Subject: Antique Nurser Bottle???

Date: 08/16/2007 10:08:00 PM --

Is this an old nurser bottle? Approximately how old is the bottle? What's it's value? No embossing or labels. Approx. 6" in height and 1 7/8" in width.Mold seams of the body stop below the lip. I can't tell if the lip was applied or tooled, but the lip has seams also opposite those of the seams on the body. I can't really describe the lip/ mouth of the bottle as I have not been able to find anything that even looks like the bottle. (Please see attached pictures.) Base is smooth with an oval seam which connects to the two side seams of the body. (Post based mold?) However, the base is not completely flat, so the bottle leans when placed upright, as you can see from the pictures. Shape is rectangular. Front and back of bottle are concaved. Color is golden yellow or amber (not sure). If it is a nurser bottle, then the color is rare for it's type according to what information I have found. (Most nurser bottles were clear or aqua.) Has some hairline cracks, very faint. Appears to have some areas where air bubbles have surfaced. (Bottle looks like BIM.) Body and base have rough texture, but lip is smooth. Appears to have two layers of glass. I have a suspicion that this bottle was made before the U.S. issued patents for nurser bottles (if that's what it is). I have looked through pictures of nurser bottle collections online (and antique bottles in general) and haven't seen anything that remotely resembles this. --------------------------------- Luggage? GPS? Comic books? --