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My husband found An Old Dr. Pepper bottle. It has the clock on one side, And the Dr.Pepper on the other. They are engraved into the bottle. It says Lakeland,Fla. on the bottom.

Your bottle is quite common and they can be found regularly on Ebay.  Since you do not give details, I'll assume your bottle is the early clear variety with the "Good for Life" embossed.  They sell for under $5 normally.  Digger

Hello ...... I am writing to see if you can help me. I have a full bottle (small) of Seagrams 5 crown. It used to have a tax stamp from 1902 but it no longer does. If you know where I might be able to sell it please let me know. Thanks, B ryan Hi,

Ebay! Digger

I have found an old bottle that is clear with a swirl design except for a square that has Chero perfect cola" stamped on it. around the bottom is min. contents 6 fluid ounces, on bottom is DES.PAT.101483 9with some type emblem and 2 and Duraglas and a either a G or C-1312 and a 3 at bottom. can you tell me anything about this bottle. I had never heard of Chero cola Thanks Janice

I found a Chero Cola bottle and am curious where and when it may have been manufactured. From viewing other similar bottles there should be a city name around the bottom of the bottle. But the one I have has no city name on it, Only "CHERO COLA 6 1/2 oz." across the middle and "CHER COLA BOTTLING CO. THIS BOTTLE NEVER SOLD" around the bottom. Can you tell me anything about it? Thanks, V 

Chero Cola was first produced in 1911. The trademark registration was file in September of 1913 by the Chero-Cola Co. Corp of Columbus, Georgia. It was later purchased by the Royal Crown Company These Chero-Cola bottles are common. The design patent number without the 9 would suggest 1937 as the design date for your particular bottle.  The Duraglas embossing dates the bottle after 1940.   They usually sell for only a few dollars.   Some have the city embossed on the base.  The scarcer City Bottles bring $10-15.  I do not know which are rare but some probably sell for more. There might be collectors out there who like to get them from all the different cities.  Digger

Here is a link which gives more of the story.  Chero Cola



The diamond in an oval with an I is the mark of the Owens and  dates the bottle between 1929 and 1954.  Shawnee is a small place.  I checked a source from 1897 and found a number of Elders listed among the 3500 residents.  At that time they owner a hotel, bakery and livery.  Your bottle may be a product of one of the descendents.  The bottle was likely a soda. Digger


Michael, seven-year-old boy, found this small bottle at a construction site and I told him I would try to find out something about it for him. My search so far has been unsuccessful, but I have learned a lot about bottles in the last couple of days. It is clear glass, 4 3/4 inches tall, 1 3/4 inches wide and 1 inch deep, rectangular. It has side seams on two opposite corners, that go all the way to the top (ABM). There are threads for a screw cap. Doesn't look like it had a paper label, at least no piece survives. On the front is what appears to be a raised arrow head about 1 inch wide and 3/4 inch high with the letters "JO-GUY" or it could be "JO-CUY" within the arrow head. I would say it was a pretty amateurish design. On the bottom is embossing "MADE IN U.S.A." in three lines in the center, "M" to the left and "3" to the right. Anything you can tell me I know Michael will appreciate knowing. Thanks very much Jim Gill

Nothing on Jo-Guy or Jo-Cuy but I did find reference to a company named Jo-Cur.  They produced cosmetic items in the 1920-1940 period.  One of the first soap operas was sponsored by them in 1937.  Maybe a reader will have a good idea. Digger

I found this bottle and I was wondering if you have any information on it. I don't have a picture, but I did find a photo exactly like the bottle I have on another web site. The jug is amber/brown in color and is ceramic. It has a round circle mark that says " Taunus Brunnen By Appointment". Underneath that is imprinted the following: J. Friedrich Grosskarben B/Frankfurt M On the opposite side of the bottle is imprinted " W No. 10". It is about 11 inches tall with a base diameter of 3.5 inches. It has a loop handle. The lip is rounded and it has 2 treads under the lip, maybe for a cap that twisted on? The bottle isn't in that bad of shape. Do you have any information on it? Also, what is the value of such a bottle? I'd appreciate any information you could give me. Thanks. Elva DelMonte

I checked out the picture and am very certain the bottle is a late 19th century gin bottle. Most of these I have seen come from Holland.  The tall skinny style was widely adopted.  Collectors do not seem much interested in these bottles.  I have a number over the years and they usually bring much less than the sale price of the one you found.  A more typical selling price is about $20.  Digger 

Hi, I have to say I am new to your web page and I have already bookmarked you!  I have come across 2 bottles that I have not found on eBay or any online search I have done.  I'm sure if I dug harder I might have some luck. The first bottle is green in color and measures about 7 1/2" tall.  The embossing reads "BYRD BROS. Bottling Works Terre Haute. IND. 7 Fluid
oz."  Then below that it reads "This Bottle not to be sold".  And then on the very base of the bottle it reads "2169A    ROOT 17".  I tried to
point out where it reads root in the picture.  The bottom of the bottle is marked B.B.  I have not tried to clean the bottle.  There is a crack
that appears to be inside the very thick, possibly 2 layers of glass? You cannot feel the crack from the outside.

