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hi while walking on the flats at low tide on Cape Cod Bay I came across a bottle partially buried I cannot seem to find it on the "web" and wondered if you could help me..It is a light lavender color..round bottom getting smaller to top. Inside is a cork which would fit..but I don't know how to get it out. the seams run up past the 1st lip, but stop before the top...apr 6 in high...with the raised words (embossed? falcon brand olives Thanks for any help you could give me on this neat beach find...Suzanne Menard

Your bottle is listed in Betty Zumwalt's book  Ketchup, Pickles Sauces.  The Falcon Packing Company was listed in NYC in 1902.  Olives were their primary business.  The company probably continued through the 1920s.  The value of your bottle is $2-4.  Digger


Perhaps I haven't dug deep enough yet for info, but seem to keep hitting a dead end. Recently at auction, along with some others which I COULD identify was this bottle embossed "The Cleveland Foundry Company". A large round clear bottle Measuring 7 X 7 inches. It has a metal ring/collar around the shoulder. Seams go all the way to a threaded lip, and the cap is fitted with a spring-loaded plunger. It looks to be old, but not that old. I am mainly interested in it's purpose, as there was an Amish gentleman interested in it as well. Maybe i shoulda asked Him- Ha Ha. Your time and expertise are appreciated. I will be grateful for any information. Thanks! -John

I think maybe you shoulda asked him.  All I could locate was a listing for the Company in 1898.  They were listed as Iron Founders. Not knowing much about the process, I can't fathom a guess.  Maybe a reader or Iron Worker could help.  Digger

My son was out playing and digging in the dirt and found a very well preserved bottle that is clear glass with the raised letters of HALITOSINE ANTISEPTIC imprinted on it. Can you tell me anything about this bottle and how much it would be worth? Along with how to find a buyer if I wanted to sell it? Thank You, Stephanie Sorrells

Halitosine is described in the Patent office records as, "ANTISEPTIC PREPARATION FOR USE AS A GARGLE, MINOR CUTS, BAD BREATH, INSECT BITES, DANDRUFF AND MOUTH WASH. " It was first used commercially in 1934 so that is the earliest your bottle could date.  Halitosine was registered by the Allan Pharmaceutical Com Inc. under the Halitosine Coorp. of Missouri..  they were located in St. Louis.  The latest owner was the Luyties Pharmacal Co. of St. Louis in 1965.  The bottle probably has modest value of $3-5.  You could find a buyer on Ebay probably.  Digger




I read a note that you wrote that Red Top Rye bottle are very common and don't bring much $. Do you know where I might be able to get some? Thank you, Ann W

Red top Trademark shown below:

I have been wrong before (many times in fact)  I may have been thinking of Red Beer (of Hauck Brewery in Cin, OH).  After checking again, I found a listing in a very old Hugh Cleveland's Bottle Pricing Guide for the following: Red Top Whiskey, aqua flask 6 1/2', $5-7; aqua corker, 11 1/2", $6-7; and Red Top Rye, Ferdinand Westheimer and Sons, red amber, 12" (bottle was pictured) listed for $7-8 (now that was then and this is now and the price might have gone way up...but I can't verify that either way.  The name "Red Top" was first used for whiskey in 1884.  In the 1940s the brand was owned by Gordon-O'Neill Company, Inc.  120 Sherman Avenue Jersey City. the last owner was Schenley Distillers, Inc. of in 1980.  New York  Digger.

