November 1999 Questions

Digger Odell Publications 1999

My name is Laurel Heap and I'm working with the Utah Department of State History on analyzing some artifacts from various historical sites.  Right now I'm working on the bottle collection and was wondering if you could take a look at some pictures and brief descriptions of a few of the bottles.  If you could give me any more information on where these bottles might have come from and about what time period, I would greatly appreciate it.  I would also appreciate just an idea of specific books that might contain more information.    Thanks so much! Sincerely, Laurel Heap

Your bottles appear to be fairly late period.  1940s possibly in the late 1930s.  At this time there is little collector interest in bottles of this type and date.  The first bottle is cold cream jar.  The amber bottle is a whiskey.  Digger

I was wondering whether you might have any information on a bottle that my father has. I don't have it in front of me, so I can't describe it perfectly, but it is clear, about 12-15 inches tall, and has the following in raised letters in the glass:

                   Robert Gibson's Tablets
                            made by
                           E. C. Rich
                           New York
                           US Agent

Are you familiar with this at all?  Anything you could tell us about history and value would be much appreciated.   If you need more details, I'll get a hold of the bottle itself so I can give you more of a description. Thanks for your time,
Ron Gibson  

Ron, Your jar probably contain tablets for preserving fruit.  I have one reference however indicating the bottle contained  lemon drops.  The product was made by E. C. Rich, New York and is common.  The Eleazor Rich Company were importers of specialties, candies, etc.  He was in business at least through 1920.  The jars are relatively common.  Digger

I apologize for being unable to answer the many other questions  that were sent in November.  If you would like to resubmit them I'll try to give you answer. Digger

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