The second bottle is clear in color and measures 7 3/4" tall.  Around the neck of the bottle is embossed "INDIAN RIVER SODA WATER".  Bottle has a nice scallop on top and bottom.  It also has 2 Indian Heads embossed in the mid-section.  Underneath one of the Indian Heads it reads "MIN CONTENTS 6 1/2 FLU OZS BOTTLE PAT'D DEC 29, 1925".  The bottom of the bottle reads "Property of Coca-Cola Bott. Works Lexington, KY" written in block letters.  Then on the bottom there is a #3 some trade mark #8 then lower a #1. I am curious to know any info you could give me as to value, rare,
collectible?  The Byrd Bros. really has me stumped since it says Root on the bottom.  Thanks for a great source online and I will be buying one of your books. Thank you, Vicky

Vicky, The "Root" on the base of the bottle is the mark for the Root Glass Co. of Terre Haute, Indiana used from 1901-1932. the factory is best known for the production of the Ball fruit jars.  They actually had two glass plants one for the fruit jars and the other for beverage ware. The beverage bottles were handmade until about 1912.  Yours looks to be ABM so I'd guess the age, based on the aqua glass and style to be about 1920. There are collectors who specialize in bottles and jars marked "Root". Witht eh crack the bottle has little monetary value.  Your other bottle is well known, but popular with many collectors. I must have been luckier than you because I found your exact bottle today on Ebay when I searched.  The asking price was $9.99 and no takers. Digger


To Whom This May Concern; Recently, on a dig, I found this bottle, the name on the bottle is "J. J. Hummel & Bro., Wines & Liquors, N.E. Cor. Camden & Paca Sts., Baltimore, MD." Bottle is 7 1/2 Inches Tall, 2 1/4 Inches Wide, Clear Glass, 2 Piece Mold, and Applied Lip Top. I would like to know approximately the date of the bottle and value. Thank you very much for your time. PAUL JACOBS

Paul,  I sure wihs I had a picture of your bottle.  If it is a flask vs. a cylinder it might make a difference.  Turn of the century flasks are getting more popular and prices have been rising, not so with cylinders to the same degree. Yours being clear very likely dates it to 1890-1910. Can't really say about the value.  Digger.



Hi Digger, I dug a pontil bottle about five and one half inches tall. It has a rolled lip and and is in the shape of a violin or bass fiddle. The bottle has the strings embossed on it with a wheat style design going up the base and sides. The back of the bottle has the same wheat style design up the sides. Any idea of what its purpose was and its value. Thanks, Jim C. 

Jim your bottle sounds a lot like an early cologne like the one shown at the left.  Value is tough without seeing the bottle.  In mint condition, I'd expect at least $50-100.  Digger

I was reading some questions given to you, and like a lady who wrote, I too, have a Park and Tilford bottle that plays "How Dry I Am." You asked her if it was an embossed bottle or a label. Mine fits the same description, but has a label. Any info. I didn't buy it myself; it was a gift. John Tilford

John, I could not find out much.  I do know that Park and Tilford Distilleries Ltd. were in business at least 1941-1978 and quite possibly still are as I found reference to several products for sale with their name. This Photo shows women on Park and Tilford Distillery inspection line in Louisville, Kentucky in 1949.  The company had or has branches in the United States, Canada and Scotland.  Digger 



Found your site today and wondered if you knew anything about a bottle I have. IT is a square type with a green/blue tint and it has words on 3 sides. Schencks-seaweed-tonic. I can send pics if you want. Thanks Natalie

Natalie, Let me introduce you Dr. Schenck.  He made his fame and fortune from his two best selling products.  His Pulmonic Syrup and the Seaweed Tonic.  Your bottle is one of the later ones probably produced after his death by the family concern. His son continued the business after him.  The Seaweed Tonic was advertised as early as 1858.  you can learn more in my Pontil Medicine Encyclopedia.  Digger

