January 2002 Questions

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During the 1970s I lived in the Canal Zone and dug and collected several dozen bottles, mostly black glass. Some were acquired from diver friends and a few were dated back to the 1840s or perhaps even earlier. Can you tell me what would be a good source for selling these bottles at a fair and reasonable price?
Thanks, Larry Biggs

Larry, There are many avenues you could try. 1) You could put them up on Ebay. 2) You could take them to a bottle show and set up as a dealer. 3) You could take an ad out in the Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine. 4) You rent space in an Antique Mall or sell them to an antique shop. 5) You could advertise in your local paper. The catch is the phrase, "fair and reasonable price." Bottles are just like any other collectible. Take coins for example, if you had a rare 1806 silver dollar, people would be scrambling to buy it. You would have two or three or more offers to choose from. If you had a 1921 Morgan Silver dollar. Selling it would be much more difficult because it is not in demand. There are just too many of them on the market for the number of collectors. Many people in your position expect to get retail for their bottles. Getting retail means selling to end consumer - the collector. Finding the collector for the Morgan dollar takes much more work than for the 1806 silver dollar. I get questions similar to your fairly often and the real question is: How can I easily sell my average bottles for retail? The real answer is become a dealer or take less. The dealer makes a profit because he 1) takes a risk with his money 2) He must work to make his investment pay off by doing any of the activities listed above 3) He has developed special contacts (collectors) 4) He invests time. Ebay has become the easy and best answer for most people in your position. You can with little work and investment become a dealer. Ebay has made it easy to interact with collectors. Now if your black glass bottles are of the garden variety you may find even on Ebay they do not bring what you'd like. On the other hand, if they are higher end collectibles then getting a "fair and reasonable price" should be possible.

January 23, 2002

Word Mark BELLE OF LINCOLN Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 033. US 049. G & S: WHISKEY. FIRST USE: 1967. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1967 Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Filing Date March 9, 1967 Registration Number 0849554 Registration Date May 21, 1968 Owner (REGISTRANT) JACK DANIEL DISTILLERY CORPORATION TENNESSEE LYNCHBURG TENNESSEE 37352 Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Live/Dead Indicator DEAD

Jack Daniels bottles are very collectible but I do not think your bottle is that old. the Trademark information from above indicate that the name was not used before 1967. Ebay is the cheapest place to sell your bottles.

Hi! I was wondering the price range for this Cobalt blue bottle. It was my grandfather's. It stands about 18 inches high. Any information would be appreciated on this interesting bottle and how much it is worth (if anything). Thank you! Hallie Popp Attached is a picture of it.

Yes, I agree it is interesting and I cannot say much except that you need to check the mold seams to see if they go over the lip and look to see if the stopper is ground. If the stopper is cork or plastic covered then it is probably newer. I do not think this is an old bottle that is over 100 yrs. It might be 50 years old but I'm not sure without closer inspection. Maybe a reader knows. Digger

Digger.....just went thru your site and "wow !!!"i never ever realized there were so many bottles, etc. Out there ! Anyhow.....i recently came across this old bottle in a local estate here in Chicago and was wondering, if it isn't too much trouble, of its approximate worth or value. (I've attached a photo for you ) it was made by the "grand dad medicine co." (1015-17-19 south state street, Chicago u.s.a.)...label sez': "wine of pepsin" n.f. Alcohol 25% by vol......gastric stimulant digestive......average dose: 8 mils (2 fluid rachms.)......and at the bottom it sez': caution: this product has been made with non-beverage alcohol, and the sale or use for beverage purposes will render the vendor or user liable to severe penalties. The bottle is one (1) full pint in good condition with cork. The label is stained/discolored from age and torn at edges (but can be overall read with no problems). I think thats about all the info. I have. I appreciate this very, very much and will anxiously await "any" history or info. That you could possible give me on this bottle and its contents. Sincerely, Mr.. James venske, jr.

I think the company must have been a fairly short-lived and small concern as I could not find any reference to it. Between 1912 and 1933. The bottle is probably worth in the $15-20 range. Pepsin was a popular stomach remedy. Digger

I have a recently purchased with a lot of Carnival Glass three bottles which say Canada Dry Ginger ale on the bottom with the numbers 1, 15, 38 respectively. The bottles are marigold iridescent in color and appear to have been dug out of the ground as they were very dirty both inside and out. Can you tell me what year subject company used this bottle for their product. Thank you. APH - Massachusetts

My first guess would be that your bottle was likely made in 1938 and contained Sparkling Orangeade. It is not known who actually producded the bottles. The carnival glass industry generally peaked in the US by the 1920s. Little if any was made after 1931. The fact that the bottle had a paper label suggests it could be earlier. A brief history of the company can be found at this link Canada Dry History. Based on the history, I would say the bottle would have had to have been made after 1923 when the company changed hands and began to grow rapidly. These bottles sell for $20-40. Digger

Hi, I have an old bottle it looks like "donut" pontil. It has written on it liver-tone and on the other side Dodson's. I was wondering what it's worth. It is clear. Thank you, Michelle

If the "donut" pontil is a machine made mark then the bottle is worth $3-10. If on the other hand it is an open pontil then the unlisted medicine would be worth $100-200 depending upon size, condition, placement of the embossing. Based solely on the fact your bottle is clear, I suspect it is not pontiled. Digger

Digger, I have a food coloring bottle about 6 3/8" tall &  2 1/4" wide. It has a cork top with mold seams going all the way to the top. It looks as though the very top surface was sanded above the lip. The sides and back are embossed. On the left reads W.T. RAWLEIGH CO. On the right reads FREEPORT, ILL. On the back "Rawleigh's" in cursive writing. The bottom has a 2 in the center with rust around the Pontil mark. Enclosed are a couple of photos. The label is much nicer than the photo, near perfect I would say.  There are no chip/cracks, etc... Sure hope you can help me with an approximate date and maybe a value of this piece. Thanks, rhonda

Rhonda, Your bottle does not have a pontil mark. The bottle is more likely made about 1900-1910. Below is shown the trademark registration. Value is $10-15. digger


I sent my son an old bucket that could hold 7 - 16 ounce pop or beer bottles. It is old, metal, has a bail and attached lid. One bottle in center, six in circle around one in center. (None in bucket.) He wants to paint it the original color but not sure what it contained? He's doing his room in 50's style. It has Toledo, Ohio and beverage carrier on lid. Can you help, I'm at a loss. No one knows what this is or why it has only room for seven bottles instead of six or 8, maybe 7-Up? Thanks for any info or maybe send me in direction of answer? Mary Jo

I do not know. Maybe a reader can help. Digger

Hi, I'm doing an excavation for an addition in Toronto, Canada, and the whole dig is an old land fill site and full of old bottles of every sort. There appears to be a lot of milk bottles with embossed dairy names. Also vinegar bottles as well small medicine and liquor bottles. I'm not sure how old they may be. I suspect maybe turn of the century? Could you direct me? Kevin Westbrook Toronto, Ontario.

Check the bottle basics on this page and other Webring sites. I would need more information to be helpful. Digger

Hello, We dug up a bottle today that we've not seen before. It is clear about 11 inches tall BIM, and embossed National Capital Drug Company Wash, D.C. and has an embossed picture of the U.S. Capitol Building.I will attach a picture.  Thanks, Bryant Oxley

What a great bottle!! I found no reference to a Capitol Drug company but i did find several Capital Drug companies listed. I have not seen it before either. I'd think it was a good bottle however. Maybe $50-100. Digger

hi We have a bottle that looks to be a wine bottle, but we are not sure, The mark on the bottom is a diamond with the letter I in the middle can you tell us whose mark this is?

The mark is from Alton Illinois' largest employer around the turn of the century, Illinois Glass Company (Owens-Illinois, Inc.), employed 2400 people. The mark was used from 1916-1929. Digger

Hi, I have come across a glass container, and I was wondering if you can help me find out some information about it. The "jug" could of been a water jug... it is about 6 or 7 " tall a frosted light green in color, small , long neck, I would think stem would go over top of lip ? and a round -flat bottom. ( like a wine bottle) There is the word "Fridgeaire " in raised letters molded into the bottom.  Do you know if Fridgeaire made glass containers for refrigerators? and about how old it would be, or what the value, if any would be?  Any information is appreciated.  Thank you.  Kim Terry

Yes you have a refrigerator water bottle. They are not uncommon. I believe they dates in the 1920-1940 period and usually sell for $15-30. Many different styles were produced by many companies. Sometimes they were giveaway bottles. The one shown at the right was patented in 1927. Digger.

I have numerous apothecary cabinets that came from a turn of the century drugstore in Nebraska. I am looking for pictures of similar ones because I wish to get at least one of them back to original condition. The tops have been modified into a wider shelf than what was originally on them. Do you know of a place I can get pics of old cabinets? thanks for your help. Kim

I do not know. I think some old druggist wholesale catalogs might have such pictues but these would be vary hard to track down. Digger

Dig Find: Embossed clear w/lid Screw lid is probably aluminum w/embossing on top. Watkins Shampoo Jelly around top of lid and initials JRW interlinking embossed in top center of lid. Jar has Watkins Shampoo Jelly embossed around and under neck of jar. Watkins Medical Company, Winona, Minn. U.S.A. embossed on front of jar. Good condition, approx 3 - 4" tall and 2' diameter. Can you provide date and value? Lenora Weller Louisville, KY

  Company claims to have been established in 1868. I'd guess the date of your jar to be 1920-40 period. They first registered their name for shampoos and similar products claiming use since 1922. Value is probably $3-5. The Watkins Company produced zillions of products here's a partial list:

cosmetics and toiletries, namely, colognes, perfumes, hair shampoos and conditioners, perfumed sachets, skin lotions, dusting powders, bath oils, skin creams and facial make-ups; bathroom and glass cleaning products, laundry detergent and fabric softeners, stain removers and degreasers

liniments, topical antiseptic and analgesic ointments, medicated foot powder, aspirin, preparations for treating coughs and colds, mineral-vitamin food supplements, herbal supplements, air fresheners, insect repellents

seasoned coating mixes for meat, fish and poultry, food flavorings, seasonings and spices, processed herbs, extracts for flavoring foods, sauces and marinades, mustard, pizza crust mixes and seasonings, dessert mixes consisting of pudding and pie mixes, preparations for making soups, rice, tea, coffee, beverage concentrates for making non-alcoholic beverages

cooking oils and fruit preserves

I was given a very small clear bottle 3 1/2" high the words Genuine Tilly Haarlem Holland are on the side. I did find out that Haarlem is a place in Holland. I am not a collector just curious as to what this bottle was for. Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you in advance, Margaret Moton

Your bottle contained Haarlem Oil a very ancient medicine. You will find quite a bit about this bottle on my site including an article about Tilly. Above are two trademarks that were registered around 1907 and 1893. The bottles like yours date from the 1880-1910 period. Digger

I have an old medicine bottle.  It's from Robertson's Drug Store, Gold Field, Nevada. The bottle is about 10" tall, and about 2" wide.  It has a neck about 2" long and a cork top. The shape of the bottle is rectangular. It's a light purple color. All the writing on the bottle is embossed. Hope you can help me to learn about this bottle.

