February 2001 Questions

Digger Odell Publications 2000

This was commemorating the USS Constitution's 175th anniversary. It was bottled in 1972 by Marita Spirits Ltd in Clifton, New Jersey. Has Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky, 90 proof, 12 years , 4/5 quart label on back. Approx.7' tall, 8' wide, 3' front to back. Front is done in brown, blue & pink. Picture of ship on water, with clouds. Says when & where launched. Bottom say authentic Liverpool porcelain, with registration number of1165 in gold. Top rim of bottle also trimmed in gold. At front top it says, "oldest ship of the U.S.Navy***national historic shrine. Help! Please. Can not find out anything about it and believe me, I have "burned" up the net looking. Thank you in advance.

I found this link which has a picture of another decanter made by this company.  Apparently they are collectible, but I have no other information about the company or the value.  http://www.beamclub.com/bottlefaq/info.html

Digger, I have a Whiskey Bottle only one to be found. It has J S Whiddon Proprietor on the bottle, Rialto Saloon from Albany GA. It is about 7.5 inches tall. I have enclosed a picture and the picture of the bottom. There are no marks on the bottom. It appears to be strap sided. Please let me know how much it may be worth or if you have seen this name before. The bottle was found in the Flint River below Albany GA. Thanks, Timothy W. Burdick Reliability Technician


Timothy,  Great bottle!  There has been great interest in saloon bottles developing over the last few years.  Three things make this a great bottle.  First, the color.  Second, the embossing and specific mention of a saloon.  Third, the bottle is a Southern bottle. It is also likely very rare.  I'd estimate a value of $500-700, but I am just guessing.  Digger

Digger, Found your web page, and the questions you answer on people's bottles. I am an historical archaeologist working in Interior Alaska. I have a bottle stopper with "J.C. ENO Ltd." embossed on the top. Internet searches I performed indicate that this is a Canadian company (town?), & that they made "fruit salt" (whatever that is. The earliest date I found for the company is 1898, and the latest about 1952. Anything you can add would be appreciated. Thanks, Robin Mills Archaeologist BLM-NFO Fairbanks, AK

The bottle stopper you found goes with a bottle marked Eno's Fruit Salt.  The Stopper identifies the J.C. Eno's patent was Jonathan E. Eno, a London chemist for his formula of bicarbonate of soda, tartaric acid and Rochelle Salt.  (This is essentially the same ingredients as in Tarrant & Co. Effervescent Seltzer Aperient-see last month).  Marketing of the Fruit Salt began about 1880.  The Fruit Salt was a remedy for upset stomach.  It was advertised as being made from sound ripe fruit made into a health-giving, invigorating beverage.  Prepared by Eno's Fruit Salt Works, Hatcham, London, S.E.  Directions printed in 15 languages.  It obviously was a world seller.  It was imported into this country by E. Fougera Company of New York City. I would expect they opened a branch office or factory in Canada.  The bottles are common. Digger

Hey Digger, cool site!! I dug a bunch of bottles out of the old outhouse in my back yard. I can't find any info on 2 of them in particular. Hope you can help. The first one is about 7 or 8 inches tall, deep cobalt blue, wedge shaped, crude lip, and is embossed Price's Patent Candle Company LTD. The other one is a very tall rectangular clear colored bottle, rolled lip, and is embossed Temple Of Health. Both look to be from the 1880's or so which would be concurrent with the age of my home. I dug a bunch more but I think I can probably identify those ones. Most are local drugstore and common patent medicines and bitters. Any info on the above stated bottles would be appreciated!! Thanks, BJ McIntyre, Helena, MT.

Your bottle contained Price's Glycerine. It was an English preparation which was imported in large quantities.  The earliest reference I could find was April 1858 in the Druggist Circular.  Pontiled specimens are common so are the smooth based varieties.  The bottle is common in light cornflower blue and later bottles were deep cobalt.  Value of the later bottles is $60-80.  Your Temple of Health bottle sounds neat.  It is a product of the Temple of Health Medicine Company of San Francisco.  the product was billed as Nature's Remedy.  It was a cure-all. It dates as late as 1915.  I'd guess $20-25 value.

Hello Mr. Odell, I realize that this is probably not in your field of expertise, but, wondered if you could help me locate a company which produced a line of china of which I have acquired a set. The bottom is stamped B.P. Co. Ltd. Made in Scotland with (what looks like) a picture of a Viking with a shield and a sword. It also has a hand inked M 826 on the bottom of this particular piece. It is a small pitcher with roses and a bird in flight on it. If not you, could you recommend a site I could go to? I would at least like to find out what happened to this company and if they are still manufacturing. Thanks for your time, Robin

I wasn't able to find much. Only what is shown below. I am guessing they are not in business anymore.  Digger

B P & Co Ltd

Britannia Pottery Co Ltd



My father has recently found a bottle. We are not bottle collectors but he thinks it might be an antique. It is in good shape (no chips or breaks). It is clear in color and has a design of a spider web made into the glass. There is also a spider in the center on the front and back of the bottle that is also made into the glass. My Dad thinks it may be an old whiskey bottle. I have searched for a picture of one like it but have been unable to locate one. If you have any information about this type bottle please let me know. I appreciate any help you might be able to provide. Thank

Your whiskey flask is common.  The spider web motif was popular from the 1880s-1930s. I'd guess a value of $5-8. 

I have a very unique dark green Larkin Soap Co. bottle. It has the stopper in it and has never been removed. I would like to know more about this little bottle as I have had it for at least 25 years. here are some more bottles that i have that maybe you can tell me a value or rarity of these bottles: :dr. wisters balsam of wild cherry-philad. a.w. stickney phamacist malone, ny :c.w. breed prescription druggist patent: dec 11, 1894 malone, ny :james a. hetherington pharmacist 42nd street cor vanderbuilt ave, ny :ponds extract 1846 :george c. frye Portland, me :dr. bj kendall's quick relief thank you for your time hopefully you can help.

Your Larkin is well known among bottle collectors and always popular with the ladies.  It was a smelling salts bottle.  They usually sell between $25-40.  the price often varies as to whether or not the stopper comes out.  Many are stuck.  You will find an article on my home page about the Larkin Company. Your other bottles are all worth in the $5-10 range.  Digger

Hello, Can you please tell me the value of a Schweppes Quinine Water. It has never been opened and the contents are still inside. What time period would this be from and is it rare due to the contents being preserved? Thank You, Kay James

A brief history of the Schweppes company and it's founding by Jacob Schweppes can be found at this link: Schweppes. Without knowing if your bottle is plastic or glass I cannot tell much.  In either case, I doubt the bottle has great value and would be difficult to sell. Digger


Hi, a friend of mine found this bottle while doing a remodel job in his home. The bottle was plastered in the wall, you can see the plaster stuck on the bottle. The plaster will come off. Thought it would make a nice picture. The small writing on the bottom says Two Harbors, Mn . I was wondering what it would be worth ?

