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Date: 08/29/2007 7:27:45 PM

Can you help? I have an old whiskey bottle with "Old Faithful" on the label. The rear label states: Bottled in bond at U.S. General bonded warehouse No.3 1st district of Missouri - permit no. Mo.-P-2. Produced prior to January 18th, 1920, by H.S. Barton Distillery No.24, 2nd district of Kentucky. There is a cup on the bottle which is stamped with "The Cup That Cures". The seal has a stamp of Fall of 1917, 100 proof. The inner seal has never been broken. The outer tax stamp over the cup is torn. The bottom of the bottle has a circle with a "diamond shape" in it. There is a 7 to the left side and a 3 on the right side. Can you help?