Western Drugstore bottles are very collectible. I do not know your bottle or the exact value but I'd would say at least $25 and probably more depending upon how rare it is. Below is a panoramic view of Goldfield, Nevada about 1900. The town was a mining town complete with brothels. Digger.

Hello Digger, My father has got a glass bottle with a little glass ball inside. When I turn (return) the bottle, the ball remains blocked (surrounded) in the neck. The height of the bottle is twined as a measuring glass.  Do you know what is it ? I will send you soon a picture Thanks a lot François from Paris - France.

You have a Codd bottle. Quite common especially in Europe. Yours is probably English. See the article on my sweb site for more information. digger.

hi Hayward's Military Pickle Bottle Looking for information about bottle-- green glass, Embossed around shoulder with "Hayward's Military Pickle". Base has number (embossed) plus embossed horseshoe emblem. This bottle is currently for sale on Ebay auction -- Item # 1403562143, end date Jan. 09, 2002. (Listing includes photos). Thanks.

Even though it is about one year later, I checked on Ebay and found not one but three for sale today (Jan. 03). The bottle is from New Zealand. One of the ones advertised indicated it had Amercian glassmaker marks. All three were being offered for a beginning bid of $15. I found no record of it in books on American bottles. Digger.

HI soda Joes Pepsi Cola excellent condition would like to know value. have milk bottle with UNCLE SAM embroiled saying "buy U.S.A bonds for Victory.

Maybe a reader can help on the Joes Pepsi. The milk is probably at least $50-100. digger


hi I have a bluebird bottle  6 ounce pant 1925 bottom has Hamilton bottle works check with you later

Your bottle is a Canadian soda bottle. The word "Bluebird" was registered in 1924 by the Kist company of Ontario for, " A concentrated fruit flavouring compound for use in the manufacture of soft drinks, ice cream, and fountain syrups; and soft drinks carbonated or non-carbonated." the Hamilton Bottle Works is a Canadian Glass Company. The trademark expired in the 1980s. Digger

I have an acme dairy goat milk bottle from Oklahoma city, ok in 1914. And I was trying to find out a little more about it, could you let me know if you might know where I can find out more. Thanks, Misty

Oklahoma City Library will have City Directories. That would be the best place to find out more. Digger.

I have a bottle of "throat remedy", about 5 inches high, amber, with a screw on cap (intact). It is maybe 2/3 full, with the label reading; Polonia Medicines- Gardlolina. It includes directions in English & Polish??!! Priced at 35 cents! Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

I found nothing related to this product or company, sorry. Maybe a reader will know. Digger


I found this bottle in an old trash area on my land in Oklahoma. The bottle reads: Dr. YY.B. Caldwell's Monticello,Illinois It appears to have a cork or some type of plug for a top. There are no threads for a screw top. Do you know anything about it ?

The product was popular world-wide here's the Canadian version with both English and French. Here's more about this bottle. Caldwell Digger

Hello, My name is Derek. I'm from Portland, Oregon. I recently found an old beer bottle. It's not a three piece mold and the only writing on it is on the base. A B & Co. The seam goes up almost to the neck of the bottle, about one inch from the top. The lip is applied. Could you tell me anything about it? Thanks

Not much, I am afraid. The A B & Co. probably has something to do with one of Adolphus Busch (beer) companies. It could be the intials for Adolphus Busch or for the American Bottle Co. digger. More about Beer Bottles

I have a Rowena cream pot with a blue glazed top like a buttercup. It has a picture of a man on a horse on it. I have never seen it before in all my travels. its by a. Massey & sons Glasgow. have you ever came across it. preserved Rowena cream a Massey & sons Ltd Glasgow thanks.

I had no luck finding anything. digger

hi John Rohr Portsmouth ten rib cobalt squat IP

Yes, rare and great bottle probably $500-800 range. digger

I found this bottle in Chicago while they were digging for a electrical vault for a metra station near grand ave. and Chicago st. on the front it says " Chapin & Gore Chicago also sour mash 1867 " on the screw on lid it says "pat. aug. 6`72 " can you tell me what this is worth?  thanks,  bob avon

The barrel shaped variety in mint condition goes for about $120-$150 with the screw on inside screw top. Digger

Dear Sir, Upon my Grandmother's death while cleaning out an old building, I came across what I thought was a toy replica of an RC Cola bottle.I have since learned that it is actually a cigarette lighter. It is very interesting and I would like to find out more about it. It is almost 3 inches high, and 3/4 of an inch wide. It is a neat little find, and I would like to know how to determine the age of it. Since you work with bottles, I wondered if you could tell me anything about it and if you have ever seen anything similar.  Thanks,

I can't tell you anything about this type of collectible. Lighter collectors might be able to tell you more. digger.

I have found a RC Cola Bottle that looks fairly old and can't find anything about these bottles. It is clear glass, has the Royal Crown Cola emblem on one side and the RC emblem on the other. On the bottom of the glass the numbers 27 1156 L 67 is printed. It also has a rough texture (bumps) on the rest of the bottle. I realize that it probably isn't worth much but your reply is appreciated. Bryan in Alabama

The Letters RC according the trademark information have been used since 1935. The mark was registered by "font-family: Times New Roman; mso-fareast-font-family: Times New Roman; mso-ansi-language: EN-US; mso-fareast-language: EN-US; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA">Royal Crown Cola" Co. Corporation Delaware 41 perimeter center east, ne. atlanta Georgia 30346. Your bottle is probably made in the 1960s.

Hi Digger. I am sending a group of 4 photo's. I don't mean to tie up your computer loading these up...I dug this from a privy in a old military camp in Michigan....the camp dates to only one year of use..1898...I am on the Histarch. list and forwarded these photos to some historical archaeologist's. the only thing one could tell me is that it might be a lid to a Snuff Mull. I have not seen a snuff mull before and I cannot find any examples that are not made of horn or have silver fittings or highly decorated pieces of art...this is a cast iron..2 pc....the pedestal was peened down on the bottom to secure it to the dish. it was a nice privy to dig out....bottles all dated to 1890's...beer... whiskey...medicine's...some with product still inside...clay pipe section and a whole bunch of other goodies...so anyway. take a look and send an email if you can figure this out. I appreciate your time. and help with this. Kris Oswald

Kris, the tapered base certainly suggests it was a lid of some type. It also may have parts which deteriorated. Maybe a reader will know. digger.


That is just not enough information to be helpful. It could be any number of companies. sorry. Digger.

This isn't a bottle question, but related! I have a cloth advertising sign, measuring about 16"x 40", for Dr. J.H. McLean's strengthening cordial and blood purifier, an unfailing remedy for weakness, nervous debility, disorders of the stomach and digestive organs. It's yellow with black lettering and a white border. The sign was made by Voll and Wolf Adv. Co. in St. Louis. Your site is the only reference I've found to the good Dr. McLean. I assume this either was hung in the local apothecary, or I've even envisioned it tacked to the side of a snake oil salesman's wagon! Any input you have is appreciated! Mark Bryant

It is certainly a rare item.

Here's a picture of the fellow. I am not sure what such an item would bring but I'd expect $100 or more. digger

Hello, I'm going to purchase a bottle with an broken bubble. This is moderately priced bottle when mint, ($200 - $250) and I was wondering just how much this flaw would detract from the actual value. Only the surface of the bubble has a hole - it doesn't go through the bottle. Other than that the bottle has very nice color and character. Any advice? Thank you, Ed

My advice is don't. If the bottle is priced as you say then others are around. The price difference should be significant. I would expect about 30-50% off. Some burst bubbles are just "skin deep" and only on the surface these are not as offensive as those which actually leave a hole. I'd personally advertise or wait for a better example. Digger.



I found a bottle in Coventry. England. It is four cm tall clear .On one side it has the words GI HOOD&CO LOWELL MASS USA.On the other side the words HOODS PILLS CURE LIVER ILLS DOSE 1TO3 embossed on it. Could you help me

They are fairly common, sell for about $10-20 and you can find several questions including a picture about them on this site. Use the search feature. Digger

Hello Mr. Digger . I have a 2 gallon crock whiskey jug that I have had almost 25 years , My brother found this jug in the basement of an old house in Tampa ,when I-75 was constructed the house was demolished to make room for the interstate highway. He at the time worked for the wrecking company and hence found the jug. The jug is tan/gray in color, has 2 white lines around the top and bottom circumference with a blue line between the white lines. writing on the front in a darker blue color is 1st. line: geo. a. dickel & co.2nd line: "cascade" 3rd line: distillery, 4th line: hand made---sour mash (these words are off set)5th line Tennessee 6th line whiskey. the jug has one handle, and I have measured the volume to be at least 2 gallons. app 13 1/2 " in height and circumference is 29".looks like the ones you see in the movies where they throw in on their shoulder and take a swig but larger. its in perfect condition with no chips or cracks, does have a lot of hazing. The bottom is rather smooth with a small blue line and no markings, the bottom base outter edge looks rough like it was turned on a pottery wheel. you can see small lines on the slightly raised bottom edge.its pretty heavy, almost 10 lbs. sorry if I have rattled on, I just wanted to give you a good description and mental image. I'd appreciate any information you may have regarding dating and any value it may have, Thank you sir, sincerely, connie price port st. lucie, florida

according to this article, "In 1888, George A. Dickel and Co. acquired the sole rights to bottle and distribute all of the whiskey produced by the Cascade Distillery, which had been established in 1877 in Coffee County, and was then two-thirds owned by Dickel's partner and brother-in-law, Victor Shwab. Also in 1888, Dickel, who was then a 70-year-old man in failing health, fell off his horse and was injured, forcing his retirement. He died six years later." (http://pw1.netcom.com/~cowdery/articles/men.html). Your jug is an original it probably has a value between $250-350. I found this picture of one which sounds similar. The style dates from about 1890-1900. Digger..

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, I have 87 yr. old unopened, orig box,seal I was hoping you might could help me with this? I have a Dougherty's private stock pure rye whiskey pint bottle unopened, with original seal, and original box. Made in 1915 and bottled in 1920 during the prohibition days, the box has bottled in bond under u.s. government supervision for medicinal use only on it. Do you have any idea what it might be worth or do you know where I might could find out? I thank you for taking the time to check for me.  Dale White

I'd expect it to bring $50-100. digger


It might be a Chero-Cola from Birmingham, ALA. Maybe a reader will have another idea. Digger

I have a liquor decanter made in Italy, it is the Pieta' and stands 12 to 14 inches tall, Sicilian gold is on the bottom along with Eva sud Morolo Italy also a picture in a crest shape. Also patent pending, on the back where you pour the liquor from there is a wax seal and 56 stamped into it. I have tried to find out information on this piece for the last two years with no luck. Hope you can help. Thanks

I am afraid I am not going to be much help. digger

Dear Sir, I have been asked to seek information regarding the value of a LOUIS XIII Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac bottle. The bottle in question is in excellent condition, and has a serial number printed in white letters on the bottom. The label that surrounds the mouth of the bottle appears to be that of gold, or gold plated. The sides are ridged, and the middle of the bottle appears to be internally fused together. Any information you can provide to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Robert

It presently sells for $142.00 a bottle full . Empty I think it would be hard to sell at any price. digger


Thirty years ago My grandmother gave me a clear bottle about 8 inches high with an embossed figure of a man in coattails. The top of the bottle is his top hat. At the bottom is inscribed Mr. Pickwick. My grandmother also gave me a Mrs. Buttersworth bottle at the same time and said Mr. Pickwick was a syrup bottle that was supposed to compete w/Mrs. Buttersworth. The seamline goes to the bottom of the head and stops. The hat has tiny stress lines that run vertical. Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. I've collected bottles for years and never seen this bottle in books or in antique outlets.  Thanks for any help. Kevin Flanagan Elgin,IL

Someone else asked the same question a while back Pickwick

PS - I also have a bottle from the Graf Bottle Co. in Milwaukee, WI that has the Graf Zeppelin embossed on the side. The bottle is torpedo style. Any idea of the age or value on this bottle?? I have 3 other Graf bottles but there in Hutchinson and s tandard bottle format

I have not heard of the Graf bottle with the embossed Zeppelin but it would be a good one especially in a torpedo style bottle. I'd guess even in aqua it would bring $150 or so. Hugo Eckner commanded the Graf Zeppelin. The Graf Zeppelin was in service from 1928 to 1937. Those dates do not fit easily with a torpedo style bottle. Something seems odd here. I would like to know if the bottle has the Milwaukee name on it. digger.

