Subject: Wide Mouth Brown Jar Date: 08/01/2007 2:45:01 PM

Hello, I tried and looked through everything part of your website and couldn't find much on this jar I recently inherited. I'll try and explain it. It is a dark brown wide mouth jar showing a star then banner with BETSY then larger circle of a picture of her sewing then ROSS on the banner then ending with a star. On the opposite side it says "First American Flag" waving on a banner with the 13 star flag next. On the bottom of the jar is: a diamond and next to it 1457, and below is 41 3 87. The jar is about 3" tall and 2" with taper towards bottom. The tapering part has horizontal tiny lines, like tape would leave, that is about 1.5" wide down to the bottom of the jar. Can you tell me anything about this jar or it's value? Or do I just trash it? Thanks, Brendolynn

Sounds like a 1980s commemorative bottle.  Most sell these days for under $30