February 2002 Questions

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 Dear digger I had bought your patent medicine book a while back and sometime later found a pontiled sarsaparilla from Nashville Tennessee. I had no idea what it was worth ( i figured $250.00 to $300.00 dollars) then i looked in your book and saw where one like it sold for over a thousand dollars, with this info i priced mine at $1400.00 and that's what i got. Sure was a good investment (your book that is) . A good price guide on any subject is well worth the money !! Hope people don't try to hold on to $25.00 or $30.00 and lose $1100.00 which is what i would have done had i not had your book. Thanks bill parker  

Thanks Bill, you are not first to tell me a similar story. Digger

Hi. Like some info like age-price-contents-company info. Pic 4 - Bottle is round . Embossed KS on shoulder. Seam 3/4" from bottom of lip. Bottom embossed- THE KUEBELER STANG SANDUSKY .O. Pic 5 - Bottle on left has 14 panels. seam to top. 1216 on base. circle inside square embossed on bottom. Bottle on the right has 14 panels. Seam to top. 90 9 on base. H.J. HEINZ CO PATD. Circle inside of square with 3 vertical lines above square. Pic 6 - Bottle on left 10 panels. Seam 1/4" from bottom of lip. No embossing. Bottle on the right has 10 panels. Heavy seam to top of shoulder. Fine grounded seam to bottom of lip. H.J. HEINZ CO. 79 embossed on bottom. Pic 7 - Bottle on the left has 8 panels. Looks like it has 2 different seams. Heavier seam goes from bottom of bottle to within 3/4" of bottom of lip. Finer seam starts at top of bottle down to top of panels. 230 2 embossed on bottom. Bottle on the right has 8 panels. Seam 3/4" from bottom of lip. H.J. HEINZ CO. PATD. 103 embossed on bottom. Pic 8 - Bottle on left is rectangular in shape.

Embossed - Dr. MILES MEDICAL CO. Seam to top. 1 inside diamond & 12 embossed on bottom. Bottle on the right is oblong in shape. Embossed - LITTLE BO-PEEP AMMONIA. Seam to top. Original rubber cork. PATENTED DE- 73866 Embossed on bottom. Hi. I will be sending you about 4 or 5 e-mails with pictures of bottles that i would like some info on. I would like info like, age-price-contents-company info. Thanks. Pic 1- Bottle on left is round. Embossed - HOSTER COLUMBUS A.B.Co. - 38 on bottom. Seam is 1/2" from bottom of lip. Bottle on right is round. Embossed - HAUCK CIN, OH. Seam goes to top of lip. Pic 2 and 2b- Bottle on left is round . Embossed - HUDEPOHL BREWING CO CINCINNATI OHIO. seam is 1/2" from bottom of lip. Clear bottle the same,but has C embossed on bottom. C C CO 692 on base. Pic 3 and 3b - Bottle on left is round. Embossed - THE GERKE BREWING CO. CIN, O. U.S.A. Seam is 3/4" from bottom of lip. E H E CO 42 on base. Bottle on right the same,but seam 1/2" from bottom of lip. E H E CO on base. REGISTERED 32 on bottom.

Hi. I need age-price-contents-company info. Pic 13 - Bottle looks to be bimal. Has a very light seam. Bottom of bottle is round. Embossed on one half of bottom - R - Embossed on other half - 3 . Pic14 - Straight sided coke bottle. Embossed in script - COCA COLA - on both shoulders and on bottom. TRADE MARK REGISTERED - embossed on both shoulders (printed) . CHARLESTON BOTTLING WORKS CHARLESTON,W.VA. Embossed around base (printed). Embossed - CONTENTS 6 1/2 FLUID OUNCES D.O.C. 1184 , near bottom of base. Seam 1/4 " from bottom of lip. (MINT CONDITION). Pic 15 & 15b - Bottle embossed - PHYSICIANS - PINEOLEUM - TRIAL - PINEOLEUM. (one word per side). Diamond shape embossed on bottom. Seam to top. Thanks

 Hello again. I need age-price-contents-company info. Pic 9 - Bottle on the left is oblong in shape. Embossed BAILEY DRUG COMPANY ZANESVILLE, OHIO. Seam is 1/2" from bottom of lip. Bottle on right is rectangular in shape. Embossed on front-Dr. PRICE'S SPECIAL FLAVORING EXTRACTS. Embossed on one side-STEELE AND PRICE. Embossed on other side-MANUFACTURERS. Seam is 1/2" from bottom of lip. Pic 10 - Bottle on left is a round,hutchison type bottle. Embossed-F FRITZ & SON COVINGTON,KY. N.B.B.C. CO on base. Hutchison type bottle embossed on bottom. Seam to top of shoulder. Bottle on right is round. Embossed-HORLICK'S MALTED MILK RACINE,WIS. USA LONDON,ENG. Seam all the way to top. Embossed-3 on bottom. Pic 11- Bottle on the left is oblong in shape. Embossed - VICKS - on one side. DROPS - on the other side. Seam to top. Bottle on the right is oblong in shape. Embossed with a little boy sitting.

 Embossed with measuring lines on sides and back. Seam to top. Pic 12 - Bottle may be bimal. Seam is so light it is almost invisible. Glass has a fine crackle look to it.Embossed on bottom - 6273 (extremely light embossing). Bottle has a round bottom. ------------------------

While I cannot address all of the questions, I can say the above bottles are very typical of 1900-1930 period dump.  All of the names sound common.  the E.H.E. is a glass company Everett Glass 1883-1904.  Holster is a beer, very common as are the Hauck and Hudepohl and Gerke bottles. Value for the above range from $1-8 except maybe the hutchinson soda and Zanesville Druggist might be around $15-20.  Digger

Hi, My friend found a bottle with the words Albert Einstein on it. the top of the bottle shows it to be made before the twist tops were invented. could you email me any information about any bottles that may have that name on them. thank you Rhonda

I found 37 registered trademarks for the name Einstein.  From computers to vodka.  I have no clue.  Digger

Sir: I found this recently, it looked very old. I was wondering what it might of contained, how old is it etc. The color is a pale olive green. John E. Jakobowski

It does look very old.  I'd have to inspect it closely for base wear to be sure.  It is probably not American.  If old dates around 1790-1820.  Looks like it might have been made in the German half post method. if old ought to be worth $100-150.  Digger


Digger, I found a 3 1/2" tall flat shaped and embossed, Horlick's malted milk lunch tablet bottle, with a screw on lid, with two tablets still inside. (rather shrunken and dark ) We were out in the area near the Coxcomb mountains near Joshua Tree National Park in California where the military practiced prior to World War II. Any idea of the date and value of this find? I'll be most appreciative of any information you forward to me. Gratefully, Nancie

I found only two trademarks by this company.  The word mark, MILKOSE Goods and Services (EXPIRED) . G & S: MALTED DRY FOOD-EXTRACTS. FIRST USE: 1895. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1895. WILLIAM HORLICK UNKNOWN RACINE, WISCONSIN.  Second, the word mark, BOOST Goods and Services (CANCELLED) G & S: Chocolate Flavored Preparation in Powder Form for Use in Making Food Drinks. FIRST USE: 1941. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE.  In the early years, their mainstay was the Malted Milk so I expect your bottle to be a later invention possible in the 1920-1940 time.  Value is probably $2-4. Digger.

Hi, and thanks for your time. Can you possibly tell me the estimated values: I recently acquired 3 aqua blob top bottles in an antique store in central California. Got all 3 for $25.00. 1) PACIFIC SODA WORKS embossed on one side. CLASSEN & Co SAN FRANCISCO embossed on the other. Deep aqua in color, BIM, applied top. Not sure if pontiled or not small uneven hole in base off centered. Bottle stands 7" tall and is in almost perfect shape except for a small base chip about the size of a sunflower seed. Very crude with drip marks , seed bubbles, and other imperfections. 2) Aqua soda blob top embossed B on one side. BIM, applied top, and clean. no chips, cracks, or dings. About all I can tell you on this one. 71/4" tall 3) Aqua soda blob top embossed L&B on one side. BIM, applied top. Base chip on bottom of bottle. 71/4" tall. About all I can tell you on this one too. 4) Lastly if you could, I saw an attic mint Dr. warmers safe cure with the label intact and almost mint except for a tear at the top and center. Honey amber and like I said, Perfectly mint. Almost too perfect. Were reproductions of this bottle made? If not, I have a very nice bottle for my collection. Got it for $3.00. Said what the heck! Thanks again, Dave Stonecypher Rosemead, Ca.

Classen is a nice bottle in any color.  Sounds like you got your money's worth.  I have seen some reproductions with labels of the Warner's Most the color is off.  Label is black and white If I remember correctly.  I'd have to see it to tell.  Digger.


I do not. Digger

Hello, I was wondering if you know anything about my bottles. I have two aqua hutch style bottles that Say Grumbach & Schumacher Santa Ana, Cal. On the front. On the bottom they both have 329 H. One of the bottles has part of a stopper of some kind in the bottle.

Well they are probably worth at least $50 each probably a bit more.  Digger

Do you have any information for me? what kinda of soda was in the Crass bottle and when was it made?

Crass Beverage was a a brand put out by the Coca Cola company and it is still available in orange,  grape (clear bottles)  and ginger ale (green bottle) flavors Digger

hello i have been looking for some information on an old seven up bottle i recently found while digging in an old trash pit i found two of these bottles in the same area and i cannot find any information on the bottle the bottle is only six and a half inches in height and it is amber in color. on the bottom it says seven-up-bottling-co. Knoxville Tenn. it has a crown top I would like any information about age? rarity? value? or anything else you can get .thanks for your help Adam Orangeburg, south Carolina

I think the amber bottles were the first ones and used around 1929-1935 but I have no proof.  Yours would have been a paper label bottle, value I $20. diggerThis bottle was in use in 1938 by which time there were 8500 dealer  outlets  in the country. In the preceeding 26 months 25 million bottles have been sold. Digger

I have acquired several fully sealed liquor bottles. I was wondering if you could just give me a ballpark of the value for one unique bottle. 1. Haig and Haig Pinch (Blended Scotch Whiskey). About 8" tall with a thin wire mesh wrapped around it. All labels are in tact and the top has a metal hinge to open. The bottle is like a triangle with rounded edges, a round bottom, and concave on the 3 sides. The bottle is clear. The whiskey is bottled in Scotland with U.K. supervision. Thanks again, Matt P.S.

How much in value does the bottle increase if it is fully sealed with aged liquor? Cheddio

In some cases the only time the bottle has value is if it also has the contents.  There are not too many collectors of empty 1940-60 whiskey bottles.  Depdning upon condition, age and brand, they can bring from $30-200 for examples from the 1930-1940s.  Digger.

