Subject: Pop kola bottle made by Hy-grade bottling co. Hamilton, Ohio

Date: 08/28/2007 12:59:15 PM

looks like the bottle says "America's finest kola" "POP KOLA" "MINIMUM CONTENTS 12 FLUID OUNCES" on the back of bottle it says, Time tested- the superlative quality you find in POP KOLA is the result of the 30 years devoted to the exclusive manufacture of Kola drinks. it is signed CHANDLER KING- THE BRASER CO. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. PROPERTY OF HY-GRADE BOTTLING CO, HAMILTON OHIO on the bottom of the bottle there is a number in the center 265 with a number 1at the bottom from the number 265 and a square above the number 265 looks like C or G. the height of the bottle is 9 5/8.2 3/16 wide at the bottom .there are no chips or cracks in the bottle just some paint coming off. looks like the is a number below the lip 23 or 29. would like to know the year and value of the bottle please. it was found while digging about 6 feet deep in Hamilton Ohio. thanks, john Hayes