August 2001 Questions

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I am looking for anyone who has hear of this bottles: It is a cabin bottle, clear bout 5 1/2 inches tall has pontil mark on the bottom 1974 is embossed in the bottom has on the side Laboratory Philadelphia , as door and 3 windows on front side, other side has Jacobs Cabin Tonic Bitters . My book says that it is worth between 8 to $10,000.00 Can you help me find out how to tell if it is a original and where to go to sell it? Thank you for your time.

Ah if only it were true. About 1972 the Historical Bottle Collector's Guild was form by the Glass containers Division of Owens-Illinois. Together with some of the top bottle collectors and authors an advisory board was formed and plan were made to issue a small number of reproductions. Each bottle had impressed on the base an "I" within an "O" the mark of Owens-Illinois. The Jacob's Cabin Tonic Bitters was the second offering of the Guild. 792 of these were produced. Of those, 750 were marked with serial numbers while a smaller number were specially marked as artists proofs or presentation bottle. They were marked within a concave circle with the large "OI" symbol and "1974" in large figures deeply impressed in the glass. (McKearin & Wilson American Bottles & Flasks, 1978). The bad news is you are out about $9,900. The good news is this is a desirable reproduction and probably should bring about $100 these days. They originally were sold for $27.50 packaged in a cloth bag with a folder describing the history and origin.

I have an Elizabeth Arden Kohl-Arabia Oriental Eye Make Up. It is blue. Is this bottle worth anything?

I have enlisted Helen's help answering your question. Digger

Digger-How delightful!- and of course it sure is. It is not blue though, but very dark black glass and is collected avidly by the same collectors that love the perfume minis since it is so very tiny. It should have an interior wand and also have a label for top value. I paid $35 for mine with neither, so that gives you an idea of value. Any type of vintage cosmetic item is currently hot on the market as long as it is not gruesome-some forms of cream can get to be very nasty over time. Also any cosmetic item marked France has an automatic extra added credit on
the final value. One of these in the box sold at auction with no tag for $60 in 1996. Arden is one of the heavily collected perfume names and some special minis for this company can reach staggering figures into the 1000's (yes 1000's )if perfect and untouched. Kohl is of course the black eye liner from India and the far East originally. Nice that the Arden company used such a historic presentation and the name actually has the carat mark for an accent over the "O",
Helen Farnsworth, archivist for the International Perfume Bottle Association

Dear sir yes; font-size: 10.0pt; I have a brown 7 up bottle short and round paper label worn off made in Dallas Texas Reads 7up the fresh up do not use for anything else but 7up could you please give me an idea on date and value

Thank you Bill

Bill, according to my sources the squat amber 7-up was made from about 1935-1948 in both Dallas and Houston, Texas. It is a pretty good bottle with a painted label...If your bottle only has a paper label then it is not the bottle at the left since it has a painted label. Sometimes after being buried these labels wear off. The bottle at the left sells for $100-$125. I did find a listing for a 7-UP LITHIATED LEMON SODA (brown bottle) (paper label) no price information however.

My husband dives on the St. Lawrence River. While diving last night he found a bottle. It is ceramic or some type of pottery it is brown and the markings read Famous Stone Bottles J. Bourn & Son Patentees, DENBY POTTERS near Derby C & J Arnold London it has a pour spout at the lip could you please send us some information on this item thank you the Thorntons

Your bottle is quite common dating sometime after 1841 when J. Bourn became J. Bourn & Son. It was an ink bottle made for the Arnold Ink Company. I have found them in dumps and privies dating from Civil War to late 1890s. The company was in business until 1876. I will publish more information in an upcoming month (January 2002). I have had them in three sizes. half pint, pint and quart. Ones similar to yours sell for between $20-30. Digger.

I have a 1939 1940 worlds fair bottle and can not find any online. It is a unisphere in great condition can you tell me where to look this up to check its value ? Please help thanks Meg

I did a search on Ebay today for "world's" and found your milkglass bottle being offered for sale with the first asking bid of $14.95 and two days to go. I have seen these bottles at antique stores and malls for many years. Most being offered for about $30. I will be surprised if the one on Ebay brings that amount. They are quite common and apparently not highly collected. I guess the screw top (although ground) turns off many antique bottle collectors. The one being offered was without the original cap like most I have seen.

Hi, My husband and I have always wanted to collect bottles. However, other than knowing what we think is pretty or unusual, we have no idea of the value of bottles and we really don't want to get "ripped off". Can you advise us what book or catalogue we should start with as beginners? Any information you can give us as to where and what to look for would be appreciated. Thank you. Judy Weegan

Judy, I have addressed similar questions in other months so you might look around. The true fund and value of collecting has much less to do with the monetary worth of bottles than your unbiased opinion of them. What I mean is , you now collect what you think is pretty or unusual and probably within your budget. Since your collecting motivation seems genuine, I would advise going with what you are doing. Price guides and values often skew our opinions of bottles. I am afraid that in the letter above yours I might well have discouraged this collector from enjoying his World's Fair bottle because it is not particularly valuable - but she likes it. Many collectors fall into the trap of seeing their bottles or other collectibles in simple monetary terms. Consider the fun and enjoyment of collecting and having your finds displayed around your home. Then consider how much you'd spend for a movie and dinner out. I have overpaid for bottles in my collecting career but I was not ripped off because I have pretty much followed my senses. The problem with beginning books is that they often will not have many of the bottles listed you have. Mall bookstore is my usual answer for some general price guides. However, I'd suggest going on Ebay and buying up old bottle books many of which can be often had for a song. Many of the books published in the 1970s have great background and information which can help you decide what you might like and you can even see how much they might have appreciated by comparison. Go to your Library and see what you can check out for perusal. Subscribe to the Antique Bottle & Glass Collector (much less than a dinner and a movie and it lasts for a full year!!). Whatever you you do - DON'T buy my books - (just kidding), but they are probably not the best place to start unless you have decided on a category. Enjoy. Digger

I have a small 7" high bottle with a Colgate & Co. emblem embossed on the front along with "4 3/4 fl ozs. net". It has a brass and cork top with stopper. Can you tell me the age and approximate value? Thanks

Back in my dump digging days I found dozens of the bottles you describe. I looked into Colgate Company and found them dating back to at least 1895 (which fits with your bottle). In 1806, William Colgate started a candle and soap making company in New York City . By 1906, the company was making over 3,000 different soaps, perfumes and other products. In 1928 they became Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co. Colgate Dental Cream was introduced in the 1870s. The company still maintains over 1000 different registered trademarks. I cannot say with any certainty what your bottle contained. the stopper suggests either tooth powder or toilet water. I do not recall ever having seen one with a label.

Hello, As stated in an earlier e-mail, I recently found an old bottle: clear eight sides contents are 6 1/4 oz. from the Hennepin bottle co. a "H" on the bottom of the bottle This is a description of the bottle, and my question was if this was an old bottle, and if it had any value? Thanks for your time. Scott B. Christianson

I was not able to find information on your bottle. Maybe a reader can. Digger.

Hi, my name is Jessica. I was given 26 bottles that were dug up in Boston MA by accident. I can't seem to distinguish the ages or worth of my bottles. Let me describe a few and if you have the time could you email me with your comments about them or point me in the right direction.@ 4", clear, McMinn Medicine Mann Cambridge. The bottom says C.L.C.CO.33" clear, Omega Oil, the bottom says 5 2" clear, the bottom says, Carters Made in U.S.A5", blue, John Wyeth & Bro., near the top it says: Next Dose At. The bottom says PAT May 1883 in a circular pattern, the center has a 0 @5" bluish clear Sawyers Crystal Blueing 6" deep brown Father John's Medicine Lowell, Mass 3" clear Carpenter-Morton Co COLORITE Boston Ma. The lips on these bottles vary along with there bottoms. I am assuming that they all came out of there same time period seeing that they were found together. Any help would be much appreciated I thank you for your time.

Your bottles sound like they were from a turn of the century dump. I believe you will find information on nearly all of them on this site in other months of questions. All are relatively common except for the Cambridge bottle of which I have not heard. Being rare does not make it valuable however. I expect your bottles all to be worth in the $1-2 range with the exception of the Wyeth bottle which if it had its original dose cap (glass) would be worth in the $15-20 range. Digger.

I am looking for old milk bottles or milk bottle caps with the name Weiss on them - It was a dairy located in Beaver Falls, PA. I would really appreciate any advice that you might have as to where I might them -Thank you Mimi Wood

The best place would be the privy on the original farm. short of that going to the local area and checking with collectors, dealers and flea markets might turn up one. You could advertise in the local paper. Digger.

I need a little help. I have this bottle. In the front it says Wm Sierichs No 421East12thST New York In the back it has a symbol SW and below it says Registered 1889 In the bottom of the bottle it has a "s" inside a diamond.

Your picture just barely shows the mouth of the bottle and that is often one of the best clues to function. It appears from the picture to have a wide mouth. My first inclination is to say it is a food bottle of some kind. It is probably possible to find it in the patent office records at the local library. I was not able to find anything. Digger

Hi, Thank you for doing this. I used to dig bottles many years ago. You should see a person who has a worm phobia try to dig bottles! I have a bottle I have not seen before. It is clear ABM . The bottom has Root ,quality and unlawful to refill. The bottle is 9 1/2 " tall and is clear. Three sides are curved in and there is a cross on each side, sort of fancy, reminds me of a fleur de lise. I am sending pictures also. Thank you for your help. I enjoy the bottle collectors website. Jean Card

My name is Steve and I live in Sherman P.A., and as you know the people used to bury their garbage I have been doing some construction work and I have been turning up some old bottles. Most have been soda bottles and medicine bottles mostly clear and a light blue-green. the house here is a farmhouse built over a hundred years ago I have always been interested in the antiquity of items that I find. I am very interested in researching these items and I was referred to your site in my first attempt at finding out about my first find of a Jayne's expectorant trial size bottle. I know your busy but I would appreciate your help about setting me up with a general diggers guide book that would help me with identifying my finds. I look forward in hearing your response and thank you in advance for any help you could give me. sincerely, looking for treasures in trash.

