In the years 1844 thru 1848 William W. Huff is listed as: 1844 - Bookkeeper of Huff's Hotel 1848 - Grocer at 17 Exchange Street Note: In 1844 a Henry Huff was listed as the keeper of Huff's Hotel. Possibly he was a relation to William. There is an advertisement for Huff's Linament which appeared in a newspaper from 1846. It advertised the product for rheumatism. Possibly cuff was already making the product and selling it out of his grocery store. 1850 - City Directory listing: William W. Huff - Veterinary Surgeon, 23 Exchange Street. Oliver W. Huff - Grocer, 17 Exchange Street., Home 25 Exchange St. William W. Huff is listed as none other than... a Veterinary Surgeon!! its place of business is listed as 23 Exchange St. Note that Oliver is now the grocer and the business is at the same address. Also Oliver's home address is 25 Exchange St. Notice how both Huff's businesses are almost next to each other and Oliver's home is next to Williams' business. Oliver could )e his brother, or possibly his son, but somehow, I believe they were related in someway! 1852 - William W. Huff - Veterinary Surgeon, lives at 5 Beak Street. Oliver W. Huff - Grocer, 23 Exchange St., lived at 5 Beak Street. William is still listed as a Veterinary Surgeon. He now lives at 5 Beak Street and notice that Oliver also lives at 5 Beak Street. This enforces the Point that these 2 are somehow related. 1858 - William W. Huff - Veterinary Surgeon, Address in Ad

DR. N. WEAVER'S CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF FIREWEED 1862 advertisement in a Syracuse, N.Y. newspaper - also a full page ad in the 1858 Buffalo City Directory. I could find no other information other than the 1858 ad. -

TURNER BROTHERS - A 25 Year History of 5 Enterprising Brothers by Jeff Rosenthal Turner brothers were supposed to have begun in business in 1844 according to ads in later City Directories. I've searched thru various 1844 newspapers and the City Directory for that year and found no listings for a business. However, I did find listings for two of the brothers. 1844 Directory: THOMAS C. TURNER - Residence, 38 Virginia St. JAMES TURNER - Residence, 170 Niagara St. Possibly they had a small, local back yard business in their immediate neighborhood. I poured over microfilm files of newspapers from 1844 to 1847 and found no mention of a business. Also, Buffalo did not publish any City Directories in 1845 or 1846 to check listings there. The first mention of Turner's being in business appears in the 1847 and 1848 City Directories. Both years say the same thing as shown below: The next little tidbit I was able to find was a Directory listing in the year 1852.

This information helped me twofold. First of all the ad tells us they were producing their now, much sought after Turner's Sarsaparilla in that year, and second that Malcolm Turner was in the business during the pontil bottle era. This was important to my research because a plain based, unembossed, 12 sided bottle with a label reads: TURNER'S BALSAM - the usual fabulous claims, & at the bottom - Prepared by MALCOLM TURNER RECIPER, Buffalo, N.Y. Now, there's a scarce pontil medicine embossed TURNER'S BALSAM, eight sided, and with this information from the 1852 Directory and the label from the bottle it's a good bet Malcolm was producing this medicine in 1852 and this pontiled bottle is his.

The following is an excerpt from Wilson's book "19th Century Medicine in Glass". "Malcolm, James and Thomas Turner were soda manufacturers in 1850. The following year they began producing sarsaparilla. By 1853 they had a full line of cordials and syrups. In 1853 two others brothers joined the Business - Archiblad & Robert also in 1853 they opened their branch office in San Francisco, California. Out of the above excerpt the only information I somewhat disagree with is the date of the full line of cordials, but its possible they had them that early.

The following information came to light when a friend of mine was doing research on a patent medicine from Fredonia, N.Y. In his search he came across the following: FREDONIA CENSOR Newspaper Ad May 21, 1850 "American rheumatic balsam, a late and very important discovery made from the vegatable kingdom, for the removal and permanent cure of all rheumatic complaints. None genuine unless signed by the proprietor R: Turner, on the wrapper. All orders to be addressed to the general agents Turner Brothers Company, Buffalo, N.Y. sold wholesale and retail by A. Reynolds, druggist, 155 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y." So ... another pontil medicine previously unknown as far as who put out this product comes to light. This bottle is considered a rare pontiled medicine. As stated by Wilson, Turner's opened their San Francisco branch in 1853, and began marketing their products out west. The next ad I found was in an 1855 Businessmenís Directory which is somewhat different than a City Directory. They mention their PURE LEMON SYRUP, which for everyone's information is a non-embossed bottle. This was a label only bottle, 3 part mold, iron pontiled, in an aqua whiskey type bottle. The label proclaims it can be used for making exquisite lemonade, or for medicinal uses. Surprisingly, this ad does not mention either the AMERICAN RHEUMATIC BALSAM or the TURNER'S BALSAM products. 1862 CITY DIRECTORY ADVERTISEMENT It is believed that sometime after 1862 they opened a branch office in Toronto, Ontario.




