Subject: Unknown bottle

Date: 08/10/2007 2:24:45 PM --

OK, I have a good one for you! I have searched the net, including your site, and cannot find anything on this bottle! It is 10"h x 4 1/4"w x 2"d, aqua, I believe applied lip (seam stops at neck). The label is very legible, except for the small missing strip (as shown in photo). The instructions are in 3 languages, English, German & French. Embossed on the back of the bottle is: Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock & Sarsparilla John D. Park Cinncinati. O. Besides the small tear in label, it has a little chip on the mouth. Would you be able to tell me the age, history, rarity & value if possible? Thank You, Sheri.....Deming, NM (where it was found)

Bottle is 1880s Park was a prolific medicine man. There are many pontil variants of this bottle which sell for $$$$$ I have covered the history in my Pontil Medicine book but here's a link to an article which tells about Park $40-$60