Subject: Paul Jones bottle Date: 08/02/2007 11:01:26 AM

Just found your site, wondering if you can give me some info. I have a Paul Jones Blended Whiskey bottle with signature. this was found in the attic of an old business building that had been closed for some time and given to me approx. thirty-five years ago. The bottle is 22 1/2 inches tall, about 25 inches around at the largest round portion (it gradually tapers to 23 inches at the bottom. It has about a 9 inch long bottle neck. It is thick glass, dark amber (brown) in color. The label seems to be painted on? It is tan/beige/yellowish in color. It says: "Paul Jones Blended Whiskey. Blended by Paul Jones and company .inc., Louisville, KY.. Baltimore, MD. None genuine without this signature 86 proof 72 1/2% grain neutral spirits" Also: Reg. US Pat. Off. As for the top of the bottle, it did not have the lid when given to me and the very top rim is chipped all the way around. It looks like the lid may have been glued on or something like that (don't see any thread lines for a screw top) because it looks like someone may have chipped the glass trying to open the bottle. Then there's a smooth rim with a small flat lip approx. 1/8 inch then a slight indent in the bottle about 2 inches down the neck of the bottle. Approx. 1/2 inch (if that) from the bottom of the bottle you can barely feel where the bottle and the bottom of the bottle were put together. The bottom of the bottle is smooth with no writing or markings of any kind. Over all condition of the bottle: great except for the chipped top and a few very slight scratches on the label which were there when given to me. I have been very protective of it over the years. I would appreciate anything you can tell me about this bottle, how old, value....? Thank you!!

You have a display bottle. I have seen some of these sell for up to $75-100 for the older ones.  the problem is there are very few collectors of these giants of the bottle world, so they can be hard to sell. Paul Jones was cheap whiskey drunk by "Union men".