Found a clear glass bottle about 4" high that is embossed E.R. Durkee & Co. New York around the neck. On the bottom of the bottle is an embossed date of April 7, 1877. I read about the Durkee company history that started in 1851 and made sauces. Approx value? Gordon Buchanan, Augusta,GA.

Unfortunately, not much probably in the $2-5 range. Most food bottles, exceptions noted, are not widely collected. There are quite a few bottles with the Durkee name embossed. Digger

Howdy Digger: I found this bottle this weekend, while metal detecting. I know enough about old bottles, to pick them up when I see them. :) I know its an ink well Umbrella style stands at 2 1/2 inches tall, and the base is 2 1/4 inches across flat side to flat side. The color is a deep Olive green when looked though at a light. Its condition is excellent no chips or scratches. I'm interested in obtaining its age, rarity, value, and History

Exceptional find. Your bottle looks like an Eastern style umbrella. The umbrella or "fluted cone or pyramid" became a standard form in the 1840-60 period. The style was popular because it was not easily upset. Your looks to be a C141 based on Covill's Inkbottles and Inkwell, a book that has been the standard for years in the hobby. Value is $150-250. I'll bet you did not find any coins worth that on that day. Digger

I have been looking online for Mason's Jars as I am trying to price a jar I have in my possession. It is an Aqua Half Gallon. On the front it says: "MASON'S" in an arch over "PATENT", then "Nov. 30 th" with the "th" in superscript, and then "1858" I has a zinc lid with porcelain lining on the inside, the lid says "Ball" in traditional cursive. The lip of the jar is not smooth, but very rigid-like. On the bottom of it, it has: a backwards "2" above another backwards "2". Along the sides are two seems, and that is it as for distinguishing marks. I can take pictures If you need them, but I may take some time to get them sent out. Thank you very much for your time. If you cannot help would you be able to help me out?  Sincerely Carli

I am going out on a limb here and saying your jar is worth about $10-15. I did not find the exact jar listed with the backwards 2s but I do not think they make a huge difference. Digger.

Dear sir, Recently I inherited few things amongst which there was Bols Gold Liqueur. On the cap there is written Erven Lucas Bols Anno 1575. It is a product of Holland. The label is gold with white and red writing on it. There are some words which to me appear to be in German. There is also written Amsterdam Den 1 January 1868. On the back there is a green label which describes this traditional Dutch Liqueur as Bride's Tears of Happiness symbolized by small leaves of pure gold. It is still sealed. Can you please give me the price of this bottle and inform me if it has any collector's value. Whilst wishing you the best for the New Year I would really appreciate you giving me the necessary information. Thankyou

They are common. Value $20-30. Digger

I am trying to date or get the most basic information I can on a bottle that my son retrieved from the bottom of the harbor in Key West Florida. The bottle is dark olive green in color, 10 inches tall, approximately 2 3/4 inches in diameter. At the top the diameter is approximately 1 inch. It is similar in shape to a modern soda bottle. There are no visible seam marks, the bottom dimples in about 2 inches and then has a small (about 1/2 inch) bubble down in the middle. The top of the bottle looks like it is smooth with a single band or coller about 1/4 inch below the top. The collar is 3/8  of an inch wide and flattish. The bottle was encrusted with marine matter  which we tried to remove with muratic acid. Most came off but not all. As the bottle dries a salt like dry substance cakes up on the surface, even after washing with soap and a nylon scrubbie. The bottle also has striations in various areas in what appear to be a fairly random pattern. These are almost like scratches but appear to be more a product of the bottle fabrication. Any help you might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated, as we know nothing other what we have learned from this web site, which was very informative. Thank you in advance for your help. Mark Parker

Sounds like an ale or wine bottle could be from 1920 or 1870. the striations are probably a result of the exposure to the water and elements. Digger

hi Iron glue small about 4" tall Also McC & co.

If I recall correctly "Iron Glue" is embossed on the base of the bottle which looks very much like the bottle in the advertisement above. They are common. Value is $1-2. McC & Co. is the Wm. McCully & Company of Pittsburgh in business from 1841-1886. Digger

Japanese bottle


in 1974 I lived in the Philippine islands. my father and I dug into Japanese caves that they dug during the war in the 1940's. i found a few bottles that where buried there .well after all these years I still don't know what they where for. some of them have writing on them. this is just one of them. can u help me I d them or gave me a link where some one can help. thank you kevin

I do not know what they are. I suspect from the form they are pill bottles. You can probably find someone around who can read Japanese and tell you what it says. Digger.

Mr. Odell - found your web site via Google. I have a bottle from my late father's collection. I'm curious about its rarity and value. My dad was a bottle collector back in the 40s and 50s, but sold out most of his collection in the 70s. The bottle is a Psychine patent medicine bottle. One of the web pages I read indicates that you are familiar with these bottles. This one is about 9.5 inches tall. It has its original label, is unopened and still contains the patent medicine. I can't tell you anything about the bottle lip, as it is obscured by the lid.  It is clear glass with a smooth bottom.  Embossed on one side with "PSYCHINE", the other side with "FOR CONSUMPTION AND LUNG TROUBLES", and on the back with a seal reading "HOPE IS THE ANCHOR OF THE SOUL" Plus the Slocum Co. lines. I also have pieces (maybe 40%) of the original box. Condition of the bottle is very good. The label is essentially undamaged (only two small nicks at the top). Thanks. John Cotton

Your bottle is a machine bottle judging from your description which indicates a cap. Rarity is scarce with the box and label value for the screw cap variant would be about $15.00. The picture shown the embossing from the earlier 1880-1890 bottles. Digger

have some old soda bottles I have had for years. Can you tell me if I should hang on to them or if the are worthless ? 12 ozs. clear bottle Saegertown beverages "the aristocrat" S-agertown ginger ale company, Saegertown, PA 12 oz Nesbitts clear bottle bottled by liberty bottling works, Auburn, NY 12 oz Ma's clear bottle bottled under old fashion inc. Wilkes Barre, penna. I have been hanging onto these for years and am cleaning out. Should I toss them or hang on to them. Thanks Jim

They are not especially valuable but should be worth $2-3 each. Digger.

hi I have some bottles out of the back yard dump one is stamped FELLOWS & Co CHEMISTS St JOHN N.B it has typical side seams but the glass is swirled and of ruff texture the bottom is stamped circle indented with a # 4 in the center the other is WHITTEMORE BOSTON USA Coke bottle green

The Fellows sounds like it has ground wear from being buried unless the dump was burned and then sometimes you find bottles with strange textures. The Whittemore is a shoe polish bottle very common. They do however come in several unusual colors, deep green and light citron yellow green color from time to time. Keep digging.

I was surfing the net trying to research a couple of bottles I have recently purchased and I came across your site I will quote the e-mail Rayo has sent you and could you please pass my details onto him or give me his e-mail address as I have two of these bottles aprox five inches high and very good quality glass the joins are smooth as silk and the detail of the faces is very fine they must have been made by a quality glass maker about 1968 I would guess one bottle is labeled cherry flavoured brandy and the other armagnac

Good-evening, Are you able to help me with the history of a black glass bottle I have had for about 50yrs? It is a I think, a brandy promotional piece from the early 1950s.In the shape of a knight with gold lion, sword,etc it is a decanter-bottle from Castagnon Nagaro France. The notion'' Federal law forbids etc....''would indicate the U.S.A market objective. The capacity is only about a pint or so & it stands about 12 inches. I have always liked the piece & if the same company produced other models I would be keen to collect them. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me,Regards, Rayo

I could not find anything. Obviously with the "Federal Law..." the bottle was made between 1932-1964. Digger.

hope to hear from you soon many thanks, Malcolm

I'll check my email record to see If I still have the address. Digger.

Hello, Can you provide me with information about the J.H. Cutter/A.P. Hotaling Glob top amber whiskey bottle. Apparently, A.P. (Anson) Hotaling was the bottler for J.H. Cutter. I would like to research more on Cutter and especially Hotaling. Do you have any recommendations where to go for research or do you have information about Hotaling? Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Mark Ruden

Mark Betty Blasi and John L. Thomas have written extensively on the topic. You can find this writing in Whiskey Bottles of the Old West. John L. thomas published a great deal of material on Western Whiskey bottles. He died in 2000. His neice along with Bill Ham, author of the Bitter Book, have reprinted the Whiskey bottle in hard cover. I think I paid about $75+ for my copy. You might still be able to secure a copy of this text from his niece, Lisa A. Brighton, 61 terrace View Dr., Scotts Valley CA 95066.
Hotaling was an agent for John H. Cutter. A.P/ Hotaling established himself in Portland in 1852. In the January 1, 1881 edition of the Portland Oregon Morning Standard, Hotaling gives an account of how he came to bring the Cutter whiskey west. Those are two good leads to begin to follow.


my husband likes to dig for old bottles and he found a bottle like this one. this is a picture off the internet that i found. i e-mailed the lady on this, but she has not wrote back. on the bottom of his has centreville, miss. could you by any chance know what this bottle is worth? or have any information on it. thank you,kornpatch1

Your bottle is a nice odd shaped soda. I cannot use the picture you found on the Internet without permission so I will not put it up. the Brandimist Company of Decatur, Georgia also produce a product called GRAPEDEW and registered a motto for the product in 1962. Your bottle looks much earlier, I'd guess in the 1920s or so. Value, I'd guess about $20-30 maybe more if they are rare. It is a nice "designer" type soda.


We found a 1926 Brandimist bottle recently. It is in excellent condition and the date is marked very clearly on it. Can you give us any information about this bottle and about what it might be worth? Also, where we might sell it, if we are interested.


See the above. From getting two letters in the same month about the bottle, I'd guess it is not rare. But designer soda bottles are becoming more popular. Some selling in the hundres of dollars. digger

Here are four photos of this cool bottle. It is 12 inches tall. It has some little air bubbles up the neck. I think the metal is copper. It has no markings at all, except the pontil mark on the bottom.....Thank you in advance!

Only one of your pictures came through. Your bottle looks to be very early. I have never seen anything quite like it myself and wonder if the metal is original. The lip looks old and I'd guess it to be Eastern US made or foreign. Maybe a reader has an idea. Digger.