The bottle is attractive even in its present state.  Having a date on the bottle makes it more appealing even though the bottle appears to be a bit later than 1880 it is still collectible.  I'd guess the value around $20-25.  Maybe more to a local Minnesota collector. Digger

Dr. Miles Nervine Subject bottle has a very large diamond outline on the bottom with a large capital I (doesn't appear to a capital H) on the bottom. Can you please identify the manufacturer of the glass bottle? I know the contents of the bottle were made in Elkhart, IN, by a company later known as Miles Laboratories and still later purchased by Bayer, Germany. Any input will be very much appreciated. Thank you. Kent

The diamond with the I is the mark of Owens of Illinois.  Digger

How would I get the value or information on a bottle from Warsaw, NC with "Julep" on the bottom...We're not bottle collectors but recently found this one in Lake Waccamaw, NC... Any information would be helpful! Denise Nason

Your bottle is a soda bottle.  there was an Orange Julep product very popular in the 1920-50s. The company was located in Chicago and had numerous local bottlers around the county.  I also found a ACL soda bottle with the word Julep on it a 10 ounce bottle with a picture of a glass and two straws made in the mid-1970s.  This is a product of the Julep corporation.  I am not sure if there is a connection between the two. I think the value of yours is under $5. Digger  

We recently purchased a house built in 1896. I found a baby bottle made by Pyrex. It is a 6 paneled bottle, embossed "PYREX". Ounce markings on the opposite side. Clear glass, 7" tall. Embossed "made in USA" on the bottom. Numbers on the lower edge of bottle 58 N T.M. Reg. U.S.Pat. OFF. 21. I am thinking this bottle was used maybe in the '40's or so. Am I right? Sincerely, Vickie Waldrip

The hexagonal bottles marked Pyrex were used from 1922 into the 1940s.  Digger

Digger, I know you get barraged with a lot of questions and I appreciate the help you have given me already. I took your advice and bought Kuhn's workbooks and also recently ordered your book on privy digging. I started collecting poisons about a year ago and all of my bottles are from E-Bay. You are the one that sparked my interest in digging and the old cowtown I live in has great potential. (Miles City, Montana.) I asked permission yesterday to look for and dig an old privy (1880 home), but I got a horrified look and flat refusal even after much explaining etc. Finding sites and getting permission to dig is not going to be easy, but still exciting to contemplate. My questions are: 1. Are privy sites marked on Sanborn maps? 2. Do you know what was in KU-10's and who was likely to have possession of them? Thanks, Montie McDowell

Some privy buildings are noted on Sanborn maps.  Some are even coded as such.  Others are outbuildings without markings and may or may not be privy buildings. See below for a partial answer to your second question.  For readers who are not familiar with "KU-10" that refers to a skull shaped poison bottle.  According to the article below which appeared in the August 1894 issue of the Druggist Circular and Chemical Gazette, the make of the bottle was one C. H. Lee & Company of Boston.  From the article it sounds like proprietors could order the bottle for whatever contents they might like.  Digger

hello , I recently found a very nice old bottle , and I was wondering what it may be worth, if anything. On each side it says "TONSILINE" on the front it has a giraffe blown into the glass . The bottle is about 6 inches tall and about 3/4 of an inch wide, it is also a cork type bottle, some of the cork is still in the neck .I was just wondering what I had and if it is worth anything .It looks nice in my china cabinet anyway. Thank You

Diggers of turn of the century dumps are very familiar with your bottle. The Tonsiline Company was located in Canton, Ohio in from the late 1890s through the 1920s.  The clever advertising using a giraffe to promote their product for sore throat, hoarseness, sore mouth and diphtheria preventer proved very successful. the bottles are very common and sell for under $10.  Digger

Hi I found a cobalt blue flask I cannot find any information it . On one side it has an eagle surrounded by stars and on the other side it has a portrait of a women with a sort of cap . Any information would be greatly appreciated.

You either have a $60,000+ bottle or more likely one of the reproductions of this famous historical flask.  Yours sound a lot like the series produced by Lestoil. check out my article on reproductions for more information.  Digger

Greetings: I have been poking around old rail road yard in New Orleans. I have recovered a few bottles and a padlock that I know date back to 1900. I have also found several glass tubes. The smaller 2" tubes have the words BISHOPS ADAMANT MADE IN ENGLAND etched on the side. The clear glass tubes are all 3/4" in diameter and varies in length from 2" to 6." Any insight as to what these tubes might be would be helpful. Your time and expertise would be much appreciated. Thanks MATT

You got me on this one Matt.  Maybe a reader will know.  Digger

I have a glass minnow trap from Checotah, OKLA can you tell me anything about it thank you

I can't.  Maybe a reader will help. Digger

Dear Sir, These are two bottles made by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. Here are the dimensions. They are 10 1/2 inches tall. At the wide part they are 11 inches wide. At the bottom they are 9 inches wide. At the neck they are 4 inches wide. Written around the top of the bottles it says the following - THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. There are fluted lines going from the bottom to right under the words. There are also two seams going from the top to the bottom. One bottle has a cork and the other one doesn't. On the bottom it says 324M and has a T in a triangle. Can you tell me anything about it like what might have been in it. How much do you think its worth?

Dear Sir, These are two bottles made by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company. Here are the dimensions. They are 10 1/2 inches tall. At the wide part they are 11 inches wide. At the bottom they are 9 inches wide. At the neck they are 4 inches wide. Written around the top of the bottles it says the following - THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. There are fluted lines going from the bottom to right under the words. There are also two seams going from the top to the bottom. One bottle has a cork and the other one doesn't. On the bottom it says 324M and has a T in a triangle. Can you tell me anything about it like what might have been in it. How much do you think its worth?

I'd bet money, although I can't prove it that your bottle contained vinegar.  The bottles were very likely made around World War I or shortly thereafter.  I'd guess a value of $3-5. Digger

Hello, I found this bottle in a old house that my Grandparents owned. I have no idea what it is. I do know it is Milkglass. On the front of the bottle it reads "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle". I have two of them and both are in excellent condition. Can you help me identify them? Thank you very much.

Your bottle is a whiskey jug.  the form is very common for similar shaped pottery items that were made in the late 19th century both here and in Great Britain.  The earlier pottery jugs usually had a decorative transfer applied giving the name, company often with flowery or other designs.  Yours was made between 1932 and 1964.  Value is $2-5. Digger

I have a OZ peanut butter jar. I was wondering if it's worth anything?

Here's a link for all interested in the history of peanut butter and peanut butter companies. The product was probably Wizard of Oz Peanut butter made by Swift Company.  I'd guess the jar might be worth $5-10.  Digger

I have inherited an antique whiskey bottle. On the bottle there are the letters HS in a circle. The bottle is made of a brownish glass and has double seems up the sides. The seems fade by the time they reach the lip of the bottle. From this website I have found that the HS means :Twitchell & Schoolcraft, Keene, NH, 1815-1816. how much do you think this bottle is worth? It's in very good condition.

Unless the lettering "HS" is on an applied seal (glob of glass applied while molten then stamped with a metal die to impress the lettering) the bottle was not made in 1815-1816.  Secondly it would be very unusual for a bottle of that time period to be amber instead of deep olive green.  My guess, without complete information about your bottle, is that yours is probably much newer.  It was likely made between 1860-1880.  If so, the value would be $10-15.  Digger

I was walking today and ran across an old Clorox bottle brown in color Clorox patent on bottom of bottle sure its not worth anything just want to know approx. how old it is any help would be appreciated thanks Phyllis Evans

You will find many references to Clorox bottle on this site.  Use the search feature to help find the proper pages.  Digger

I don't even know where to begin to find information about this bottle. The bottle is brown and has raised cursive name Grolsch. It has the wire stopper with a white porcelain cap with Grolsch on the top of it. Also, 4 circles around the bottle with design & initials G B inside the circle. At the very bottom on the side there is an 8 with a line under it and a 9 with a line under it. On the other side, same location, there is the # 16. Any ideas where I can start looking? I thank you for your time.

