Subject: bubble up information

Date: 08/26/2007 11:31:22 AM

Hello need information on the following bottle ,I am writing about a dark green bubble up bottle that has the following information on it. On the front body of the bottle it said bubble up in a could then it has the red dot with letter r in it, below that it said pure pleasure this is in a square. Below that it said in a smaller square it said a kiss of lemon a kiss of lime on the back part of the body it said in a square it said bubble up wholesome refreshment for all ages. It contents carbonated water,sugar,citric acid, sodium,citrate,flavor, deuved, from lemon and lime oil. contents 8oz then it said good for the young and old alter that it has the company name on it coca cola bottling co. Sandersville,G.A. and again it said a kiss of lemon a kiss of lime on the bottom of the bottle it has a design on the top of the rim it has like and on the bottle it has square like a checker board game on the bottle of the bottle it has the following numbers and letters 5L G W8 519 please if there is any information you can give me would like to know the year the bottle was made, P.S we also have a sigh of bubble up color blue with the following information on it 3491-m on the right press sign c.o san Louis if i can get a date on the Thank you very much Maria