Digger, I have 6-16 oz full coca cola bottles in the holder on the bottom is Kansas City Mo. what is the value of this 6 pack? Tom Rundell 

Hard for me to say without seeing the case and bottles. Kansas City was a big operation and so I do not think the bottles themselves are rare. I'd have to guess at about $30-40. digger.

Good morning we have come across several full bottles in a house we are caretaking for a family member who is 80 years old and in a nursing home. Could these full bottles have a market? or should we enjoy the old old whiskey? Thankyou Frodo

They could indeed depending upon how good a quality they were to begin with and their age. I'd need a better description. Digger

I found 2 old bottles in our attic. I was kind of curious in finding out if they were of any value. One is an Old Polk Brand bourbon whisky pint with the label pretty much intact. The other is a full quart with a spider web design in the glass. Where could I find out what (if anything) these are worth? Thank You, Lisa Jorgensen

Probably in the neighborhood of $12-15 each. Digger

I have 2 bottles which came from around Georgia I think bottle 1 it says stuff about federal law on the sides but on the bottom it says  56 (I) 57 made in usa 30' Canada jos.e Seagram and sons ltd. it has a cork top and its brown bottle 2 says the federal stuff again and then (aa) and on the back it has what looks like a Cadillac crest on the bottom it says 7. d9  56 57   m-25 b 2 b des.pat.126624 its brown with a cork top I want o know every thing about these and I need to know of a good bottle encyclopedia and price site or book thanks

Based on the markings the bottles were probably made in 1956 or 1957. I check the des. patent number and did not find a bottle design for that number. Both bottles sound like they are worth under $10 each. Similar bottles are selling on Ebay daily. I know of no book which lists whiskey bottles from Post World World II era. Digger

Dear digger, I have looked far and wide for just a little info on three bottles that I have with little luck. They are some what the same, they are what you call label under glass. First bottle is clear with the label reading. HYKI Tonic, The Dandruff Cure, Prepared by The Universal Scalp and Hair Remedy Co. Cleveland Ohio. Second is the same clear glass label reading C. Hughel Comp,y It has Dander Off That hits the spot. as a slogan It also is a Hair Tonic & Dandruff Remedy. Prepared by C. Hughel Comp,y. Indianapolis, Ind. And Toronto, Ontario. Lastly this bottle has a shield type label under glass with this on it Moonshine Pabst & Kohler . It also is a clear bottle. all bottles are in great shape and the labels are near mint looks like they took a cork for a cap. These bottles came from an old Drug store in Northern Ohio. They are empty very clean and no chips or scratches. Please Thanks in advanced for any info on these. Tony Esposito Kingston,Ohio

Your bottles are extremely rare and probably quite valuable. They date to the turn of the century. My guess is they are probably worth $300-$400 depending upon the condition and color of the labels. Multi-colored labels with pictures without tiny cracks , chipping or loss of the wax from behind the label add to the value of the bottles. Black and white labels without pictures might bring in the $150-250 range. Digger.

Hello, I don't know if you're the person to ask this question to or not -- but here goes. I was reading through the Lycos site and came upon your e-mail and thought maybe you would have the answer to this question. I bought a cobalt blue flask (I think it's a reproduction, but want to be sure) with General Washington on the front and an eagle on the back.  The reason I think it's a repro is that it has a "2" on the bottom of the flask. I don't think any older bottles, that were original, would have a 2 on the bottom of them. Am I right? Thanks for any info you can supply to me. If this is not a question you can answer, just please write back and let me know that. Thanks again and have a great day. As you can see, I'm not a bottle collector, just happened to like this one when I bought it. Joyce

Probably. Best to go to the library and find a copy of Mckearnin & Wilson's book on American Bottles and Flasks or the original Mckearnin book both have tables and drawings of known flasks. Yours sounds suspicious. digger.

Would you happen to have any info on the Larkin Soap Display case? I have one in my shop for refinishing and need to replace one of the curved glass panels. How old would you guess it to be and while we're at it, what's it's estimated value? Thanks Dave

1890s -1920s they gave away lots of stuff with their name on it. Value without the glass would be very little. I'd estimate $350 refurbished. Just a guess. digger.

Thanks for the help. You have a great website. I am not yet a collector but I have come into possession of a bottle that I have not been able to identify and I came across you site.  I'm intrigued. This bottle is of particular interest to me because my name is CALLAN, the same as the embossed "PROF. CALLAN". The subject bottle was recently excavated in Breckenridge, Colorado. After reviewing your site, I believe it is a "sample medicine" bottle. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to scan some drawings to attach. Therefore, I will describe the bottle as follows: Condition: empty, no cork, good condition except for defects within glass. Height:  4". Sides 1.5" square. Color: light green. Shape: square bottom portion and top portion is round and narrower (about 1" in diameter). Embossed: One side: "PROF. CALLAN'S  WORLD RENOWNED BRAZILLIAN GUM" (Brazilian spelled with two "LL") Embossed: Bottom: Embossing is slightly irregular four sided diamond shape with embossed letter "V" inside the embossed diamond. Defects: The glass has numerous bubbles (the largest about 1/8"). The rounded neck portion has long curved steaks in glass (defects, not decorative). Lip: Single collar, no threads. Outside dimension 1 1/8"diameter, Inside dimension (opening) 5/8". Inside lip has noticeable irregular shape defect appx 3/8" in size. Bottom: square, smooth, slightly concave, and embossed as noted above. Seams: two diagonally opposing seams very noticeable particularly in rounded upper portion but not so noticeable in the square lower section.  I am quite interested in whatever information you might be able to provide. It is a family curiosity. Again, my compliments on your website and the excellent information. Thanks. Dennis E. Callan Sold between 1891 and 1924. I am not exactly sure what it would have been used for. Gum is used in making many product including soap. The bottles are quite common but interesting. I do not think it was medicine. Digger

Some years ago, I found a moxie (tonic) bottle with a porcelain cap with wiring to seal, similar to mason jar. i also have a green river whiskey bottle (2 1/2 gal. cap), stands 23 1/2 " high, 10" wide, 6" deep. the bottle is embossed with the name green river blended whiskey, a logo, the name of the distiller "olde tyme distillers inc."and a slogan "the whiskey without regrets" I am wondering if these two items have any value to a collector, or should I dispose of them? king regards, bob wessa

The Moxie is collectible and worth in the range of $20-25. The display bottle for the green River is probably worth a bit more perhaps up to $50 or more depending upon how old it is and whether or not it ever had a label. Digger .

Hi, We have recently moved into an old family farmhouse that was originally built over 100 years ago. The old outhouse is still back there, but it's been moved over at some point, because there are no holes in the ground where it stands now. We fashioned ourselves a homemade probe and tried to find the place where the ground seemed soft and the probe went in easily. We dug a hole about 2 feet deep, but all we came up with was hard red clay. We are so novice at this. I've collected bottles for years, but never had the opportunity to dig for them, so I'm very excited at the possibility of finding the old trash dump or privy hole that my ancestors used many years ago! My question is.....when you begin digging a hole.....how deep should you go before you know you're in the wrong spot and need to look elsewhere? Will the ground get softer if you're in the right spot? About far in would your probe go if you were in the right spot? Any help you can give this totally beginner bottle digger would be so much appreciated. Thank you for your time! Deb Almond

Deb, you need to invest $15 in my book on the Secrets of Privy Digging. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. digger.

Hello Digger, I have this bottle it is one pint, I am thing that it maybe a liquor bottle, It say own the front of the bottle, federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle. It has diamond shapes in the front of the bottle, and at the bottom of the bottle and the top the diamond shape go around it, and in the light the diamond shapes show off different colors. It was made in u.s.a 1859, also D-126 with a shape of a diamond.  I thank you for your reply.

Without a name embossed or a label, your whiskey bottle made between 1932 and 1964, has little value to collectors. I wish I could tell you more. Digger.

I was wondering if you have any information about a particular bottle that we have. We have not been able to find anything on it in our research.. Here is a description: It is light aqua with what I believe is an applied taper top. It is 9" tall. There is a shield with a hand on the inside embossed on the bottle with TRADE MARK underneath.. The lettering near the base of the bottle reads reads: H HALL HILLTOWN IRELAND & NEW YORK. The bottom of the bottle is slightly rounded but has a flat base. And the number 3940 is underneath. Thanks for your help! Serena Anderson Louisiana

I found no trademark records related to this name. A picture might help identify the type of bottle which might help identify what was in it. Digger.

digger I have a bottle "Henry Lubs & Co. 1885, green color, 71/4" tall, could you tell me about its scarcity and value. Thanks

My guess is that you have a soda bottle. Can't tell you much about it. the date improves the value but unless the green color is a deep color other than aqua, the value is likely under $20. Digger.

hi I acquired a large, (what I believe to be a water bottle) from my father-in-law. It is shaped somewhat like a ribbed bell. It also has a green tint to it with a few bubbles in the glass. The base has the word "CRISA" and "Bottle made in Mexico" on it with some, what appears to be scrolling and a shape like an old game board piece. So far I have been unable to find any info on it. It does appear to be old, but i'm no expert. Do you have any idea what it is or where else I may look to find out.  Thank You,  KIM



Digger where can you find a lamp to turn bottles color. we have a bunch bottles we like to turn to get rid of. Jerry Quesenberry

I did a search on Google and found many suppliers. The bulbs from what I know can be dangerous to the naked eye. I am not sure of the prices. Many years ago, I built a purpling box using an old trunk. I mounted the bulb in the lid and had the cord come out the back. I put the bottles in the trunk, covered it with a blanket and then plugged it in. The bulb generated very little heat. In about one week the bottles were a nice light purple color. the depth of the color is determined by the amount of manganese in the glass. This is however very different from irradiated bottles which have flood the market over the last few years. Digger

Hi my husband dredges up old coca-cola bottles in long island sound we have a lot of bottles we like to know some information on the value of the bottles or if you could tell us where to look they are 6oz.green coca-cola bottles with different states listed on the bottom of bottle we have plenty of them

Most of the "hobbleskirt" Coke bottles with Cities are common and the majority sell from $3-10. Some towns are rare (I do not have a list) Straight-sided Coke bottles are more likely to be valuable and are scarcer. I'd suggest a search on Ebay for your bottles. Digger


Hi, I have a Whiskey Bar Bottle that I cannot find anything about. I would like to know the rarity, value and history. I have attached a picture of it and a close-up of the embossing. The embossing on the front is: TIFFANY CLUB, a lion (with an odd tail) standing on a TC Emblem. The bottle stands 8" tall, 3 3/4" is the neck. It is 4 1/2" across the bottom. The neck is sorta like a "lady's leg" shape and the seam stops below the ring of the applied lip. The lip is very crude with no seams. There are vertical ribs that run 2" at the bottom of the neck. The bottom of the bottle is squat and has 1" vertical ribs around the lower edge of it.  The bottom of the bottle has a half of ring, bubbles and some embossing that is so dim I can't make it out even with a rub of it. The color is light amethyst. It has a little bit of staining inside that could probably be soaked off. I have contacted several others about it but no one seems to know anything about it. I'm wondering if it came from a private club so would be scarce. I dug the bottle about 40 years ago in a small dump in Limon, Colorado. Thanks for any help you can give me. Kathy

I found no reference t the name in the US, Canada or Britian. If the bottle turns out to be a western bottle it could be very valuable. Digger.

