Subject: Assistance in identifying a bottle

Date: 08/28/2007 12:05:16 AM

Hi Digger, I just recently came across your web site & am hooked! It's filled with a lot of great information & I really enjoy browsing through it. The reason I'm writing is I'm hoping that you help me identify a bottle that I recently came across. I believe this may be an old Hires Root Beer bottle? It's made from aqua colored glass, measures 9-1/4" tall & is 2-3/8" wide across the base. It's round in shape, has a blob top and a seam on each side that runs from beneath the bottom of the blob top to the base. The base is concave / indented and has an embossed mark of "Hires." There are numerous straw marks & bubbles in the glass. No real damage other than some tiny scattered scratches and a few tiny rough spots on the top rim. Can you please tell me if this is indeed a Hires Root Beer bottle & if so, approx. how old is it and does it has any value? Many Thanks, Connie