Hi Digger, Earlier this month I sent you a question regarding a cobalt blue Chamberlains bottle dating back to, probably, the 1890's, about 5 1/2 inches high. Herewith a picture of the bottle. Bottle greetings, Nic Welman, Pretoria, Soouth Africa

This bottle was made for export and probably not blown in the United States. I'd guess it was an English variant.  the company was American and I'd say yours is worth $25-40.  Digger


Digger, My husband found this La Damiana Bottle. We have always been curious about it. We have saved it because of the amusing picture on the front of the bottle. Attached are pictures of the bottle. We recently found out it is called a Patent medicine bottle. Is there any value to this bottle? And any other info you could share with us? Thanks! Denise

It certain has a nice graphic label.  I'd guess $30-40. Digger

Hi, John, I really enjoyed your articles the past several months in AB&GC. I have a nice new bottle and would like some addition information and value estimate (if you can), are you up to the challenge? I recently purchased a nice Nailsea flask from yahoo auctions, and it was a neat color variant rich cobalt blue with white milkglass strips in the traditional handblown Nailsea pattern. There is a very crude sheared lip, which was then covered over with additional white milkglass to smooth what I guessed were rough edges. There was an odd pontil scar on the bottom with some cross hatches, I have read that X's or X's and slashes can mean a manufacturing lot that wasn't a first choice bottle, at least I know they do this on pottery pieces (first, second, third choice). Any input? Could this be a reproduction? Or is it a real handblown nailsea flask? I love the bottle either way, but help me put this nagging obsession to sleep by providing more history on this piece. Good evening, I saw your ad on the net and thought I'd drop you a note seeking your help. I collect Everett glass products. The company manufactured a wide variety of glass products including, but not limited to, fruit jars, beers, hutch's, demi's , whiskey, wine, lady's legs, pharmaceuticals, miniatures and figural products. The company went out of business in 1910, so most of the products were hand-blown. They are all embossed with "EHE" or "EHE Co" or a variation of the initials. The initials almost always are found on the heel or base of the product. I have been collecting these for 25+ years and have a wide variety of examples. If you have or find one of their products I may be a good buyer for it. Please keep me in mind if you run across any. Thank you in advance for looking. Richard Pinkerton

I know of no reproductions of nailsea glass the lip treatment is odd, most have fired lip. My guess is the bottle was damaged and someone tried to repair it by grinding it off then applying the white....Are you sure the white on the lip is glass?

Hello, I am Leona and my nephew recently found a coca cola bottle of green color and dated 1925.It has an Indian head embossed on it on one side and the word, Casco encircled embossed on the other. Near the top are the words,, Coca-cola bottling works. Under the embossed Indian head it says,, bottle patíd. Dec.29, 1925. The bottle stands at 7 and ĺ high. The bottom of the bottle has Portland , Me. embossed on it. Is there anything you can tell me of this bottle? I found your address poking around on the internet and would appreciate any info. you can forward to me. Thank you in advance.

There are dozens of varieties of these Big Chief Indian head soda bottles with different base embossings.  they sell in the $10-20 range. Digger

five and 3/4 inches emerald or olive green, somewhat in between. shaped like and upside down ice cream cone. eight like lines in the middle of bottle vertically going around it. the top is really hard to explain because its like a blob that has been stretched. the seem stops on an angle a 1/4 of an inch from the stretch. it is embossed Doctor Travis's herb bitters water of life on one side and other is guaranteed to cure gout consumption, dysentry, ankylosis. on the bottom embossed Buckshutem, N. J. and the J is backwards. please help i have been researching on the internet and can't find in any of my bottle books. Is this a reproduction or the real McCoy and what company made it and is it worth any thing. it is really unique looking. I love it! thanks for any time and effort you could spare i love your site bonnie Myers mbb1

I wish I could tell you it was real but it is a fantasy bottle blown in the 1970s.  Digger

Hi, there, My name is Gayle and I reside in NY. I was hiking in the Catskill area and found a bottle, which seams to be in moderate condition. The bottle has a painted (embossed) label saying Spatz with a sparrow on the front. It is a tall bottle, narrowing at the top. The back of the bottle says Spartz bottling company Catskill NY, there is no date or any other sort of indication of when the bottle may have been produced. The condition however is half and half, meaning that since it was found in the woods, the part that was covered by the brush was preserved the other half seems to be sun-bleached. I would appreciate any information you have on this particular bottle, I found nothing on the internet, not even any indication of whether or not the company still exists. Thank-you for your help Gayle I would be able to provide a picture if necessary. I got into you web site by typing Sioux City Sarsaparilla hoping to find out the value of that bottle. I couldn't find the information on your web site. The bottle has a picture of a cowboy going into a salon on one side going out on the other.

Sorry I can't tell you much. painted labels date after 1932, yours is probably 1940-60 era.

Dear Digger: I just found your amazing site. I'm doing a little research for a school project and I'm wondering if maybe you can help. I need to find a picture or at least a written description of a Bols gin bottle from the 1930's. Specifically, something small, like a hip flask, that a soldier might carry with him -- if one even existed. Any help on this you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Much obliged, Asa Somers never thought of collecting bottles, until I recently found an old dump site on my property. So far I have found old Coca-Cola bottles, old RC cola bottles, ink bottles, milk bottles and a variety of others that I am unsure of what they are. I have even found some bottles with the original contents and tops intact.

Bols Gin probably came in a pottery bottle would not have been transporable.  Keep Digging

Digger, I am looking for any info you could give me on a bottle I found recently. It says Parfay in a script writing and is a 6 1/2 fl. oz bottle. It was bottled by the Kentucky Parfay Co. in Louisville, Ky. Thanks Aaron

Others have asked about these soda bottles.  I would guess it to be a local Mom and Pop company in business in the 1930-40s.  I do know they had delivery trucks for this company.  the bottle come in aqua and amber, probably different flavors. Clear examples were known to contain "Club Cola". Digger.

found bottle; aqua green app. 12' written on it is extract of sarsaparilla Louisville, Ky john bull grateful for any info , thanks ! d.bruce

Nice bottle if it looks like this one.  they date to the 1840-1860 era and are highly collectible.  Typically selling $125-175 in aqua. Digger

Greetings, I am a Geology student at Queens College, NY, recently while doing some research on an island that used to part of Brooklyn before a storm washed it away, I came across this bottle. I believe it to be from "Hog Island", but would appreciate it if you could verify the range of dates that it could be from. If you are aware of any history of the bottle that would be nice as well. I have attached a picture with this E-mail and have listed what I know about the bottle. I believe I made an error in the info. I gave you previously. After looking the neck of the bottle closely I with a hand lens I noticed striations around the neck. I believe that this may put the bottle closer to 1890. Bill S.

NO way Bill-the base clearly indicates mcu much newer, 1940 or later.  Probably contained wine, may have been covered with wicker or a basket at one time. I'd guess it is a European import. Digger

Hello, I just wanted to say I really like your website it's GREAT!! Very informative. My husband used to collect bottles about 15 years ago, after looking at your site I want to go and find all his bottles. Gina Hello, I am attaching 3 photos to this email. I was wondering if you would be able to help me id this bottle. I don't think it's very old but it is an odd shape or one that I have not see before. Thereís no pontil the bottom is smooth. It's green with round bottom and tear drop shaped middle. (I know I am not describing this correctly) there are two seams on each side. One goes up to the top over the lip and the other up to the lip the seams are less than an inch apart. The marking look like an R with a C around it, 4, 73 . ., 349. Thank You, Gina Hello again, I had forgotten some other information in my last email about the green unusual shaped bottle. It measures 8 1/4" high and 4 1/2" wide at it's widest point. Is it by any chance rare or fairly easy to get and what do you think it's value would be? thanks again, Gina

Color: clear Height: 7.25 inches(19cm) Shape: round with a neck ~3 inches long (neck is somewhat fluted?) Characteristics: An applied double collar.(the collar is slightly askew) A smooth base with no pontil marks. There are vertically oriented, oblong, air bubbles in the glass. There are no apparent "lipping tool" marks. The seam runs from the bottom to about 1.5 inches from the top(it does not go across the bottom) The island was washed away in 1893 and I give my uneducated guess at about 1870. Thank you. William Smallwood

Probably about right but maybe 1870-1890.  It is a sauce bottle.  Most likely ketchup.  Digger.

 16 oz coke bottle found this bottle at the bottom of a dried lake is says 16 oz 1/2 quart and it is narrow and tall can you tell me when this was made thank you.


I collect coca-cola memorabilia and was given a clear 6 oz. bottle with an embossed indian head on it. The lettering says property of coca-cola bott. co. Bottle pat'd dec. 29, 1923. Can you tell me anything about the value of this bottle? Thank you for your time. Stocktonplace

One of many Big Chief Bottles. Value $10-15. The early ones were embossed while the later ones were painted label bottles.  Ironically, the painted label bottles sell for more than the embossed ones which are earlier.  Digger

I have a Jenny Lind Fishlervile Glass Works bottle with a picture of a house. We think this is hand blown . And, a E.G.Booz's Old Cabin Whiskey dated 1840 in blue. Can you give me any info or a price? Thanks in advance Linda

I can tell you both of the bottles you are describing have been reproduced both in the 1930s and the Booz much later (1970s).  The color blue in the Booz is certainly a repro.  Digger.

Hello, I have a question about a bottle I got at a yard sale. It is in the shape of a scroll, representing the Declaration of Independence. It has a gold Liberty Bell on the front of the bottle along w/ a copy of the writings & signatures of the Declaration of Independence. It has a cork top. On the bottom of the bottle it says OMB LIQUOR BOTTLE NO-59 1976 ROYAL HALBURTON CHINA. I can't find any info on this bottle. Do you have any idea what this Bicentennial bottle is worth? I appreciate your help. Deb

Your bottle is a Jim Beam Collectible although they are not very collectible.  Value 8-10. Digger

greetings and thanx for a wonderful job. Recently I have come across a good sized dump and would like some info on worth and era if you could help. One says H.J. Heinz with a 103 on the bottom octagonal, clear and 8 in tall, another is 10 1/2 in tall, clear, once had a small label and a seal that says cutice brothers preserves Rochester ny, with a BB co or B8 co and a 1 on the bottom The bottle has ridges on the bottom 4inches. Another one is tapered toward the top, 8 in tall, clear and says Joseph Campbell preserve co Camden nj, usa with a 7A on the bottom. Also I found numerous bottles that are aqua have an anchor and A.B.C. on the anchor. They say Charles Jacobson, The Arlington Bottling co Washington D.C. registered 1903, with a 747 on the bottom. Any help on worth and brand name would be an incredible help.

Most sound like food bottles, the Heinz, Cutice Bros and Campbell. Hard to give a date without more information but none of them sound likely to be valuable, maybe $1-2 as they are so common.  Digger

where can I purchase empty pints and half pint bottles of Smirnoff vodka?


i found this bottle while crawling in my crawlspace .the main frame o my house was built sometime in the 1870's i believe .anyway while digging around i found two decanters both are the same with the same identifying numbers on the bottom except the last one .they are clear glass 9.5 inches tall 4 sided, a rectangular shape. There was a hollow cork cap in one .the numbers on the bottom were 2 D-126 9 .the second was 2 D-126 16 The marking on the bottom was triangular in shape .kind of looks like mTc to me .the base is smooth but it looks as if it might have been a "key" cut as you described also the seam line in the lip ends prior to the lip and the neck feels as if there was a finger rub(kind of bowed out i guess)i will put pics in this e-mail if you cannot get them let me know and i will send an attachment for you thanks so much laura

No such luck they would old, sorry.  Looks like something from the 1960-1980s to me.

Your Dec. 2001 question about a green water/juice bottle is exactly my question. I just found one this weekend - all intact - just without a lid. Value? Thanks! $1-2

I found an old bottle while quail hunting in West Texas. The bottle has the subject title and also has The Lawrence-Williams Co. Sole Props. for U.S.A. and Canada on it. Does this bottle have any value?

