Subject: few bottle value questions

Date: 08/16/2007 2:06:44 PM

Hi Digger. Just a few bottles I'd like to know the value of. Grand Old Parr whiskey bottle, brown, textured, partial label, bottom, Macdonald Greenlees KX215 and a 3 Green glass, ruffle topped "Success to Railroad" with horse pulling a wagon both sides Clear, large dimpled bottle, made in ct Britain, McNish & Co. Glascow RECD No 729273 Dr M M Fedders brown Peoples Remedies Fredonia N Y USA Kidney and Backache cure 1872-1898 partial label on back Brown violin/cello shaped bottle, embossed/raised with 4 strings interrupted by an oval on one side, bottom, des.pat. 107353 D202 under that is 64-8 and a logo horizontal oval with a vertical triangle If you need add'l info please advise and thank you in advance for your assistance. I would like to attend an auction in J'ville Fl Sept 22, '07 and would need this info before going in. thanks