Hi, I was just reading about your Fleecy-White bottles, and I was wondering if you could tell me how much they would be worth. I have 2 of them, both in good condition. 1 has: PAT.NO 112219 The John Puhl Products Co Chicago, ILL. 9 (some wiered sign) 9 19 This one has "Duraglas" on it, with no lid. And the other says: PAT.NO 112219 4 The John Puhl Products Co Chicago, ILL. 0 (different weird sign) 11 1423 this one has "Temperolas". And also has a lid for it. Do you think these could be worth anything? Thanks. Jeremy

I would expect a very modest value of $1-2/  Digger

Hi , I have been given an old bottle that was in family , i am not sure but i think it is whisky or something like that , Description as follows , a dark reddish brown glaze , man in overcoat with a kind of tall hat. no cork in bottle. bottom has writing , can't make it all out but here is what I see: Lyman.nton and fenton enamil patente 1849 bennington , Vt I was curious as to what kind of bottle this is , oh and toes of shoes are broken . Thank you for your time.

Your bottle is well known and referred to as the Bennington Coachman bottle.  They were produced from about 1846-1858.  They have also been reproduced but I have not seen the reproduction to know if and how it can be distinguished from an original.  There are at least three different styles of originals  In perfect condition, one would expect a value of many  hundreds of dollars.  Digger


The figural coachman shown above is an English variant of the same type of bottle.  The Coachman bottles made around Bennington Vermont are highly prized by collectors.


The attached picture is like the decanter I picked up at a garage sale. But the one I have in my possession had a chain attached to the lid. On the base is inscribed Distillerie Buton, a logo and under logo is inscribed, Bologna - Italia CASA FONDATA NBL 1820. Then has another logo and then Argenterie OMM.G.Galbiati Milana... Thank you, hope you can help. Regards Marion

This is a bit out of my league.  Being foreign and not exactly a bottle.  Maybe a reader can help. Digger




Hi there, I found your name online and hope you can help me. I have many old bottles ( I know very little about them ) but one especially is curious. I believe it is very old but is in pretty good condition ( a couple chips on the lip ). It appears black but when you look through it at a light it is dark green. The bottle is square with rounded edges and the top part ( shoulder ? ) and neck are round. There is no seam on the lip and I think it is an applied blob. The sides of the bottle have lines, dents and what appears to be somewhat like scratches ( I don't think it's scratched ) on them. They mostly run up and down but they are erratic. It almost looks like a curved line that runs from corner to corner where the flat sides turn to round shoulder. The base has a circle in the middle with a raised dot in each corner and the center ( 5 all together ). It is about 10 1/2 inches tall, 4 3/4 inches across at the shoulder and 3 3/4 inches across at the base. If you could give me any info at all about this bottle I would really appreciate it. Value, age, use, history, etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Much thanks. Sincerely, Carrie Moran.

Carrie it is very difficult in many cases to identify a bottle without embossing.  You did an excellent job of describing the bottle and from what you describe, I'd have to guess with spirits or bitters.  The dark color would have protected the contents from light. It could European or American.  That is about all I can without a picture.  Digger


Hello, I was going over your site, looking for information on a small bottle. I have a FISCHS BITTERS bottle, about 3" tall, clear blue, made it Taiwan. I know that this is a reproduction, but I was wondering if it is worth anything at all except sentimental value. Thank you so much, Niki Moss

Perhaps $1-4.  Digger

was wondering if you have been given any further information on the bottle described below (from your December questions). I have this bottle, unopened, with all liquors inside. I have been told that my grandfather brought it back from Europe during World War II. I am wondering about it's origin and it's value.......Any information or resources you have would be greatly appreciated.... -Rebecca Bennet


I've never bought an old bottle before, but I found one today in a consignment shop that was too interesting to pass up. I'd like to find out more about it, so if you could help that would be great. Here is a description: The bottle is about 10" tall in the shape of a tall, narrow arch. It isn't really one bottle at all, it's four separate bottles connected within a gold colored metal frame. The top bottle says "Flacon Quadrille, Granier Liquers, Enghien Paris France, Liqueur D'Or." The second bottle is labled "Abricotine", the third is "Triple Sec," and the fourth is "Prunelle". More interesting, each bottle has a small spout on the side with a screw-on metal top. Each metal top is embossed with " Garnier Liquiors Enghien-Paris France." Like I said, I know nothing about bottles, but this one is beautiful, and so unusual I just had to buy it. Obviously it is a French liquor bottle, and the arch suggests some art-deco era things I've seen. I haven't been able to find any information on the web, so I thought I'd contact you. Thanks for your help... Leigh Stevens