Sounds like the bottle advertised above.  While the bottle in the ad looks old, the ad dates to 1941.  the same style bottle was used since before 1900, only the early ones are not machine made.  The bottle is not too valuable though maybe $2-4.  Digger

Great web site easy to nav got some bottle here the first one stands at 11,5 inches tall 29,3 cm weighs two pounds 900 grams very dark green in color has a stamp on it with JHON de KUYPER JDK & Z ROTTERDAM also has a anchor symbol on it has got two chips on the stamp no other damage the other is SIMON RYNBENDE & ZONEN no damage thanks for your time craig

Case gin 1860-1870s not a rare one but still very collectible, $40-50.  Digger

I am a student at Cal State University of Northridge and was wondering if this bottle collecting club included baby bottles? I will be doing a paper for my child development course on the history of baby bottles and was curious to see if you would be able to help me find some resources in regard to the history. Any sort of direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and your efforts. My contact information is as followed: Sincerely, Lorig Ayaltin Los Angeles, CA "

The US Patent Office is a treasure trove of information on baby bottles. Digger

Dear Digger, I went online to try to find out about my bottle and found your site, I think it's fascinating. My bottle was given to my by my mother, I'm attaching three photos. As you can see, the outside is in perfect condition, so I fear it can't be very old. The inside has some hairline surface cracking. The stopper is a delicious smelling cork, and I did some research on lucas bols and found that the company was a distillery. The third photo is what is written on the bottom. The bottle is 8 inches tall and I was wondering about it's age, if it is unusual and if it has any value. Thanks, Kate

Not unuusal I have many other inquiries about it.  Not especially valuable either.  $10-15 Digger

Hi! My name is Mary. I live in an old house (old log cabin 1850's) and i was digging around in the yard planting flowers and such. I found some old bottles. One is an old whiskey bottle with "S. CRABFELDER & CO. DISTILLERS LOUISVILLE, KY." on it; stamped on the end of the bottle is the number 699. Another bottle I found I have no idea what kind of bottle it is. It has a pontil mark with the number 133 and a starfish shape on the bottom of it. Can you tell me anything about them? Thanks, Mary

No pontil, probably an Owen ring from being machine made.  Bottle might date to 1900-1918 or so possible 1930s, I'd have to see it.  Value $3-5.  digger

Hello, I have a old bottle on the bottom is says White house Vinegar patent pending. How old is it & is it worth anything? Debra Huss


The company has a web site with some information.  The bottles are popular with collectors.  Many date 1920-40 era.

Can you tell me anything about this bottle. on the bottle it says: Laxol A.J. White.New York,Design patented April 10,1894, cobalt Blue with etchings on the side of bottle with a clear stopper. Hi! I'm on my way to the book store to see if I can find your book there. In the meantime .I have several bottles about which I am curious. I would like some info. on age and value if that's possible. The first one is about 2 3/4 inches tall, cobalt blue, rather oval shaped with the seam up the side stopping just before the lip. It reads "John Wyeth & Bro" and "Phila" under that. Second is a cobalt blue 4 3/4 inch tall flat cornered bottle that reads "Wakelee's Camelline" when turned on the side. There is a "2" on the bottom and the seam stops before the lip. Third is a light blue bottle with an indentation on the front and reads "Keasbey & Mattison CO. Chemists Ambler, PA" same deal with the seam but with the number 118 O or 118 something on the bottom and the seams run on two diagonal corners. Lastly I have 2 Bromo-seltzer cobalt blue bottles, the first is a little over 2 1/2 inches tall and says "Bromo-seltzer Emerson Drug Co. Baltimore MD" on the front and the number 7 on the bottom. The other says the same thing but is only 2 1/2 inches tall and the mouth is barely an inch wide were as the other one is exactly an inch wide. Thanks! Now off to look for your book! Joy Alameda Thompson

Joy, sounds like someone bought or found a miniature cobalt bottle collection.  All are relatively common but because of the "pretty blue" they make great window decorations. All of them are medicines of one sort or another.  Here's more about the Bromo bottle. The Laxol was designed in 1894. Wakelee's was cream for the hands these are Western bottles and popular with collectors.  It was a product of the Wakelee Drug store in San Francisco from the 1870s through the earthquake in 1906. Values range from $3-20. Digger here's more: Keasbey & Mattison

Dear Sir, I have just found your website and was hoping you could enlighten me on a old bottle we have just recently dug up in our yard. It is an earthenware bottle glazed with a handle put on it, and fired on to the bottle. it has embossed on the top of the bottle Erven Lucas Bols Het Lootsje Amsterdam. it looks like an old gin bottle. It is in perfect condition and it stands 280cm high and the bottom of the bottle 85mm tapers to the top to about 70mm the neck is approx 35mm. I hope you can enlighten me on this, as i feel it has been in the earth for quite some years. Thanking you and hoping for a reply sincerely Gerry Miltenburg Australia

New Bols Pottery Bottle

 Your bottle is probably one of the Pre-1900 pottery Bols bottles.  They are worth about $30-40. Here's the rest of the Bols Story.

Greetings from California!! I am wondering if you know anything about an old soda bottle with the name of "sloper & frost" on it? Its an oldie!! Thanks, Becky

 We have an old OPS bourbon jug that we would like to get more information on. This appears to be clay pottery with a grayish glaze with blue outlining. on one side is a circle with the following writing Twomey & Miholovich The Yellow-Stone OPS Bourbon 22 Montgomery St. S.F. The other side has a bouquet of flowers in a basket. There is also a blue line down the side opposite of the handle. On the bottom circling the bottom is a flowery looking design. Attached is a picture. Please help us find information on this jug? Thank you. Chris and Patricia


Digger, I have your Pontiled Medicinde Encylopedia and it is great. Thanks for all the information. I recently picked up a pontiled med that has me puzzled. It is of page 46-GEORGE. W./ CARPENTER/ PHILADELPHIA GENUINE PREPARATIONS in aqua rectangular, arched, 3 sunken panels, tapered lip, 6 inches tall, but the odd thing is reverse base embossment of G H MYERS. It is on the base next to the edge on 2 sides. I had to take a pencil and scratch and turn the paper over to read it. Can you shed some of your wisdom my way? The bottle is dug and sick but no damage at all. I have a second pontiled med that is 4 1/4 inches tall with a flared lip, aqua cylinder shaped and is embossed: T W DYOTT. I looked on page 77 and I was wondering if you have seen this particular one before and any info? It is free of any damage with a light haze, crude and a galaxy of bubbles. It has a large swing of extra glass under the lip on the seem. If you could give me a price range and info., I would really appreciate it. Thanks and God Bless, Barry.

 I was told many years ago that this is a snuff jar (4" tall x 3" wide) What do you think? Also, the value please. a.straka medicine bottle??

Hi, I am trying to find someone who is able to help me with a little information regarding small stoneware ink bottles. I have collected these tiny (some known as Civil War Inks in the US) stoneware or 'penny inks' for some years but know little about them. I know many of them were found at old Civil War camps, but when did the bottles actually come into use in the US. I have never known when exactly these bottles began being manufactured. I know that most if not near all of them came from England. Was it the early 1800s when production of these inks began or before that? Any information on the history of manufacturing and usage would be most appreciated. When were they first produced? I have attached a JPG picture. Any help would be appreciated - a book suggestion or other source information? Thanks kindly, Robin Bodnaruk

I have a a.trask medicine bottle like the damaged one in your article. It is 2inches green and yellow I was wonder what it is worth. I would have sent you a pic. but I donít have a camera. I also have a 3inch blue bromo caffine medicine bottle any info would be great Thanks Dave

Hi- a little more info regarding above firm also produced whiskey-Maid of the Mist-sold mainly to the armed forces. I will await an answer on your web site.regards stoker.

I recently found a bleach bottle at the edge of an old lake that has been uninhabited for many years. this bottle say clorox on the sides and on the bottom has the numbers 4~6.i looked them up on the www.clorox.com/the bottle collecters guide. it said the bottle was made between 1940-42 in that certain style of half gallon glass bottles but would not give an indication of it's approximate value. can you help me in that area of value. the bottle is in mint condition and has the solid style lettering on the side w/a handle on the neck resembling a moonshine bottles handle thank you for your time in this matter phil

Good Evening, I have a hand blown drug bottle from around the turn of the century. I cannot find any information on this bottle. I would appreciate any information, rarity, and perhaps approx. value of the bottle. The bottle is from the J.V. Hale Co, Inc. of Boston, Mass. The label, (full label in great shape on the front of the bottle) states as follows: SYRUP - HEROIN & TOLU CO. - HALE 4 OUNCES. (All in Large Print). In smaller print it states: Each fluid ounce contains muriate of heroin 3-32 gr. along with other drugs such as chloroform, alcohol, etc . The amount to be taken is also on the label. The bottle is clear and approx. 7 inches tall. I can email pictures if they would be helpful. Thanking you in advance for any information, Ken

Hi, I have collected mostly glass bottle and jar banks and am somewhat familiar with most that were manufactured. I recently found a clear glass jar in the shape of a peanut with a mans face and he is wearing a bowtie. The jar is 6 1/2 inches tall and has a tin lid which is 2 inches in diameter. The bottom of the jar has the embossed markings of 7 and 9 on either side of a circle inside a diamond with an I in the center, it has the number 2 below it. I am curious as to what it might have been sold as and its age. Thank you. Steve

I am the curator of an antique Medical cannabis bottle museum. I was wondering if you knew of or had any pictures of antique (pre-1937) medical products that used cannabis as one of there ingredients. Thanks Andrew Garret Museum curator Do you know the history of a bottoms up whiskey glass? Just acquired a pink depression glass one and would like to know about it. Thank you.


Dear Mr.