Steve, It has taken me a while to answer your question because I was assembling an article on Dr. David Jayne. Your little bottle is quite common and dates to the 1890s or so. As to a general bottle guide, try the local mall bookstore or pick up old bottle books from Ebay. Digger

hi. a long time I found a duraglas bottle which I've been lugging around with me in hopes that I might find someone with some knowledge of bottles. I stumbled across your page on the web and thought I'd send the info your way. the bottle is clear and almost 8" tall. the front is flat and the back is rounded. on the front "3xvi" is etched (I'm not sure that's the word for it since the numbers are raised up) at the top and "Duraglas" is at the bottom. on the left side are number measurements 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and the right has cc marked 50, 100, 200, 300, 400. the bottom has "Duraglas" and 10 and 4. the top has threads like it had a screw on lid. the cc's made me think it might be a medicine bottle. have you got any ideas? thanks for any info. christine brandel

You're thinking was correct. It is a druggist bottle Here is a link to a search of the Duraglas questions I have had. They ought to give you a good idea. Digger

Hi, looking on the bottom of our local lake, we found an old bottle. Here are the specs... The bottle is 11-3/4" high, 4-1/2" across the bottom and is round and colored like a common beer bottle today. It has no cap or label. The bottom reads an unidentified marking with the number 9 to the left, 4 to the right and 2 underneath the marking (I think it's the letter I in the marking). It then has Duraglas in cursive writing under all that. It is in good condition, no chips or breaks. Can you give us any information on this bottle? K. in Maine.

Check the above link. Digger

Hi, While doing an archaeological survey along US 89A in Northern AZ, one of my co workers found a straight-sided coke bottle. He has the bottle, so I am describing it from memory (Probably a bad idea!). The bottle is clear with an embossed "Coke" (NOT "Coca Cola") superimposed over an image of the classic hobble-skirt bottle, and this design is framed by a diamond. There are no ACL markings. The bottle is all machine made, etc... and is 8 or 10 oz. It does show some slight weathering (whitish/iridescent) film where it had been partially buried in the sand. I don't have any info on the marks on the bottom of the bottle. Is this some special issue bottle? We didn't think it was an antique for obvious reasons, but I am curious about it. When it was made? Why this design? Thank you, KP

Sounds like an interesting bottle but I am afraid I do not know. If it is embossed and not ACL it is probably at least 40-50 years old. Digger

Here are a few links Coke bottles of the World | Antique Coke Bottles | Coke History | Coke Commenoratives | soda web ring

A coworker has a bottle that possibly came from Australia. It's embossed T.O. HUNTER, TRADE MARK, with a running Kangaroo under the trademark, then BENDIGO under the Kangaroo. All of this running lengthwise on the bottle. The odd part of this bottle is it's neck, which is pinched off to contain a glass marble between the neck and the lip. It appears to act as a ball check valve. Above the pinched area are 4 indents in the glass. The bottle is greenish, approximately 9" tall and contains a number of bubbles in the glass. The base is indented with a "M" in the center. The seams extends from the bottom to the base of the lip. Any ideas? JWD

An Australian Codd bottle from the sounds of it. Bendigo is the town. Hunter is probably the soda manufacturer. The "M" on the Base is probably the mark of the Melbourne Glass Bottle Works (1900-1915). I'd guess a value of $15-20 USD. Digger

Hi, I live on the western slope of Colorado and recently my husband and I were walking in the mountains and found three bottles that look to be very old. They have numbers on the bottom and I was wondering if there was some way that I could trace those numbers to see how old they were. Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Aimee

Aimee, sometimes the numbers have easily discernible meanings and other times they do not. On soda bottles the date or a date code is often found on the base. Sometimes they bottle makers put the numbers on for their own information. The oldest bottles you might find from the Gold Rush days would probably not have numbers embossed. Digger

I have a 1962 James Bean whiskey decanter statue of an Elephant to commemorate the inauguration of President Kennedy. It shows a copy right date of 1960 made by Regal China. My dad has kept it in mint condition and I have searched but can't find where the price list for this type of whiskey decanter is located. Can you help please?

I found two of your bottles listed on Ebay today. "Vintage Jim Beam bottle. It is dated 1960 and I believe is the Republican Elephant.It was designed by C. Miller. Measures 12.5" high 5" across at widest point and 4" diameter base." You could buy it for $5.00. It had a $2 start bid. The second one had an asking bid of $9.99. neither item had a bid. Digger

Digger I also found a bottle with color:#8080C0">Forni's Alpenkrauter Blutheleber on the front but on the back mine says made by Dr P Fahrney it doesn't have the 7 sons co. It was how ever made in Chicago ill. I noticed in your reply that you didn't give a value on this type of bottle which is something i wanted to know. Thank you... Lisa

Lisa. I'd estimate $3-6 dollars.


One Dr. Benjamin Marshall of New York was the inventor of this medicinal snuff. The brand traded hands a number of times over the years having owners in Vermont and Ohio. You can find Pontiled variants as well as machine made ones. It was still be offered as late as 1948 by Williams Manfg. Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. The earliest pontiled ones bring $50-75+. the turn of the century ones fetch $5. The one shown above dates to about 1860. it has a rolled lip which is characteristic of pontiled variants but lacks the pontil on the base. Digger

I have a cobalt blue (5") bottle imprinted with the words "Wisdom's Robertine". It appears to have a cork or stopper type opening and the 'mold seam' ends at the base of the neck. Nothing on the bottom. I just can't find anything to compare it to - the name doesn't match anything medicine/poison/apothecary. Any suggestions on a better place to look/help ? Thanks so much

Someone else asked about this bottle Wisdom's. It was a cosmetic bottle. Value is $20-40. Digger.

We recently found some old drink bottles. One is a Brownie 10 fl oz taste the difference on the front with pictures of a little elf holding the drink. On the back it shows that it was made in Doraville Georgia. Do you know any thing else about it? Thanks if you know. Nancy and Billy

The word mark Brownie was first used for soft Drink in 1945. The owner was Seven-Up Washington, Inc., Washing D.C.. They name was to be used for nonalcoholic, noncereal maltless beverages sold as soft drinks, syrups, extracts and flavors. the mark was registered in the late 1960s by the Brownie Company of Richmond Virginia. the mark is no longer active. The company probably sold the rights to bottle the product. Digger

font-size:10.0pt" 2"> font-size:10.0pt" 2">

font-size:10.0pt" 2">Trademark Filing Date August 5, 1947

Digger My Name Is Ronnie Davis. A Few Days Ago I Was Helping My Brother Clean His Garage Out, So He Could Get Every Thing Out Of The New Owners Way. The House Will Be 100 Years Old In 2006. While Getting All His Stuff Out And Other Stuff That Has Been There God Only Knows How Long, I Found A Stoneware Or Ceramic Jug It Was Painted Black And Had A Few Pictures On It. It Looked Cool So I Kept It. Later That Day While Lookin At It Better I Saw Where Paint Had Scraped off There Was Writing under It. So I decided To Clean It And Under The Paint It Says Glynmore Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Distilled And Bottled By Glenmore Distilleries, Co, Incorporated Owensboro, Kentucky 4/5 Quart On The Back it Says Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Reuse Of This Bottle On The Bottom It Has USA Indented And Says D-8-47 All The Letters Look Like They Are Baked Into It. Except USA I've Looked All Over And Cant Find Anything About The Bottle, And The Only thing I Can Find On Glenmore Distilleries Is That In 1935 They Gave Helena Montana $500.00 Dollars To Help With An Earth Quake Disaster. Sir Could Ya See If You Can Tell How Much It's Worth. And maybe A Lil Info on Glenmore Distilleries. I'm Racking My Brain Trying To Find Out Info On This It's Got My Curiosity Bad. Will Appreciate Any Assistance You Can Give. Here Is Some Pics Of The Mysterious Jug. Thank you Sir Sincerely Ronnie Cowboyheart font-size:10.0pt" 2">The Name Glenmore has been used by this Louisville Company since 1901 for Gin, vodka, Rum , Brandy, and Bourbon. Note that the mark shown below your picture (which matches the printing on your jug) was not used until 1942.

font-size:10.0pt" 2"> font-size:10.0pt" 2"> font-size:10.0pt" 2">The picture shown is the man pictured on your jug. The presence of the "47" on the base of your jug leads me to conclude that is the date. The jug looks very much like earlier jugs that were popular in both this country and in Great Britain around the turn of century. I do not think yours is that old however. I'd estimate a value of $20.