Nothing further.  Maybe a reader will help. Digger



Greetings.....I have a client who has a clear bottle (approx. 12") with a mottled finish that displays the profile of a young ship's officer with the word "couraged" above him. Both are bordered by a rope. On the other side is a ship under full sail with the same border. The stopper is hollow, bulbous, and sealed with cork. Since there is a "re-use" statement on the bottom, I assume the bottle is from a period after 1936 when the law was passed for this statement to be included on bottles. On the bottom are the designations, L-9S25 (or L-9525), D-126, 61 (or 19), 58 and a small icon. I would appreciate any help in identifying this piece and its value. Thank you, Gregory from Mister Find Out (MFO)

Go to the public Library and Find McKearin's American Glass.  the Flask tables in the back should give you sufficient information to tell the difference.  You can check the picture in the article I have on this site on reproductions.  digger


We have an Old Quaker bottle with a Quaker picture on the front with some kind of plant (wheat,rye) looks like maybe a sickle in the middle of it, don't know what it is. I says federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle, on the front. On the neck. On the bottom it has 68 octagon with F in it, then 6, above it D-134. It is clear with an aluminum lid, about 6" tall. Would like to know the value if there is one. Thanks, Mary Jo

Value would be $3-5.  Digger

Hello, I was not sure if you could help with 2 bottles I have from Ireland. 1.It Says: Lorvenden & Orr Trademark 131 St. Stephens Green Dublin Torpedo style with a star on the bottom with 8 points 9" long Aqua green color 2. It says: J. Young Mineral water Manufacturer Galway Aqua green color Thought to be a "Cod's Mineral Water Bottle" Has a free moving marble which can move for about 3" at the top of the bottle 9 1/4" long. If you can help, That would be wonderful, but if you can't maybe you can point me in the direction of someone who can Thanks, Fionnuala

Refer to the question at the beginning of this month.  I do not have good sources on the value of English bottles.  Many more are being sold on Ebay these days so a good estimate could be obtained by checking there.  Digger


Hi, I really enjoy your web site. I recently got my hands on a circa 1850's Vin Tonique Mariani Coca Wine Bottle. Can't find any pricing references in any of my books, but I know it's quite a find (even if it's not very valuable). I recognized it at the flea market as soon as I saw the "Mariani Coca" embossed on the bottle. I am attaching photos, rather than describe it other than the following: The bottle stands 9" tall (+/- a millimeter or 2) It is a deep olive color, no stains or scratches. Nice textured feel to the glass under where the label was affixed. A smooth area around the back where the label would have been affixed. Embossed on one side of the Bottle "COCA MARIANI" and under that "PARIS" Bottom embossed with "COCA MARIANI PARIS" around outer edge and inner edge says "FRANCE", innermost circle with an "E" in it. There is no seam on the bottle, but the top appears to have been applied, see photos. Let me know, and thanks again in advance as to it's true age and value. zenbeer (Scott)

Scott, I know you have been waiting a while for an answer about your bottle.  I have collected some information about it.  The form of the bottle looks older than it is.  The company for years claimed the product did not contain cocaine but a note in the February 1915 Druggist Circular says, "Vin Mariani, a coca wine extensively recommended by the medical profession, bore upon its label the statement that "Vin Mariani is not a cocaine preparation"; but on the passage of the act (1906 Food and Drug Act) after a hurried change of the label all over the country by its proprietors, it became a preparation of which "each ounce represents one-tenth of one grain of cocaine." 

For an even more detailed look at this and similar products, I have prepared a special page for your enjoyment. COCA MARIANI, it must have been a wild party.


Hi, I found your web page and read into it, but I have a question you may be able to help me out with. I have a really old picture that I was given and on the bottom it has a gold plate that reads "the druggist" compliments the Owens bottle company. I have been told it is very very old, but I know nothing else about it. It features a man, a druggist I presume measuring out medicine into a bottle and a small boy sitting in a chair watching him. This is towards the bottom of the picture. On the top of the picture is a woman looking away from a small girl laying on a bed or table and she is holding a glass and a spoon. There is a man sitting in the background. It is sooooo cool. I just wish I knew more about it or more about the Owens bottle company. Have you ever heard of this!!!! Maybe a picture done for an actual drug store years ago?? Please help if you can, and thank you so much for reading this!!!! Have a great night!! Barb

Sounds like a great item and probably very rare.  It would have been a give away.  The Owens Bottle Company has a long and interesting history.  The subject is to big to go into detail here but I can touch on some of the highlights.  Owens Illinois Glass Co. of Toledo, Oh did business under that name from 1929-1966.  The most interesting part of the story involves the invention of the Owens Bottle Machine which revolutionized the bottle making industry.  He invented the first semi-automatic machine for blowing tumblers, chimneys and similar ware.  Your item probably deates to the turn of the century. 