Digger Odell, (I remember you from an old radio show back in the 40's), anyway, you were the only collector listed that had the word "Cleaning" in the title. I have a question,(s), for you if you have time time to respond. Here it is: About a month ago I spotted a bottle on ebay and in the description it stated that the bottle was "Tumbled" I e-mailed the owner for information as to how it was tumbled, what was used, where can I get such an item,(the tumbler). I have about 40-45 Anheuser Busch embossed bottles and quite a few look like they were dug out of the ground yesterday, (and some came from scuba divers). Is there a way to make these bottles look better? I know they will never look like the day they were made but If I can get some of the staining off the outside and some on the inside, it would make them nicer to see when displayed. The only thing I ever tried was "Polident" which I let sit in the bottle with water for a day or two but not much luck there. What can you tell me to help with the cleaning? Thank you for your time and I apologize for the long letter. Thanks again, Ed Nichols Long Island, NY

Hope you can help me. I've come across a bottle I can't identify. I seen your page and thought I might ask you. I'm sorting through my father's bottle collection. He is terminally ill and wanted me to do something with it. He has a storage shed full of them, many different sizes, shapes, colors, styles. I have this one that is emerald green. It is in two parts. The parts are the bottle itself and the cork which is also a bottle the exact same kind only smaller. At first glance it looks like a decanter. The base bottle stands about 7 1/2 inches tall the second which is actually the cork or stopper is about 2 1/2 inches. Both bottles have 4 sides, arched shoulders with an arch on the inside panels. The bottles both read Chief Wahoo Electric Tonic. Another side reads Celebrated Remedy. Another reads Cathedral Brand, and yet another reads Walbridge Co. Dunsmuir CAL. Can you tell me anything about this bottle? Do you think it might be worth anything? I would greatly appreciate any light you might be able to shed on this matter. Angie Wilson A sincere thanks for your information! Sue Meredith Amos Patterson Museum Town of Union, New York

Digger wrote: Word Mark PEE-WEE A Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 032. US 045. G & S: NON-ALCOHOLIC MALTLESS BEVERAGE SOLD AS A SOFT DRINK. FIRST USE: 19470715. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19470715 Mark Drawing Code (5) WORDS, LETTERS, AND/OR NUMBERS IN STYLIZED FORM Serial Number 71537243 Filing Date October 8, 1947 Registration Number 0506049 Registration Date January 25, 1949 Owner (REGISTRANT) ROCHESTER SODA WATER COMPANY, INC. CORPORATION NEW YORK 35 THOMAS STREET ROCHESTER 5 NEW YORK Assignment Recorded ASSIGNMENT RECORDED Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Affidavit Text SECT 15. Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 19690125 Live/Dead Indicator DEAD


Digger , I wonder about this one. I have been digging bottles since i was 7. Bought this some years ago . What is it? We found what looks like a soda bottle, with the word "Thrill" written in white on it, and "Thrill bottling Co, Baltimore Maryland" on the back. Can you tell us anything about it? Thanks, Marj Carroll

I have a beer bottle -- about 5 inches tall --- looks like gray pottery saltglazed. ? Blob topped. (new lingo for me?). Imprinted in glaze is F. Sandkuhler's with a registered trademark. superior WEISS BEER brewery 109 N. Collington Ave. Baltimore. Any info about the beer --- never heard of weissbeer -- the brewery and the possible date of this bottle. Found in the basement of , or the excavation for a basement of a home in Laurel, Maryland. yes i have a old bottle that is deep green reads deuypers square face and says federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle, bottom says 65 it looks like a eye then it says 47 in the middle of it says these numbers R384 i hope you can help IM going nuts with this bottle thank you wisdombear

Hello. I live in Wilmington N.C. I found a bottle that has H. KORDLANDER on it. Can you tell me something about it and what it could be worth . Thanks.


Digger, Have you ever come across 'Schefflers Sanitary Brandy' ? The distillery was built in 1882 on the Edge Hill Estate in Napa Valley, California. He also made ports and sherries. Production had closed by 1900. Never have managed to find bottle or trademark . Thanks for any reply - whenever you get the chance. Colin MacPhail Rudd Wines - Edge Hill

Hello Mr Digger. I have been digging my first site. Recovered about 50 bottles in 8-10 hours. Most seem to be from late 1800's to early 1900's. But some items just below the surface more recent. This small pistol bottle is what Iím inquiring about. It is clear. It has a seam that goes completely around the bottle. It apparently had a screw cap on it at one time. On the barrel it has "V.G. Co. Jenet, Pa." ANY help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you .Terry (Ky)

Digger- A friend of mine bought this bottle for me a few months ago. I've looked everywhere trying to figure out what it is and what it was used for. There's still a little medicine in it. It's about 2 and 3/8 inches tall with a green rubber stopper. It looks like it was an injection bottle. The only markings are on the outside of the bottle: 15ml and 10ml. On the bottom is 1845 and some other markings I can't decipher. Please help, this is driving me crazy! Jerry Bush

Hey there Digger , You just answered my bottle question ,I'm at the bottom of the July 2001 questions . I was the one with the bottle that was dug from the 1840's farm house .I sent you a pic of it that you put on along with my question. At the end of your answer you stated that I must of been so excited about finding the bottle that I forgot to ask a question. Your right I did. I guess I just wondered how much you thought it might be worth. I'm not going to sell it though. Well if you get time please let me know. Thanks a million. Regards Dennis

I saw that you answer questions about bottles. Do you know anything about an RC Cola 16oz bottle made for the bicentennial with an Eagle crest on one side and some significant dates like the Dec of Independence or the Bill of Rights on the other side? I found one. Thanks, JM

Hi, I read some of your information on Stitzel Weller and wondered if you are familiar with a decanter titled Rebel Yell. It is a horse with a Rebel astride with sword drawn. The labels are still on it although the seal has been broken and it is empty. The mark on the bottom reads Original Design from the Rebel Yell Southern Collection 1969. Stitzel Weller distillery. The horse and rider appear to be in excellent condition, however the sword which appears to have fit into a slot is missing. Any additional information would be appreciated. Sincerely, Denise Hudgins SIR: WHILE WORKING AT THE WILSON BLDG: IN WASHINGTON DC.I FOUND A BOTTLE INSIDE THE CAVITY OF A WALL. THE BOTTLE IS CLEAR AND READ HONEST MEASURE FULL 1/2 PINT WITH CORK TOP AND THE INT.ON THE BOTTOM J.T.F. WHAT YEAR IS THIS THANK TOU.

Mr.O'Dell, We have an old crockery jar, and is inscribed ( Weymans snuff).We would love to find out how old this jar is. It's been handed down in the family P.S. (could be some far off relatives of yours). Thank You. Gordon O'Dell

Perhaps you can help being the buff that you are .I have a bet with a friend on the original packing and distribution of Coca~Cola. When Coca~Cola manufactured 16 oz bottles to be sold at grocery stores, were they sold in packs of 6 or 8? Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Sincerely, P.M. Newton


hey hello, that what the net is all about. My name is max and Iím from Hamburg/Germany. I think this is a simple question for folks like you and it has really nothing to do with collecting bottles. My boss has been in N.Y.C recently and he told me that he went to a restaurant and had soda water which seemed to be quite new, fancy, state-of-art or just - nice design. He could not tell me what it was called but it came in bottles with NO neck and it had a twist-off thing on top to pull the water out ( S'cuse me but i have no idea what those things are called ) o.k.- Do you know of which brand that soda is, which comes in a "PRINGLE'S BOX"-shaped bottle ? If you know it please contact me ( if your time is limited just mail me the brand name and a hint that it's about that soda water bootle thing ) max

Hi, I have an MCGIVERS~AMERICAN~ARMY~BITTERS~BOTTLE- Ruby . I have found the bottle listed on Wheaton's bottle site with its worth but I am more interested in its history. If you could help me or point me the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks. Yours truly, Glen


From a reader

I came across an answer you gave to an inquiry of Nov. 2003 Ė It is about a clay jug with the inscription: J. Friedrich Ė Grosskarben Ė Taunus Brunnen. Your answer was, that it was a Gin Bottle of Dutch origin. I have several different of these bottles and know only that they are mineral water bottles, used for waters of certified mineral springs in Germany. These bottles are at least 100 years old and were shipped all over the world with healing waters. I have been searching, but not been able to find much more about it. Every spring has its own stamp and often there are different versions for a particular spring, depending on age or recipient. If you should happen to come across any more information, I would love to hear from you. Petra

Thanks Petra



We've uncovered several bottles in the garage of an old house we bought. One is a 1976 Lockharts Wildlife Painting of a Pronghorn Antelope. There are some commemorative ones from American Legion, etc. And there is a decanter that is a horse-drawn carriage with four jigger-size glasses. When you take decanter out of holder, it plays music. Any advice on what to do with these? Value? Thanks. Hello,


Digger; I have an original pottery bottle (empty) of lancers imported vin rose wine from Portugal distributed by Heublein, Hartford, Ct. It has original label and has the number 7 fired into the bottom side. I also have a later version of the same brand in a painted or colored glass bottle with the wine still in it. Do either of these have any value? thanks for your help. R.L. Moore

Hi, Digger, i am looking to buy the old bottle holders for round bottom ginger ale bottles. Do you know what they are called so that i can check on Ebay or shops. i am having a hard time finding them. Iíve tried 'holder' and 'stand' for key words, but i have not seen them come up. Mike in CT I have recently acquired a 1 pint 11 oz bottle of Click Cola. Engraved on the bottle is: Click Cola (in script) Bottling Co. 142 King St. Brooklyn, N.Y. Registered Any info you can supply, including possible value, would be appreciated.

We recently acquired a glass jar [fruit jar?] at a flea market in Virginia. It is marked on the top "Atlas Edj Seal" and embossed on the bottom with the Hazel Atlas H over A and the number 5016 and the number 8. It contains what we believe to be molasses. The dealer said he thought it was used in the process of distilling. The top that has the edj seal is glass and is held in place by a metal hollow-centered twist cap. The jar is about 6.25 inches high and is wider at the top than it is at the bottom. After the seal ring top [dia 2.75 inches] the bottle bells out to about 3.75 inches and then tapers back to about 2.75 inches. The max width is at approx 4 inches in height. In essence, it is amphora in shape. Do you know anything about it and what its value might be? I have searched google and other sites and cannot find any reference anywhere to "Edj Seal", making me think it may be rare. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. If any readers have information, I can be reached at hkinter@sprynet.com. Thank you.


Digger, I have a case of 7up bottles with the original soda and still carbonated with cork bottle cap. The bottles are green with a slogan that says 'FRESH UP' 'WITH SEVEN--UP.' YOU LIKE IT IT LIKES YOU. Bottles are in a wooden 7up case and are in mint condition. If possible I would like to find out the value. Please e mail me back. Thanks for your time. Virginia

Good Evening: Have you any idea as to the make, age, and book value of this pig figural bottle? Thank you for your kind assistance, Cynthia

I do not know anything about bottles and have found a bucket of bottles. Could you please tell me the best way to find out about the bottles. I will give you the info that I have picked up from the internet. clear 6in bottle/on back and front of the bottle at the bottom the word "duraglas" and the bottom #86565 and a planet 7 (left), 17. (bottom), and 7(right), looks like a jelly jar. clear 7in, the bottom sinks in has the same planet 55(left), 1 (bottom), and 41(right)/the word "duraglas" is not on this bottle. However, 2/5 pint is printed around the bottle. amber Clorox bottle/bottom reads REG, planet sign, 12,US/clorox/PAT, 6,3,OFF. amber, appears to be a 1/2 pint whiskey bottle, bottom MADE IN THE USE,2857/it appears to be a large T with backward and forwards 7 on each side/#0-126/12/4/35/upper side of the bottle reads "Federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle" any help you can give me would be great. I just need to know if I should keep them or trash them.

Digger, this is in response to a Nov 2001 ask Digger question, quoted below: "We recently helped our friends out by tearing and burning down their old house. When they were digging out around the basement they found a bottle. It is completely intact no chips., although it is a strange color. It is kind of comparable to blue carnival glass. Anyway the out side f the bottle has that name Warnerís Safe Kidney and Liver Cure and underneath it Rochester, NY. It has a picture of a safe with wheels on the front. We were wondering if you could give us an idea of its approximate date and maybe value. Your time to this small but interesting find is appreciated Sincerely," Because of the color of this bottle, it is most likely a reproduction dating from the 1980's. Warnerís Safe Kidney & Liver Cure non-reproduction bottles date ~1880s. Check for mold lines and the lip type of the bottle. ABM reproductions were also made in the 1960's. Original bottles are valued between $50-$100 [s]


Digger, I dug up an old bottle by Grand River in Painesville Ohio. it IS AN OLD PATENT MEDICINE. It is embossed with this. DR DENNIS SYSTEM RENOVATOR & BLOOD PURIFYING SYRUP. It is 5 inches tall rectangular by one and a half inches wide. It is flint glass ,smooth bottom, hand blown in a mold.A wide flange mouth. I would like to know AGE,HISTORY,LOCATION, and VALUE if possible. THANK'S JEFF

Hi, Digger, How would i go about finding a pre 1910 landfill in Clifton forge Va? thanks DJCobalthemi Hello, recently I purchased a clear coloured bottle which I believe to be somewhat old. It is approximately 8 inches in height, with a kind of rounded rectangular bottom, is clear and pictures a fisherman with a fish slung over his shoulder on the front of it. Their are no other markings. Please, do you know what this bottle was used for and where i can find out more information about it? Thanks, Roger.