Hi Digger, Read your return about the Maypop soda bottle and wonder where I could find some information on it, I've found one also. This one has U.S. Patent Office, D.O.C. 521-3 with the words Registered Trademark on it. I was wondering how to find out who it was patented to or whatever, figured you might could help. I've been all in the files of the patent numbers and could make no sense of what they've got posted, maybe someone else can, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I have tried several time to find this record in the Patent Records without success. Digger

I currently have a Bols Ballerina bottle unopened that plays music and dances around. I've been told it came from Holland or Germany during WWII. I was wondering how I can find out the value of this item. oazariano

I saw one recently at a bottle show. Perfect condition all the labels and stamps and the box. It dated to about the 1950s. the price was $90. You will find many of these for sale and many people who have asked about this bottle in this column in other months. Digger

I am sure that you receive hundreds of e-mails a day but thanks for taking the time to read mine. My name is amber and i live about 5 minutes outside of Dallas, TX. Recently my grandmother passed away and in going through her possessions my father found many "old" Avon Amway bottles. My father has always collected them and has no idea how rare, old, or the price such bottles go for. I do understand that it depends on the bottle itself. But b/c I can not locate any information on these bottles and there aren't any listed local clubs I am at a loss. i am just asking if maybe you can help or maybe you know someone who can. Thanks again!

mso-bidi-font-size:13.5pt"> mso-bidi-font-size: 13.5pt">Get on Ebay on your computer or if you do not have a computer go to your local library. You will find many Avon bottles for sale. You can also find web sites about them and lists of bottles for sale. Digger.

I have a bottle which was found in the ghost town of Calico, California by my grandmother in about 1930. It had lain in the sun so long that it turned a beautiful shade of lavender from the ultra-violet light. It is flask-shaped. Also another bottle (I think a medicine bottle) also light-turned lavender. Any value to these?

When people first started collecting bottles in the 1960s. the purple ones were all the rage. The Original owners of glassware in the 19th century disliked the purple color and tips can be found about being careful during picnics not to leave your glass bowls in the sun or they will turn that awful purple color. While they do not have a great monetary value being from a family member makes them something to keep and enjoy. Digger

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Annette, and I own an organizing business. I do not collect anything so I have no idea how to look something up that is old. In my job I open several boxes and reconnect my clients with whatever it is they want to go through and organize. In this process with one of my clients we opened a shoe box that had an old wine bottle in it. I do not think the wine is valuable but I think the history of the bottle might be. I am doing research for my client for she is old and one of the most kindest people I know. The following information is what the label says I can get more information about the style of the bottle if needed. I had my client put the bottle somewhere safe so I will have to be the go between. The label reads: Bottled by the Rosenblatt Co. producer San Francisco, CA - Bottled Nov. 17, 1912 Exposition Quality Muscatel wine Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Compliments of Jack Hamilton 517 North 21st St. Portland, OR The bottle is dark brown, the label has no raised lettering, the bottle is about 12 inches high, the cork is still in the bottle with a metal cap over that such as the old coca cola bottles used to have, or still do I really don't pay that much attention. I do not know where else to search for information regarding this hopefully you will be able to direct me in the right direction. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Annette

Sound like a fairly good item possible worth in the range of $40-60. I was not able to locate any reference to the company. Maybe a reader will know. Digger


T he name was used for Root Beer beginning in 1947. Mason & Mason Inc were located in Chicago. they were later bought out by the Monarch Co. of Atlanta, Ga. who also purchased Dad's Root Beer and Frostie Root Beer. The mark was still active in 1994.

I am impressed with your knowledge and your patience in responding to what I am sure are thousands of emails on bottles. I really like your site. One week end I'm going to go through each and every page. I've only just begun. What a worthwhile site. Thanks for sharing. Phyllis

Thanks for the kind words. It take a long time to research and respond. Digger

Hello, I was trying to identify a bottle I found while digging in my front yard. I was hoping that you might be able to help identify it. The bottle is brown/amber in color, stands about 7.5 inches tall and has about a 2.25 inch diameter. The top looks like it is supposed to take a bottle cap. I think that it hold a volume of one cup. It has a line horizontally about half way up the bottle that extends from seem line to seem line. Above this line is the words "1/2-CUP" with an arrow pointing to the line. Below this line is the words "1/2-CUP" with an arrow pointing to this line. It is an interesting bottle and would like to learn more about it such as what it was used for, when it was made and value (if any). Thanks in advance for your time,mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt"> Bruce

It sounds like a Certo bottle. Certo was a product for making jelly and jam. The brown Certo bottle has the "For 1/2 bottle pour to here" mark embossed on the backside -- measures about 7 1/4" tall and 2 1/4" in diameter which sounds an awful lot like your bottle. They are very common and sell for $1-2. Digger

I found a small bottle today while walking my dog. It is 6" high 2" wide 1" thick, clear glass, there appears to be a seam that runs from neck of bottle down opposite corners, I would call it a double collar neck, it has name Rawleigh's down side, with Bottle made in U.S.A. horizontally across bottom edge. I cannot see any seam on bottom but there is a large 2. I am not a bottle collector, but I wondered if it would be of any interest to a collector. Thank you Lloyd Armstrong

William T. Rawleigh, founded of one of the largest chemical products companies which he managed to make into a world-wide business. He was born in 1870 and died in 1951. He came to Freeport in 1889. By the end of World War I his company was producing more than 140 products. He gave the city of Freeport a statue in 1929 commemorating the Lincoln - Douglas debates which were held in that city. The Rawleigh bottles are very common and sell for $1-2. Early examples and those with label and contents bring more. In 1926 he built a bottling plant to manufacture his own bottles. The bottles themselves had cork closures until about 1933. Rawleigh remained a family owned and operated business until about the 1960s. In 1960 the name "Rawleigh" was reregistered by AETNA BUSINESS CREDIT, INC. CORPORATION NEW YORK SUITE 1200 111 FOUNDERS PLAZA CHICAGO ILLINOIS They were still producing a wide range of products from polishes to flavorings to Laundry products to insecticides to vitamin supplements. Digger

| Rawleigh Today | Rawleigh History | The Rawleigh Heritage | Rawleigh Products

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These bottles were all dug up at the same dump in the exact same hole within inches of each other. I had used a shovel & collapsed a banking & these 3 jewels tumbled out almost onto my feet. I have been able to identify the 2 green bottles as champagne bottles but have not been able to identify the purple one. These were dug up when I was a boy, approximately 1969, in Rochester N.H., at a dump site along a river. There was only rust particles no solid pieces of metal. There were also many salt water oyster shells. As Rochester is aprox 30 -35 miles inland from the Atlantic ocean, I found this quite odd. Although the green bottles are of interest it is the purple flask that really is my query. I wanted to show you the green ones so you might be able to age things easier.

mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt">***mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt">The purple bottle is 7 1/16 inches high, it has a sheared lip with apparent whittle marks, the edge is somewhat irregular, not smooth but not sharp (as is chipped). **The mold seam stops at the neck. The shape of the opening is circular but uneven when looking at the actual circumference of the glass.** the base of the bottle has a central divot with swirl marks spanning out around it ***bottle appears somewhat oval in shape.**It is embossed on one side with an eagle sitting on a shield. There are branches under the shield and rays coming out around the eagles head. There are 5 or 6 ridges that go all around the scene from bottom of one side to the other. ***the other side has a swirling American flag with a total of 20 stars showing. It says "FOR OUR COUNTRY" along the bottom of the bottle. It also has the ridges going around the scene. This side has a rather unusual air bubble in it aprox 1 1/2 inches long starting at 1/2" below the neck and going into the neck at a diagonal angle about 1". The bubble is wider at the base than in the neck. **The color is purple and it has a whitish stain along the inside of the bottle.

I would like to know everything and anything about the bottle. When I was a child I was offered $100.00 for it from a local collector but would not part with it. I've carried it and my other treasures with me all over this country as I've moved around. When my wife asked if we should be insuring anything I took pause and thought I should find out. Thank you so much David Kiehl

David, You will not have to have your bottle insured. I can positively identify your purple flask as a GII- 54 Eagle - Flag which was produced by the Clevenger Brothers in Clayton New Jersey prior to 1960. Your flask differs from the original in several important characteristics which are evidence of it being a 20th century bottle: the textured surface of the bottle is probably a function of the type of mold and the smooth base is another clue. Your bottle is pictured and discussed on page 682 of McKearni and Wilson's American Bottles and Flasks and thier Ancestery to which I refer you to confirm what I am telling you. That you found this bottle in connection with the champagne bottles is not out of the the realm of possiblity. It just might mean the champagnes are not as old as you think they are. The form and style of this type of bottle has remained unchanged for over a century. Digger

I got your name in the "questions" section of I'm not a collector, but have a bottle that was given to me. I don't know where to start. It's a cobalt blue bottle embossed W.H.H Chicago ILL. on one side and W. McCulley & Co. on the other. The bottle is 6-3/4" tall and has what appears to be a potil mark with a dimple on the bottom. From the information I saw on the web site, it looks like it is a BIM bottle. Any ideas where to start? --Greg

You found a good one! It is a soda from the WH Hutchinson company. They are not rare but given the age (about 1870) and the color, I'd estimate a value of $40-100 depending upon condition. Your bottle could be pontiled since they are known in both smooth base and iron pontil. It can be found in my new Soda book.

digger can you tell me anything about a liquozone bottle ? thank twisted

Here is full story (1905) from the man who exposed the company, Samuel Hopkins Adams. Liquozone. The bottles are quite common and sell for any where from $3-10. Digger more links Claude Hopkins |Bottle with label

Hello, I have a Glassboro 1850 flask (blue). I'm sure it is probably a repro, but wanted to make sure because of some characteristic imperfections in the glass and some markings that slightly contrast your description of the reproduction. You mentioned that "These were never intended to fool anyone and are marked on the base with the words Wheaton Village". Ours is marked with Wheaton NJ instead of Wheaton Village. Is this difference important or can I assume that if it's made in Wheaton at all it is a reproduction? Thank you in advance. Jeff

It is a modern fantasy bottle. I am not sure what the difference is. They probably changed marks sometime during their history or they were not consistent. I doubt it makes any difference in value. digger.