Heya Digger : ), Hope you're doing well, haven't heard from you in quite a while. Me and Rick went to Iowa to dig with Matt Schaeffer for a few days last week. While digging in a dump I found a label under glass cure I was hoping you could fill me in a bit on it, can't find a listing or anything about it anywhere it's a "Wonder Dandruff Cure" about 10" tall. Ever heard of it? It's in pretty good shape and has a nice lady legs design I would estimate 1890's for the age according to mold seams but could be late 1880's I suppose. Anyway was just curious about it. Heading back down your way to dig with Eddie again in a few weeks we have to hook up and dig at least one time this year I'm planning on doing some traveling digs this year and the four days in Iowa was just the start. Jason D. Blevins, Bottledigger www.bottlediggers.com

There are not many of the Cures you describe but several others are known.  I'd estimate a value of $600-800.  Digger

FROM A READER-Hey Digger, Jason of bottle diggers.com posted a question in April regarding a clear BIM "Wonder Dandruff Cure" label under glass bottle with a short lady's leg neck. He found it out here in Iowa while digging with me. It's a pretty spectacular bottle, despite being clear--a person just 't find a LUG "cure" every day...Jason claims it's 10 inches, but it's actually closer to 7 1/2.   Anyway, I hooked up with Mike Burgraaff a few weeks ago to dig a few privies; he's a co-author of the book on Iowa bottles ("The Antique Bottles of Iowa 1846 to 1915"). I mentioned the bottle to him and he's aware of it. Apparently it's listed in his book. The firm that manufactured it was based in Tipton, in east-central Iowa, before moving to Cedar Rapids. Mike claims that it's somewhat of an anomaly--a "Cure" that was manufactured AFTER the Pure Food and Drug Act (I guess it took awhile for the teeth of the law to sink in; plus Iowa is out in the boonies anyway...), circa 1908-10. He knows of only 3 examples.  Just thought I'd tip you off on that; lord knows you've got enough research to do with all the questions you get.  I probed a nice crunchy brickliner today behind an 1850s place; under the 2 foot cap it's solid crunch all the way to 6 feet (any beyond). Lady showed me a refired pontil puff, a McGuffey Reader, and letter that came out of the walls of the house. The letter was dated 1864 and was by a Civil War soldier stationed in KS. Can't wait to dig that one!  Best Regards,  Matt Schaeffer

Hello this is my wife's email address.  I recently found a bottle I know nothing about. It is aqua-green, 9 1/2 inches tall, crown top, 2 seams on each side going to top. Inscriptions are Darley Park Brewery on top and Baltimore on the bottom. In the middle is G*B*S written in a style similar to the S.C. Dispensary bottle. Can you give me some idea on what was in it, it's age, and an approximate value. I found it under a general store built in 1900. Thanks for your time and help. Davis Calhoun

The letters G.B. S. stand for Gottlieb, Bauernschmidt and Straus Brewing Company  also known as Darley Park Brewery from 1901-1912. I'd guess beer was the product.  Value- unless it is some very unusual shape probably in the $3-10 range.  Digger

Dear Mr Odell, we found several old cobalt blue bottles of Evening in Paris Bourjois, New York which belonged to my mother probably received in the early forties, as follows, one "flounder shaped," with ridged bottom and plastic cap 2fl oz cologne; another identical one but only 1 floz. One bottle with ribbed lid (most of gold has rubbed off). 1 oz "round shouldered" bottle with metal silver lid, with Eau de cologne: One .50floz of bubble bath perfume, and 3/4 oz of sachet with clear glass, flowered stopper. One vial shaped, finger length bottle with tassled lid contains perfume. One Evening in Paris gold tone rouge compact with mirror form New York .distributors. Thank you for any information you can give us. Roseland2

Helen Fransworth is the archivist for the International Perfume Bottle Association.  Here is her response:

Collectors are wild about the blue evening in Paris bottles and collect them avidly.  They call themselves the EIP people and wear badges mentioning this fact.  Any of the EIP bottles are very collectible particularly in the tiny variations that don't seem important to other collectors who are bored by the endless repitition of the blue bottles.  BUT and here is the big thing-all EIP collectors want the bottles to have labels and perfect labels. No labels; no value. Bourjois made many other perfume names and is heavily collected in the other names also.  Mostly the French are the biggest collectors of these items.  The values run from a few dollars to many thousands depending again on the rarity of the item, the completeness of the item and that very important part for commercial collectors called Presentation.  That means how the item was
originally packaged and if it is "factory fresh" there is a premium.  This means all the contents, labels, tags, tassels and box is perfect. Like other collectors of manufactured items we perfume collectors want mint and in the box, but even better we want "factory fresh".  EIP items are very available and without seeing the items this person has or a jpg of same it is hard to value them-a quick reply would be no label, no value. Is this the kind of information you need?  If not ask again and I can carry
on further, Helen Farnsworth


I am trying to find out about a C E Bently Glass bottle - and don't even know where to begin - Just found it at a sale and love it's shape - wondering more about it. It looks like it had a stopper at one time is wide at the bottom and has a long narrow neck? know anything about this company? was wondering what might have been in it?

I need a bit more of a description to be helpful. Digger



I can't.  Maybe a reader can.  Digger


I have a collection of bottles mostly clear, milk, pop, beer, dark medicine. The bottles are mostly from the Chicago land and Northwest Indiana. I believe there early 1900. Could you possibly give me information on bottles of this region and value. Hope you can help lost in a bottle

Your best best is to educate yourself buy books, attend shows, talk with collectors.  I could not possibly give you specifics about so many items.  Pick one or two interesting ones and I'll see what I can fnd out for you.  Digger.



Greetings from Finland! I have a bottle with the embossed text: "ELLIMAN´S ROYAL EMBROCATION FOR HORSES MANUFACTORY SLOUCH". The height is 19cm and it is a BIM style bottle with a crown top and a second lip under the crown. The colour is clear with perhaps a slight tint of green (seen esp. in the thick bottom). The base is smooth and has an embossed "4" in the center and "11338" at the edge of the bottom (not on the side). The bottle itself is in mint condition, although the label has suffered some minor damage. It is still 99% legible and almost fully clean & white. The label says it helps for rheumatism, sore throat, sore shoulders & backs, capped hocks and elbows, broken knees etc. At the bottom of the label there is a reference to "the E.F.A. Booklet enclosed with this bottle, and the Elliman First Aid Book, pages..., 5th edition". This reference is for horses, cattle, dogs and birds. Thank you in advance!

Your bottle is well known in both this country and in England.  However with the presence of a full label that makes it much rarer.  Throw in the booklet and you have a great item.  The bottles themselves sell for $10-20 here.  With the addition of the label and booklet, I'd guess a value of closer to $50-60 for a non-machine made variant.  The product was advertised as early as 1878 but was still available in the 1980s. Described as "ELLIMAN'S UNIVERSAL EMBROCATION FOR RHEUMATISM, LUMBACO, SPRAINS, BRUISES, CHEST COLDS, SORE THROAT FROM COLD, STIFFNESS" Trademark registered in US October 1896 by Elliman Sons & Co. England Digger.



With the addition of the label and booklet, I'd guess a value of closer to $50-60 for a non-machine made variant.  The product was advertised as early as 1878 but was still available in the 1980s. Described as "ELLIMAN'S UNIVERSAL EMBROCATION FOR RHEUMATISM, LUMBACO, SPRAINS, BRUISES, CHEST COLDS, SORE THROAT FROM COLD, STIFFNESS" Trademark registered in US October 1896 by Elliman Sons & Co. England Digger.