My husband and I recently found some old bottles under some beams in our old farmhouse in Newburgh NY. Two of them are embossed. The first one is about 7 inches tall, amber in color and has the words Rikers American Hair Restorer on it. The molded seam ends at the neck and it had a pretty wide lip on it. The base is smooth and oval shaped. The second one is clear, about 6 inches tall, and is of the squared off variety with a rectangular smooth base. It says Wm. B. Riker and Son, Druggists and Perfumists, 353 Sixth Ave, NY. They are both in excellent condition with no damage whatsoever. Mostly we would like to know about how old these bottles are and if they are worth anything at all. Thank you, Donna Pawlowski

I have a 1825 wheat whiskey bottle, amber, and has a glass stamp at the base of the neck. Someone who knows bottles said it is the original, and the date on it is when it was made. Is it worth anything. It was from a Philadelphia Company. I have it gently packed in the attic. It has a hairline crack at the top, but the glass is not chipped at all. It is dark amber, and not very large. Maybe a quart I have a 1969 Cabin Still Kentucky Bourbon decanter shaped like a hillbilly with a shotgun and jug. Can you tell me how much it is worth. Also II have a Lily Pharmaceutical Gum Arabic container on stand, please price if you can. Thank you datacrazy

I have 12 full and 3 empty bottles from the 1970's some labels are darkened from a couple leaks as the corks are old. Could you give me any idea on the value of these? Assorted varieties of wine and colors. & are in excellent condition with caps and clean labels. Any help? Can furnish more info if needed. Thanks Ken Wiggins

I found an old Coke Soda Water bottle today . dated Nov 20 1923 . Clear round glass . know what it'd be worth . have another the same . except no date . and is square . Roger

I hate to waste your time but I found you on the web and thought you might be able to give me an idea about a bottle. She is made of porcelain girl figure and has a paper tag around her neck that reads "Bitter Aperitivo Toscano" and on the back "LPB". There is a cork inside and also a mark on the base of a curved line with 5 lines going up and an "N" below. Any idea where I can go to research it? I'm not sure she is considered a "bitter" or not even though the word is on her tag. I can take a picture if that would help. Thank you so much for your time and assistance. Lavila


I would like to find out some information on two un-opened bottles of Bourbon that we have come across in our grandfather's personal effects. Bottle #1 OLD FITZGERALD Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Unbroken seal info: 5-0090208 Made: FALL 1941 Bottled: FALL 1947 Stitzel-Weller Distillery Base info: 84 LM 47 14 B 9 Bottle #2 Walker's De Luxe Straight Bourbon Whiskey Unbroken seal info: 4-2764150 Base info: 101 ? 46 D23

pixcharels Hopefully, I have sent you a picture of 3 bottles that were excavated from under a building foundation in Coronado, CA. I have tried everywhere to get some information on them. They had been used as fill, under the structure, possibly 50 yrs. ago. The lady who shared these with me has been living in Coronado nearly that long, and thinks she's had them almost that length of time. I just discovered your site today. Have only been on the net a couple months. There is a stamped oval shape at the base of each clay bottle. Some have the word Glascow, and another illegible word. Some have Gruder on them. I sure would appreciate any help here. Do they have any value? Don't EVER discontinue your web site. I have found more info here today than anywhere on the net. Thanks very much. Addie

Thanks so much for any help very kind of you. I have a beer bottle. It is brown, seams from bottom to top and around also. On both side it makes a cross. The top has a big lip. On the bottom it is stamped P.ccw. or P.ocw then under that stamp is Cw. the front it has Salinas Brewing Co. Salinas Cal. I have a quart milk bottle the top has a baby face on the side says whites farm dairy. is it worth anything?



Hi, there, I'm not a bottle collector, but while researching an old wood trunk/case I have I came across your site and thought you might direct me? I have an old wood box/case that has Lane's Bottling Works Sioux City Iowa on it and on the side written "This box and bottles cannot be sold under penalty of law" case mfg by D.M.Goodwillie Co. 22nd & Racine Avenue, Chicago, Ill. It's about 26"long 16 l/2"wide and l1 l/2" tall and has an interesting clasp that keeps the lid shut .in case the box were tipped on its side it wouldn't open the metal clasp you have to pinch to let the lid open .it has PATNOV.15-1910 inscribed on the metal clasp. I've spoken to the library in Iowa and they said that Lane's bottling works was in business in 1900 and in 1910 moved to another location in Sioux City they thought it was a salesman's sample case .I guess Lane's bottled and distributed royal crown cola, quiky, upper 10 and their own line of lane's gold seal beverages in various flavors and were sold to restaurants, etc. they tried to check out the date on the clasp but couldn't find out anything . the box looks like the bottom half has little slits in the wood to put dividers in that could hold bottles, but the top half the wood doesn't have the slits (not holes) but part of the wood was cut out a little to hold stuff in (great description) have to laugh at myself sometime. Anyhow, haven't been able to find out much and can't really afford to go out an buy books about trunks etc. unless it would cover what I need to know. I thought that perhaps since you seem to know bottles you might have an idea for me. I appreciate any help you might have. The box is in good shape .has a little crayon etching on it from a child I suppose, has hand made nails and metal strapping goes around the outside of the box all in good shape nothing broken that I can tell .I think there might have been more to the metal part that has the clasp to keep it shut, but not sure Jeanne


Digger, My husband found a bottle that has 10 Topp Cola in big white letters on the front the o in both topp and cola are slanted to the right, there are white dots around the middle of the bottle, at the top of the bottle it has 16 SIX EXTRA OUNCES on it and at the bottom it has Bottled Under the Authority of Topp Cola Co. Savannah, Ga. Do you know what period this is from. Susan Pope I HAVE A Ste PIERRE SMIRNOFF Fls , 4/5 QUART . IT IS A CROWN WITH 4 DATES& EMBLEMS ; 1877 , 1886 , 1882 , 1896. ON THE BACK THE DATE 1818. ON BOTTOM, IT SAYS R105 . 18 (lft) 69(rt) AND 4. ALSO HAS A FUNNY BUMP ON THE FRONT SIDE CLOSE TO THE BOTTOM. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU FIND . THANK YOU, GINA

Dear Digger: I lately found a Michter whisky decanter in my basement. It is dated 1978; it's white mainly; it looks like a pharaoh (King Tut?); it has Masonic markings including the word "Zembo"; and it says 1,000 were made. Can you please estimate the value of this bottle for me? Kirk I have a clear glass cookie jar that was used in an old grocery store. There is a rusty spot on its bottom. It almost seems embedded. Is there a way to remove the stain? I've used Comet and bleach to no avail. Also, I have a RedWing crock that has a greasy look embedded in part of its surface. Someone told me to set the crock into a solution and the discoloration would be sucked out. I can't remember what the solution was. Can you help or suggest a web site where I might find the answers to the above. Thank You Jane

Hello I was researching information on a decanter I have, and I was led to your website by AOL search. I saw you have a question and answer page. I wondered if it wouldn't be too much trouble if you could possibly tell me anything you might know about it that I might be interested in. I'm actually (not surprisingly, I'm sure) just trying to find out its approximate value these days. I would like to sell it, but I haven't any idea what to ask for it. It's a Marilyn Monroe ceramic decanter "distilled and bottled by McCormick Bottling Co. Weston, MO" (from the sticker label on back of item). This label also says "McCormick Straight Bourbon Whiskey 80 proof Limited Edition 4 years old". On the bottom of the item, printed right on the ceramic itself in black "ink" (?), it says "TM and C"(copyright symbol), followed by "1983 20th Century-Fox Film Corp." It is entirely ceramic, about a foot tall, and depicts Marilyn in her famous street scene pose over the street vent as it blows up her white dress. There is no opening on the top to pour from. Instead, it has a cork front and center on the base part that she stands on. It looks to me to be in as near perfect condition as it could be in. It is still full of whiskey, never been opened, but I do believe the cork has at some time been broken off and glued together to re-attach it to the item. I have been to the McCormick website, but for some reason, nothing at all is mentioned anywhere about any Marilyn decanter, although they say a lot about their Elvis series. I really expected to find at least some links to more info on the McCormick site, but I did not. So I was hoping to find someone who could tell me anything about its value, which is why I'm emailing you. I would greatly appreciate any help you might be able to offer! If this isn't the sort of thing you normally do or if you haven't the time , etc., I understand perfectly, and you should tell me so if this is the case. If so, I should apologize in advance for bothering you and I still compliment you on your well-done website! But if you do find time for requests such as mine, then you have my sincerest thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Rebecca K Beisly

 Hello, I bought a leather case that holds two flasks at a thrift store awhile ago for $5. The case has the initials C.F.H in gold on the flap, and the two flasks have leather sleeves. One reads "Rye" and the other "scotch" in gold. I bought it because it seemed like an antique although the leather is in very good condition. It seems to me that they could be from the 1940's to the 1960's. The case also reads "case made in England, saddle leather". I was wondering if you could add any information about when they might be from and if they are worth anything, thank you I have a whiskey bottle of Old Oscar Pepper bottled by Labrot & Graham. It still has the Original Labels on the front and Back and the top label around the neck also. It is made in Spring 1916 and Bottled Spring 1925. It is a clear bottle with Full Pint embossed on the front. The top part of the cork has broken off, but the bottle still has about 1/2 the cork in it and does not leak. The seam from the bottle does go all the way to the top. The Bottle is still full and was bottled at the Frankfort Distillery No. 33 7th Dist. KY. All the writing oon the Labels is perfectly readable but a little discolored. Any Idea on a Value? Thank you, Oscar Marinez

Dear Digger, I have this BAY RUM bottle it is 7 inches tall, label under glass. Bottom reads PAT. APRIL 2nd. 1889 W.T.CO. WITH THE LETTER C. Have not been able to locate one like it and I would like to know how much it would be valued. picture on attachment. Thank You, Russell

I have a bottle john f.wiessner and sons brewery, BALTIMORE,MD.with no.18 on it never been sold marking .Amber in color. Can anyone date and tell me its value .thank you kennetime

I found a 3 1/2 in tall bottle, the name on it is Dr. Nunn's Black Oil Healing balsam. That is all that it says on the bottle. I found it here in salt lake city Utah. It is a clear bottle. with a inch neck on it. iF you could help me out I would appreciate it. thanks

Hi, I have talked to locals in Richmond County NC .they tell me that there was never a Chero Cola Bott. CO. in Hamlet NC. This Ne Hi, bottle tells a different story, maybe you can help .this is how the bottle reads NE HI, 9 FLUID NE HI, MINIMUM THE BEST OUNCES BEVERAGES CONTENTS CHERO COLA BOTT. CO. HAMLET, N.C. 4133L ROOT DESIGN PAT.D.MARCH 3 25 Thank You Rita Goodwin

MASON'S Jar, Patented Nov. 30th 1858. My Mom has this jar and is curious what the value on it may be? Could you give a ball park estimate for this particular jar? Thank you! Jim Hello, I'm trying to find some information on a milk bottle i found its a quart bottle real thick glass color is green and it has the word milk on it with a picture of a farmer sitting in a chair milking a cow with a bell hanging from his neck, if you could provide any information it would be very helpful . Thanks so much



Hi, , I ;live in Hawaii and found a bottle which I think is a medicine bottle. The bottle is embossed with the words HyGEIA on the front, also made in U.S.A. is above it. The back has OZ. embossed with 1/2 oz. to 21/2.oz. Its about 21/2 in. high . It's base is about 1" round and tapers up to about 2" round wide. It does have a 2 piece mold. Also the mold is flipped so when you look at the word hygeia the right way its written its upside down when you flip it to see the oz. side. Looks sort of like a Jigger or Tea type glass. Its clear glass. Any info. on it? I also know hygeia was a soda company that made soda's in maui,Hawaii.