A friend of my moms found an old bottle buried in his barn and gave it to my mom.. The bottle has raised letters that state Dr. Miles Medical Co. I have found many of these listed but they always state color aqua.. This bottle is clear and thick. It looks like it may have had a cork type stopper. This is of interest to us since my maiden name is Miles. Thanks.

Your bottle is probably newer and possibly machine made. it is not at all uncommon for bottles to have been made in both clear and aqua. There are literally hundreds of examples I can think of. This is especially true for those companies which made many millions of bottles each year as did the Miles Company. Here's a link to all the questions I have had about these bottles. Dr. Miles Digger

I have recently come across a bottle that is 5" tall, clear, ABM, screw on top no cap, embossed with the words Wonder Bubbles around top bend on both sides, embossed on the bottom of the bottle are ( 0 ) on top, (the letter F with a hexagon around it) in the middle, (and the numbers 2-11-43-D) on the bottom. Any information on this item will greatly appreciated.

Your bottle contained liquid bubble blowing composition or plastic bubble blowing composition. the company made bubble blowing kits for children beginning in 1945. the Chemical Sundries Company of Chicago trademarked the name "Wonder" in February of 1952. Prior to that the company had been owned by Strombecker Corporation of Checago. the mark was active through 1991. Digger

Digger, I was scuba diving in Lake George, NY and found a bottle almost completely buried in the sand. It is an aqua color with many bubbles throughout the glass. The bottom is round, and the only marking on the entire bottle is the letter "A" on the bottom. The bottle is about 12" tall and about 3" in diameter, and has a very thick bottom compared to the side walls. The mouth end is quite "bulbouls", and there is a very wavy edge where the bulb meets the neck. It is the shape of a wine bottle. Any idea as to where or how I can track this bottle to it's origins? Any help would be appreciated. Cliff Fischer

Sounds like a round bottom soda. You can find more questions about these bottles in other months. They are common and without any embossing and in aqua they sell for about $8. digger

I have a very tiny hand blown tube that appears to be a cologne sample probably from a department store. It is stored in a small gold finished cardboard tube. Any idea how old it may be?

1930-1950. they are very common and you can find more information about them in other months. Digger

I have a bottle of Lucas Bols ballerina, golden creme dementhe with cork top not opened in excellent condition. the ballerina is dressed in red and still dances when you wind her up from mechanism on bottle of bottle. this was purchased in the late 40's early 50's. can you tell me its value. Thank you lucy

This is the second question about this bottle this month. See my comments above and you will find other information about the Bols company posted in other months. Digger

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digger Thanks for reading this mail. I have a bottle which I can not id on the net. The bottle is about 9 to 9 1/4 inch tall BIM seams stop below lip. Top seems to be somewhat crooked if seen head on as in photo. Very little of the label survives, but is legible Part of label appears to be in German and other in English. Some words included in German: senn-blattervon beruna, mohlverannten. English words are:{$1.90 per} then fades out. columieus is also faded. It also has {in orpr}and is some missing letters which I assume is incorporated. The bottom is embossed with DR. S.B.H. & CO. registered and then PR. any help is greatly appreciated thanks Jerry in Paducah Ky

Your bottle is a Peruna bottle. Much has been written in this column in other months about this bottle. Here's a link to Peruna Questions

Digger, I have a bottle of 1996 "The Greatful Dead" Red Table Wine that was never opened, and i was wondering if you knew how much it would be worth?

I have no idea. Maybe a reader can help. digger

I recently found a couple of old looking log cabin syrup bottles at a garage sale actually there were three, they are amber color and each has a different picture in the front molded into the glass I am curious as to whether these bottles have any value. Please reply, yes; font-size: 10.0pt; Lena Vasquez

Ebay had six of them listed today. You could have had some of them for $4.00 each. The minium bid on another pair was $9.99. Digger.

Hello Digger! Any info (age, price) you can give me on the following is appreciated: This bottle is 7" tall, rectangular shaped, clear glass. One side is embossed, Jewel Tea Co Chicago and the other has the original paper label stating the following: Net 2 1/2 fluid ounces, Jewel Brand Flavoring extracts, price .30 with two profit sharing checks. Under the previous is looks like another label was put on that says, imitation pineapple contains: compound Ethers, Water, Aniline, Color and 36.65% Alcohol. Thanks! Mary B. Baltimore, OH

The name "Jewel" has been used for


since 1880. The Frank C. Weber & Co. of Chicago filed August of 1925 and was registered in July of 1934 for the name. The mark was renewed in 1974 but is no longer active. It seems likely your bottle is from the 1930-40 period. I'd guess a value of $5-10.

It says Davis on the front, Painkiller on the side, Vegetable on the other side, just a hair under 6 inch's and it is aqua, and has no paper label's. It has no chip's or crack's do you know what the value is.

The bottles come a variety of sizes and can be found pontiled, smooth based and machine made. I found two on Ebay today. Both had asking bids of $3 with no takers. The brand was heavily advertised in the 19th century and very popular, so it must have provided some relief from pain. Pontiled variants start at about $20.

Appears to be clear it has half inch flat sides that come up to the neck, it has a round circle on the bottom and it has an anchor in it, it is 7 and quarter inches tall, could you give us any information on this flask

If the flask has an anchor embossed on the side it is a $20 bottle. If the anchor is on the bottom then much less. All of the ones I have seen with the anchor on the side are amber. I cannot tell from your description what the age might be so this is just a guess. Digger.

Bottle 8 1/4 inches has 3 little knobs on the lip, it says VAR-NE-SIS next to the top of the front of the bottle in large letter's, bottle 3 1/4 inch's wide, on the bottom of the bottle it has a circle with a circle inside of another, inside the circle has a diamond with a capital H or I depends which way you hold the bottle, do you have any information on this bottle and the value.

VAR-NE-SIS was medicine for Rheumatism lumbago, arthritis. Began as early as 1916. It came in either "Red label" or "Green Label". the VAR-NE-SIS Company was located in Lynn, Mass. They were in business at least through the mid 1930s. the New Haven, Connecticut Health Department findings for 1916 state: "Var-ne-sis. An alcoholic solution (13.6%) containing less than 1% of vegetable drug extracts, chiefly from laxative drugs and capsicum. Claims false and misleading." I'd estimate a value of $3-5. Digger

I have a John Wyeth & Bro cobalt blue medicine bottle, 7 inches tall. It has the cork. The glass lid is engraved: "This cup holds a heaping dessert spoonful" and has numbers on the neck and cup to identify when to take the next dose. The bottom of the bottle has the engraving " PAT MAY 16 1899". It is very clean and in very good condition. How do I find out what this bottle is worth? Thank you very much for your help.

I have a John Wyeth & Bro cobalt blue medicine bottle, 7 inches tall. It has the cork. The glass lid is engraved: "This cup holds a heaping dessert spoonful" and has numbers on the neck and cup to identify when to take the next dose. The bottom of the bottle has the engraving " PAT MAY 16 1899". It is very clean and in very good condition. How do I find out what this bottle is worth? Thank you very much for your help.

These bottles are popular especially when you have the glass lid. The problem is there are so many of them. They are very common. They usually sell for $5-15 without a label.

color:black">Hi, My name is Linda Snow. I'm not sure if you can help me or not. I am trying to locate a particular bottle with the label in tact. Its a Hind's Honey and Almond Cream Bottle. My great grandmother lived near Mr. Hind's when she was a little girl, and he wanted to put her on the label, and he did. To get a hold of a bottle with the label still on, would mean a great deal to me. Let me describe what it looks like. She is probably about 4 years old and looking down at the bottle. Flower and butterflies are painted in a circular fashion behind her. The product name is written at the bottom, and the words, For the hands, face, skin and complexion, are written in a circle to the left of her. She is Wearing a dress with a tie around the waist, and bows tied around her sleeves. there is a design at the bottom of the dress. Any help you could give me in locating this would be appreciate, or if you know of any sites, that I can post this request, would also be appreciated. Thank you for your time, Linda Snow

Linda, about the best I can do is post this here. Keep your eyes on Ebay. You might just find one. the bottle is very common so there must be dozens of them out there. Digger

Hi ! I bought a bottle for 25 cents at a going- out- of -business flea market, it was marked at $25.00! Good deal huh., anyway,, here is the description. It has PEPTO- MANGAN(GUDE) embossed on one of the six sides. It is aqua color, 7" tall and almost 2 1/2 inches wide. On the bottom is a large circular indention with what looks like numbers (worn out) in the center. The two seams go up just past the shoulders. The top is one that used a cork.. The bottle is very clean with no scratches or nicks.. Would you let me know what the contents of this bottle was used for, and if it was really worth $25.00??? would you please??? I will be anxiously waiting for your reply, thanks a bunch. Ramona

Unfortunately no, it was not worth $25, more like $5-10. This medicine was peptonates of iron and manganese for the treatment of anemia or so it was described in 1945 when it was registered with the patent office by M.J. Breitenback of New York City. The mark was registered probably when the brand changed hands in the mid 1970s. It is no longer active. Originally the product was first marketed in the 1890s. It was criticized heavily by the American Medicinal Association about the turn of the century for false and misleading advertising. Digger

HIWas cleaning up the attic and found Coke Commemorative bottle 1900-1975 with liquid still in them... What should I do with them? Are they worth anything? Should I keep the liquid in them? Thanks for you help with this. Sincerely Rancene Cooke

Keep the liquid better still keep them another 20 years in the attic. I'd guess and it is only a guess they'd be wroth $5-7 each. Digger

Hello, Can you help us?? We found a small glass Jergens bottle, a clear coca-cola bottle and a couple other bottles. And we have been looking all over the internet trying to find out what year they're from we found lots of Coke bottles on the internet, but none like ours. Ours is very skinny. So our question is could you direct us to where we could find Jergens bottles and could you tell us how to find out how old our bottles are??? Thank you very much, from Mich and Meg

Mich and Meg you will need to read through all the materials on this and the other sites on the bottle webring. From the sounds of it your bottles are probably circa 1940s. Digger.

