Subject: A find

Date: 08/02/2007 7:11:37 PM

Our Hospital is expanding again and the construction crew (under my office window) dugged 40 plus feet. From my window I noticed two bottle bottoms half unearthed. I ask the crew to retrieve them for me which they did. To my shock they were in pretty good condition. The hospital was built in 1952 so the bottles were there before that. The thick green bottle says "Cheer Up" with soda ingredients plus Lithia which I found out today is actually lithium (no wonder things were easier back then) was bottled by Brooks Beverages in Morristown NJ where the hospital is, but can't find any history of such company. The clear bottle "Mission Beverages" got the Good Housekeeping Award. Not sure how to clean bottles, dirt and crud inside and out. Could bottles like these be considered antique and worth anything? Thank you,