listing found was in 1852 for Guenther & Stevens, which was later to become Stevens & Ransom. Exactly when this took place is unknown. David Ransom was eventually to become D. Ransom & Co. - Western Medicine Depot. The earliest listing for this is 1866, so he had to be connected with Stevens before this date.

GEORGE C. VAUGHN'S (VEGETABLE LITHONTRIPTIC MIXTURE) In 1844 George C. Vaughn is listed with the firm of CHASE & VAUGHN which was a watch manufacturer and retailer. First ads however, appear in late 1844 Buffalo Morning Express papers. It sold for $ 3.00 and was probably the smaller open pontiled bottle. His first listing as a manufacturer of this product is in an 1848 directory - at 207 Main Street, but I'm sure he was in business earlier.

MYERS' EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA, WILD CHERRY & DANDELION Henry B. Myer is listed in 1848 directory: Myer Henry, lab h william nr bennett! lI Myer Henry B. manufacturer of Myers' omnipurient office' 205 main h 105 delaware His product was sold by G. R. Clark as advertised on this 1848 ad: Very little is known of Henry B. Myers, and the following information has been arrived at by deductive reasoning: The following was found in an 1849 Albany Newspaper advertisement Dec. 22, 1849.

MYER'S VEGETABLE OMNIPURITENT COMPOUND - for the liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. Even though this ad was found in an Albany paper, I still believe this to be H. B. Myers. The reasoning is this: The spelling of Myer's is the same, the word vegetable is also used in his sarsaparilla and omnipuritent is used in his 1848 Buffalo Directory ad for his business name. It's all too coincidental to be another man. If a bottle does exist, I am not aware of it. One further listing is found, however DR.

H.B. MYER'S EXTRACT OF DANDELION Myer & Price - Proprietors of Dr. H. B. Myers Medicines, N.Y. Nov. 17, 1851 - N.Y. Daily Times Although this is a later date and another name is tied with Myers, this has got to be Henry B. Myers who has now become a "Doctor". The name and the product are too similar to his sarsaparilla. The Price mentioned is a man named V. C. Price who was a druggist Dut of N.Y. City, in the early 1850's. Possibly, Myers used him as a New York City agent. In 1853 Price moves to Troy, N.Y. By the year 1855 we find him in ... you guessed it - Buffalo, N.Y. The following ad appeared in the 1855 Buffalo Businessmenís Directory but no mention of any of Myer's products. One further note on Huffs. There is a listing in an 1851-52 Cincinnati City Directory for the following medicine.

HUFF PULMONIC BALSAM A known bottle exists with this embossing. It's size is 5 3/4" in height and is rectangular in shape. At this time it is NOT known if this is the same Huff, but it's a good possibility.

DR. WILSON'S HORSE OINTMENT This bottle or rather jar has always turned up locally in Buffalo dumps, houses, etc. However, this bottle was always plain based. The exception to this is the one drawn on the following page which was emerald green, open pontiled. No one yet has positively pinned this bottle down to Buffalo, N.Y. or surrounding towns, but as I stated, all have turned up locally.

FRIEND'S RHEUMATIC DISPELLER, BUFFALO, N.Y. No information has yet come to light on this bottle or who put the product out. It appears to be an early bottle. Buffalo, N.Y. newspapers only go back to 1844, so it's almost impossible to check earlier listings by this method





G.C. BLAKES ANTI DESPEPTIC BITTERS The only information on this bottle is the ad below. All bottles have been found locally to date.

(KNOWN PONTIL BOTTLE REPORTED) CROSBY'S EAST INDIA VEGETABLE COMPOUND - L. Crosby, Proprietor, Buffalo, N.Y. Advertisement in 1847 - 1848 The only listing found was in the 1848 directory for a Mrs. Lydia C. Crosby - widow of Ebenezer, house on the corner of Perry & Indiana. (no other L. Crosby's listed) CROSBY'S MAGNETIC BALM - C. Crosby, Proprietor, Buffalo, N.Y. Advertisement in the Buffalo Morning Express, 1859. In 1858 directory, Chauncey Crosby is listed as a druggist at 299 E. Swan Street. In 1870 it's listed as C. Crosby & Co. He appears till the year 1879 where he is no longer listed. (It's possible that he was related to Lydia Crosby, maybe a son.) ?