Your bottle is a modern beer.  The brown bottles were first offered for sale in the 1970s and 1980s and may still be.  The bottles were made to look like old bottles with the wire bale and porcelain stopper.   I have seen many at yard sales for $.50 -1.00.  Some people have used them for brewing their own beer.  Grolsch Brewery, located in the eastern part of Holland close to the German border began using the stoppered "swingtop" in 1897. The porcelain stopper bottles became their trademark and they still use them today.

Hello, My name is Nadimah and I am not a collector yet. Yesterday I came across a Painted glass bottle, presumably not the original idea at all, It was about 10 -12 " or so, under the paint it was very dark green and it sparked my interest because it said " It is against federal law to sell this bottle" on the base. It was cylindrical and had a short neck and thick rim. Can you tell me anything about this bottle? If it is of any significance I will go back to the thrift store and buy it for a bank breaking 10 cents. Thank you for your help! PS Beautiful web site! Nadimah Elizabeth Boone xx

Elizabeth buy it and you can double your money.  There are few collectors yet of the bottles of that era (1932-1964).  Digger

i have an old bottle and on the front embossed in the glass the label says old Mr. Boston brand and on the side also embossed in the glass it says Ben burk distillery.can you tell me anything about this bottle? Thank You

Here's a link to collectible Old Mr. Boston bottles. Digger

I have a bottle with the following markings and features and I was just curious if you had any information about it. It is rectangular with "The Chattanooga Medicine Co" on both sides. It is about 8-10" tall. It is dark amber in color. The side seams run to the top of the lip. It has a smooth base and is in very good condition.

The Chattanooga Medicine Company was started by Rev. R. I. McElree who began marketing his "Cardui," a women's tonic in 1879.  The product is listed in drug catalogs as "McElree's Wine of Cardui." The formula was supposedly learned from the Indians.  The trademark shown above was(used on the label and the box) registered in 1927. It showed a pioneer woman and an Indian maiden. Your bottle almost certainly contained this product. The value of your bottle is probably $5-10.  Digger



Your bottle is a product of the Thacher (no second "t") Medicine Co. of Chattanooga.  The Liver and Blood syrup was their best seller.  Among the other products produced by this company are, Thacher's Cholera Mixture, Thacher's Instant Relief, Thacher's Improved Liver pills, thacher's Uterina, Thacher's White Pine Cough Syrup and Thacher's Worm Syrup.  The business began in the 1890s as far as I can tell and continued well into the 20th century.  The Blood and Liver syrup comes in a sample size (shown at left) as well as larger bottles.  I have seen the samples in amber, green and clear. Digger

I am very new to bottle collecting. I have very little knowledge and my terminology about bottles is very shallow. I have always been very interested in collecting bottles, but never found the time to pursue my interest. Now that I have started, I don't have very many bottles in my collection but I have found a few that probably aren't worth anything but it was fun searching for them. I live close to an old farm (about 90 acres) that has several old home places on it. Could you offer any advice on how to search for bottles around these old home places or do you know of any books that I could read that would help me be more productive in my searching. Also, I have heard people say that searching in old "outhouses" could be a good place to look. Is this true? If so, how would I go about this. Thanks for you help Andy Hughey

Gee Andy, great segue into an ad for my books.  Reading through these questions should give you a good idea of the many places people find old bottles.  Dumps and privies are favorite places for diggers, flea markets, antique stores and bottle shows offer places for the beginning and advanced collectors to add to the their collections.  You are right that the fun is in the hunting for them.  I do offer an inexpensive publication on Privy Digging . subscribe to the Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine and buy as many book as you can get your hands on.  Ignorance can be expensive.  Good luck in your quest.  Digger

Hi Digger, I have a bottle that I think is a whiskey bottle, it's 11 1/2 inches high and clear. 3-piece mold with a ladies leg neck, double collar lip, mint condition. The bottle from the bottom tapers in, then flares out, almost like a buoy or a upside down old street lamp globe. One side of the bottle says - 1 Qt Fred Kalina

I have not heard of your bottle but would estimate without a place name that the value would be in the $15-20 range.  Digger.

I recently bought a pair of wood (cedar apothecary bottles. Both of them have painted labels. One says CORNU CERVI, and the other RAD.SAPONER. My questions are Do you have any idea of their origin date they were made and is there any book that you can recommend that will give me their history. Thank you for your time. Gladys de Perez

I would guess they are foreign.  Imported some time recently for sale.  I have check my old druggist catalogs from the late 19th century and no such items were being offered for sale.  It is possible they are quite old but I have no good idea nor any suggested resources.  Maybe a reader have seen similar items.  Digger.

Hi My husband found an old whiskey flask back in 1981 while on a tour with the US Navy in Spain. They were demolishing a building and this flask was found under the building. It seems to be covered in a leather like material. This material looks like it is old and could almost crumble like paper. One side has a design in the material and the other side has a faint picture of an old fashion wealthy English or Scottish man with a well trimmed beard and a full round puffy collar with a feather in it. It also has an opened book on it with a faint picture of what looks to be a night on a horse. The horse is really faded. There is a small tear in the material that reveals a glass bottle that has deep embedded lines in the glass. The cover is also covered in the same material and also is missing a small piece that reveals the cover to be some type of metal that seems to be pealing away from it self. The cover is about an inch long and does screw on to the bottle and the neck of the bottle does have two seams. If possible we would like to find out any and all information about this flask. The age would greatly be appreciated. For years it has sat in my kitchen, and has often been a subject of conversation. Unfortunately at this time I have no picture to send you. If this is truly needed I could get and scan a picture. Thanks in advance Kathie

I would really need a picture.  My guess is that since the leather is in such bad condition, the bottle's value would be affected significantly. Digger

My husband and I just purchased a 65 acre Farm, while walking the land the other day we found hundreds of bottles and jars that look as if they have been there for a long time. The more you dig the more there are. I am interested in finding out more on some of these, So could you point me in the right direction on how to go about this? Thank You, Donna

Donna, Local malls will have good general bottle books that will be sufficient to get you started.  Most people complain they cannot find their bottles in the books.  this is because 1) There are so many bottles out there (millions) 2) many of the bottles people find have little or no value. (see my article on determining value) and so they are not listed.  Finding out the history of the old bottles is challenging.  I have hundreds of bottle references in my bottle library.  You will find it easiest to locate information on local bottles using local sources.  I'd suggest your local library or historical society as the place to start.  It is challenging but fun when you find something.  Digger

Can you tell me what an Eno Fruit Salts bottle circa 1942 looks like? Also I am looking for pictures of a Tropicana Orange Juice bottle, and Kreml Hair Tonic Bottle. I am researching these items for a play which I am finding props for called "Mister Roberts" set in 1942. Thanks in advance for any help which you might be able to give me. Sue

Sue most of my resources do not go that late.  I'd suggest the local antique mall or shop to find copies of Life Magazine or other similar periodicals from that era.  they would have advertising with pictures.  Digger

hello there, Some years ago I found a bottle that I suppose to be English. The bottle is 14 cm high, white glass. There are two circles on its belly. In the circle the name of the bottle: THE ALEXANDRA FEEDING BOTTLE Is this bottle known to you and if so, could you tell me something about it ? Thanks in advance. Willard Terrahe, Amstelveen, Holland

Willard, Your bottle is well known.  It was an English bottle made for the American export market.  Numerous companies were selling what the trade called the "Alexandra shape." The name capitalized on the popularity of the Princess of Wales.  Embossed Alexandra nursers are known with 'Hagery Bros. & Co., New York, S. Maw Son & Thompson, London, and Parker & Company, London.  Maw's Alexandra Feeders were expensive by comparison.  they sold for $4.00 a dozen while the W.T. & Co. knockoff sold in either clear or aqua glass for $.50-$.75 per dozen.  The bottle was advertised as early as 1876 and I found a listing for it as late as 1888. 