There are several reasons for this statement. There have been several Stoneware jugs found in Canada impressed or debossed (however you want to term it) with the following: TURNER'S TONIC BITTERS The lettering is in an early PURE SYRUPS Canadian flag which is also SAUCES debossed. TORONTO There has also been some advertisements found, I have been told, confirming this although I myself have not seen them. It is quite conceivable that they would open a branch office at this location since Toronto was a fairly large Canadian city in the 1860's. (This item below also taken from Wilson's Book) In 1865 they sold their branch in California to McMillian & Kester with the provision that they remain the only outlet for TURNER'S products. Their New York State business continued into the early 1870's until some of the brothers retired and others (?) entered into the brokerage business.

The following information is taken from San Francisco City Directories for the years as stated. 1854 - Turner Brothers, syrup factory, Jessie near First St. Turner, Robert, Syrup factory, Jessie near First St. no 1855 Directory. 1856 - Turner Brothers, manufacturers of Turner's Ginger Wine & Syrups North side of Market between Montgomery and Kearny Sts. (Established in 1853, is the largest manufacturer of its kind in the city and a branch of Turner Brothers, New York) Turner, G. M. or T. Bros. North side Market between Montgomery & Kearny Turner, Robert or T. Bros. North side Market between Montgomery & Kearny 1858 - Turner Brothers (Robert, Thomas, James, M. C. and Archibald) same address as above. 1859 - Turner, George bookkeeper boards with Robert Turner, Malcolm C. East side front between Broadway & Chambers Dwl. North side Market between Montgomery & Kearny 1860 - Archibald - resides New York, N. Y. Robert - Boards at the Metropolitan Hotel, San Francisco Thomas - resides Buffalo, New York James - New York, New York Malcolm - New York, New York On the following page is an advertisement from the 1856-1857 San Francisco Directory which shows the large variety of products they sold in that city. On the page directly after the San Francisco advertisement is an ad for Riley A. Shinn from Georgetown, District of Columbia which had advertising for Turners. Products, which he sold. Since Turners had over 25 products here's some of the embossed bottles they had "moulded". 1. "Turners ESS of Jamaica Ginger, New York" - oval bottle, aqua, 5 3/4 in. high, applied lip crude plain base. 1A. (Variant) "Turners ESS of Jamaica Ginger, S.F." - oval bottle, aqua, 5 3/4 in. high, tooled lip plain based. 2. "Turners (front) Liver Regulator - (side 1) Turner Bros. San Francisco" - rectangular bottle, aqua, 7 3/4 in. high crude, applied lip, plain base. 3. "American Rheumatic Balsam, Buffalo, N.Y." - rectangular bottle, aqua, 6 1/4 in. high, open pontil. 4. "Turner's Balsam" - 8 sided vial type bottle, aqua, open pontiled, 4 7/8 in. high, base diameter 1 3/8 in. 5. "Turner Brothers New York" Barrel bottle (20 rings) (similar to Greeley's), 9 7/8 in. high, comes in various ambers and greens, plain based. Known label on bottles reads Turners Bitters. 5A. (Variant) "Turner Brothers New York" - Barrel bottle (18 rings) 9 7/8 in. high, comes in various ambers and greens, plain based. Same label. 6. "Turner's Brothers, New York, Buffalo, N.Y. San Francisco, Cal.," (on 4 lines on front) Square bottle, comes in olive green, amber, aqua, height 9 1/2 inches, comes plain based andiron pontiled. Known label reads Turners Forest Wine Bitters. 6A. (Variant) "Turner Brothers, New York, Buffalo, N.Y. San Francisco, Cal." (on 3 lines on front) Height - 9 3/4 in., plain based, Colors known green and ambers. (variation is height and embossing) 7. "Turner's Sarsaparilla, Buffalo, N.Y." - Bottle comes in aqua, rectangular, oval shaped sides, plain base, and iron pontiled. The plain base bottle is 12 1/2 in. high, 5 5/8 in. width, 3 in. in depth and has a crude applied lip or collar. Note - iron pontiled bottle -- only two known and exact size I am not sure of. The two other bottles unembossed I've already mentioned earlier. Those are the embossed bottles I know of. Now you figure they also put out soda, beer and possibly other items, so there were indeed industrious businessmen from Buffalo's early years.