Subject: Wilkens bottle with a man's face

Date: 08/29/2007 8:18:43 PM Subject: A bottle with a man's face

Date: 8/29/07 Dear Digger, I have a bottle that is clear with a screw top. All markings on it are embossed. It reads "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE''. From the start of it's neck, down to it's base on both sides, are three wheat stalks crossed. On the front is the face of a man in a circle, centered over a background that appears to be a city. On the left side of the face, facing the bottle, there is a steamer boat with steam pouring from it's stacks, and there are buildings behind the boat with smoke pouring out of stacks. On the right side of the face, is a large home with a fence, and smoke pouring from it's chimney. At the base of the bottle, from one side, around the back and to the other side, are the three signatures of Harry E. Wilken Jr. * Harry E. Wilken Sr. * William T. Wilken. On the bottom of the bottle, there is: D 230 (then an upside down triangle with a W spanning the top and a T beneath it at the point of the triangle) 12-5 (then a side ways 2 centered on the same line. The next line reads: M-1645. What can you tell me about this bottle, if anything. Is it worth anything? It has a very small chip at it's mouth, and the cap is not with it. Thanks for your time and your research, I have wondered about this bottle for several years now.