Hi ..I have a bottle made for space foods co. of Baltimore Maryland that was never filled in the shape of a astronaut with a jet pack on his back , the color which appears to be painted on is blue over clear glass with the words " asteroid commander" on the front , and has painted on eyes . the screw on top is made of metal and says " galaxy black raspberry syrup. it also has a slot in the top. I assume it was to be used as a bank after use. the bottom of the bottle reads "us pat. pend & reg , 17 <> 3 " . if you could let me know about it I sure would appreciate it , I haven't seen another like it and this one is in mint condition.

Your item is very interesting. I expect it has value and I'd guess that to be in the $20+ .  Your bottle points out a whole area of collecting, figural product bottles of the 1940-50 period.  Many food and beverage companies produced these appealing bottles.  I do not know the history of yours.  Maybe a reader can help.  Digger

I have a liquor bottle figurine of a Kansas State Wildcat. The wildcat's hat is the bottle top. The base of the bottle says "PURPLE POWER". It is in excellent condition and is colonial china dated 1970. I am wondering what the value of this bottle is.

I have no idea, maybe a reader does.  Digger

Hi Digger, My name is Steve Shoecraft & I live in Lewiston NY. I collect fish shaped bottles of all kinds & have most renditions of what you write about in the Fish Tales piece. It was very interesting and I learned a lot about my possessions, but I would like to know more about the Eli Lilly bottles, as the majority of mine are that type. You did not place a value on these and I would be curious as to what they are worth as I have been buying them based on my interest alone. I also have two of the European horizontal fishes (the ones that rest on their fins & tail) they are unique as well. Thank you very much for the informative article, good luck in your digging expeditions....s.shoe

I see the Fish bottles for sale at most bottle shows.  I believe they are asking $15-$40 for them. I do not have any new information.  Maybe a reader can contribute some.  Digger

Hi! I am looking for information about purchasing and information about a soda bottle/company that was located in Millersport, Ohio and located on Buckeye Lake. Thank you. Polly M.

In 1897, Millersport had a population of 350.  There were two general stores, a hardware and a hotel.  Not much else.  I would expect the company to be 20th century. It is very difficult without knowing the name of the company to find such information.  Digger

Hi There I am looking for information on a specific bottle. It was a replic of a bitters bottle hand blown in the early 70's by Corning Glass. The neck of the bottle is a red/amber color which runs into the bas which is a gold/light yellow color. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge this email Thank You Carole Cleveland

It would help to know the name of the bitters.  I am not aware of any Corning reproductions.  Digger

Hi Digger, about 15 years ago I dug two bottles in an old township dump near my house. The first bottle four and one half inches tall, clear, smooth base, rectangle, flared lip, embossed with The Richard Miller Drug Stores Co. The second bottle is four and one quarter inches tall, clear, rectangular, flared lip, with an embossed with an owl on the front and embossed owl drug co on the back. Two questions for you. What are the values?, and could this be the same Richard Miller that started the Owl Drug Co.? Thank you for any info you can give me. J.A.S. Arcadia Michigan

Interesting question.  I have found a number of "Owl Drug" Companies. Mess. Shelly, Wortman, Harrison and Dittman began business under than name in Defiance, OH in 1906. There were also Owl Drug Companies in Milwaukee and Missouri and Mississippi. The original and famous Owl Drug Company of California opened a store in Cincinnati the same year, 1906. At that time they had stores in San Francisco, Los Angles, Sacramento and Oakland. according to what I could find from a variety of sources is that Richard E. Miller started the San Francisco Drugstore in 1892.  He did business only in California at first. An article in the 1908 Pharmaceutical Era states, " The Owl Drug Company  which has been doing business solely in California, intends to extend into both Oregon and Washington.  It has leased a large store in Seattle and is negotiating for a location in Portland. By 1914, they had 20 stores all in the West. Now how all of this fits together with what you have found, I am not sure. I guess determining the age of the bottles you have found is critical.  If they pre-date the 1892 founding of the California company then it seems plausible that the two Richard Millers might be the same person.  Checking Michigan or local city Directories would be another avenue to figure this out.  The middle initial would be another clue. Another possibility is that the two might be related. Another detail top check is the picture.  The San Francisco trademark was of an owl sitting on a mortar. Compare that with the picture on your bottle. Digger

Can you give me any info on a bottle I have - I do not know what kind of bottle it is - but on the front of the bottle it has written in raised letters- Butler Hotel -j. Mallonee jr. - Butler MD a couple of years ago their was a article in the sun paper on antique bottles - had a picture of two bottles - a Sherwood pure rye bottle & a butler hotel bottle - I have a butler hotel bottle just like the one in the picture-- any information on this bottle would be greatly appreciated -- thank you so much patty delker

About all I can tell you is the bottle is probably a whiskey bottle.  Without a better description I can tell much.  Digger

Digger: happened to your place on the web today and was wondering if you could give me some info. I have a cobalt blue Madonna figural bottle approx. 11" tall with glass stopper and handle and rough pontil base. the gown has stars on the back-any idea what it might be worth? thanks-roxie

Nearly everyone of these I have seen is a Mexican import.  They are common and I have addressed this question in prior months.  Use the search feature to find out more. Digger

Hi, I have 2 Codd bottles which I picked up from the former Portuguese colony of Goa in India. I didn't have an interest in bottles before but there is that sense of 'treasure hunt'! Codd One The embossed lettering states "Codd's Patent Bottle" "Extra Strong Glass" "Darwin" - Darwin is within a heart and three embossed stars at the bottom of the bottle. Codd Two The embossed lettering states "Codd's Patent Bottle" "Extra Strong Glass" "V&F" - V&F is within a heart and "Made in Germany" at the bottom of the bottle. Thanks for any help provided! Tony

I have no resources to help with these bottles maybe one of our overseas readers can help out.  Digger

bottle has CHAS. M. HIGGINS & Co. with U.S.A. centered under back side has 32 oz the above is on an 1.25" high recess around the dia. 3.5" dia x 9.00" high has 1.065" neck/spout bottom has a triangle with WT and below that is a 6 . bottle type maybe BIM or 3PM glass is clear my question is what is the age and is it's worth thanks

