Old Crow Bottle

Subject: Bottle found in an old barn

Date: 08/03/2007 8:38:38 PM

Can you give me any information on a bottle we found in our 100+ year old barn, we were residing the barn and removed an old hay door and in the rafter we found a clear bottle with a cork in the top an has a label as follows Front: W.A. Gaines & Co. Old Crow distillery Bourbon Whiskey Bottled in Bond 100% proof Rear: W.A. Gaines & Co. Manufacturer Export Permit No. Ky,F-2 Whiskey, 1/5 Gallon Proof 100 Made fall 1915 For Medicinal Purposes Only Inhale or Use for other purposes will cause heavy penalties to be inflicted Below the rear label is another label That states "Caution Notice" Something about a fine if you remove this label, fine of $100.00 or up to 2 years imprisonment. Do you know how old it is and is it worth anything, I am unable to find anything on the Internet about it. Lynda

Old Crow is an old brand. They trademarked the name for your brand in 1912 but the name had been in used since 1870. There is a hand finished, clear, ground screw lip bottle marked with the name and the proprietor which sells for $75 or more dollars which is older than your label only machine made bottle.

Sounds like a Prohibition Era medicinal whiskey.  These are becoming more popular with collectors who prefer the bottles with contents and box.  In the present condition, without the contents, the bottle might bring $20-40.  More if the label is highly colored, has pictures or is

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