One has Standard Motor Products raised near the bottom front and above that is a depression where the label and parts number went. Some have the red, white and blue label some do not. The metal lid is painted blue and also says Standard Motor Products, they are 1/4 turn lock lids. On the bottom there is a large ring and in the center two or more smaller rings (I assume from being machine made bottles) and there are 3 raised numbers and some type of design/logo?; it appears to be an oblong 0 and a sideways diamond horizontally through it, and there is one # to the left, right and beneath this design. The other type of bottle is basically the same, however, the raised portion on it says Guaranteed Parts Co. Inc. with the company logo GP in the center and the lid is painted in the same fashion as the raised portion. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about these bottles - I am  going to make a display for some of them, since my husband and I are both car nuts I think it would be a rather unique display but we don't know anything  about them. I have a digital camera and if you are interested I could email you some pictures. If you are unable to help or uninterested I will understand - thanks for taking this much time to read this. Sincerely, B. Taylor

Your screwtop auto related bottles might be of interest in car collectors more than bottle collectors. I'd guess a modest value but since you are car fans then it does not matter. My guess is they date to the 1940-1960 period. Digger.

Dear Digger; I recently came across a bottle of Jim Beam,(Beam's Choice) triangular in shape. On the front of the bottle is a picture or artist rendition of a largemouth bass. The artist name is James Lockart. This bottle is one of three in a series. Bottle is blue in color with some gold blended in with it. Seal is broken, cap has some paint off of it.The size of the bottle is 4/5 quart. Any info and or price would be appreciated. Mitch

Mitch your bottle is one of a series of 4 fish bottles. some books list them for $3-6. i found them selling for as low as $2. Digger

Aloha, I have a little clear bottle circa. 10 cm. in height and square. It reads "AYER S LOWELL MASS. PILLS" Do you know anything about this cute little bottle?????Thank-you!!! (I think you are amazing...) -Kilihune

Ayer Pill bottles are certainly much harder to find than many other Ayer products which included the following" Ayer's Hair vigor, Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Ayer's Ague Cure and others. The reason is suggested in the tradecard ad to the left. the pills were usually put up in boxes except to export to hot and damp climates. The Pills were an early product introduced according to some sources as early as 1843. This is reasonable since pontil specimens exist. Yours being clear is probably about 1900 give or take five years. The pills were still being advertised as late as 1935. the company advertised widely through he use of newspapers, tradecards and almanacs. they were located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Digger


The Sol Bear wine also comes in a very hard to find sample size. I thin the wine is probably relatively scarce but not rare. the Soda, colored and pontiled from NC sounds super. If the color is deep teal and not just a dark aqua then it might be $300-500+ bottle. Someone in one of the bottle clubs down there would know. Digger

I have a brown 1890 "Fluid Opium" bottle with crooked neck that says poison on it. "Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Co." Also a clear glass "Quintaton" - "Wine of the Three Cinchonas with Iron", both about 7" and beautiful old labels, ( can send scan photo) #3-clear 3" Listerine with embossed lettering #4-clear 4" Dr. Perry's Dead Shop Verifuge I have had these for over 30 years and Would like to find the value, since my pharmacists said he would buy them. Thanks so much, Andy

The Opium bottle would be the best of the lot. I'd estimate the value around $75-100, $25 for the Quintation, $1 for the Listerine, $5 for the Perry's unless it is an early one. Digger

Hi, I have a Lydia E. Pinkham's Medicine bottle. Can you tell me if it is worth anything? I also have a bottle that has Citrate of Magnesia on it. It has a hard white cork attached to a medal wire.

Both the Citrate and the Pinkham's are about $2-3 Digger

Hi I have 3 Italian glass bottles that are 22 inches tall. I green 2 gold. The glass is kind of bubbly looking and they have a plastic cork. The top or cork is about 6" tall. Are they worth anything?

Probably not much. Digger.

Hello Digger, I have enjoyed your site. It is very interesting. What I am looking for is some fairly inexpensive reproductions for my window. I have a large window in my kitchen and I have chosen to put large colorful bottles there for decoration. I have a few that I have collected over the years. Some are reproductions and some are real like the Clorox bottles. I would like to know if you have any large colorful bottles that aren`t real old? I have looked for a seller, but cannot find one that has what I`m looking for. I lke the poison bottles with the skull face. I can`t afford the real expensive bottles. Sincerely, Kelly Bartram

Kelly get on Ebay and fill every window in your house for very little. Digger.

Several months ago we were digging in a 19th century dump and dug and unusual dark ambered colored bottle that says" J. A. Gilka Berlin, Schutzen. st-str 9" the bottle has an embossed picture on the bottom of the bottle this is a very beautiful bottle can you tell me more about this particular bottle. It stands about 10" inches tall . thanks Larry

Other Readers have asked about this bottle one in March 2001 and another in September 2000. The bottles are pretty and come in several colors greens and ambers. they are often more crudely made than bottles from the same time period. I believe they were not made in the United States. The German company claim the name was used for their liqueurs since 1836. The label covered the bottle almost entirely and labeled specimens are not uncommon. One of the products was Kummel , a clear liqueur distilled from grain alcohol flavored with caraway and anise seeds. The company registered a trademark in this country in 1975 and renewed it again in 1996. The bottles sell for $15-25.

I have a Phillips milk of magnesia bottle, blue colour with a small date stamp on it of Aug 21 1896 it appears to be about a pint capacity. I also have a 1 quart vinegar bottle embossed with midland vinegar company. It has seams up to below the lip then it appears to have the top bonded on after. It is clear. There are no markings on the bottom. Any idea of value? Thanks, Kevin Westbrook, Toronto, Ontario.

They do not have much value maybe one to two dollars. the Midland Vinegar is a product of the Midland Grocery Corporation of Columbus, OH. They began around 1911 and trademarked a number of names for their products in the 1940s. Your bottles both probably date around 1900-1920. Digger.

Hi Digger I have a yellow round bottle that stands about 10 and a half inches tall. The side seam run up to the top of the neck but not on the lip. It had a cork or glass topper. It has a full paper label yellow in color. The label has two children on it, a boy and a girl sitting on some kind of a chest. The label reads: Jayne's Expectorant, for coughs and cold, croup, asthma, lung diseases. There's strength for the mother and health for the child. Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge, surley expeus worms.It is embossed on back: Good for Mother and Child. The sides are also embossed: Tonic on one side and Jayne's on the other side. The bottom has smooth base with embossing reading: Crownford China co. inc. The bottle and the label are in perfect condition with the exception of the label that has some small spots that look like it might be mold spots. They are few and very light in color. The bottle has some slight bubbles in the glass. I might add that you may call the bottle pale amber but it looks more yellow to me. I am unable to find any info. on this bottle. I have found info. on other Jayne's bottles but not on this one. I would be ever so grateful for any info about this bottle that you may have. Thank you very much for your time. Vicki

The Crownford China company is responsible for this reproduction bottle. There is such a bottle but no in that color nor with that label. They appear to have been made in the 1970-1980 time period. Digger.

Good morning, My name is Ted Hamlin. I am doing research to find the origin of a full sealed bottle of a product called Whitlock's mouthwash. It was manufactured in Chicago for the Cherokee Remedy Company. I would appreciate any help you may be able to give me.  Thank you, Ted

Ted, I can find information on companies called the Cherokee Remedy Company doing business in 1901 out of Camden, NJ but nothing on a company from Chicago. Digger

My dad was recently given a bottle of Ancient Age whiskey that is 71 years old. The top of the bottle is a cigarette lighter.  Do you have any information or know the value of this whiskey bottle? Thank you, Lisa O

I do not. Value would be different depending upon if it is full or empty. digger.

Hi Folks! . Looking for any help at all. I found this old bottle at a thrift store. Looked to be red, but when held up to light I noticed yellow lines all around it. It is a round bottle but the lines make it look dimensional. Very, very thick mouth. Mouth looks rough. Very, very heavy.  No marks or seams. No screw top, uneven mouth. Looks like it had a smoothed pontil bottom. 7 1/4 in. tall. Bottom is 4 1/2 in. in diameter. Short and fat.  I have photos I will attach. I am stumped. I found a site where they appraise bottles and they could not help.  I would greatly appreciate anything!!!  Thanks!

I think you have found a perfume bottle which at one time had an atomizer attached. I am a not certain of the age. it has the look of 1900 but it could be much newer. I am also wondering about the red color. While it looks like it is the glass color, sometimes the color on newer bottles is flashed on and only a thin surface coat. The grinding around the mouth suggests an earlier bottle and makes it appear that the glass is red (which is an unusual color for glass). Value without the original top is limited to $18-20. Digger.

I'm trying to find out in which country was the stopper bottle system made famous by Grolsch beer invented. I know they first used the system in 1897 but did they or the Dutch invent it.  Regards Ivan Bonacci

The porcelain stopper with a wire bale used in this country was invented by Henry Putnam and was known as the lightning stopper (shown middle above). According to the ad, it was patented Feb of 1893. The Grolsch stopper you speak of makes me think of the amber bottles with the porcelain stoppers that were made in the 1970s and can be found in flea markets and antique malls across the country. Putnam had been working on the bottle stopper problem for nearly 20 years. His first patent for a wire bale stopper is shown below. The "Lightning" stopper was an improvement which he developed after the invention of vulcanized rubber. I have no sources on European stoppers other than those made in Britain. (See Codd article) Digger

Hi I live in Baltimore MD and have 2 old bottles from MD. One is a READS pharmacy with intact RX (for whiskey) dated 1924 has no stopper label is in pretty good shape. The other is from a brewery that no longer exists in Cockeysville , MD Could you tell me anything about them? Thank you.

The Whiskey RX bottle is a nice bottle with a label. I'd estimate $12-20. I can't say much about the other without a description. Digger.

I have an Exporters White Horse Distillers LTD. bottle from Glascow Scotland. How much is it worth? From Emily

Hard to say without a better idea of the age and description. if it is relatively new and empty and no label it is not worth much. If it were 40 or more years old with label and content then it might be a good item. Digger

Hi. Here's a description of my bottles. The MAIN question I have is the date and the 4-digit number embossed on the side...what does it mean? 1. Crown top 2. Smooth base with embossing  3. Aqua color 4. Size 6 1/2 oz, 19 1/2 inches length '5. Base embossed "Jasper TEX" Trademark Bottle with the number "2" in the center, 2nd bottle same except with "Chicago, ILL" and what looks like the  number "1" in the middle 6. Both bottles have a 4-digit number embossed on the side "6776" and "6503" 7. Body has "Coca Cola" (in cursive) on one side and "Coke" (in print) on the other in white lettering Thanks very much - I have been on the net for hours with no progress.

ACL and embossing suggests a date of 1950s when the 6 1/2 oz bottles were both embossed and painted. As for the numbers. I have no idea. I have seen them but do not know the significance. They probably relate to the mold or batch numbers of the glass companies producing them. Digger


I found a whiskey bottle that I picked by the train track in attalla, Al. Early 70's I still have it's rather unique. It has a long neck and a fat bottom. and it 's bottom when flipped upside down it has a indentation on it's bottom. Please let me know if you know the value of this bottle. thanks

Without any embossing it probably has little value. You do not mention the color. Digger.