Your master ink bottle is probably made right around the turn of the century. Covill's book on inks shows two masters similar but not exactly like yours.  One is aqua and the other is clear.  Yours being clear probably dates a bit later.  It was probably made shortly after or around the turn of the century. Value is probably $15-25.  Digger

hi, I'm john from south Texas. Found bottom of a bottle in my pasture. It has a picture of a devil on it. Its raised from the glass. has spear like tale running between its legs. horns on top of head. ox tale in right hand. right foot shaped like a cows hoof. Left like a chicken. And a sword in its belt. Also with raised letters are the words Pluto. It has a number 2 to the right of the devil centered. Bottle still has a mark on outside left from the mold. It also has a few air bubbles trapped in the glass. Was hoping you might be able to to help me with what the contents were and some history behind it. I believe this to be between 75-100 yrs old. Would appreciate your any information you can give me .....Thank you for taking time for me.... John

Your bottle was a product name Pluto Water.  You will find information on this product and the company in other months.  Use the search feature to find them. Digger


My husband found these two bottles behind our house. The lest one says "Cosmopolite" and below "Schiedam". Between the words there is a man holding a bottle in his right hand and a closed umbrella in his left. It's about 11 inches tall. The bottle on the right only says "Trade Mark" and has a dog holding a bird (?) in his mouth. This one is just over 8 inches. Any information would be greatly appreciated. J. Hatfield

Your bottle, shown at the left is a gin bottle.  The Cosmopolite gin usually sells around $100-125+.  they were made for the export market in the 1860-1800 time period.  Many have been found around the world. The seond bottle also sounds like gin bottle.  If it has the same tapered shape and a similar color then it is a gin.  The gin with the embossed dog  have been found in South Africa. Digger

Have you seen this bottle before? Bottle, Mustard, 5 1/4" (1 1/4" top, 1 3/4" bottom) Aqua, Octagonal, Blown in full height post bottom mold, open pontil, mouth turned in and down 1/4" (silver appearing stain under down flap) "U. S. NAVY" embossed on one side, "Mustard" embossed on the opposite side, (very thin glass). Please estimate age and value. Thanks, Ollie Schrank

Yes, I have seen this bottle.  An identical bottle is known bearing the embossing U. S. Navy Pepper.  I have heard although cannot confirm that similar  mustard bottles were found on the sunken iron war ship the Monitor.  The time period for these would have been 1850-1860s. The U. S. Park Service created a very realistic reproduction of this bottle which was sold at Gettysburg for a number of years which leads me to believe they may have been official bottles of some sort.   The reproductions were made in a light green color and fooled a number of knowledgeable people.  The repros are much heavier than the real ones.  Th bottles are scarce.  I was not able to determine where they had been made or if they had anything to do with the U.S. Navy.  I'd expect in mint condition for one to be worth in the $75-100 range. Digger

I would like to know what type of materials was in the bottles listed below, their age, and possible value. (1). A dark brownish amber colored bottle, eight inches tall, with a man dressed in old fashioned slicker suit and hat, holding a large fish over his shoulder. (2) A small corked bottle about 3 inched tall, clear in color, with a small snouzer type dog on the front. 

Your first bottle is a Scott's Emulsion bottle.  It contained Cod Liver Oil and was a medicinal.  Your bottle probably dates to the 1920s or 1930s.  

hey digger... I'm having quite a difficult time trying tp find out about green glass Pepsi bottles. two of them are 12 oz with the Pepsi logo embossed at shoulder and molded at LGW (Laurens Glass Works) Laurens, SC. One of the bottles is an hour-glass green w/ pepsi logo embossed. another is a straight-sided clear, with Newberry, SC near bottom. Please tell me where I can find info on these bottles. Very frustrated. Thanks in advance... David

David, The Laurens Glass Works began in 1913.  My sources indicate that often the date of the exact year of manufacture is  printed on the base with tens digit to the left L of the LGW and the ones digit to the right of the W All of the Hour-glass Pepsi bottles I found listed were made between 1929 and 1931. The only Pepsi bottle I could find that was blown at the Laurens Glass Works was blown in the 1930s.  Given that, I am going out on a limb and suggesting your bottles date to the 1930s.  Neither was listed in the major Pepsi book.  All the listed bottles from Newberry were relatively common but yours was not listed.  Maybe a Pepsi Collector can help. Digger

I Was Wondering If you knew anything about a bottling company named JC Flinn, [could be spelled JC Flynn], is it a beer bottling co ,or a soda bottling co?Would appreciate any info you have on this.

The closest I could find was one George D. Flynn located in Fall River, MA from 1896-1900.  He was a brewer.  Digger

Is there any value to the catalog mentioned in your kickapoo page "Kickapoo Indian Life and Scenes"- I found a copy in grandmas attic Robert V. Ricci

A few years ago you could still find these Kickapoo Almanacs.  Recently they have been swallowed up by collectors.  Yes, there is value to the catalog.  Condition is important.  In excellent condition, I'd suggest $35-45.  Digger

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out I recently found what I believe to be old intravenous bottles from Abbott Laboratories & I wonder if they have any worth I would appreciate any help you could offer . Thank You, Cathy May

I'd need a better description, but I'd guess they were not worth much unless they had original labels and even then if they were not before 1930, it was be a small value.  Digger

I'm interested to learn a bit about the "Hadacall" ( spelling not sure?) patent? medicine that was in the tall blue boxes displayed in - (pyramid style) in drug store windows in 1943?? I know it had a high alcohol content and I believe it was taken off the market because of that. Need to know when it was displayed and offered to the public? I would appreciate any information you could give me on this matter. Again, many thanks for your time and attention.

I believe I addressed the "Hadacol" question some months ago.  Use the search feature to find out more.  It is an interesting story.  The peak year of the Hadacol fad was 1951, when sales approached $75,000,000. The medicine became a national institution in the 1940s and 1950s.  It was a vitamin mixture in a 12% alcohol solution. The picture below will give some additional informatinDigger

Hi! Hope you can help us. We found a old bottle of some kind and don't even know what is would be used for. This is on the top lid "THE "SANITARY" FREEZER". On the side of the bottle is in raised letters is "MFG RD BY CONSOLIDATED MFG CO. HARTFORD. CONN." On the bottom of the jar is in slightly raised letters the following: "PATENTED FEB 14 1899 JULY 15 1302 CHFOX" The jar is round with 8 raised rings around it and looks to have a line that goes up on 2 sides, which do not go all the way to the top of jar. The top is domed a little bit and the bottom has 4 glass legs.The bottom above the legs slopes inward a little bit also. It has a hole in the bottom with a white ceramic stopper. There is a hole thru the stopper that has a wire (about old coat hanger size and weight) that goes thru it and up around the top of the jar. about and inch from the top the wire goes out a small amount and straight up to allow for the lid, across the top of the lid and is twisted a couple of times and makes a loop, and down other side of bottle. The bottle or jar is about 9" tall and 4 1/2" wide. There is also a very thin piece of shiny silver colored round metal that fits in the bottom of the jar. It does have a few bubbles in the glass they are very small except for 1 bubble a little bigger on a leg. It is clear in color. Any info on this or what is was used for would be great. Thanks for your help. Verla

Verla,  I could find no listing in any jar resources.  I am going to guess your item was an ice cream maker. I would love to see a picture of it.  Digger


Whats a c-478, rectangular, aqua, JJButler ink worth? We got it last week and an op Dr Jackson Pile Embrocation the week before, all in Lexington. Thanks, Cliff