Hi can you help me do you have this in your books Listerine, antox, chamberlain 1945 and before live by a railroad and mines in CA & NV chbmitch

All of your bottles, except maybe Antox ($15-25) have been covered in this column. A general price gudie might have some of yours..

Hello...I found an old bottle labeled D.J. Waters Troy 1871 it is a bluish-green color in very good condition around 8 inches tall. Any info you have would be very helpful. Thank you, Beverly Sim

It might be related to the E. Waters bottles from Troy New York which are ink bottles and quite valuable. I would need a better description to make much of a guess about your bottle. Sounds interesting. Send a Pix if you can. Digger

Hi, I have an old Sparkletts Artesian water bottle decanter. On the bottom it says for sparkletts service call AL 1171.And around the bottoms edge it has there address in L.A.. The bottle is only about 9.5" tall with a potbelly about 16"around.It's in very good condition. A good vase size . I found it in my attic over 20 years ago. I have tired to find out information on it. Do you know anything about it?.I would GUESS it's from the 1930's or 1940's , maybe? Thank you ,Dee

I believe someone or two also has asked about this company and your bottle in other months. The name SPARKLETTS was first used for drinking water in 1925 but the name was not registered with the Patent Office until 1956 when the Sparkletts Drinking Water Corporation of Los angles California do so. The mark was registered probably when the company was bought out the McKesson Corporation of San Francisco. The mark is still active. Your are likely correct about your estimation of the age. Yours is a refrigerator bottle, popular in the 1920-40 period. You find find more in January and October 2000 Questions. Digger

To whom it may concern, I was doing a remodel job in San Francisco on some old apt. building, when I took down the outer wall there was a beer bottle still capped in the wall. The label says John Wielands Brewery of San Francisco June 30th,1906. Do you know where I might find out about this Brewery? Thank You Hank

John Wielands Brewery was in business under some form of that name from 1855 until 1934. In the early years the company was located 228/246 2nd street in san Francisco. The San Francisco City Directories would be the best place to get more information. Digger

Digger- Recently, I acquired an old mason jar. It is 18 inches tall, 5 inches across the mouth and 9 across the base. It has the faintest blue tint, seam from base to top of lip, and a rough bottom. On one side in raised letters it says 'MASON'S PATENT NOV.30TH 1858' and it has a large star between mason's and the date. On the other side it has our eagle with the arrows and leaf with 3 stars above it and 4 below. It is centered and very large. It only has one ring for the screw on lid. I have never seen anything like it and thus far, haven't met anyone else who has. So anything you may be able to come up with would be great. I would particularly care to know it's age, use for which it was made, and of course.....value. ha ha. Thanks so much in advance for your time regardless of what you come up with. Kathy Schroeder

Yours is a gift shop item and not an original canning jar. I think I have still seen them for sale. They were made after 1975 some had wire carrying handles with a wooden grip. I'd estimate a value of $25-35. Digger.

Found an old bottle in a historic graveyard located in Boston, MA - on the bottom are the words Melvin & Badger. Have you ever heard of a company called Melvin & Badger? Can you tell me what kind of bottles they manufactured? What would be my best resource for finding more info on a company no longer in business? Any info you can provide would be helpful. Thank you for your time.

C.H. Badger was a druggist in Boston beginning the early 1850s. I suspect either he or one of his relations joined with Mr. Melvin to form a very successful drug business. Several of the bottles from this company are highly collectible, primarily the poison bottles with ribbed sides. They come in green and cobalt. Most of these bottles date from the 1890-1910 period. Digger.

Hi, I’ve got a White Horse Whiskey bottle, jad in colour, I couldn't find anything about it on the net so I thought I’d ask! There no date on the bottle but the label is raised. It looks to be made in three pieces, by mould. I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me. Your Sincerely K. Butler

"The White Horse" distillers of Glascow, Scotland did not begin using that name until the 1890s. The brand was trademarked in this country in 1932 after prohibition. The name "White Horse" (no 'The') was not used until later. You do not indicate what the closure is so I cannot guess about either the age or the value. Digger

Hi Wondering if you could tell me any information on these bottles. They are both Smile cola. The smaller is 7 3/4 in. tall and embossed "Smile Registered Union Smile Bottling Works Best Brand Beverages Toledo, Ohio" on the front, on the back it has "bottle never sold ". On the bottom it's got "AGW Union 74-1". The other is a 10 ozs. It's got " Licensee: Smile, Inc. Columbus , Miss. 39701. Pictures are included. Any help is appreciated. Tim Giles

Tim, The AGW on the base probably stands for the American Glass Works of Richmond, VA. the plant was in business under that name from 1908-1935. Bottles were made by hand until 1916 when the first semi-automatic machines were installed. In 1925 the plant burned down. There is some controversy about its being rebuilt but in 1927 they were advertising they were making soda bottles. From what I can gather, I would guess your bottle was made between 1927-1935. More information about Smile products can be found by following this link: Smile Soda Digger

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I have been curious about this bottle I found in an excavation ditch in San Jose ca. It has philada glass works on top and Burgin and sons written below and forming a circle. Its got a blob top and is bluish green in color. I know a picture would help but is there anything to the glass company or the Burgin and sons thing?

Nice find. Your 1850-1860 period soda bottle sells for $55-100+ depending upon condition. The Bottles were blown out East and then shipped West. They are relatively scarce but not rare. Digger

Hello, digger I recently found a bottle 7 1/2 inches tall it is embossed on the sides it reads pure at top then bottled then sodas on both sides then at the bottom on one side it reads property of coca cola bottling co. on the other side it reads 7flu. ozs. Bloomington ILL under ILL looks like a very small #20 on the bottom big letters C.C. looks like the seam comes up to the lip and stops in the top of the bottle looks like a rubber type cork with a hole through the middle of it. any information will be greatly appreciated thanks DOUG!

Your bottle sounds like one of many of the Flavor bottles made between 1930-1950. More can be found in other months. The flavor bottles are different from Coca Cola bottles in that they do not actually say "Coca Cola". They were bottled at the same plants. Value would be $10-15.

I Found a bottle I don't know if you ever heard of it. It is green I think it is a blob bottle on one side it has R. RIDDLE PHILAD-A on the reverse side it has the letter R . I tried to look up information on it but found very little.

Ah what a difference a letter makes. I found a listing for your bottle at $16.50, dark blue green, 7 1/8", smoth base. A bottle of a similar color with the "R." and the words Mineral water with a pontil marked base listed for $300-600. Digger

Hi - I have a question about the worth of a bottle I found in Brenham, TX. It's a clear Rola Beverages Bottle with a textured surface and red and white geometric-design painted label. The bottle is 8 oz. and says "Rola Beverages - It's Good! Copyright 1945 By Rola Beverage Co." On the back of the bottle "The Trade Mark Rola 'To Be Sure'" is painted on in white. It also says it was bottled in Erie, PA. The bottom has "1 G 6 6" and "2 2 8 8" embossed on it. The bottle is in good condition, other than some removable water spots, slight mildew, and slight discoloration on the white part of the label. The bottle should be easily cleaned, whenever I find the time to do so. There are no chips or cracks. Thanks a bunch for your time. Amanda

The Rola Extract company apparently made a brand of root beer as well as a cola. The owner Matthias Rothstein was doing business as Rola Cola Bottling Co..and Rola Beverage Co. making syrups and extracts in Erie beginning in 1943. I'd guess a value of $5-10. Digger.

Hi, My name is Travis Button and I am looking for information about an old bottle I recently purchased on eBay. It has a pontil as far as I can tell, it is kind of hard to see inside because it is tightly wrapped with leather .I have had no luck finding anyone who can even tell me anything about it at all and I am going crazy with curiosity as it is a quite interesting piece. I am including some pics as well as the link to the auction, I hope you can help or know someone who can. Thanx for your time.


Travis, I have had quite a number of inquiries about your bottle. Most have not been leather wrapped. I am afraid I do not know their purpose. Maybe a reader can solve this mystery. Digger

I have a Crown Royal bottle that is full and sealed. It is from the 1950's. Is this worth anything?

This Canadian whiskey can still be purchase aged since 1961. I would guess full and sealed it might bring $20-30. digger.

a have a decanter are you a turtle on one side with a drawn out turtle lined in gold with a hat with a tail sticking out the back back side reads how sweet it is also in gold the writing of front and back is in an oval shape on a bronze like base also in a smaller shaped oval sides are like a little fancy also in sold goal the back of the bottle is a so what of a faded green color and the front is also but, the turtle is in a darked green. now the label reads genuine real china 4/5 quarts BEAN 100 months old 80 proof Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey under neither reads creation of James b. beam distilling co. genuine real china 1975 ky.crb-230 genuine regal china corporation ks ..liquor bottle # on label reads 6 3 6 0 8 3 1 4 5 12.0pt"> ok I'm finished I hope I did not miss anything that you may need to know. thanks carol. have a great day.

Value I'd estimate $5-15. Digger.

I have found 2 bottles while digging. 1) is a baby bottle it has a picture of a baby holding a bottle embossed on it with the words "Happy Baby" embossed below the baby. 2) a 2gallon amber color tall cork type bottle. The bottle has no seams on it oe markings. Would you be able to tell the value of each. Thank you.