Would anyone be able to tell me any information concerning a small bottle (flask?) of this type? I got it at an estate auction a couple of years ago. There was a note attached to this bottle; a separate piece of paper tied to the neck with a bit of red ribbon. According to the note, the bottle was purchased over 45 years prior to the note being written, but the note does not yield any information as to what year it was written. Although the image I have provided makes the bottle appear green, it is actually a very light amber color and has the original cork stopper. The numerals 126 appear on the bottom. The mold seam would have extended through the bottom, were it not for the method used to emboss the numerals; the seam extends approximately ľ", then whatever method was used to emboss the numerals eliminated the mold seam across the rest of the bottom. The cork and neck of the bottle still bear a metal foil seal which I did not wish to disturb any further, but I can see the mold seam appears to extend over the top of the lip. There is no damage, although the inside is stained on the bottom only. The whiskey evaporated after the cork receded. Thank You in advance for any information youíre able to provide.

I have been looking all over the internet trying to find some valid information about this old bottle. It is approx. 7" tall, clear bottle with a paper label, "Monroe's White Pine Cough Balsam" manufactured by the United States Pharmacal Co., Chicago, Illinois. I don't see any form marking but the top has a squared opening with a cork still in it. The sides, the back and the bottom are squared and slightly recessed. Here is a picture of the bottle and box. I bought it locally at an estate sale so I don't know the history at all. Just curious if you would know any history and value. Thank you for your help. Judy Moline, Illinois

I have a nice little gully find, about 6 in. tall , 2 1/2 in base with the raised lettering of "ACID SULPHURIC"on the front center. the inner closure has the frosted, worn down look to it and the seam stops at the bottom of the neck. it has the lettering on the bottom of M B W, U S A. i know I donít leave you much to work with but i have faith in your skills. Your help is greatly appreciated Jeremy, Knoxville ,TN

Partial label says Zanzibar- Carbide Indelible Eradicator BE, Heller & Co also a blue Partial label the most flowing The other blue is 4 sided and the spout is in the center could you please help me with any info about them thanking you for your time Hello: I am so hoping that you can settle an argument between my Uncle and I .LOL. He found this Lysol Bottle, it has L & F Prod. on it and has Bloomfield, NJ. on the bottom with a letter "B" circled under the bottom, if you could just roughly give me a guess I would appreciate it, I know it's gonna be hard without a picture but I don't have a scanner, sorry Thanks: Sheena

i have just run across full case's of the above. they are from the 60;s a ussr vodka and others. I donít know the value, looking for a little help. I need some help. From this site I was able to figure some things out, but I still don't know exactly about my bottle. It is 11 3/4 inches tall, has crown top, ABM, Owens plant and date on bottom, M in a circle on bottom with REG CAL, numbers 7037-G and on the other side2B, all embossed, with MARLBORO on both side of bottle. clear color. I am taking that by the date info it was produced in the Oakland, CA plant in 1952, but I don't know where to search from there or what it is worth? Thanks for the help.Cheryl Menuey

Hi, I donít know if you can help-my grandfather owner a gin distillery in London around 1900-1920-his name was Sidney Phillips-would you have any record of this Regards Charles Stoker


Digger. Hopefully this is an easy one for you. I am looking for the age and value and rarity of a Four Roses whiskey bottle. First off it is an Amber colored bottle. It has roses embossed on front and back. Has label stating "17 years old" On the front of the bottle the label states that it was produced "prior to Sept. 22 1917" by H.S Barton. One pint. 100 proof. bottled in bond. For medicinal purposes only. Has one pint tax stamp. Metal shot cap reads "Louisville Kentucky, Frankfort distillery" Thanks for any info on this bottle.

DIGGER, I found a stoneware pottery jug, it is white in blue lettering on front it says E. E. Bruce & Co Wholesale Druggest Omaha, NE At the top toward the opening it has a symbol that looks like a 5 Do you know what type of jug this is and if its worth anything! I tried find E.E. Bruce & Co, the only info I can find is a historical page! Any help or direction would be appreciated! Candice Wills

Dig'er, I have a 6-7 inch bottle that reads Pluto Water America's Physic. It has rib circles around it from top to bottom. It is color is very light greenish. Not an Aqua. Any idea of the value? Thanks, Tony Conti Bayonne,NJ

Hello there, I have been hauling around a bottle with me for years and I am wondering if it means anything. It has a label of Crane's Quinine and Tar Compound. It has a No. of 27501 Guaranteed by Crane Medicine Co. under the Food and Drug Act, June 30, 1906. It is in perfect shape and still has the cork and contents in tact. It has the directions on the front of the label. On the back in raised letters it states Crain's Quinine and Tar Crane Medicine, CO. Chicago. My question is where do I get more info on this bottle? Is it worth anything or was this a common bottle? If you can help or point me in the right direction that would be Great. Thanks for your time. Karen Calomiris

Digger, I have an old bottle with the raised lettering that says," DeKuYPERS"squareface". It is a dark green ( I think ) in color, with no cork in it. It also has a raised inscription on the other side that reads, " Who dekuypers nightly takes, soundly sleeps and fit awakes". Is this a collectable bottle, and if so, what is its possible value. I do not have a picture to send. Thanks. Eddie Hi! Do you answer questions about figural liqueur decanters? I have an old pottery-ceramic? one. clown-old tramp looking really, reminds one of Charlie Chaplin, made in Germany ,holds six different colored pottery-ceramic shot cups If you could help me please i will send further description.

I have an unopened bottle of Burgermeister beer. It has a glass top as well. I was wondering if you could give me some info on it. I know it is rare & part of a series. Here are a couple pics. Sorry they are not better.

Hi, i have an old bottle i was wondering if you could tell me the year or around the year .its a capped bottle of Royal Award Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. 100 proof. bottled by county line distillers, bardstown kentucky .Distilled by Barton Distilling Company, Bardstown KY. its 4/5 quart its a clear bottle it also says bottled in bond under U.S. Government Supervision. Thank you Angela

I have seven sportsmans collection Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, 86 proof 4/5 quart bottles. The whiskey was five years old at the time of purchase. They date from 1957 - 1967. I have been unsuccessful at finding any information on this bottle collection. It was distilled and bottled by Stitzel Weller out of Louisville Kentucky. Any information on these bottles would be appreciated. I have two glass bottle fire extinguishers. they are frosted, tear drop shaped coming to a tip at the end, they set in metal holders that look like they were made to brake the end off.Do you know anything about these? Any help is greatly apprecated, Thank You, Jerry McCormick

Digger, I have a E.G.Booz's old cabin whiskey bottle. It is in the shape of a cabin w/door and windows and 1840 and the address of 120 walnut st. Philadelphia embossed on the sides the roof has shingles also embossed. the neck does not appear to have seams but it looks like stretch marks in the glass. It is a heavy bottle w/ bubbles in the glass. The bottom of the bottle has an indentation w/booze bottle faintly embossed backwards. On the inside of the bottle on the bottom there is a definite curve and the glass is thicker. It is a medium amber color .Any info? value?

Hi, my name is Kenneth and i am 15, I just recently found an old cobalt bottle from a nearby train depot remains. Its embossed, Haberman & Co. "The Chemist Shop" 1259 Broadway near 31st st. New York City it is a square shaped bottle with embossing on bottom, W.T. Co Iím guessing it is from around the 1880's-1890's since the lip is applied but there is no pontil. I have been researching constantly but have not found any information on the bottle. I was wondering if perhaps you know of any information regarding the history of this bottle and its possible value. Thank you for your time, Kenneth

pixjoannb This embalming fluid bottle was giving to me by my mother in law, it was found in a barn at an old farm house about fifteen years ago. It stands about a foot high and is 6 inches in diameter. I sent a pictures of the bottle, the mouth and the label. I would like to know how old it is and if it has any value. Thank you . Jo-Ann

From: Julie and Mike Mills
To: jaok20@bottlebooks.com
Subject: bottles
Date: 28-02-2002

Hi. I will be sending you about 4 or 5 e-mails with pictures of bottles that i would like some info on. I would like info like, age-price-contents-company info. Thanks. Pic 1- Bottle on left is round. Embossed - HOSTER COLUMBUS A.B.Co. - 38 on bottom. Seam is 1/2" from bottom of lip. Bottle on right is round. Embossed - HAUCK  CIN, OH. Seam goes to top of lip. Pic 2 and 2b- Bottle on left is round . Embossed - HUDEPOHL BREWING CO CINCINNATI OHIO. seam is 1/2" from bottom of lip. Clear bottle the same,but has C embossed on bottom. C C CO 692 on base. Pic 3 and 3b - Bottle on left is round. Embossed - THE GERKE BREWING CO. CIN, O. U.S.A. Seam is 3/4" from bottom of lip. E H E CO 42 on base. Bottle on right the same,but seam 1/2" from bottom of lip. E H E CO on base. REGISTERED 32 on bottom.


Digger, I want to thank you again for your helping me. I am attaching more pictures of the "eagle soda bottle". On the back side of the eagle the words "Superior Soda Water" are on the bottle. I previously said that there were no chips on the bottle, however, there are 2 small chips on this bottle. In picture 280 and 281, you can see a very small chip at the base and then on pictures # 287, you can see one tiny knick on the front under the right side of the emblem. In picture # 279, it appears that there is a large chunk out, but there isn't. I haven't ever considered selling these bottles, because as I stated earlier, I knew nothing about their rarity or value, but maybe would consider doing that if the price were right. Again,

Digger; thank you for your help and have a great afternoon. Sarah

I have a bottle of Inca Pisco from Lima Peru. The bottle is in the shape of a man sitting on a throne in black glass. It has R.I. 5917 on the bottom. Can you tell me if it is of any value?

