O'Shaughnessys' Bourbon bottle

Subject: O'Shaughnessys' Bourbon bottle
Date: 08/02/2007 10:10:27 PM

Front label (parts are missing and/or taped) reads: THIS WHISKEY IS 4 YEARS OLD (red print except for the 4, which is black) picture of green 3 leaf clover and a harp O'SHAUGHNESSYS' PRIVATE STOCK STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Bottled for S.M. Flickinger Co (Buffalo) {James Walsh and Co. (assuming)} Inc. Lawrenceburg  Embossed double line around 'hip' (where bottle starts to narrow to the opening) of bottle (line shape on back and front remind me of a cat head with ears) Back of bottled embossed with FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE Back also contains paper label (very good shape): STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY 86 Proof One Pint  This Whiskey is 4 YEARS OLD  Distilled in Indiana

For one hundred years...Since 1840...James Walsh & Company and its predecessors have specialized in making Whiskey. Located on the bans of the beautiful Ohio River and situated in the "high calcium limestone" stratum that underlies the most important whiskey centers, the Walsh Dis- tillery has spared no effort to maintain its century old reputation for QUALITY in making, and CARE in caring for its whiskies. ____________________________________

Bottom of bottle embossed with '69-42', '0-338', and '4'

Some damage to front label but bottle itself is in excellent condition

Would appreciate any info you can find (I researched online myself and didn't find much), age, value-if any, background. We bought due to the fact that his grandparents were Shaughnessy's, they dropped the 'O' years ago. Thanks!!

The Name for O'Shaughnessys' Bourbon was Trademarked in 1937 by

(REGISTRANT) ROBERT GOULD COMPANY, INC. a.k.a. James Walsh & Co. DBA JAMES WALSH & CO. CORPORATION OHIO CAREW TOWER Cincinnati OHIO (LAST LISTED OWNER) Willett Distilling Company, The a.k.a. James Walsh & Co. CORPORATION KENTUCKY Bardstown KENTUCKY. The company made both whiskey and gin under this name.  As collector's items the bottle themselves would not be worth much unless they were sealed and dated to the 1930s.