The Happy Baby nursing bottle is circa 1930-1944 and has a value of around $20-30. the unmarked maber bottle probably $5-8 range. digger.

Hi Digger, I have two bottles I was hoping you could help me find the value for. I looked all over the internet and can't find anything of what I have. I have a Roses on Parade 1973, Porcelain Limited Edition Lionstone Whisky Bottle by Lionstone Distilleries, LTD. There's a sticker on the bottom that says container made in Japan. 86 proof, 4/5 quart. It has two yellow and one red rose along with 4 girls dressed in pink gowns with flowers and crowns on their heads. The one girl has a crown and is the stopper for where the whisky was. The bottle is long. Reminds me of a float thats in a parade. 3 of the girls are actually sitting on little red roses. The second one I have is an Ezra Brooks 4/5 quart, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey bottled by Ezra Brooks Distilling Co. Frankfort, KY. Its a 1970 grandfather clock. There's a sticker that says Genuine Heritage China hand decorated with 24 karat gold. Neither one have liquor left in them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jenny

Roses on Parade lists for $60-80 - the Grandfather clock from $5-20. digger.

Found this bottle yesterday in 97 feet of water out in the Atlantic in an area known for turn-of-the-century dumping. It measures 3 1/2 inches in length, has a flared Lip, squarish bottom, air bubbles in the glass and has raised lettering as follows: 448 E. TREMONT AVE. N.Y. CITY Edward F. Miller (in script lettering running from lower left to upper right) EST. 1870 This bottle is in extremely good condition considering where it was found. Very clear glass, feels light-weight and has little to no sand scratching which is remarkable considering where it's been and for how long. I can send a digital photo if you require one. Thanks.

Sounds like a prescription drug store bottle to me. The date adds to the appeal. I'd guess a value of $15. Digger.

W hat is the value of the Lomax hutch in cobalt blue and how rare is this bottle? Thank you, 12.0pt"> Paul Sutter 12.0pt">

I would not call them rare by any means they are plentiful but any cobalt blue hutch is worth $50 and most bring much more. The Lomax is one of the more common ones. When bottles like this are excellent condition they could bring over $100 but most are not mint and have case wear and bring about $75.

color:black">Dear Digger,

I recently found an ink well shaped almost like a tug boat with Sanford stamped on the bottom as well as 217 patent applied for. The bottle is aqua in color and in perfect condition. I found it while digging near an old waste site on the Minnesota River in southern MN. You would be interested perhaps in the many, many old bottles I have found which are amazingly in excellent shape. I am still in the process of cleaning some of them up before I question you further! Incidentally, my friends who are excited about my hobby have been bringing me all of their dig finds as well which is leading to a large collection of interesting history! Thanks! Lynn

Your little boat ink always attracts attention. I can remember digging my first one. They are relatively common and usually bring $20-25. The interesting shape makes them a keeper. digger.

Hello My name is Deb and I have a bottle that is proving hard to find information on. As far as I can tell (I am an absolute beginner) it was made by Laws & Atlas Ltd LONDON. It has a blob top, is a clear/green colour, @18cm in height and is very thick. The bottom is smooth with a slight arch and the number 272 and the letter W raised. I would describe the shape similar to a torpedo but it has a small base. Would you know where I can find information about this bottle? I am not counting on it being worth anything, just curious!mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt"> Thank you Debra Neale

Sounds like a torpedo soda. the shape was popular in the 1840-1880 period with your probably being in the later time period. I am afraid I cannot tell you much more about the bottle. Digger.

I have a whiskey bottle bottled by Julius Kessler Company in Louisville, KY. The bottle is that of a football player and stands probably 12-14 inches tall. I would not say that it is a bottle (i.e. made of glass), but rather ceramic. On the bottom of the piece it reads: Number one in a series "The Football Player" 1980 Limited Edition I have yet to find anything on the internet about it and was wondering if you may have seen or heard of such a bottle. Thanks

I have not, maybe a reader can help. Digger.


Hello, I have what I would describe as a teal (green) bottle, 9 1/2 inches in length with a mold seam. It looks like the lip was manually attached. There are bubbles in the glass and the interesting thing to me is that the bottle has a rounded base with the letter "A" on it. From what I can determine, it looks like there is a small chip on the lip. Other than that it looks really like it's in really good shape. All I could find out so far is that it might have been produced by John Agnew & Son, Pittsburgh, PA between 1854 and 1866. I am attaching two files. One, a picture of the bottle and the other a picture of the bottom of the bottle. Thank you for any information you can give me about it. Denise Hacker

Denise, I am fairly certain the bottle does not date to the 1850-1860 period because of the presence of the crown top lip which was not invented until the 1890s. There is a good chance the bottle is English and not American and would date to the turn of the century. The style was popular for ginger ale bottles. I would say the crown top is probably rarer than the blob top but value-wise they both sell for $8-15. Digger.mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt; color:#0000A0">

mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt; color:#0000A0">

hi, I found a bottle buried in my back yard. I pretty sure it an old beer bottle, but I cant be sure, it dark green, and had the imprint of B&E on it. also, on the bottle, but not on the base of the bottle, it says contents 12 FL OZ and my main question is what does B&E stand for? I searched all over the Internet, and couldn't find my answer

"The U.S. Brewers' Association also sponsored competition for malt and hops and offered cash prizes in gold coin. The judging was conducted in October. Bergner & Engel of Philadelphia won two medals and a diploma for their Tannhaeuser Beer. After the exhibition B & E used the Ice House as additional storage for their brewery across the river in Brewerytown." I most likely candidate I could find was Bergner & Engel they were in business until 1920.

I recently came across three bottles that I am trying to get information on. One bottle is shaped like the Liberty Bell and it has Liberty Bell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottled By Marita Spirits Ltd.1969 Scaefferstown, Penna. The bottle is also marked mint marked limited production. The other two bottles are a man and a woman and they are marked Riprod Vietata C.C. Art 2598 Hand Painted made in Italy. I think they may contain wine. So far I have been unable to find out any thing. I hope this picture helps. mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt; color:#0000A0">

Your liberty bell bottle was selling on Ebay today for $9.99 with one bidder and four hours left in the auction. I suspect it is fairly common. the item on Ebay was dated 1971 but looked identical to the one in your picture. I found a container on Ebay with the same marking as your other bottles and it appears to be a reproduction of a early vase which was probably used as some sort of spirits or wine container. I think your other two bottles have a value in link with the Liberty Bell bottle. Digger.mso-bidi-font-size:12.0pt; color:#0000A0">

Hi, I just found 2 bottles one is amber the other green they both have flat backs so you can put them together back to back. They have bent necks and are about 12 inches in height. they both have heavy silver overlay from the bottom to top of neck the design is flowers, vines and leaves. Each has a large round cork stopper which are covered in silver with a floral design as well. They are marked on the bottom Benedictine with a cross at each end of the word. could you tell me when they were made and what they might be worth? P. S- No cracks in glass and all silver is in tack Thanks!

These decanters were bar bottles of some type. From the description I can only guess, given the motif, they might date to the 1920s. The fact they are both marked Benedictine (an alcoholic drink) makes them seem to be a matched set. if they are covered in sterling then they probably have value of $50-70 each but without a pictures and more detail this is just a guess. Digger

I am trying to find some information on an old bottle that I found years ago. The bottle has a paper label with Johnson's Anodyne Liniment manufactured by the I.S. Johnson Company of Boston, Mass. The only reference to a date is a guarantee under the Food and Drug Act of 1906. If you can provide me with any information I would appreciate it very much.

The product is an old one first started by Abner Johnson and Isaac Johnson of Bangor, Maine first advertised in the 1830s. The product was originally called Johnson's American Anodyne Liniment. It was an internal and external pain medicine. The I.S. Johnson Company moved to Boston in the 1870s and continued there at least through the early decade of the 20th century. In 1935, it was still being sold but was listed with a new owner and not in Boston. With a label I'd guess a value of $15-20. digger.

What is the worth of an empty Camus Napoleon Cognac "book" decanter numbered 0625, navy blue, trimmed in gold. Thank you. Anita King

The Camus company has been making quite a few "collectibles." My guess is a value of under $20. Digger

I have a 'White Rose Ginger Ale' drink bottle. It has an embossed rose above the words White Rose below the neck. The bottom 1/2 of the bottle has the sides sunken on four sides, making it look almost square. It has Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. on the bottom. Can you give me some information on this bottle, especially the dates it was in production? Thanks, Lindon

I found a company making syrups for soft drinks with the name White Rose (1910) but no association with Pepsi. The bottle type sounds like the one pictured below which was designed for the Graham Glass Company of Evansville, Indiana in 1926.

Dear Sir What is the date of the Austin Nichols Wild Turkey Decanter no. 185 limited edition ceramic no.3 and an estimated value. The bottom is stamped, "Austin Nichols Wild Turkey 101 proof 8 yrs old Liquor Bottle no.185 limited edition ceramic no.3". Thank you Dee

Here is a link about your 1974-1975 bottle. I found many Wild turkey decanters with some having some fairly high prices $70-125. I have no way to judge the value of yours. Keep an eye on Ebay for one. Digger

Hello There: Do you know anything about, old whaling ship, water bottles? I have two in perfect condition. They are green, stand 25" inches, tear drop shape, circumference is about 56" inches. Double lip top. And were put together in a two part mold. One has a lot of glass spillage in the inside. Like they poured to much glass. But it makes it look better. The other is near perfect. Please help. How and where can I find information on them, and what is their worth? Sincerely, Doris Sala

Doris, I have never heard of such a bottle. I'd be curious to see what it looks like. Digger

digger, I have an amber and green millville bottle 1888 works in the middle with this bottle not to be sold on the bottom. Each bottle has a lightning closure with a porcelain stopper. Do you have any idea how old they might be and any value. On the bottom of each there is a w within a circlemso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt"> thank you, Paul

Paul the lightning stopper suggests a date in the 1890s. My guess on value could be $15 for the amber and $20-30 for the green, digger.