Hi, Mr. Odell, Love your site! I have a clear rectangular bottle 5 1/4 in. to the rounded shoulder, and with a screw-type lip 1 1/2 in. wide by 1 in. high. Width of bottle is 2 3/8 in. The sides are concaved, and the surface of the bottle, excepting the areas of the embossed labels, is embossed and looks like "crackling", for a better grip, I guess. The front label is contained in a rectangular area that has a raised border around it. It reads: Dr. ELLIS, then under that and encased in large parentheses marks is: SPECIAL QUICK-DRY WAVING FLUID, and under that in half-inch letters is: WAVE SET. The back embossing is contained in a cathedral window shaped area with a raised border. It has an embossed representation of the bottle itself, with a comb dipped in it, and reads: DIP THE COMB IN THE BOTTLE. The 2 mold seams are on the diagonal, and run all the way to the top of the lip. On the bottom is a circular area around which is a rather rough indentation, with a rougher area at top of circle. Inside the circle is embossed: MADE IN U.S.A., with the period after the "A" outside the circle. On right side of circle and touching it is the number 3. On left side is an embossement of a container of some sort with the letter "K" in it. It has cleaned up very well. A couple of flea bites. Can you tell me any of its history, and perhaps give me a value on it? The cap is missing. Thanks so much. Appreciate your time. Evelyn Duncan

Dear Sir: I have two whiskey decanters and would appreciate your evaluation of their value and collectability: 1) An Ezra Brooks decanter shaped like an old train steam engine like you see in western movies. It is black and trimmed in gold and red borders. It is in mint condition. 2)An Old Fitzgerald decanter commemorating the centennial anniversary of The Ohio State University(1870-1970) in Columbus, Ohio. It is white with beautifully painted landmarks of the campus painted on it. When I received it, I was told that only 2500 were made. It is also in mint condition and the seal is unbroken. Thank you Tony Purpura

 I recently bought an aqua medicine bottle because i thought it had an interesting shape and i have never seen one like it before It is embossed ALVAS / BRAZILIAN / SPECIFIC / CO. It is Aqua And 9 1/2 inches tall, Tooled lip probably dates to the 1880s or 1890s and it is star shaped. I would really like to know were this bottle is from and how much it is worth. I have included some pics of this bottle to give you a better idea of the shape. I also have one more question for you. I have a light green open pontiled M.B.ROBERTS'S // VEGETABLE // EMBROCATION I know its a good bottle but i am not sure were it is from. I have been told that it is a Baltimore Bottle and that it is a New York Bottle Which Of these is correct. Thanks Chris

Do you anything about a aqua blob top mineral water bottle i found in a old privy next to the old Crosley field in Cincinnati Ohio. It has j.born mineral water on it. On the back it says this bottle never to be sold. The seam stops at the bottom of the blob. I also found a cincinnati soda and mineral water bottle with a cross like emblem on it .IT appears to have a part of a Hutchinson stopper any ideal of the date The other nice one that i have is green bottle with stopper " the crown perfumery co'It still had perfume in it. thanks Steve

Digger, I have dug two Kilmarnock Whiskey's. Both 10 and a quarter inches, rectangular and seam stops at the top of the neck. The Olive Green bottle has a crack inside the mouth. On the bottom it has 1851, along with the Kilmarnock markings. The other is Aqua, no cracks but has a 2454 number on the bottom. Is the 1851 a date? What is a green bottle worth? The book I have only lists the Aqua bottle for $15.00. Kilmarnock distillery burnt down around 1852 and when rebuilt it became Jonny Walker in 1853. Thanks, Tony Conti Bayonne, NJ

Digger: I found an octagonal-shaped cobalt blue bottle (iridescent) about 5" high, BIM, with a smooth bottom and a "2" embossed on the bottom. Can you tell me anything about it? Thanks. Marcia

Do you have any information on the following: One cornflower blue bottle that is BIM. The cork stopper is still attached. It has a blob top. There is raised lettering on the bottle. It says "Francis Dusch." Underneath the name the following is also printed -"This bottle is never sold." There is a smooth base with no apparent markings. Do you have any ideas about this particular bottle?


Digger, Could you please help me with this? I found a bottle with the name "The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co. Rochester, N. Y. Pat. 1886 Aug. 24th". printed on bottom. Thanks, John

Hi. Can you give me any information on Indian Kookaroo Oil? I've searched many sites without any luck. Ten years ago a friend found a bottle while escavating. He was offered $1,200 for it. He doesn't want to sell it, he just wants information on the product. At the moment I don't have a picture, but I'm sure I can get one and send it to you. It's in excellent shape. He found it in Bernardston, Mass. I asked him this afternoon if he was sure of the spelling, he said yes. I'll get more info this weekend and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks. Irene

I have been wondering how to locate a bottle dig site where I am visiting at. I am in Arkansa bytheville area, and donít have a clue where to start looking?

Good day, I have a cobalt blue bottle about 5 1/2 inches high, the front panel vertically embossed "Chamberlains". There are no other markings on the bottle. This is the only Chamberlains I have ever seen that is not aqua. Could you tell me anything about this bottle and what it might be worth? Your advice will be appreciated. Thanking you, Nic Welman

Dear Digger Odell, A friend and I recently acquired a soda called Azule Springs Seltzer with an embossed bear on the back. Someone from Napa asked about one three years ago (Dec'99). You were right about the existence of an Azule Springs near Palo Alto (at least in 1899, according to Palo Alto maps). In fact the bottle did turn up in Santa Clara Co Have you heard of any more turning up since? Do you have an idea if they are scarce or rare? Finally, do your books contain Western bottles and prices? I have included pictures. Your site is a great resource. Sevak. Thanks, Bottleboyz, Santa Clara, CA

Let me list for you the embossed ones I have. They will be clear glass unless otherwise noted. Also, I won't go into condition, but assume they're good with minor chip or unbroken crack. Please tell me you think. I saw 80+ bottle group go for 56.00 tonight- near nothing, seller wouldn't ship-pickup only! Listerine - small; Colgate - med. small; 3 in 1 oil - small; Ponds Extract - med.; Harpers Headache Rem. - small; Meade & Baker Carbolic Mouthwash - small; Sauer's Extract - small; Burnett's Extracts - med. small; Welches Grape Juice - small; Spohn's Distemper Cure - med. small; Calif Fig Syrup - med.; ER Darkee Challenge Sauce - med.; Lea Perrins Wor. Sauce - Large; Dr. Kilmer's SR Remedy - Med. Large. I have a bottle that looks like a barrel. Brown in color and has words Barrel of Beer on the bottle. Patent pending, was this a beer bottle or for root beer. This is the only one i have ever seen. thank You Barbara

Dear Sir, I noticed the picture of the glycozone bottle on your site. Do you know where I can find old bottles of glycozone, hydrogen peroxide and details about Charles Marchand that you have listed under the glycozone bottle? Thank you for your assistance. Leeda

I came across a bottle while cleaning out an elderly relatives cellar. it's 10 1/2 in high 5 3/4 wide and 1 1/2 thick. it has a cork top and on the front it says SCHENLEY. Any info would be helpful. Thank you.

Dear Sir, I have found a Big Chief soda bottle. So far I have yet to find anything like it. The bottle is 9 1/2" tall and 9 fl. oz. The lip, shoulder, and base are round while the middle is square. On all four sides it has an indian head that resembles one on a buffalo nickle; facing the right, two feathers in the hair which is braided. All writing and designs are embossed. It was produced in Muskogee, OK by the Coca-Cola Co. 34532 is on the base (not on the bottom.) The lip is a crown. As for damage, there is a crack in the lip that is roughly 1/3" and a chip on the bottom about the same size. Thank you so much. Even if you cannot find anything on it please reply back. I have a few other interesting specimens. Lydia


Digger - wow! Thanks in advance for your site. I have a question, but almost forgot to ask it while browsing. I have a white porcelain bottle that reads "Spring Lake Hand Made Sour Mash Bourbon" and bears a circle reading "Klein Bros. & Hyman, 17 Sycamore St., Cinti., O". On the bottom is "K.T. & K China". The Cincinnati phone book dates the liquor company around 1898 - any idea what it's worth? (it's in unchipped condition!)

Dear Sir, I have 3 perfume bottles very similar in appearance. They are all approx. 71/2" to 8" tall, with the exception of 1, it is only 5" tall. (I measured them with the stoppers in.) They are very ornate. Each base is clear glass, although each base is different shaped. 1 is round crackle glass with many dents in the glass looking like it was pounded. There is a mold mark on each side, with the base put on separately. Embossed in the glass on the bottom is 'IRICE'. The metalwork that screws on to the base from the top with an opening for the stopper is themed with roses & vines & is gold & quite heavy.(All the bottles have these screw-on tops that the stoppers fit into.) 1 has a bell-shaped bottom with lots of grooves along the bottom, also resembling pressed glass with 2 mold marks along the sides. 1 is on a metal/gold base that has a skirt around it-no feet, & the last one is on 4 metal/gold feet. All with side molds. They had been painted gold, after I consulted an antique dealer about removing the paint carefully, they were a very bright gold underneath. (I used nail polish remover to take off the paint) All the stoppers are metal/gold following the roses/vines theme. All the metal/gold is openwork. There are clear glass daubers on each stopper. The only marks I can find, 1 is on the inside of the part that screws on from the top of the bottle-metal/gold part to the IRICE bottle. There is a block letter 'L' inside a square pressed/stamped into the metal. The other, is on the back of the stopper of the tallest one, & it reads:'Matson c.' with the 'c' inside a circle for copyright. I'm sorry I hope I have described these well enough for you as I don't have a digital camera or access to one. Any info would be helpful!! thank you, wendee

i have a football player whiskey bottle 1980 .Do you have any information on this bottle I have tried to find out something about it bout cannot seem to find any thing bottled by Julius Kessler Company Louisville Kentucky Recently I found a small bottle with the following in raised letters on the front; My husband found a ginger ale bottle and we have not been able to find anything on it. We hope maybe you can tell us something. It is green in color and it has 8 sides. It has raised lettering on it that says Belfast Ginger Ale 1885 P. Fitzsimons 293 Front St. New York. Anything you may be able to tell us would be appreciated. Thank you, L. Jones

Hinds Honey and Almond Cream A.S. Hinds Co. Bloomfield N.J. U.S.A. The bottom of the bottle has the following; A.S. Hinds Co Made in the USA H-774-7 The bottle, though dirty, has no cracks or chips. It is made of clear glass, and has a rectangular cross-section, and was made to use a screw-on top. It is under 2 1/2 inches wide, about 1 3/8 inches deep, and about 5 7/16 inches high. What have I got, and is it worth anything? Thanks for any help you can provide. Mike Calhoun

 Hello my name is Bobbie jo. I sure hope you can help. I have 2 perfume vending machines, they are napkin holders and perfume nip dispensers. I understand that they came from Pueblo,Co. The dates on the machine say U.S. patented date Oct. 20,1936 - Dec. 31, 1940. The perfume nips that I have are: Jealousy, Silent Night, Shockin, Arpege, Chanel NO. 5, Breathless, Silhouette, Folie De Minuit. These are in tubes with wrapping in good condition, also I have some that are without the tube just the plastine viles. This vending machine will only accept a silver quarter. Any Information would help. Maybe even a website, or someone who knows about this dispenser. Thank you very much.