Hi, our son found a liquor bottle at a flea market. Perhaps you can help on defining the age and if it is of any value. It is a dark green, somewhat like the dark green from depression age. It has on bottom Charles Lanqueray and Co. Ltd. also on bottom, Liquor bottle, underneath is written London also has a mark somewhat like a shield with something inside, can't make out it it's letters or numbers. I think it is a gin bottle????

I could find no reference to the name anywhere. The best clue to age is the method of manufacture, and mold seams. digger.

Witsell Brothers, Memphis, Tennessee Embossed as above, five inches tall, 1 5/8" wide and 5/8" thick, clear glass, capacity, one or two ounces. Thank you. Nolan M. Workman, Jr. Dibble, Oklahoma

Nothing I could find on this probable drugstore. Digger

Digger, I have an old liquor bottle in the shape of the state of Tennessee...It has no brand label, but I got it from the estate of a retired liquor merchant in Memphis who also had a large collection of Ezra Brooks items. It has "Queen Ann B. China 1969" on the bottom. Any ideas on this item?

I believe this bottle is part of the Jim Beam State Series. They sell for $5-8. digger.

Hello Digger, I hope you can tell me some thing about this jar, I can't seem to find any information on it at all. This is an old jar that is carved to look just like a large owl. It is a clear glass and is 21 inches tall.  The jar is about a five gallon size and weight is 6 pounds. It has a white metal lid that screws of the top. The only writing is stamped on the bottom and it says The Wise Old Owl in all capitol letters. It reminds me of a very large piggy bank, but there is no hole for the money slot. If you have any idea's I would appreciate any thing you could tell me. Or even if you have an idea where to look would be great. I just keep pulling up blanks. Thank you Gloria

Gloria, I found about four different figural Owl bottles listed but not like yours. Being so large is a puzzle. Maybe another reader has seen something like it.

Hi, It was suggested by Emmet Baker, from his website, that I contact you to try to find out about my ink well. So far nobody has been able to identify it. It is about 3 inches high and is made of sheet brass. Any information would be appreciated. Please see jpg attachments. thank you. Mark prinzi

From the picture it looks fairly early say 1850-1860 judging from the bottle. Inkwell and ink bottle collectors form two very different groups. I'd suggest a value of $90-100 other than that I can't say much. Digger

Hi my name is Michael I would like to new if this bottle is worth anything Its a single serving Welsh's grape its about 2 1/2" hi with a cork in it, it has the grape syrup still in it there is a# on bottle275 and on the bottom is a round circle with a F in it I found this plowing my fields I cant believe it still has the syrup in it is it worth any thing I would really like your help

1897 Ad from The New England Druggist

I have seen the single serving bottles which date to the turn of the century and are quite common. They stand about 5" tall however. The ad above mentions sample pint sizes. I have not seen or heard of the bottle to which you refer. Here's a link to the Welch's website which has some historical information about the company. Welch's Digger

Dear: Wondering about the value of a 1977 NBA World Championship (Portland) 7up bottle. Thanks for your time. Nancy Chew

I can't say. for sure but most of the bottles of this vintage sell in the $3-5 range. Digger

I have found a bottles that i am trying to find out the year this is new to me so i am not sure what is needed to determine the year or approx year of  the the bottle it is an amber color and the inscription on the bottle is Wahl Brewing Co. Monroe Mi.

The Wahl Brewing Company was doing business under that name from from 1898 until 1905. digger

I have found an old soda bottle that is three sided. The name on the bottle is Delaware Punch and it also says that the bottle was patented in March 4 (1924).On the bottom of this bottle it has these letters (D.P.B.Co) San Antonio. Can you tell me any thing about this bottle.   Thanks Mike Morton


Filing Date June 27, 1969 Registration Date August 11, 1970 Owner (REGISTRANT) DELAWARE PUNCH COMPANY CORPORATION DELAWARE P.O. BOX 12430 SAN ANTONIO TEXAS 78212
Sounds like from the many trademark registration of the company the product was first sold under that name in 1915. They went out of business in the 1970s so it seems. You do not mention if the bottle is embossed or painted label so I'll assume it is embossed and probably made prior to 1930. I'd guess it might have avalue of $8-15. Digger

The first bottle is 7.5" The second bottle is 8.75" Digger, I love your site. I am a soda bottle collector and have learned much from your site so far. I am amazed that you are able to find the time to do the research on all these bottles! I have two bottles that I would like dates/information/value on. The first bottle is BIM with an applied lip? or blob lip?, seam running from the base up to where the lip was attached. It was sealed by a glass sphere that was put in before the lip was put on, which then was held up by pressure I guess? Is there a name for this type of closure? The bottle has an embossed circle on it, around which says Ilman Bros. Hanson Lane Halifax. In the center of the circle, it says XL in large letters with Trade Mark Registered in block letters beside and below it. The bottle has s small crack on the back side of the bottle on the lip. The second bottle is machine made, with seam running all the way to the top, crown top. The whole bottle is embossed with lines that make it look like it has fractures all over it, or like wrinkled tinfoil.  Embossed on one side is "The Lions", in a script similar to the Coca-Cola script with Trade Mark Registered in block letters below. and on the other side embossed is mountains.  Embossed on the bottom is "Van Bros. Ltd." I have done some research on this bottle, and have found that "The Lions" refers to the mountains on the bottle, which are in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Your first bottle is a Codd bottle. They are plentiful both her and abroad due to much importing by antique dealers. Yours might well be a home grown variety. Halifax, Nova Scotia is one possible origin. i do not have good Canadian references but would think it is Canadian this would be a very collectible bottle. However, I do not think so. I found references to Halifax England and Hanson Lane but no such references in Nova Scotia. I found no reference to "The Lions" in Canadian patent office records. Digger


B obby, some people still use them. They stopped using them in most areas by the 1940s but in rural and small town areas which may not have had sewage plants. People often did not have septic tanks and continued to use outhouses. Digger

dear sir i have a1840 e.c. booze old cabin whiskey bottle like the one you have pitured. i would like to know the value of it if it is an original and the value of it if it is not. every thing pretty much checks out except the s is a litt off centered from the c and there is no star on any shingle on eighter roof .i bought this bottle at a garage sale for fifty cents .it is so nice to find it listed in your page.also note there are bubbles in the glass on the back side of my bottle. that kinda indicated to me when i bought it that at was blown. please respond and again thank you for having it listed

Your best best is to read my article on Booze bottles. Digger

Hello, I really enjoy Digger Odell web site. I am also a digger but mostly in old dumps on our farm . The family who owned the farm before us own it since 1900. My question is that I never find a colored bottle maybe a few brown ones most of my finds are clear like Virginia Dare and other flavor type bottles Listerine bottles mustard jars none before 1900 . I am not so interested in what the bottle is worth as to the history of it on this farm. One thing we did find out is this family pulled a lot of taffy so the reason for so many flavor bottles. Is there a reference book that Digger offers that could help us? The years 1900-1960. Thanks Dale

Not really Dale. Most folks are interested in the value. Later bottles just do not have the collecting support to bring much more than a few dollars with some noted exceptions. This flies in the face of what most people find when they find bottles. They most often come across later bottles and wonder about their origins. There are literally millions of different bottles that were made between the years you list. No one could list them all. In fact, most people get tires just looking through all these questions. Digger

hi We have recently found a whiskey bottle in the pine woods of Georgetown County, SC. The label is partially gone but it appears to read "Dixie Dew". Bourbon Whiskey is clearly legible on the label. The bottle is amber in color and has a 1 pint volume. The bottle is somewhat rectangular but has rounded shoulders and it is rounded at the base as well. Threads at the top of the neck indicate that type of cap. Embossed on the back is "Federal Law Prohibits Sale or Reuse of this Bottle" which indicates it is 1931-1964 in all probability. Any idea as to the antiquity of this find or the origin of manufacture?

No such name was trademarked. However "Dixie Dew" is a drink made with 1 1/2 ounces bourbon 1/2 teaspoon white crème de menthe 1/2 teaspoon Cointreau or triple sec.. Perhaps the label was fgiving directions for making this drink. digger.

I have only these 2 bottles I found after a flood. I am not a bottle collector , but these bottles are in excellent condition. I would like to find out more about the lysol bottle and the average price for each bottle! I could not decide which book you would have them in. I found the info for the Clorox bottle on the clorox web site.Very informative!! Lysol's web page didn't have  any info on old bottles as did clorox.com

Bottle bottles would sell under $5-10. Digger


I am looking for a value on this blue wine bottle. It is a 1979 Burg Layer Schlosskapelle white grape wine. It is a product of Germany. It is imported by Pieroth Wine Imports Inc. Franklin Park, IL. It is not damaged or stained. Its volume is 0.75 L. The molding seam goes up over the lip. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I doubt the bottle has much value to collectors. Maybe $3-5. It is just too new unless it has the contents. Digger

A Friend found these old medicine bottles and I've been trying to find some information on them. The name on the boxes says Dr. King"s New Discovery. The company name is H. E. Bucklen & Co. It Originated in 1869. He has a whole case of them each in their own box and the medicine is still in them and also a little envelope of pills. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!  Kevin W. King

The bottles are common and you can find much information in the pages of Questions I get. They would be much less common with label and box. I'd expect to get $15-25 each. Digger.

Mr Odell, In your April 2001 questions and answers there is a question regarding a bottle (with a picture) that has a spout on the side along with a normal bottle top and then another piece of glass the goes into the reservoir from the other side. It is a blue glass and your response was that maybe it was a wine decanter. Well.... I was wondering if maybe it could be a BONG???? It has a similar layout. Just a thought. Christine Lloydminster, Alberta

Could be. Digger



I do know. Maybe other readers have heard of the bottle. Digger.

I was looking at your website and noticed a question about the J.A. Mordic Dairy bottle. If I could I would like to have more information on this. My grandfather Eldon Mordic talked about growing up on a dairy farm in Brinkley Arkansas, to this date that's all I know about our family history. I would like Mr. Smiths email address if possible to find out more. Thank you Charlie Mordic

Unfortunately I do not keep most of the addresses. Sorry. Digger.


Many other readers have asked about this you'll find more information if your search. $3-5. Digger

hello i have another bottle question.   This one is about 6 and one half inches tall. full label that reads, sanfords compound extract of ginger. potter drug and chemical corp. sole props. boston, u.s.a. color is green . cork is still in top. plus a blue bromo caffeine bottle about three and a quarter inches tall. and still waiting info on the 12 sided 4 and one half  inch tall opaque green color bottle.  thank you . hope to hear from you soon.  nappythibs

Potter Drug company made many many products. they are most famous in the bottle world for the Sanford's Radical Cure. Sanford's Ginger was a "Delicious combination of Ginger French Brandy and Choice Aromatics...reg'd 1876. The brands was advertised as late as 1921. Earlier bottles of the same brand were heavily embossed and aqua in color. The Bromo-caffeine bottles are very common. they were competitors of the Bromo Seltzer Company. it was a headache remedy. Originally it was called "Broma". it was manufactured by the Keasbey & Mattison company in the 1890s. Here's the story: Keasbey & Mattison

Hello Mr Odell, If you have a moment I have a question on two bottles that I picked up the other day at an antique store. The first one is cylindrical in shape in clear glass 15.5cm tall and had the words " ST JAKOBS OEL" "ST. JACOBS OIL LIMITED" "LONDON BALTIMORE TORONTO" The seam goes up to the neck of the bottle and then stops. It has the number "406" embossed on the bottom. What product would have been sold in this bottle? Thank you! for your input! Christine Bailey Lloydminster, Alberta I'm not so much interested in the worth of the bottle but the history.

