Subject: The American Way Flask Date: 08/01/2007 9:39:20 PM

Digger, I have a flask and I can't find too much information about it. I have found one description of a flask that sounds identical and is worth a lot but no pictures to prove. This could be a replication for all I know. Embossing: The American Way Size: Height 8 1/2" Lip: Rounded outer edge, flat inner edge (Flared lip?) Base: Smooth, no writing, indented, possibly machine, hopefully not Shape: Oval flask shape Embossed Design: Steamboat with ridges on sides Color: Dark aqua blue Condition: No noticeable flaws There are some bubbles present in the base area of the bottle. I believe this bottle is very rare if it is the one I have found while researching, although like I said before I have not seen a picture of it anywhere.

Your flask is a Repro, not all that well done of a Flask known as the "American System" would would bring a price in the five figure range.  Yours is worth $10-15