One I have gotten recently is puzzling me, I have attached two pics of it. It is a large aqua wide mouth blob top with a J W K on the bottom with a number 1519 (the W sits lower than the J and K). Any info is appreciated. It is definitely BIMAL. It's a beaut isn't it? I thought it may be a medicine, but the mouth is so large it almost looks like a milk bottle - but I never saw a milk bottle in aqua before.

Think food. These bottles are commonly found in 1890-1900 dumps and privies. They were imported in great quantity. They are English and contained pickles, olives, chutney or some other food products. They are often cruder than their American counterparts of similar age. I'd have to do some research to track down the initials. Digger.

As for that mason jar that I left a bogus description of, let me try to describe it again without the typos.1858 Mason, threaded top, aqua colored glass, zinc lid. Embossing: Large squared Celtic/German style cross on top followed by:MASON'S/ PATENT / NOV. 30 TH ('TH' is underlined and smaller type) / 1858 I know these are a dime a dozen, but the bottom is stamped with the date in a circle around the inside mold seam and there is a 15 in the center. Both the date and the 15 are double stamped (mirror image just off to the lower left (or 8 o'clock). Is this a common defect for this jar? Or have I possibly stumbled upon one of the old rare jars? This one was in a hotel basement for 50+ years, was filthy when I got it, and cleaned up to almost new condition. The date is hard to read, but says PAT. D. NOV 26 67 (the '67' is what it looks like, unless the 6 is actually a letter or a 0, the closer I look at it, the more it seems to resemble a faint 6.) The bottom embossing with Date and number are extremely faint.

The Red Book of Fruit Jars #6 lists over 40 error jars for Mason patent 1858s. Everything from reversed and missing letters to ghosted and or incomplete embossing and letters. From what I can tell the values are not much affected. Ghosted letters and double strikes are not at all uncommon. The double strike can come from variations in air pressure or happen when the piece is removed from the mold. Digger

Hey Digger I once had a bottle, dark green, canteen shaped with leg shaped neck, and the words brev. bolla in small lettering on it. It could only lay on it's side. The seem on the neck did not run straight to the top as far as my memory has it. Any thoughts on age, or value. Also, what are your thoughts on an above ground dump? This is where the above mentioned bottle was found mixed in with newer bottles and plenty of older broken bottles right on top. Lots of poison ivy and not sure if I should spend more time there. Thanks for any help. Steve

I could not find anything on your bottle is might be Danish or Scandinavian but I am not sure. You could find old bottle in an above ground dump. It certainly is worth a look. digger.

have a full St Riviere Liqueur bottle. full size. looks to be at quite old. can you assist with age and/or value. best way to sell it?? thanks Dan seattle

I am afraid I can't tell you much. I need a better description. I was not able to find the name of the company. Digger

Hi. Can you help with a question from England? Briefly, I own a picture /art business called Litchfield Gallery in LYMINGTON Hampshire. I have never been in the bottling industry and as far as I know there has never been a bottlers by the name of Litchfield in my town.. The oddity is I have a black screw type stopper with the words Litchfield Lymington embossed on it. Is there a reference site I can check if you are unable to help with English bottles, although I have no proof one way or the other that it comes from England. Thanks Peter Merrick

Peter, I have seen internal threaded English bottles with a black stopper (probably hard rubber). Possibly dating from the late 1880s through the turn of the century. That there would be a bottler you had never heard of would not be surprising as many times these were short lived concerns. Beyond that I cannot be of much help. Digger

I can't seem to find pricing on unopened whiskey. We have a bottle of Imperial Blended Whisley by Hiram Walker, dated 1954-including an intact tax stamp from 1954. Is this worth anything, and if so what is the best way to auction or sell it?? Thanks, Stacey

Stacey you only need to look through other months to see how many questions I get about full liquor bottles from the 1900-1960s. I am not sure how you might go about selling it if Ebay will not let you auction them off. I would suggest a price of $20-30. Digger.

TOOTHS BREWING AUSTRALIA I am writing to you with the hope you may be able to help me locate the origin of a Whiskey or Beer bottle I suspect was imported to Australia in the mid to late 1800's by John Tooth. John Tooth together with Charles Newnham set up a brewery in Parramatta Sydney in 1835 they called the brewery Tooths Kent. John Tooth himself came from Cranbrook Kent. The bottle in mention is what we down here call a Black HorseWhiskey-(Beer) no one is really sure what was in the bottle, it is however believed to contain whiskey. This along with countless other crates of liquor were imported to Australia by him. The Black Horse was either Imported here or the mould was shipped over and the bottle and contents were made here. This I am unsure of and would be grateful for any information regarding this bottle if possible. I already have a collection of them yet would like to add an English version of the bottle if the case maybe. DESCRIPTION : The bottle as the name would suggest shows a Black rampant Horse with Registered Patent marks above the horse on the shoulder of the bottle, and Registered written across the bottom. Similar shape to mid - late 1800's squat or tall black glass Australian beers. Or Early Porter - Export Beer shape 1830-1890 Kind Regards G.Fenwick

Wish I could help. Maybe a reader will have some more information. Digger.

Hello from Canada: I have found in the St. Lawrence River a mint condition black bottle. It is whisky sized and has three piece mould marks. On the bottle around the edge is embossed " H RICKETTS & Co GLASSWORKS BRISTOL. There is a terrific Glass stamp (like a wax seal) on the top shoulder with the following: Kinahan & Co. Carlisle BUILDING. The top is an applied lip cork top with a double edge. H Ricketts patented the first bottle making machine in 1821 for wine/whisky size bottles. Kinahan was a whisky producer in Ireland in the 1800's. But that is all I can find. Do you know of any sources I could turn to? Do you have any idea of what value would be placed on such a bottle? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated and I would present it at our next bottle club meeting here in town. Thank you very much. Mike Fournier Brockville Ontario Canada

Sounds like a very good early seal bottle. While you might think it is rare there are many known seal bottles with the Rickett base embossing. they appear to have been made between 1820-1845. All the examples I have seen have the seal on the side rather than on the shoulder of the bottle. Value is tough bottles of a similar nature and age sell for from $100-$500. Yours i would think in excellent condition would bring $300-$400. Digger.

Hi....I'm looking for some information on an old display jar that I have that was used to display cigars . The jar is amber in color (kind of golden brown) and has the following written on the front of it . CARL THE GREAT A 10 CENT CIGAR FOR 5 CENTS MFCD BY HETTERMANN Bros CO LOUISVILLE KY FACTORY NO 23 5TH DISTRICT OF KY 25 This is basically how it is written on the jar from the top to the bottom. Jar also has a screw on lid (appears to be metal of some sort) . It is 5" tall and 3 1/2" across . I would like some information or someone to contact about this jar . Thanks, Brian Kelly

You can contact the Filson Historical Society they have collection of materials from this company.The following is taken from the Filson Historical Society page about their collections: "The Ryan-Hampton Tobacco Company had its beginnings in the Hettermann Bros. Company, cigar manufacturers. John and William Hettermann, brothers who came to Louisville from Germany, founded the cigar manufacturing business in 1870. They operated at different locations until 1895 when they moved to South Floyd Street. The company became the Ryan-Hampton Tobacco Company. They were in business at the South Floyd Street location until the 1940s." Digger

I have a one quart Paul Mason milk jar embossed near the neck. The date on the bottle is 1852; it has no top and is made of clear glass. How much would estimate that it is worth? I forgot to mention its in great shape. Jan

I would need a picture to be sure it is not a reproduction. Milk was not bottled to any large degree until about the 1880-1890s. If the markings 1852 are on the base it may not be a date. Digger.

HI I have a Amber My=Coca-Co. Soda Bottle, it looks just like the old amber straight side Coca Cola Bottles This Bottle is from Lexington, Ky. Thanks& God Bless Ken

Sounds like a great item. I guess it could bring $75-100. I have not heard of My Coca Co.

Sir, My name is Ken Irvin and I am interested in privy digging. I live in the St. Louis area and would appreciate any help in who to contact here who might help me get started. A club or someone you might recommend for a novice to get started with. Another question would be, I am a Civil War living historian and I am wanting to find ginger beer bottles that I could use for an event. Do you have a recommendation as to a certain bottle possibly a reproduction, inexpensive for field use. I do not like to use antiques for fun, but I have a recipe for ginger beer and think it would be fun for my friends and I to try something of the period. Can you help? Thank you, Ken Irvin

Ken, For years the St Louis area had a very active club. I am sure there are still some around. try the Fobhc site for some leads. to find your ginger beers which are very common you will need to log on to Ebay, attend a bottle show or subscribe to the bottle magazine. You should be able to get a real ginger beer for under $20. I cannot think of a suitable reproduction item. You might try a pottery maker. digger.