I lived in the Panama canal and found two what looks to be clay bottles. They have no label or markings on them. They are a bone like color, and looks like they ar glazed, how ever the bottom of the bottles ore ruff. The tops look like them may have contained a cork at one time and they are heavy. I can't seem to find anything on the net that even resembles them at all. Perhaps the are from when the 4o-niners crossed the isthmus to get to California but that is just a guess. Please write back if you have a clue where I can find out more info on them. I also found unseamed brown and green long neck bottles. They have air bubbles in the glass and looked like they where hand blowned. They stand about eight inches high. The first two bottles stand about 6-7" high. Thank you Barb

Your bottles sound like stoneware ale bottles. I'd need a picture to be certain.  They date from 1840-1900.  Digger



Wow! You seem to have almost all the answers. While helping clear some land for a friend of ours, we ran across an old liquer bottle. I would say that it is rather unique. It has four chambers inside of it. The mouth (top, opening) of the bottle has the pour out holes for the chambers. It is shaped like the bottle from "I love Jennie" (with Barbara Eden). It is a clear glass bottle. The base of the bottle is completely smooth. There are no markings on the bottle. Also at the neck of the bottle, there are two rings of glass. It looks like they were slipped over the neck. It is in perfect condition. It stands about 12" in height. The gentleman who's land we found this on says that the bottle held four different kinds of liquer. Can you tell me anything about this? I would appreciate any information you can give. Sincerely, Mary S. Houlihan

You will find this exact  bottle pictured in another month (I forget which).  they are very commonly found at Yard Sales and contained four different liqueurs.  The bottle itself is very handsome.  I see them priced for $3-10.  Digger 

I have a friend who wanted to to try to find out what if any value the old Lestoil bottles have. Dark purple w/ an eagle and a woman with long hair. Green W/ a ship and the word Franklin and an eagle. Amber w/ an eagle and the woman. Cobalt w/ eagle holding branch and George Washington and also a lighter purple one w/ same on it as cobalt has. I saw a few references to these bottles on your pages, so thought maybe you cold help me out. Thanks for your time. Tracy

These bottles are readily available for $5-20.  Digger.

found bottle in south Texas markings on it are -(face) gun oil -(side) paraffine-(oppisite side) bailey&eaton- civil war campsite nearby. joe

Gun oil bottles are usually good bottles especially if they are not machine made. I think they bring good prices because they are sought after by gun enthusiasts.  I'd suggest $50-75.  Digger


Hello, My name is Norma and I was wondering if you could help me. My friend found a bottle that shaped like one of those skinny vase (long and skinny on the top and comes round and big on the bottom. Engraved: Smiley and dated July 11, 1922 and it is in good condition. I'm sorry but that all the detail she gave me and she's keeping it in a safe place until I get an answer. If any help please let me know.

Your bottle is a soda if it is embossed "Smile" instead of "Smiley." Otherwise I do not know.  the Smile soda bottles are common and sell for under $10.  Digger


I just purchased a bottle of Modjeska Bouquet perfume ( I assume it was perfume) the bottle is from the Larkin Co. Buffalo New York. My interest is because my mother who has alzheimers name is Modjeska. I looked up the Larkin co. and found your site. Can you tell me which volume I could locate the bottle, then I would purchase the volume. Are there other Modjeska perfume bottles and do you know where the name came from. Thank you for your help Carolyn Martienssen

Carolyn, I do not have a listing for this bottle in my books becuase it sells for less than what is required for bottles to be sold at bottle auctions.  The Larkin bottle is the only bottle I know of with that embossing.  Digger

I was wondering if you could assist me? I recently inherited a very interesting bottle and was wondering if you could tell me something about it. I have attached a picture for clarity. The following answers are numbered per http://www.antiquebottles.com/questions.html ;

1. The band around the next states "Chartreuse" no other lettering apparent. 2. The hand is frosted and the bottle in the hand is clear. 3. Approx. 10 1/2 inches Tall 4. I believe it's a 3-piece mold. There are three seams up the side of the bottle. 5. I believe it's a single collar. The picture on the web site wouldn't come up. 6. Cork 7. Unsure, picture included 8. Mint Condition Thank You Paul

This is a French figural.  They are found in numerous sizes and styles.  From what am able to gather, they were produced in the late 1800s.  I do not know what they  contained , possibly toilet water.  I actually purchased one of these in a French antique shop 25 years ago. Value- $50-100.  Digger

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