Hello, I found your site while looking for information about a drink that was called Modox. I have an interesting, colorful tin ashtray featuring a portrait of some Indian Chief and it says "Drink Modox, Made from Indian Herbs" Could information on this be in your book?

I do not have information on this brand but I have seen glasses with this embossing.  

Reader update : Back in  2001 one of the questions asked was about Modox.  I have the answer. Here is the deal.  Modox was my great grandfather's beverage company in Providence RI that was put out of business by Moxie (No love lost here for anything Moxie!).  You can read about it at my genealogy site at the following address:  http://pages.cthome.net/powrpc/barry.htm
I am in search of Modox items for family members.  Keep me posted if you find any. Marc Gallagher

I have an unopened bottle of Haig & Haig Five Star Scotch Whiskey. A Liquor Board in Ontario, Canada has a tax (?) label #2819730. Bottle has S448 on bottom and the letters UGB - there are also a "K" and a "2" in separate places on the bottom. Cap label with Lead Seal Haig & Haig Ltd Markinch, Scotland. Any ideas whether it's worth anything or if anyone is interested in purchasing? Thanks very much. Jerri Clark Kirby 

I do not know.  Maybe a reader will.  digger

Hello I am eleven years old and have a empty whiskey bought at a auction for three dollars . I have no information about it. The description of the bottle is that it has three men on it which i think are the owners of the whiskey company. The main person is wearing glasses their are two people on each side of him which look the same. Then on the sides their are three names. They are William T. Wilken, Harry E Wilken, and Harry Ellrlken (I think). Also on the bottom just in case you need it D9 70 A 50 M 25878.If you have any information on it please reply. I would really like it if you could reply thank.  

Would like to know whatever you can tell me about this first find: 12" -height, presumed applied double collar on lip, base has horizontal indentation about 1/8" deep, it is round, no label, but has a signature of Harry E Wilken, and has what appears to be wheat or feathers with a tulip in the middle, also has federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle on opposite side. The color is clear good condition, with few minor stains, and also has part of a small cork in the bottom. Also on the bottom are the numbers, D9, 56 on left, 41 on right and bottom numbers M-255B12. Any information would be helpful, especially since this if my first real find. If was found in Kitsap County. Thanks for a wonderful web site, I am sure it will be one of my favorites. Kristy

See the Information below.  Digger


Registered March 14, 1939




Any input on a bottle my grandfather gave me that says. Henry. Schroeder W.S.F. Waterloo. Ills. Thank you Rick


I found what looks like the bottom out of an old brown bottle in the ocean in North Carolina. It is polished very smooth and has an embossed symbol of a sea anchor with the letter "H" in the middle of the anchor. It also has numbers on it of : D-9,67,47,and what looks like DES.WAY, D. HSSIA or maybe D.JISSIA also number M-251. Do you have any idea its age or what it was ? Thanks so much Chuck VanCamp

I have found this bottle and I'm not sure of the date or the value. It's manufactured by the company Jacquin,Charles and it's brown. On the cap it reads Est.1884. On the bottom of the bottle it reads Charles Jacquin 9 and then a space 49. Under that it reads R then a space 44. Under that it reads Philadelphia,PA. If you would could you please try to locate some information for me.

Charles Jacquin company (Charles Jacquin et Cie, Inc. CORPORATION DELAWARE 2633 Trenton Ave. Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA 19125 owned by ) Chatam International Incorporated) are producers of Brandy, Gin, Rum, Alcoholic Cordials and Liqueurs, Whiskey, Prepared Alcoholic Cocktails and Vodka. the name Jacquin was trademarked in 1981 claiming use since: 1884.  OLD TIME BOURBON name trademarked was first used in 1968.  they have many other brands.  Hard to say what yours was.


Hey jaok20 I found an old bottle in my old barn It is a Miles Heart Cure 8 and 1/2 in. light blue. ] I was wondering how much it is worth. I have bought several \books and can never find the bottles price. Maybe you have a really good book you can sell me-- really good. I have an old junkyard, I would say starting at 1870's and I''ve pulled out plenty of good bottles-- 8 1/2 in. stafford ink with pouring lip. A really neat one I can't find is a Charles gulden or culden Importer from New York 1898 pat. The bottle is deep green triangular and about 7 1/2 in. tall. It is the neatest bottle at least as nice as the stafford ink.

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