Digger-The vending machines are usually not traded as perfume items, but as vending machines. This gal will find information by taking this angle for these. Most perfume collectors are just not interested at all in these, but vending machine and mechanical types like that are. The perfume nips, as I remember we discussed earlier, are just everywhere and not very collectible to perfume collectors-by that I mean we all have 2 or 6 or some number that we paid about $2-5 each for when we were young and foolish collectors and now wish we could find someone who liked them to take them off our hands. Helen

Digger, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am in the process of writing a book on the three brother's life simply entitled, La Bouteille - (French - the bottle). It will probably take me years to complete as I definitely inherited the Bustanoby blessing/curse of perfectionism and want to insure that my account of events is as accurate as possible. It should be colorful since among their close circle of friends and associates were people such as: Rudolph Valentino (the busboy, turned dancer-for-hire, turned movie star) Sigmund Romberg (the famous Broadway composer) and Stanford White (the Gilded Age's most famous architect and designer of the family's Chateaux des Beaux Art - a Long Island casino) Since there are no family members left from this era and little was done to record an historic legacy, I will be at the mercy of books, newspapers, magazines and wonderful people like you that might have a tid-bit here and there that will help put all the pieces in place. Thank you in advance for posting my previous message. Mia Glover

Hello, I found your site while searching for information on an old bottle I have aquired. It is clear and approximately 3" tall. In raised letters it says: Meade and Baker, just under that is:carbolic, and under that is:mouth wash. Under that is: Richmond, Va. On the bottom of the bottle is, also in raised script, what I perceive to be the logo: large M with a large B across the M, horizontally. This bottle is in perfect shape. No chips or anything like that. Can you tell me anything about this bottle such as how old it may be or if it has any value? I truly hope I havent imposed on you. I have an old bottle book but can find no info in it. I dont much think it's a very good book to use as a resource. I would really appreciate it if you could help me. I love old bottles and this is just one of many, many I have. Thank you so much. I wish you a very good day. Sincerely, Randa Evans Prattville, Alabama p.s. The bottle is oval shaped and it is much slimmer about the neck. The lip or mouth of the bottle sort of rounds out above the neck.

I have exactly ONE bottle to my name. I've hesitated to throw it out because it's kind of neat. It's blue/green (aqua?), shaped like a rectangle-cathedral. The stopper looks and feels like coal - but it must be black glass of some sort. The stopper has an odd, round screw mold with a rust colored rubber attached lip. It screws into the bottle perfectly to create an airtight stopper. Without the stopper the bottle is 8.25 inches. The stopper raises up another 3/8". It has an embossed top of little pin dots. There's a seam down two sides of the bottle, which reaches to the top, but doesn't go across the bottom of the bottle. There are little air bubbles throughout the glass. The lip has that odd screw mold inside to match the stopper. The lip is 1" high and 1" across. 020302

Sir, You've got an excellent bottle site! Thanks for putting it up and servicing it. I've printed a bunch of sections on paper to read. In 1974 I was working on a major construction project in Dallas, Texas, it was Reunion Tower and Hotel and later Reunion Arena was built near by. Anyway a railroad line runs right buy this location in downtown Dallas and during excavation I was able to recover a few buried bottles. Thousands were destroyed and other employees got some too. I packed mine away, left as found with dirt and all. I have some other collector liquor bottles that I came across through the years but have not really been able to enjoy collecting for various reasons, mainly I am more inclined toward firearms than bottles. However, after your site's experience my taste could be renewed! But alas, I need money and have unboxed mine in order to sell at a nice gain I hope. I plan to auction them on ebay, but I don't want to clean them. I know they're more commanding clean, but aside from the soil I don't have time or equipment to remove stains, I don't think. I mean spinning one with copper shot doesn't prick my interest, unless is going to add hundreds of Federal Reserve tokens in reward. Now that I have your material I can at least ballpark date them and maybe categorize them. If you have any suggestions or hints they are welcome. I mainly just wanted to thank you for your resource- your site. L.

We received a what seems to be an early Apollinaris jug. This jug has a ship's anchor stamped on it with the Apollinaris-Brunner name around it. IT was found on a cunstruction site in Patterson Park in Baltimore city, Maryland where there were filling in a river that led into the bay to make the park. Could you give us a date of when this was used and if you know of any value it may have or point us to someone who may know about it? Attached is a photo of the above mentioned jug. Thanks The Knights

We have a rather unique collection of large unique whisky bottles. They range in size from 20" to 29". Some of the labels are "Schenley", "Calvert", "Four Roses", "Old Granddad". What we are wanting to know is what the value of these old display bottles is. We cannot find any books on display bottles anywhere. Do you know of any?? Thank you, Jenn & Eric Freeman

The bottle is embossed on the front: LYLE TRADE MARK with an embossed shield between the Trade & Mark. The shield is also embossed with 4 sections. Each section has an embossed A in the center. An embossed bird flies over the shield, and under the word LYLE. Under the shield is embossed: Registered D.T. LYLE & SONS LTD. There's no pontil. The bottom is embossed LYLE D.B.&Co. Ld 3663-1. There's a tiny nick in the lip - less tha 1/10 of 1 centimeter, and a small nick in the back on one of the cathedral panals. There are 12 panels. Is it worth me preserving or shall I go on using it? Thanks. MJ Cantine


While closing out my in-laws estate, I found a bottle that I would like to know about. I'm curious about the kind of bottle, possible kerosene or medical, I think because of the writing. It's 12 inches tall, clear glass, approximately 6.5 inches thick, rounded on the sides with ridges going down each side, smooth (5 inches) down the front and back. rounds up at top to form a 1 and 3/8 inch tall spout with a glass handle on each side. It appears to have had a screw-on type lid. One side has ONE GALLON written on it and the other side has FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS SALE OR RE-USE OF THIS BOTTLE. On the bottom at one end is DES.PAT.87834 and in the middle is a 1 and 3/8 inch circle with D201 with 64-9 under it. Beside this circle is an oblong "circle" with a 1 in it and an elongated diamond going through it. Sorry. I can't send a picture. Thanks for any information you can give me


Mr. Odell, I am searching for any publications or articles devoted to any kind of bottle or printed matter using the words "Snake Oil" in them. Would you know of any resources available? Thank you for any help you may be. My favorite "Snake Oil" Person was Clark Stanley. Thanx! Bill Riggle



Hello, I found several beer bottles along with small medicine bottles and the beer are large light green glass and similar smaller about one foot and six inches respectively- they have tops gone but says brewed in Baltimore and has two boxers on the front-embossed; one down. Found along with a lot of Federal era and 1800's stuff today. Any idea as to age or name of brewers? -Gretchen in Baltimore MD

Dear Sir, I was recently exploring in an area of many old residential foundations that were supposedly used during the Revolutionary War and some time after. I found a bottle while digging and was wondering if you could shed some light on the matter. It is a clear bottle, with a height of about 6 and one half inches, Blown in Mold, with a single collar and a base with a seam and a "H" with a "2" under it in a depressed circular ring. I was assuming the bottle came from the "Holt Glass Works" from the information on your website. Could you tell me anymore? Seeking any information on the following bottle. It is a cornflower blue BIM bottle with a blob top. It has raised lettering that says "Francis Dusch - This bottle is never sold." It has a smooth base with no apparent markings. The cork stopper is still intact. I cannot find any information on this bottle. Do you have any ideas? J. Roberts

Found this bottle under old 49'er in Ketchikan Alaska. Old timers tell me it is old opium bottle. Mint , NYAL bottle patent 1916. What do you think its worth?

I will appreciate your help, If you could , or know any info about this co. CHERO COLA BOTT. CO. IN COLUMBUS, GA. On the bottom has june 3 1927. THANKS

DIGGER. I have just purchased at an estate auction 3 bottle of liquors 1 is 90.3 proof THE PRESIDENT'S CHOICE .Ky straight bourbon 1/2 pint brown Forman dist. corp 1 is bols name .4 types of liquor in each 1/4 section of the bottle with glass stoppers in each spout. 1 is 2 types of liquor in 1/2 section of glass bottle red wax "cap" on each spout can you help


Digger - I am on the board of a small museum - and would like information about a bottle that is to be donated to our collection "Pee Wee Soda" - any data that you can provide would be appreciated - I have searched on the internet, but you can come up with some very odd sites with these words. Thanks - SUE

Digger-How delightful!- and of course it sure is. It is not blue though, but very dark black glass and is collected avidly by the same collectors that love the perfume minis since it is so very tiny. It should have an interior wand and also have a label for top value. I paid $35 for mine with neither, so that gives you an idea of value. Any type of vintage cosmetic item is currently hot on the market as long as it is not gruesome-some forms of cream can get to be very nasty over time. Also any cosmetic item marked France has an automatic extra added credit on the final value. One of these in the box sold at auction with no tag for $60 in 1996. Arden is one of the heavily collected perfume names and some special minis for this company can reach staggering figures into the 1000's (yes 1000's )if perfect and untouched. Kohl is of course the black eye liner from India and the far East originally. Nice that the Arden company used such a historic presentation and the name actually has the carat mark for an accent over the "O", Helen


Hi, my name is ivan Watkins i work pouring basement walls . and I found a bottle that says Kool-Aid on the front . this 8 oz bottle has whit and green on the front of it on the bottom it has a date 1940 bottled in Lansing Michigan. Has perkins original seal on the back of it . the rest says Nationally advertised kool.aid now comes to you as an outstanding quality in carbonated beverage Madeonlyfrom the purest ingredients under ideal sanitary conditions Bottled under license from perkins products co. Chicago ill Bottled by Kool-Aid-aid bottling corp. Lansing Michigan . this is in white letters . on the bottom it says patented July 18 1940 no. 121514 g1265 duraglas 1. kind of hard to say what it looks like .couldn't find out anything about it . can you tell me any thing about this bottle . it is in pretty good shape and has good color to it have no cleaned it up yet . thanks ivan watkins

well hello

Digger from Michigan! I acquired this bottle at a moving sale . The name , embossed in the front says GLOVERS IMPERIAL MANCE MEDICINE. on the sides it reads "H. CLAY GLOVER &CO. NEWYORK the bottle is dark brown, about 7 inches tall. the mold seams run almost to the top.

Digger, if you have the time please tell me what it was and how much it currently is worth. thank you so much for your valuable time. i appreciate you researching this bottle for me thanks Vinny Baldiga http://community.webtv.net/Vinny-Baldiga/VINNYSBOTTLE also visit WWW.bottles4u.tripod.com webtv users use this link www.bottles4u.tripod.com/webtv.htm

Hi, Digger, My husband found a clear bottle with a bust of George left on one side and a cherry tree with dates 1732 and 1932 in a banner at the bottom of the bottle on the other side. The bottle is 8" high 4 3/4" wide and 3" through. It has a 3" neck with scallops on the bottom of the neck. It a cork type bottle. On the bottom of the bottle there is an oval mark with a circle around it kind of like a ring around the earth. It has the number 2 on each side of it and 5 at the below the mark. Do you know what kind of bottle this is and what came in it? Does it have any value? Thanks Beth

I have an old jug from pyrex looks like a regular 5 gal water jug with a larger than normal lip on the spout , can you please help me with info on this piece? I would like any info for what it was used for, it came from an 50 year old lady who said it belonged to her grandmother, thanks so much for any help in this matter, Take Care, Jim Teddy

Good Morning, I have a Lincoln Bank Bottle that was given to me by my mother. Its about 9 inches high and is shaped to the likeness of Abe Lincoln. On the bottom you can read: PAT.DES.D1668135 17 () 3 LINCOLN FOODS INC LAWRENCE MASS I assumed it was a maple syrup bottle from the fifties/sixties. Could you tell me more. Thanks.

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