Cliff, sounds like good digging.  the bottle at the left is a large size Butler similar to the one you found but bigger.  The smaller size is much more common.  (For Reader's who might be be familiar with the nomenclature C-478 refers to Covill's Ink book number 478) I'd estimate a value on yours to be $75-80.  The Dr. Jackson's is a good one too and not that common. Digger


Hello. I have been collecting bottles for years, but have not found a good way to clean some of my better pieces. I have a couple of old soda or mineral water bottles,(not sure which they are) that I would like to have professionally cleaned. They are kind of dull, I think from being in the ground so long. The first one is an emerald green color and it has a blob top. It says Henry Kuck / 1878 / Savannah / GA. The second one is a cobalt blue color and it too has a blob top. It says John Ryan / 1866 / excelsior / sodaworks / Savannah / Geo. They both have a few light scratches on them also. Some people I have talked to said they would look perfect if I could tumble them. I don't have a machine that does this and don't know where to get one. Do you know anyone that does this service?? If you know anything about the bottles that I have mentioned I would appreciate any info you would have on them, and if you have any advice on how to clean them, I would appreciate any information that you could supply. Thanks so much for your time!! Jack

Jack, I'd suggest getting a subscription to the Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Maghazine.  Write to Jim Hagenbuch at P.O. 180 East Greenville, PA 18041 for a sample.  You'll find the classified have advertisements for people who do professional cleaning. As you know, I sell a publication on building your own cleaning machine. While this option is not for everyone, it makes sense for some collectors.  The plans can be ordered for $29.95 from Digger Odell, 4943 Isaac Ln. Mason, OH 45040.
Both of your Savannah soda bottles are well known.  Yours date after the Civil War. Savannah has many colored soda bottles to offer the collector.  I'd estimate yours to be in the $75-100 range.  Digger

Yes sir I found an ink bottle when I was tearing down an old house this is a round clear bottle with a well in the upper part of the bottle. It stands abut 2 1/2 inches tall and about 6 inches around. On it it says this side down to fill pocket this is inscribed on the upper part of the bottle. On the bottom of the bottle it says Skrip by Sheaffer'swith a 14 circled and a pat # 1759866 Is this worth keeping or just junk it. Is it worth anything?? Another bottle I have is about 9 1/2 inches tall has a 2 inch neck then the lower part of the bottle is square around 12 inches around. This bottle was part of a urnial and think it had a scented flavor in it. the pat on it is Jan 25,1888 by Rochester Germicide Co N Y on the bottom of the bottle is the numbers 2 and a 6 have you any idea on this bottle??. Thanks for your time and trouble. Mike Malisos

Mike your ink bottle based on the number on the base was made in 1930 without a label it probably has very little if any value. Your other bottle the Rochester Germicide Co. comes in clear, aqua and amber.  They are fairly common and sell for $12-20. I think I answered a question about the bottles in earlier months so sue the search feature to check for more information.  Digger

Hello Digger, I just found your website recently & I think it pretty neat. I have approx.100 of different varieties of bottles and I have a lot of questions but I won't flood you with them all at once. I was scanning your questions from March 2000 & I have a bottle you said could be worth hundreds of dollars. It is a green round bottom soda bottle, blob top,8 3/4" long x 2 1/4" dia., bubbles in the glass, embossed with "VINCENT,HATHAWAY & CO. BOSTON" there are also some flaws in the glass in the neck next to the lip. The question I have is where can I sell this bottle to realize the best price? And also what is the value of this bottle? Thank you for response.

Your pictures did not come through very well but i get the idea. Your bottle is a apple green color and from the other picture I can see it has some stain or haze. I'd guess the value around $140 in mint condition (your is not)

Selling the bottle for that is another thing.  Condition is important to collectors.  Ebay would give you good coverage, but I would lower my expectations of getting top dollar. Digger


I have a Garnier-Liqueure bottle that is unusual looking. it is 9 inches tall and tablet shaped for lack of a better description. It is divided into 4 separate sections with a spout and gold screw on top sticking out of each section. the bottom is a rounded cornered gold base. I know the description sounds odd but can you tell me something about it. Kathy Bair Marshalltown, IO

I know very little about these modern collectibles.  One price guide lists a large number, most of which are priced between $12-30.  the company has been in business for a long time and those bottles which date before World war II are the most desireable.  Digger

In response to various questions about Par Beverage Corp bottle a reader has contributed the following: Digger

Par Beverage Corp. put out a slew of these mini novelty bottles in the 50s. Their parody labels (Four Noses, Johnny Wobbler, Old Dog Cabin, etc) can be found on both round and flask-shaped little bottles filled with brown sugar-water. I've collected 14 different ones so far -- most still full and sealed. Always looking for more (I don't have the one described below). Lee A.


I found a bottle washed up on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay here in Virginia today. It looks pretty old, but since I don't know a thing about bottles, I thought that I should ask someone who knows. I found your e-mail address on the internet and hope that you might be able to shed some light onto what type of bottle I have found. 1. The word Odells appears twice going from top to bottom on each of the sides of the bottle. The glass indents each time there is a new letter. 2. The bottle is clear (or used to be) 3. The height of the bottle is 7 inches tall. 4. the side seam stops below the lip 5. The style of the top of the bottle...well there is a small hole for the liquid to go through, not a very large hole at all. 6. There is a little lip about 1/4" below top of the bottle, maybe something screwed on here? 7. Bottle Base has the numbers 1214 on the top line -on the middle line is a P with a circle around it -then on the bottom line is the number 1 8. No chips, cracks, etc. Any help that you might be able to give me would be appreciated. Just curious, I guess. Thank you. Claire Turck

Claire, I have seen the Odell's bottles and even have one.  they were Hair Tonic or Hair Care products.  The earliest ones I have seen are cork top machine made bottles dating to about 1915-1925.  Despite the bottle having my last name on it, I must say the ones I have seen have been very modestly priced around $2-10.  I did seen one in cobalt with a label that I passed up many years ago.  Digger

Found good condition 76 7 oz, green with red labeling (raised) bottled by American '76' Company. Patent # 168885. The front of the bottle has square, white trim Drink ice cold 76 (register mark), the back of the bottle says Get in the Spirit! (i's are dotted with stars) and 3 cartoon patriot figures red/white -two on drums, one on flute. I can't seem to find anything out about the American '76' Company- can I get a date or what this would be valued at, or information as to where i can go look this up. Thank you for your help.

Your bottle was made by the Empire Products of El Paso, TX. Apparently a large number of these were found at the El Paso Coliseum site during construction of the Coliseum in 1942.  Probable dating, of your bottle is from about 1940 to about 1950. Other bottles from this company I was able to find dates between 1954-1965. I can only guess at a value of $35-40.  Digger.

My bottle is cobalt blue. It has a seam that goes to the top of the bottle, but stops were you screw the cap on. The cap is pretty a has ridges to it. The bottom of the bottles just says BOURJOIS, and under that is has a 5. It also still contains the perfume in it. Can you tell me if this is worth anything at all, my daughter found it in the woods.

