Date: 08/05/2007 2:33:39 PM

I found an antique cure bottle which had been unearthed in a rural area of the Texas hill country after a hard rain. The small glass bottle is light lavender in color, with an almost irredescent gleam to it. It is 4-3/4 inches tall. The front flat portion of the rectangular shaped bottle says 'GRAND-MA'S DIARRHOEA CURE" and one side says "GRAND-MA'S HOME CURES" and the other side says "PARK LABORATORY CO". It doesn't appear to have any side seams. I'm very interested in learning how old it is, how rare, it's value and any history about it. I've attached a couple of photos. I have tried in vain to find someone who can tell me anything about this very old bottle and appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks very much!! Deborah Nichols

Your bottle is not at all common and might bring $40-50. It is known in at least two sizes of hwihc yours is the smaller. The large size is 5 3/4" tall. the company which was located in san Antonio, Texas, put up a number of other products including: a cough cure, liniment, eye salve, tooth ache drops, sarsaparilla and others. they were in business around the turn of the century 1904-1905 and probably earlier

Grandma's Diarrhoea Cure Bottle