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Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a round bottle with a medallion seal that reads "Roberts Bros. 1863 Phila". Its approximately 10 1/2" high, with two mold seams running from the base of the neck to the bottom. There are seams on both the lip and around the base. If the seams on the body show 12:30, then the lip seams would be 9:15. Neck is longish narrow neck (4") With a lip similar to ones on your site dated 1840-1870 applied double collar. The base looks like nothing on that page though (it doesn't have the pontil mark but neither does it have the rings, or at least none that I can see). I have a few bottles but I've never seen one this particular blue before its awesome, so I was curious. I would describe it as an unusual shade of cobalt. What did Roberts Bros. manufacture? How common is this bottle? And what year would you say it dates from. Thanks for your help. CG.

Here's your answer but it might not be what you want to hear.  This quote is taken from an article which appeared in Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine on "American Applied Glass Seal Bottles By Dale Murschell"

"There have been a couple of reproductions of whiskey type squat cylinder bottles with applied glass seals. In the early 1960's, Wheaton Industries made the ROBERT BROS. 1863, which is very similar to the authentic NATHANS BROS. 1863. This squat cylinder style bottle was also produced by Wheaton in the late 1960's with a fully molded seal of ROGERS BROS. 1850. There is one authentic effort in recent years of using a glass seal by OVERHOLT 1810, which had an applied glass seal on a machine-made bottle from about 1960. This bottle still has the paper labels which are somewhat convincing that the bottle is authentic and not a repro like the above mentioned ROBERTS BROS. bottle."  Digger

Hello I was at my moms today and found several bottles but one in particular. It is clear, it has a partial label it is red and gold and says "4 lbs Dauntless" On the bottom of the bottle it says "design patent 80912 254" it also has an upside down triangle with a "T" in the middle, it is a smooth base with the "writing" with a circular "indention". The bottle is a very strange design it is 9 1/2 inches tall and is 5 inches wide at its widest point. It kind of has a diamond cut pattern to it and has ridges on top and bottom that come to points on all four sides. ABM, the top has a tin lid. No cracks or chips..just dirty. I am afraid to wash it for fear of washing off the label. I was just wanting to know about how old it is and if you know what Dauntless is? Thank you for your time Karen Maryfield

I was not able to locate the item based on the Design patent Number you gave.  Dauntless is probably a brand name.  The only clue I can give is the triangle and the letter T which probably stands for the Turner Bros. Co. of Terre Haute, Indiana which produced bottles and glass with this mark from 1915-1929.  Digger

Hi there, I got your email address from a site about antique bottles. I have a question about whether or not a bottle I have is valuable. It is a furniture polish bottle. On the back embossed it says "Thumb's sun-shine polishes - E.W. Thumb - Chicago, U.S.A On the front is a label that says "trademark" on the top with sun rays and then the word "sun-shine" Below that it says "Trade Mark Reg. U.S. Pat. Office" and then "Furniture Polish" in bold capital letters. Below that it has a paragraph about it's uses. The bottle is clear but a little hazy due to the polish inside. It is about 1/2 full. It is about 7 inches tall. It is not round, more wide than deep and flat sides. I hope this is enough info. Thanks in advance for any help. Thank You Dawn Duhon

Dawn, I could not find any information related to your bottle. My guess is the bottle is probably worth in the neighborhood of $10-15.  Digger

Hi, I have a Buffalo Lithia Water Bottle in a light aqua. I've been watching these on ebay out of curiosity but I have yet to see one that is comparable to mine. It is 10" tall, light aqua, seam does not go over the lip and the lip seems more rounded than many of the ones I've seen on ebay. The seated woman is very flat without much detail at all-almost just a suggestion of a woman with no discernible facial features or clothing detail. There are no markings on the bottom beyond a large circle that runs about half an inch +/- inside the edge of the bottom. As to condition, there is a small rough spot on the lip that could be minute chipping but I can't tell for sure. There is a small impact mark on the bottom edge that is about 3/8 of an inch wide but is smooth to the touch. The glass is very slightly cloudy in places-maybe 30%. the thing that makes this one different is that it still has a label. The label is VERY dirty but readable with a few scratches through to the glass and 70% of the bottom 1/2 inch missing. What effect on the value does the presence of the label have? Thanks, Margaret