Your little bottle contained a well known perfume.  some of the fancy containers with Bourjois sell in the hundreds of dollars.  Yours being plain was probably an inexpensive over-the-counter bottle and worth maybe $1-2.  Digger

Sir, I have some nice, cute perfume bottles by the Karoff Perfume Co. I can't find out anything about this company. Any ideas? Thanks, Catherine Seelbach

We are working on a project to save an old farmstead once owned by Willis Kilmer. Our website is www.southerntierhistoric.org We are interested in any way of contacting the remaining Kilmers to see if they would be interested in our project. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ben and Elaine Perkus

I'll leave this posted in hopes one of them will see it.  Digger

Wondering about a recent bottle I found with a white paper label reading: "Old Agawam Rye Distilled Gin 1780." (says it's from a distillery in Agawam, Massachusetts) It also says it's the oldest distillery in America. is this bottle old?? a cheap nock-off (ie:fake), or a still in production booze bottle? thanks,

I do not think the bottle is old, old but without some better description of the bottle itself I can't say.  I am certain it was made within the last hundred years and probably within the last 75 years.  Digger

I found a covered wagon liquor bottle. It is molded Ceramic? It is brown on the lower half and the top is white. It has molded into the bottom "Liquor Bottle" 185 created by Paul Lux covered wagon circa1860. The liquor top is located about where you would hitch horses up to it if it were a real wagon. Any info would be appreciated. Thank You

I can't help, maybe a reader will know.  Digger

The following link was contributed by a reader. Digger

Clorox collectors thought this site might help ya..

Digger, I'd like any or all info on this bottle it was dug up in San Francisco. It's twelve sided, aqua, an applied top?, seam runs across the bottom and up to scallops, it's 7 1\4 inches tall, there's a crease, not a scratch or crack, between the top and the Three Rings on the neck, there is also a T near the bottom on one of the ribs. I have two other twelve sided bottles also dug up, One is 6 3\4 inches tall,2 1\4 inches across the bottom, neck is just about 1 inch, flat sides, pontil on the bottom, applied top that is flat on top, seam runs up under the applied top, it too is aqua. The third one is clear,3 1\8 tall less than 1\2 inch neck,  looks like a smooth pontil on bottom, just over an inch across, round shoulders, seam stops at base of neck top also looks applied but flat across the top. Thanks, Bruce Must say I REALLY enjoy your site.

Bruce, I would just be guessing without knowing the shapes for example if the bottle tapers or just goes up straight.  Many straight-side 12 sided bottles were medicine containers.  Some of the taller ones might have been food bottles of some sort.  A picture would help. Digger

Hello and thanks for your time I have a coke bottle type in aqua blue that says home trademark home bottling company Evansville Indiana and cannot find any info on date or value if you could help it would be greatly appreciated if you need a pic i would be happy to send it thanks again.

Maybe a reader can help.  Digger

What info can you give me on this bottle, age, condition, price etc.. what exactly is smartweed? I own one of these bottles from around 1870 I'm looking to purchase some more, thanks.Larry


Larry, The story I always like to tell was about the fellow who bought a case of Smartweed Extract for what ailed him.  After drinking three bottles and finding no relief, he stopped using and and never bought another bottle.  Proving he got smarter.  The bottle shown at the left may be like to one to which you are referring.  This one is from the Brown Medicine Company of Erie, PA.  But it was first put up by John S. Carter and his brother in the late 1850s. There appears to be some confusion about who owned it after that. I saw a box specimen with S.C. Wells & Co. LeRoy, NY which appeared to be circa 1900. Drug catalogs around that time list the Carter Medicine Company as manufacturer. 

Dr. R. V. Pierce also sold an extract of smartweed.  He advertised his as being good both internally and externally for diarrhea, dysentery, sprains, bruises, frost bite and more.
Smartweed belongs to the genus Polygonum the extract was a bitter liquid.  I have not seen any other bottles with this plant name.  Digger

I found a glass outboard motor oil bottle marked Pennzoil. I can't find when it was made .Any help would be appreciated ,thanks Alan

Typically these glass oil bottles were made in the 1920-40 period.  Other than that I can't help much.  Digger

What an awesome site you have. I just have a quick question. I recently inherited a large collection of purple glass bottles. Mostly medicine bottles, some food and perfume bottles as well as some glass bowls and vases. ALL PURPLE, all clean and in fabulous condition. I'm looking for a good book that will tell me the age and value of these bottles. Can you recommend one? Thanks for your help, Jennifer

Beginners might do best to purchase one of the Mall Bookstore general guides.  Most are usually disappointed to find many of theirs aren't listed. Non-descript unembossed bottles usually aren't. Digger 

PS of course I would like you to order my books. 

Hello, I came across a bottle, shallowly buried in a heavily eroded hillside. It is about 14" tall, side and bottom seams, crown top, clear (slightly greenish tinge) glass. Embossed onto the glass is, "Atlantic Bottling Works, Port Chester N.Y." in an oval shape. In the center of this oval is a crescent "Man in the Moon" , and under that is reads "26 oz". Near the bottom seam, is embossed, "Contents 27 fl. Ounces". The back reads, "This Bottle Not To Be Sold". Nowhere on this bottle does it indicate what was in this bottle. It doesn't appear to be a milk bottle, and there isn't enough "un-embossed" area to have had some type of paper label applied to it. Any ideas? My searches for info on the Atlantic Bottling Works has turned up nothing. I'm not a bottle collector, yet, just interested in the origin of this handsome piece of glass. Thanks for any info or guidance, John Hay

John, your is one of thousands of soda bottles from the early part of the 20th century.  Sounds like a nice with the picture embossed.  Better go back to that spot and look more carefully might be more there.  You might contact the local library to see if they know about the company.  Digger

Dear sir: I have the following E. G. Booz Bottle: The roof is E. G. Booz (1840) The labels on all three sides are intact and it has on the bottom 1-D-1 12 0 (with an a in it) 59 s The front label reads: Old Mr. Boston Original E. G. Booz Bottle picture of the factory 1840 team of mules and wagon and two men loading a barrow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Bottled by E. G. Booz Distillery Co., Boston, Mass COPR.E.G.D.CO The back label reads: Old Mr. Boston's E. G. Booz Bottle "a name so famous it have come part of the English Language Best of the Better Bourbons Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 86 Proof' 4/5 quart This whiskey is 4 years old Distilled in Kentucky 14 CORP.M.B.D.INC. IR19 On the side it reads: Shows a picture of the bottle The original "old Cabin" bottle ..a collector's item quoted at $75.00 in antique catalogues Further information on request. It is unopened. The seal has not been broken and the no. 15310154 is on the red label. Can you help me in determining the value of this bottle. Thank you, Bruce H. Baker

Bruce,  I have no real good way to judge the demand for this item.  I expect it is the you have the Armstrong Cork Company of Millville, New Jersey reproduction. See my article on Booze on another part of my website.  I'd guess, and I mean guess that it would be worth in the $20-30 range.  Digger

Hi I would appreciate any help you can give me. I am asking this question for a friend. We live in Ravenna, OH which had a company named Ravenna Glass that was in operation from the late 1850's to the 1880s. They made bottles, flasks, and 'off hand work.' My friend has found a bottle with the following identifiers. The bottle looks a little like a 'pop bottle.' It has the work Kohna embossed on it. It also has FMC embossed on the bottom of the bottle. It is round and appears to be about a pint size. I have searched for what Kohna is/was without success. I also not fine the initials FMC. The bottle also indicates it was made by the Ravenna Glass Co. Any help with this would be very appreciated. By the way what is 'off hand work' it was listed on a web site that described the work done at Ravenna Glass. Sincerely Claudia

I wasn't any more successful than you.  I will comment that the Ravenna Glass Company failed in 1864 and In 1882 the Ravenna Flint Glass Company started.  You do not mention the color of the bottle so I can't use that as a clue. There were over the years eight glass companies in Ravenna, Ohio. By 1890, cheap gas in the Pittsburgh district pulled the glasshouses out of Ravenna.  I would guess off hand work to be special orders.  Digger

Hello . . . I am a poison bottle collector, but found a wonderful goose-shaped pottery bottle stamped Garnier Liqueurs on the bottom. Does it have any value? I'm not able to find anything about it . . . thanks.