Dear Digger: How long will the contents of an unopened bottle of cognac or brandy remain in the original quality as when first bottled? Thank you. Nan

I do not know for sure but I have heard and read for wine it depends upon the seal, the temperature and the humidity. Maybe a reader knows. Digger

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a very rare wine bottle. It is a Chianti wine bottle. It is a three liter, in the shape of an elephant. It stands about 2' 10." Could you please be so kind to tell me what it would be worth? Thank you very much Gloria-Jean Allison

I could only guess based on my experience that big bottles are often hard to sell. I'd guess it might be in the $15-20 range. Digger.approx. 30 years ago my mother dug up a little green bottle in natural bridge, Virginia in an area known as red mill. our mother is now passed away and my sister has this bottle and we are trying to find out more about it. its approx, 3-4 inches tall and 1.5 inches across the biggest part of the center, it has a glass stopper and the emblem on the front of the bottle says C & COMPANY and this is inside a circle. , any information as to how I could find out more would be very helpful, thank you carol spinner

Sounds like your mother found an early Colgate & Company bottle. It probably contained perfume, tooth powder or some other cosmetic. Digger.

I have a 1913 American Hoist and Derrick bottle. It has 6 glasses with it. They are slightly larger than a shot glass, but in the same shape. Three indentions like a finger hold on glasses and bottle, bottle contains a cork top with glass over top also with 3 indentions. looks like fired clay. The color of the bottle and glasses is a light green with blue and gold streaks and spots. Possibly a brandy set. Any information you would have would really be appreciated. Thanks, Wayne and Janice

I am afraid I cannot help. Maybe a reader knows. Digger

Hi, I am interested in your books, however, I want to find out what book this particular bottle would be in... It is a bottle embossed on the sides with Morrow Syrup, Worcester, Mass. I can't tell if it was a flavor syrup, a medicinal syrup, or what, and I cannot find even one article about it anywhere. Thanks.

I checked and could not find a reference to this bottle or product. You could go searching in the Worcester, MA City Directories. It would be helpful to know if it was machine made or not. Digger.

Hello I have a Ball and Claw bitters bottle, in great condition. amber in color yes; font-size: 10.0pt; can you tell me what it may be worth? Leigh/Bill Powers

The only known example of this bottle was taken in a robbery in 1978. The Bitter book has only an incomplete description but advertising confirms it's existence. The ball and claw motif was widely reproduced by Wheaton and others. The reproduction ones shown below have a $5+ value. Digger

I have an old bottle that is surely 30+ years old. It looks like maybe an iodine bottle. Clear glass, glass dropper, maybe 2 1/4 - 2 1/2 " tall. What could it be? Sue

Sue, Iodine would not have been sold in a clear bottle. Most likely you have a nose, ear or eye dropper bottle. Digger

I am trying to determine the value (if any) on an old bottle of Catto's Highland Whisky. It is made of a stoneware type of substance, with black etchings of the name, the medals received in 1878 and 1884, as well as an etching of a Scottish man with Aberdeen written under it. The bottle itself is impressed on the bottom with a number 13, Buchan, portobello Edinburgh, and also what appears to be a 9 under the word Buchan. Any ideas? Thanks!

While I did not find your exact jug, I can say there are numerous similar type pieces like the one pictured below.

They sell anywhere from $50-150 depending upon the style and name. These seem to have been made in the 1880-1910 period. American ones are more sought after by American collectors but there is interest in these by both American and European buyers. Digger

My husband found and old Jack Daniel bottle while removing a floor in an old house recently. The seam stops at the lip. It says "JACK DANIEL DISTILLERY, LEM MOTLOW, PROP, INC. LYNCHBURG, TENN.. Also, on one side it says "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE USE OF THIS BOTTLE" it is 4/5 quart and the only label is a Tennessee tax label for 40 cents. It had a screw cap at one time, but has the wide rim below it. On the bottom, it has a circle and within it is the number 64, the number 56 and D925.mso-bidi-font-size: 12.0pt">

If you need more info., please let me know. I have tried all other resources to find info. on this. The owner of the house says it was built between 1899 and 1903. My husband had to cut the floor out to repair it and says there isn't even room for a crawl space for someone to have thrown the bottle into. Thank you

Well someone found a way because the bottle is as many of my readers will know made between 1932 and 1964. this is certain because of the "Federal Law..." statement embossed. Early Jack Daniels bottles are very collectible. I think I even saw on book on them somewhere. Yours probably is worth less than $20. Digger.

Dear Mr. Odell, For 20 years I have admired my husbands Grandmothers antique bottle she kept on her mantle. I recently acquired this bottle due to her passing. I am very interested in the history of this bottle & finding out its value (I am NOT interested in selling). I just always liked it and know quite a bit about it's history. It is a patented 1869 Log Cabin style bitters bottle, in mint or near mint condition, plum color, 10" in height. It has Drake Plantation Bitters printed on it and Patented in 1869 on the other side. There are 14 logs on the sides & where the copy is on each side it has 5 logs. I don't know anything about bottles but looking through the internet I think it has a sloping collar. This bottle has belonged in the Martin family since it was new. My husbands Grandmother could trace her family back 6 generations, names date of birth & deaths, etc. all in Christian County, Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The bottle belonged to her Great Grandfather Martin who was born in 1816 and died in 1886. It was then passed on down the family & now to her Grandson for his son. Such history!! This would explain the great condition of the bottle, since it has always been on their mantles inside. It has a very unusual glass stopper that appears to represent - it is really beautiful the way the rings make a smoke effect. The stopper has 4 rings ands is approximately 3" in height. I also found more of a clear stopper that is extra.

I also found an ELYS Cream Balm Bottle approx. 2 1/2" high X 1 1/4" X 7/8" in size. It is brown glass with a wooden stopper that sticks above the bottle 5/16". On the front it says ELYS Cream Balm Bottle with ELYS on a curve. Under that it says Ely Brothers. Oweco N.Y. On the side it says HAY FEVER and on the opposite side it says CATARRH. (what does that mean???) I am interested in finding out how old it is also. It was probably owned by the same family member but I am not sure. I would greatly appreciate your time & effort if you could help me. Thanking you in advance...from a new Bottle Collector....I do have two now since I wouldn't let anyone throw them out! Pat Hargis

Drake's Plantation Bitters

Pat, your bitter is a wonderful and beautiful old bottle and in a great color to boot. The Drakes bottles come in a wide range of colors with amber being the most common. despite their being very common they hold a good value. Your bottle in a dark plum color would probably bring $300-400 at auction. The green one above would five to eight times that amount while a common amber example could be had for $75-125.

Hello, I hope you can help me find out the value of this bottle. I will try to attach some pictures but will also describe it as best I can. I bought this at an estate sale. It stands about 10 3/4 inches tall, the very top is about 5 7/8 inches in diameter, the middle is about 16 1/4 inches in diameter, bottom is about 12 1/8 inches in diameter. It appears to be had blown in to a mold and has several small bubbles throughout the glass. Clear glass. There are 4 separate chambers that are closed by 4 separate corks. There are no mold ridges on the sides. The bottle appears to have been made in 4 sections including the top, neck middle and base. It has embossing on the neck within 2 embossed circles. In one circle it says FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE. The other circle says VERRERIES EDARD - FRANCE - around the inside edge of the circle and PARIS in the middle of the circle. Embossed on the bottom is R 108. There is a Florida Liquor Excise Tax 30 (cents) sticker on the neck. The bottle is still full and has never been opened. There are paper labels on the middle of the bottle that say TOTAL CONTENTS ONE QUART, each chamber is labeled with its contents including TRIPLE SEC, CRÈME DE CACAO, CRÈME DE MENTHE, BLACKBERRY FLAVORED BRANDY. There are 4 paper labels at the bottom of each chamber, each saying LEROUX who, I think, is the distiller. If the attached pictures don't show you may be able to see them on eBay Item # 1180844148 . I had put it up for auction but it never received a bid. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

You will find I have addressed questions about similar bottles in other months. Several manufacturers have made these multi-compartment bottles to contain different varieties of liqueurs. Most of these bottles are relatively new and have no large base of collectors. You see them commonly in antique malls and thrift shops. Because of the low demand and relative availability I am not surpised you never received a bid. Put the bottle in the attic for another 20 years and you might do better. Digger.

I found a bottle that looks like a fire says avor and is manufactured in penett?? says three quarters and ounce and looks like you would put a cork in the bottom of the bottle and it would fill the small tank in the back of the fire you have a clue as to what it may be.....thanks....Dan

I do not Dan. I'd guess perfume but I could not find anything. Maybe a reader knows. Digger

I have a wine decanter, and I was wondering if you could give me a value on it. Here is everything it has on it, Distillerie Buton Bolonga Italy Casa Sonbata 1820 Arginteria Comm G Galbia Nilano It is glass or crystal, with sterling silver top and bottom. I would love to hear from you. Sorry it is also in very good condition

These are relatively new and very common. Here's the story. Buton Decantor Digger.

Hello, My name is Megan and I have a question for you. I'm not really sure what it is but I'll try to ask it. My dad bought an antique bottle, and I'm just curious if you have any information you could give him on it. The labeling on the front says " Trinidad Bottling Works; Trinidad Cola; H. Vossbeck & Co." the bottom has "C.C. Co. Cola." The color is an aqua tint and it's about 8 inches tall. It has a blob top and was blown in mold. It used to have a rubber stopper attached to a wire ( the wire is still intact) and it went down in the inside of the bottle. The bottom is smooth with a circular mold mark. If you have any information about these kinds of bottles I'd really appreciate if you could let me know Thank you, Megan

Megan it sound like a soda bottle. the question is where is it from? Is it Trinidad in the Caribbean Trinidad, California? or Trinidad, Colorado or somewhere else? If it is from Colorado or California it might be of interest to local soda collectors. Having a blob top and the word "Cola" makes it collectible for cola collectors. I'd guess it would date to the 1880s and be worth at least $20 and possibly more. Digger.

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