Cigar Bottle

Subject: What is this glass container/bottle
Date: 08/03/2007 6:48:08 PM

A question for Digger;

This is an amber glass cigar that I assume holds whiskey or rye. It came
from my great grandmother's billiards hall in Niles, MI circa 1900 OR from
my grandfather's dance hall, Barron Lake, MI circa 1920's.
'Cigar' has design and details of actual cigar. It is not damaged, chipped
etc and has never been opened, the cork is in the 'cigar', dark liquid also.
There is no label and I cannot find any manufacturer markings.
Who manufactured this 'cigar'. When and what does it contain? What is the
age of the 'cigar'.

This is one of two cigar bottles that I know of.  The other cigar bottle is a figural of a bunch of cigars.  these bottles were used a whiskey flasks.  The small size and slender shape would have made the bottle easy to hid in one's clothing. I think these date to the turn of the century but have no real research to support this idea. Digger