Your pottery Garnier Goose was made in 1955 and is listed in a price guide for $14-24.  digger

I found a bottle at my Parents home in Yorktown, Va. and I cannot seem to find anything about it and thought you might be able to help me. It may just be a local soda pop bottle that no longer exists but I would appreciate any assistance or info you might provide me. Thanks Bill Saunders

1. Seems to be a soda bottle
2. Appears to be an ABM type-seam goes to the top
3. Has air bubbles throughout the glass
4. It is clear glass.
5. 7 1/2 inches tall and 9 inches around the widest part of the base
6. Has a Crown top with no sealer
7. Has the word Maypop embossed in raised letters on one side of the bottle
8. Has an embossed tree on another side and another embossed tree on the
bottom of the glass
9. Has the words Trade Mark embossed on one side
10. Has the word Registered embossed on another side near the bottom of the
11. Appx. 2 iches from the top, it has a ring of embossed small circles and upside down small triangles or arrowheads pointing towards the bottom. These
are in sequence.

Interesting enough Maypop is a plant used as an herb which grows in your neck of the woods.  Perhaps the "tree" is really a representation of the Maypop plant? the plant parts including the flowers are dried.  An extract can be made using alcohol (according to the literature Maypop is supposed to reduce your desire for alcohol).  Makes a good story anyway.  Digger


I have a bottle that we got from cleaning out a house and cant find anything on it ,it came from Canada the name is Corbys white whisky it was 8 years old ,Canada government supervision distill and bottle by consolidated distilleries limited Corbyville, Ontario, Canada contents one quart 90 proof, made since 1859 ,date on label 1927. can you help. its square bottle. its clear i think that's what it looks like, its in good con, still has some whisky in it will not drink it

The company is still making whiskey, some of it pretty expensive by comparison.  Your bottle is interesting in that it was produced during what was the Prohibition era in this country.  I am not sure what the demand for such a bottle might be but there might be some interest especially with the label.  Digger.

Digger, A co-worker, while excavating for a basement (in central IL) has found approximately 20 or so bottles with "Leisy" on the round, clear glass, (apparently Blown) bottles. They are about 12 ounce capacity with a smooth rounded top. (as opposed to a screw on) Any info about these bottles and their value would be appreciated.

First, when you find 20 or so of the same bottle in all likelyhood they are not going to be exceptionally valuable as rarity is a factor in value. Secondly it must have been some party.  Leisy is the name of a beer.  My guess is it was the Peoria company in operation from 1917-1920. Production resumed under that name in 1939.  There were two other beer companies doing business under that name in Illinois but that one seems most likely. The bottles may have local value but not much on the national market, I'd guess.  Digger

Hi. I found a bottle with Hack & Simon Eagle Brewery Vincennes Ind. imprinted on it. I can not seem to find any information about it. If you have anything, please send it my way. Thanks! Christy Haney

Eugene Hack and Anton Simon ran the Eagle Brewery from 1875-1918.  During prohibition they were simply known as Hack and Simon.  New owner took over by 1932, the end of Prohibition. Digger

found a bottle (aqua) that says Dr. M.M. Fenner's Peoples Remedies on the front. On one side it says USA 1872-1891 and on the other side it says Fredonia, NY. What can you tell me about this? Or can you lead me to a good resource? It's in good shape (no nicks or cracks). Do you have an idea of its worth? Thanks, Maggie

Your bottles are a product of Milton M. Fenner of Fredonia, NY.  I have covered this question in other months.  I remember digging my first "Peoples Remedies" and think that was really neat.  Some of the early Fenner bottles in amber with the word "cure" are more valuable than the aqua ones.  The Comapny was bought up by a bigger patent medicine concern, S.C. Wells of LeRoy NY sometime after the turn of the certury. In 1905, he was advertising a long list of articles including: A blood and liver Remedy, A Nerve Tonic, Catarrh Remedy, his well known Captiol Bitters, and his equally famous Kidney and Backache Cure along with a dozen more medicines.  It would be a challenge to collect them all and I am sure someone out there is trying.  I'd estimate your bottle around $12-15.  Digger.

Hi, I hope you don't mind me writing to ask you a question. I visited your site and you seem very well informed. I have an old Hostetter's stomach bitter bottle. It is the basic brown in color. I wonder if you might be able to tell me what the letter stands for on the bottom. I've never been able to figure that out. There is an L on the bottom. My boyfriend bought it for me in an antique shop. The man said it came from his personal collection. Thank you for your time. Susan Mayes Calera, OK

Susan, The letters on the bottom of Hostetter's Bitters bottles most often refer to the glass company that manufactured the bottle.  Hostetter's Bitters Company produced millions and millions of these bottles.  There are at least 7 known glass maker's marks on the bases of different variants.  I have not seen one with just the letter L but have seen many with L & W which was a well known Pittsburgh glass company, the history of which I have covered in other months. Digger

Hello my friend and I found some old "log cabin bottles" like figurines just trying to get information on these if possible. thank you Patty

Patty, use the search feature on this site to find out more.  Digger

Hello, I write for the consumer help section of the Miami Herald. A man wrote in to us to ask if we could help him heal his "sick bottles." They are Waterford crystal and have spots on the inside. What are some of the remedies that can be used. Any help would be appreciated. Take care Patrick Ogle

Sick glass must be polished in a manner similar to polishing rocks to remove stain.  Sometimes fancy glass wear will get this staining.  A professional glass cleaner can remove it.  If the stain is resistant to scrubbing then it is probably a permanent deterioration of the glass.  Digger

I have a question regarding a bottle I picked up at a flea mkt. It is a Betty Jane Nurser bottle. It's an ABM with crown top, also with the black rubber nipple, a smooth base with embossing stating National Baby Products Co. Denver, Colo. It is a tilting nurser as well. The bottle is in mint condition. Can you tell me it's time period, (I know after 1905) and how much it's worth? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Kate

Kate, your nurser was advertised in the Sears catalog for 1934-1942. I'd guess under $20 for a value.  Digger

I purchased a bottle because it looked like a back-bar bottle but I have been unable to find information on it. In answer to the questions about the bottle:

1. 3 Star Brandy Jos. D. Co. 2. Clear 3. 9" 4. BIM 5. Flared lip 6. Glass stopper 7. Smooth 8. Clean The person I purchased this from is located in Dakota, Minnesota. Can you give me any information on this bottle? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Kim Williams

Kim, If the writing is in white enamel and not embossed it is probably worth a good penny.  Maybe $40-50.  If it is embossed probably less.  A ground stopper would be a good addition and add value.  Sorry I can't say much more.  Digger.

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