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Question: Where Are all the 2008 Bottle Questions?

Answer: They are still in my email folders unprocessed. I am not physically able to keep up with 1500-2000 questions about old bottles sent per month and the 8-10 hours it takes to process them, publish and answer them and still have time to write new bottle books, conduct bottle related research, update older bottle books and antique bottle price guides, write bottle articles and maintain this 1000 page website, which is still very active. You will find the questions published from 1998-2007 a a wonderful repository to see if others have had the same bottle question

Question: Do you still answer questions?

Answer: Absolutely I do. The most certain method to get a reply is to use my very reasonable Email Appraisal Service. Those get answered immediately.  However, I still answer many many other readers questions selectively depending upon my interest. Check out some of the stories at Appraisal Stories

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