The other bottle is vase shaped cobalt blue 17.5 cm tall with no markings either on the side or bottom. It has a seam the goes up the sides and through to the lip of the bottle. The opening is only 13mm wide. What would have this bottle contained?

Your St Jacobs oil is a fairly common patent medicine. I have not seen the English or Candian version you have but they were distributed world wide around the turn of the century. Vogeler and company out of Baltimore, Md were the original owners. IN 1906 it appears the name registered under the company name embossed on your bottle.

the blue bottle is interesting. I can only gues it might be toilet water or hair tonic. Nice bottle. Digger


hi digger, can u please help me out by answering this question for me? i have a carters inkwell about 2 inches high. it is clear, seam stops at base of neck. .it has an offset neck. it is cube shaped and embossed ''made in usa'' on one side and carters 361 on bottom. i cant find ANY information on it.. please help me!!! here is a pic. its a bad one but it should give u SOME idea.THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!! AMBER XOXO

I am certain that this is your bottle but it is probably similar. These off-set neck bottles are more attractive to collectors. Yours dates the to 1880-1910 period. Digger.

Hello Digger, I recently found an unopened bottle of "GREEN RIVER WHISKEY" dated 1912 in my grandfathers trunk. Where can I get additional information on this ? I understand that the distillery was destroyed by fire on August 24, 1918. Best regards Richard

There are a large number of collectible tip trays and advertising signs with this brand on them. The brand was probably not produced during prohibition but in 1935 the name was registered by (REGISTRANT) OLDETYME DISTILLERS, INC. CORPORATION NEW JERSEY 122 EAST 42ND STREET NEW YORK NEW YORK. They owned the name at least through 1975. the whiskey was produced under that name beginning in 1890.

I am in possession of a Jim Beam decanter. The decanter is approximately 13" tall measuring from the base to the tip of it's corked top. Dark blue in color, the decanter is round with "bunch of grapes" appearance. The top, oval in then same pattern. Somewhat "bubbled" one might say. The neck, pour spout, handle and 1.5" base neck is what appears to be gold. On the bottom are the following words:

CREATION OF JAMES B. BEAM DISTILLING CO D.W.N. KY - DPR - 230 GENUINE REGAL CHINA C MILLER 1963 145 LIQUOR BOTTLE Some of the initial, letters as in the DWN and the DPR may be wrong as this 45 year old writing to you needs glasses. But if you are familiar with these types of decanters I would bet you'd know what the letters actually are.  What if anything, can you tell me about this bottle? I appreciate your time and effort and hope to hear from you soon.  Thank You, Lari Pueblo West, Colorado

I am not familiar with this bottle. digger.


digger, im not sure if you can help me out or point me in the right direction i have found 2 bottles of old quaker brand straight bourbon whiskey is is a dark brown color (the bottle) and has a pretty basic label with a bust type picture of the old Quaker at the middle top of the label I found these bottles in a place that leads me to believe the bottle is at least 40 years old if you can help I would like to know the vintage on this bottle. thanks  larry

I would they they would be at least 40 years old. Schenley Distillers owned the Old Quaker name in the 1940-1970s. The name had been in use since 1878. When Schenley owned the name it was produced by the Old Quaker Company of Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The original company may have been in Maryland. Digger

Hi- My boyfriend is trying to get an approximate value for a: One gallon bottle of Chivas Regal, approximately 14" in height, smooth bottom, with the exception of the embossing of the production of it. As near as he can tell it says, "Chivas Regal Limited - Scotland DDM-068" The bottle is clear and round; he believes it was likely machined as there is a seem up the sides. The bottle is in excellent condition, never opened to this day, still with it's original box. The label or paper seal around the top has the following numbers on it: 007328968 on the very top of the bottle there is "I-549." There is a shipping label on the box which reads, "General Wine and Spirits Company, New York, New York CR-B-US 2500343" He believes it's between 30 to 50 years old, but really has no idea. He's looking to sell it, full and in tact and would like to know what the estimated value would be. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You- Estelle Stutsman

I can only guess without a photo it is difficult. I would say these days at least $30 probably more. Digger

King digger  5 years or so ago while digging my new driveway I found a bottle of great interest to me because it jogged my memory off my childhood days off being up to the eyes in mud looking for old bottles from boots, or a beer bottle with a marble inside the neck (a big gasp of wonder 4 a young kid), Anyway I have a bottle I can’t get much detail on and I'm now looking for a bit help or advice.

The bottle is referred to as a Codd bottle. It was soda bottle not a beer. Do a search on the internet or this site to see many many examples. Very few are American. If your happens to be one of those then it would be of great interest to collectors in this country. Digger


The bottle is called Hubbly Bubbly, its size is 8.5 Fl Oz, and best off all its registered bottle No is 874480.  I would appreciate your help in the matter of putting my mind at rest. Thank you Linden Best  (an old enthusiast)

I am afraid I was not able to dug up anything on this brand. Maybe a reader has an idea. Digger

I'm about to purchase a Tonsiline Bottle. The color of the bottle is green. One side says 'TONSILINE" the other 'SORE THROAT' both in raised letters. Front has a giraffe on it. The only ones I've find reference to are Clear. My question is are there green tonsiline bottles? Also, If it does come in green and clear, does it come in any other colors.  Thanks. Bonnie


My first impression is to say yes. I actually have not paid that close attention to these bottles. Given the brand goes back to 1893. Digger

In 1972, my father bought me a Bols Apricot Liqueur Ballerina Collector Bottle from the ABC store. It was some kind of special edition or other. Labeling on the bottle includes the following: 1) "Sale Distributors for the United States THE JOS. GARNEAU CO., NEW YORK, N.Y. 2) the labeling around the bottom of the bottle includes a sketch-picture identified as Lucas Bols, A0- 1575 BOLS Ballerina, followed by a description of the Apricot Liqueur, 1 Pint, Produce of Holland, 62 Proof, etc. 3) on the bottom of the bottle states bottle and unit made in France. The apricot liqueur is long evaporated, and, being 17 at the time, when it did evaporate, I broke the seal to replaced it with colored water - my loss. The ballerina is enclosed in a bubble-like unit and the music box still plays "Blue Danube" beautifully. For sentimental purposes, could you research this bottle for me as far as dollar value, history, common or collectible, etc.? My father recently passed away and I intend to pass this treasure along to my daughters with any information you can share. Thank you.

You have asked one of the most popular questions. Today on Ebay on found about a dozen of them listed. Some contained apricot liqueur like yours others contained Curacao or Gold Liqueur like the picutre above which shows the gold flakes. Some were full and others empty. the highest price asked for a full bottle was $24.00 the empty bottles were in the $8-9 range. Digger

I have the "Gold Liqueur" Bols Ballerina bottle w. contents still in it. W. the ballerina that plays to the music. If u have any info on this item please let me know. I was just wondering how old this item is and what its value is. Thank you Silvia Folsom

Silvia, See the above question. I'd guess the bottles were made in the 1950-1970 range. They are very common.

I have a bottle found at the bottom of a drained pond dated about late 1800 It has the words PARADI TERMESZETTES ARZEN ES VASTARTALMU ASVANY VIZ IT IS DARK BLUE can you help me towards identification mostly for curiosity thanks Hank

The best I could guess was that the language was Hungarian. But I could not get translation. Digger

Hi; I have an old Coca Cola bottle , I found it in the wall (bricked ) in a High school that was getting redone to make bigger class rooms. It is a clear Bottle with Coca Cola Trademark embossed on the top signing Coca Cola and it has Buffalo Bottling Co. I looked on E-Bay and the closes thing to it is A 1905 bottle but it was green not clear and from another state. Plain round 6oz bottle . Can you give a value on it. Or where I can find out more. Also it is a thick heavy bottle perfect . Thanks  Mike Byrne Buffalo NY 14220

In Petretti's Coca Cola Collectibles Price Guide I found a Rochester Ny Coca Cola bottle which i think might be yours listed for $325. Nice find. Digger


The Belle of Lincoln could be as old as 1878 and indeed was a Jack Daniels bottle. I would suggest Ebay auctions as your best bet. for this one. Digger.


Hi I hope you may be able to help me out. My name is William Salzman, and I picked up 1 8oz bottle, and 1 stoneware crock that are both marked with M. Salzman Purity Above All.  The only thing I have been able to find out is that they may be from Brooklyn, NY area. I am not worried about worth so much as my curiosity of learning something about the business because of the name. The brooklyn Public Library told me you could possibly help. thank you for any help you can give William Salzman

I was not able to help. Maybe another reader can. Sorry Digger.

Rose & Co. Lime Juice

hi I have a bottle that has l  rose an co . it has raised leafs an flowers all over it . it is light green in color. i would like to know if you can tell me something about this bottle thank you so very much terry

Your bottle English bottle contained Lime juice. Lauchlin Rose founded L. Rose & Company whose company got a big boost when the English passed an act requiring all Navy and Merchant ships to carry lime juice. The juice was to prevent scurvy. While Rose & Company was in business in the 1860s, your bottle probably dates to the 1890s. Digger

I found a bottle today and am wondering about it's age and value. Here goes.... It is clearly a medicine bottle. It is about 5 inches tall. The bottom has a circular stamp that says "Owens" in the top part of the circle and something like the following on the bottom part of the circle... "8.<O>7". It has a flat side with the dram iii insignia on the top of the flat side. It has graduations on both sides of the flat side, one is in drams and the other is in cc's. The side opposite the flat side is slightly rounded. The opening is rather unique in that it obviously had a screw cap and also has a pour regulator molded in to it. The glass is clear but on an angle there is a very slight aqua tint. I appreciate your help....RPK

Based on the mark on the base the bottle dates between 1929 and 1954. Value is probably very limited $1-2 at most. digger


Another reader asked about this bottle in February 2002 (Next month). The bottle described is "Bottled under license from Perkins products co. Chicago ill Bottled by koolaid-aid bottling corp. Lansing Michigan . this is in white letters . on the bottom it says patented July 18 1940. The name shown above was the actual registered mark in 1940 for carbonated beverages. Shown below is the bottle design patent registered for the Perkins company. I would assume it looks like your bottle.

I have a bottle of Boles liqueur it is four bottles in one with six different liqueur in them. also lionstone whisky bottles.

Your Bols four compartment bottle is very common and shows up at garage sales. It was made in France and looks crude and old but it is not more than 30 years old. digger.

I have discovered an un-opened (full) bottle called "Old Mock" from the A. Ph. Stitzel, Inc. The Probation stamp says Bottled Fall 1935 Made Spring 1917. The bottle is unopened and full. The flask type bottle says it is from Distillery number 17 in Louisville KY. Any value? Or should we drink up?