A label makes all the difference.  I would estimate it would easily double and possible triple the value. Damage to the glass, chips and dings will negatively impact the value and cracks will nearly destroy it.   Digger

I recently dug up a California fig syrup bottle similar to one described by somebody else on your site who found one. Mine was dug up in England , and is slightly different, on the front mine says 'Successors to the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO' and then on each side it says 'CALIFIG' Could you tell me the rough age of this bottle

The trademark for this product is shown at the left.  It was described as  "LIQUID PURGATIVE COMPOUNDS". First used in 1900, the trademark was filed May 25, 1905 by the California Fig Syrup Co.  CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. CORPORATION NEVADA 392-398 CHURCH STREET SAN FRANCISCO CALIFORNIA.  Trademark was renewal as late as 1971. I'd have to say after 1905 based on the above information.  Digger


pix Hi, I'd like some help in identifying/determining the value of the bottle in the attached photo. I got it from a local bottle collector about 15 years ago, and here are the particulars (my memory has faded so bear with me): 1. I did some primary research at the time of purchase and saw it pictured in a book (can't remember the name of it but it was something like ...History of American Glass??....this book was supposed to be the bottle collectors bible, written by a man and his daughter if I recall correctly). Anyway, the bottle was pictured in the book and I seem to recall it was a medicine bottle for a Green Company medicinal product. 2. It stands about 5 inches high, base has a diameter of 1.25 inches, top has a diameter of 5/8 inches 3. The bottle top is hand molded and the entire bottle was hand blown. There is a rough pontil on the bottom. I also have some other glass items that I would be interested in getting assistance in identifying/determining the value of to include: a handmade "whimsy" or "Offhand" paper weight (made from green bottle glass and milk glass) an elaborately multi-colored painted and gold decorated flask made from brown bottle glass. I was told this could either be an offhand item or Mexican. a Corning Glass Works Pyrex electrical insulator, shiny golden in color, has a number 662 on it. a small hand-blown vase with a rough pontil that appears to be made from brown bottle glass, again told it could either be offhand or Mexican. a whimsy-type brides basket made from what appears to be jade glass and deep, dark red cranberry glass. a couple of Corning Glass works ship's running lights, one red and one blue. I think these were given away as promotional items and I think one is actually an ashtray. a sizable collection of hand-blown and machine made marbles, to include glass, stone, clay and pottery types. I live in the Corning NY area and have accumulated these items over the years. I guess being in a glass manufacturing area has that advantage. It is not uncommon to find glass items like these at garage sales, which is where I picked up most of this stuff. I would also be interested in finding out the best venue for selling any of these items, if you have any suggestions. I'm interested in finding collectors newsgroups instead of a site like e-Bay. I would prefer to deal directly with collectors so savings can be passed to them instead of some big web company. My collecting interests have faded so these items are no longer of any use to me. Thanks for your time, Pat

Pat, New York State has lots of Bottle shows that would be a good place to take your items.  Shows are in Albany, Hamburg, Dryden, Scriba,  just to name a few.  Get a copy of the Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine for listings and contact persons. You also have the Corning Museum there which has an extensive library of bottle books.  I know they have purchased every one of mine.  Digger.

C We have a blue bottle shaped liked a pig lying down, it has American's Suffolk Bitters Life Preserver printed on it. The body, from the nose to where the tail would be is 8 inches long. The whole thing with the bottle neck is 10 inches. We would to know what it is worth, it is in very good condition. Thank you. There is nothing else printed on it. Sincerely, Roma Abbott

It's a reproduction. Value $5-8.  Digger

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