Ink Bottle Basics


Teakettle inks

Highly collectible category because of the great variety
of forms and beautiful colors. These sought after inks
command high prices ranging from $200-$700.

teakettle ink teakettle ink


Umbrella Inks
Also highly sought after, umbrella inks come in a assortment of types. While most are eight sided, others can be twelve, sixteen,
ten, or even six sided. These inks are rarely embossed. Aqua
umbrellas, like the one at the right sell for $20-30.

umbrella ink unbrella ink


Turtle inks

Turtle inks along with other similar styles have an off-set neck.
When found in a color, not often done, they command major
prices. One deep purple amethyst igloo just sold for $1350.

turtle ink bottle


Common Inks

There are hundreds of low cost common inks. Most are aqua and a few are amber or even cobalt blue.
The style at the right is a type of "cone" ink.

cone ink bottle amber Stafford ink bottle square ink bottle


Master Inks

Less collectible than many other ink categories,
these larger inks are often found with pour spouts
and come in awide range of colors and styles.
Earlier period masters (1840-65) usually bring
more than their later smooth based counterparts.

green master ink bottle


five indelible miniature ink bottles

Indelible Inks

These miniature inks are hard to find especially in colors. The two on the left are pontil age and both embossed. The amber and cobalt ones are embossed CARTER'S INDELIBLE and the miniature cone is extremely rare.


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