(REGISTRANT) STITZEL-WELLER DISTILLERY CORPORATION KENTUCKY LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY. WHISKIES. FIRST USE: 1923. Filed 1949, registered 1951 and renewed in 1971. the Stitzel-Weller company went out of business in 1991. Don't drink it. Probably worth at least $50 and possibly more if the label has nice graphics and is fully intact. Digger

Hi Digger, Can you tell me the age, rarity, value and history of the following bottle, found while I was hiking in Northern Minnesota near an old dump site. The bottle has a name on it "Mary Goldman, St. Paul, Minn". Lip looks rolled & tooled, mold seam stops before top and there is a seam on both sides of bottle. May be a key molded smooth base. There is a diamond stamped on bottom with an I in the middle of the diamond. Color: Amber Height: 5" Shape: Round Please see the attached photo, I can't tell if this was a medicine or ink bottle. Y Thank you for your time in this matter. Denise Kearns

The bottle is not handmade since it has the Owen mark indicating a manufacture date between 1929-1954. Mary Goldman is listed at 181 West third Street in St. Paul in 1933. According to the American Druggist Price Book, she made shampoo, hair tonic, Hair Color, Quick Hair Restorer and various powders. I'd guess yours was a hair color bottle or shampoo. Digger

I have an old glass bottle shaped like an old man. He has a long beard and long hair. It has both hands and shows ten toes coming out from under a long robe. It is clear glass with a glass stopper. On the back is: Fac-simile of FIRST POLAND WATER BOTTLE. Under that it reads: HIRAM RICKER & SONS, INC. On the upper back (between his shoulders) it reads: Federal law prohibits sale or re-use of this bottle. On the bottom of the bottle are the numbers R - 61 & under that: 9 S 5. I am wondering if it has any value and if there would be a market for it. It was in our home for as long as I can remember and I am now retired. I would appreciate your reply. Thank you.

While it is not the original bottle which sells for more than $100, it probably would be of interest to someone collecting figural bottles and would be nice collection of 1930s-1940 whiskey bottle collection. I'd estimate a value of $20-30. digger

I found six of the Forni's Alpenkrauter Blutheleber bottles. Dr. P. Fahrney, Chicago, IL is printed on one side. Can you tell me anything about the bottles and if they have any value? Thank you. Jack Ballard

Word Mark FORNI'S ALPEN KRAUTER Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 005. US 006. G & S: A TONIC TO IMPROVE THE APPETITE, TO PROMOTE DIGESTION, TO REGULATE THE ACTION OF THE BOWELS, AND TO QUIET THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, ETC. FIRST USE: 1888. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1888 . Name registered 1921 but your bottles are probably older. (LAST LISTED OWNER) DR. PETER FAHRNEY & SONS CO. ILLINOIS. CHICAGO, ILL. He was a busy man making numerous different types of medicines many of which were bottled in the same bottle. You can find out much more about him in other areas of my web site. Do a search on his name. The value would be in $5-10 range. Digger

I have a bottle of Foni's Alpen Krauter laxative made by Dr. Peter Fahrney & sons Co. Chicago, Ill. Left side of bottle is embossed with " Prepared by Dr. Peter Fahrney & sons Co. Chicago, Ill, USA".  Right side has " The reliable Old - Time preperation for home use". The bottle holds 18 fluid oz. It is approximately 9 1/8 inches high.  It has a screw type cap can't tell lip because the bottle is unopened.

The bottom is embossed with Fahrney Chicago with a 9 on the left side of a circle with a diamond shape and dot in the middle and 50 on the right side of it and a 6 below the symbol . Labels on front and back of the bottle. Clear colored glass.

Has a registered number on the box top which is 620492. Box and instructions are both in English and in German. If it is possible please let us know the age, rarity, and value of this bottle.  If you need the picture of the bottle and the box just email me back and I can get it for you.  Thanks for your time & effort,  James

See above. Your bottle sounds newer. Probably in the 1930s. Common and probably not too valuable. $8-10. Digger

Hi from Kingman, AZ....Can you tell me and my father where our bottle was made? color- green ABM 9 1/2" tall bottom- left of manuf. symbol is 3 and to the right is 0 (zero); below the manuf. symbol is 3; also, below all of that is... CB 6129 or GB 6129... everything is embossed face of bottle- reads, GENUINE and just below that reads, Muehlebach's in cursive writing Thanks a bunch.

MUEHLEBACH Goods and Services (ABANDONED) IC 032. US 047 048. G & S: beer, ale, and malt liquor

We've found a one pint bottle of Mint Springs 90 proof Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey which was distilled and bottled by Glenmore Distilleries Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky. The seal is still intact and the label on the front in good condition, except for some missing around the edges. There is a State of Ohio Department of Liquor and Control Seal on the neck of the bottle. There is an "armour" emblem in the glass directly below this seal. The back of the bottle says "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle. FULL PINT. Bottom has the coding "D-8" also "68" and a "7" with a hexagon with an "F" between the two set of numbers. Can you tell me how old this bottle of whiskey is? We found it in rafters while remodeling...

Word Mark MINT SPRINGS Goods and Services (EXPIRED) WHISKEY. FIRST USE: 1915. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1915. (REGISTRANT) GLENMORE DISTILLERIES CO., INC. CORPORATION KENTUCKY 711 BRENT STREET LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY. they registered the brand in 1935 and renewed for the second time in 1975. The name is no longer active. With the words "Federal Law prohibits I'd say your bottle is between 1935 and 1964. Empty the value is probably $10-$15. Digger


I have a Demijohn about 16-18 inches in diameter and 18 or so inches high. It is a light greenish color and in mint condition. The bottom is sort of concave shape d(looking from underneath). It's easy to tell that it was all hand blown. Is there any value to this bottle?

Yes, probably $40 or so. Digger

Can you tell me anything about this swan travelers ink refill bottle? I grabbed it for $75.00 - think it was worth it? In the original box too.

Not much except I like it. It appears to be very early probably 1830s. Digger

Note: forwarded message attached. I have a large collection of coca cola bottles dated back to 1923. what would be the price on these? I also have pepsi Nehi Grapette medicine and perfume bottles which I would like any helpful information you can help me with to research the value and age. I am in the process of selling my collection separate or all. I have a Dr. Pepper bottle I think is very old it is white-frosted 8 flozs. Embossed raised lettering On bottom of bottle Denison Texas. also has a raised zigzag type design? Also do you know the value of a six pack of billary beer? Thanks.

I cannot help much on this general request except to say you probably can sell them. I do not know about the Billary Beer. Sorry Digger

Admitting that I know nothing concerning bottles, I have a question pertaining to 3 old bottles that I have held on to for the past 20 years. I got them while living in the Charleston SC area and while all of them have some type of "identifying" mark, I do not know anything about the "rarity" or if there is any value to these bottles. Please bear with me as I try to describe them to you and I thank you in advance for any help that you can offer. The "first" bottle, I know more about than the other two. It is a vitreous pottery bottle made by Denby Potteries. Just this week, I contacted their museum curator Linda Salt and I will send forward that correspondence to you and again thank you for your time. According to Linda, this bottle could predate 1834; which I believe that it does, because in looking at the bottle closely the first word "before Denby" certainly appears to be "Belper" but the markings are a bit vague.  I am sending you the pictures of this bottle. As you will be able you see, this bottle is in VERY GOOD CONDITION.

The next bottle is a very pretty "deep emerald green" eight (8) sided bottle. On one of the eight sides is the words, "Smith & Co.", then there is a blank side. Then the next side says Charleston" on it. Then there is a blank side and the next side has the words "Soda Water" on it. Than another blank side and the last side has the word "Premium" on it. The bottle is 7 5/8" high, has a (blob?) top, and a "pontil bottom".

The final bottle appears from a distance to be "black", but when held up to light (natural sunlight), appears to be a very deep "moss color". This bottle also has a (blob?) top. It stands 7 15/16" tall and has an "inverted circular" bottom. On the front of the bottle, there is an "eagle with some type of emblem or seal". All three bottles are in excellent condition (no breaks, chips), just a little "dirt" that remains. I have not made any pictures of the last two bottles, but will try to make some to send to you, if you would be interested in seeing them. Again, I say I thank you for any information regarding the "rarity" or value of these bottles. Sincerely, Sarah Viands


From Linda Salt to Sarah Thank you for your e-mail concerning your Denby Bottle. We did produce paste pots but these usually had a wide opening. I cannot be sure from your description what your bottle was used for. Is it possible to forward a Picture of the bottle and the backstamp? The formation of the backstamp does not fit the usual desription either. However, the words 'J Bourne' only, without the words 'and Son' added, predates 1841. Your bottle would have been made by the traditional method of producing pottery by hand throwing on a potter?s wheel. The bottle was then glazed by throwing common salt onto the kiln fires when the embers were at their hottest, the vapour would react with the surface of the pot to produce the shiny brown surface. Showing the strength of Denby Pottery these bottles, which were the disposable cartons of the day, were often used as hard-core and have often survived being buried underground. In the nineteenth century stoneware bottles and jars to hold commodities of the day such as ink, polish, preserves, ginger beer, medicines, etc. were Denby?s staple production.  Although glass was available, it was expensive and stoneware was an economical choice. Denby Pottery, or Joseph Bourne (named after its founder) as the company was known until 1976, produced a great many salt glazed stoneware bottles for P & J Arnold who were ink manufacturers - many of which are found in the USA near old army forts. I am sorry I cannot give more information on your bottle without seeing a photograph. As many stoneware jars are rescued from rubble they don't generally fetch much on the antique market, unless there is something different about them.  Your bottle may be a little special due to its age, ie pre 1841 (if there is 'no son' added to the name of the company). The value can only be obtained by contacting a dealer in the USA who specialises in antique bottles. Valuations are not given over the internet by reputable dealers, but an idea of value can usually be found by keeping watch on e-bay - Denby often appears for sale. I am sorry I cannot be of more assistance without seeing a photograph. Regards Linda Salt

Museum Curator - Denby Pottery

The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of The Denby Pottery Company Ltd.

Many thanks for your e-mail and photographs. The bottle was intend to hold liquids such as ginger beer or mineral water. Ink bottles would have a lip on the top (which I cannot see from the photograph). Paste bottles had a much wider rim. All we can really say is that the bottle was pre 1841 as the words '& Son' are not included in the name of the company. Unfortunately I am unable to sharpen the backstamp to read what the first word is before  ... & Denby Potteries. It could say Belper, Codnor or Shipley.  These were all potteries owned by Denby.

If the word is Belper this would predate the bottle to 1834. Although I cannot read the last two lines, Denby bottles usually said: Patentees Warranted no to absorb This is an interesting backstamp and I have seen variations of it from time to time, but I regret I do not have a photograph of a similar stamp to compare. I hope the above is of some interest. Yours sincerely Linda

Your other two bottles are sodas. The Smith bottle is shown above. All are outstanding examples of early glass. The sodas probably date in the 1840-1850. I would assume these itmes were dug somewhere downtown Charlestown. Both of your bottles are probably quite valuable. An example of the Smith & Co. sold in 1998 for $425. Digger

hi digger. I found a bottle underneath my kitchen floor when i was running a new gas line, and i was wondering if you could give me any info on it. the  bottle is copper in color stained a little on the side that was touching the ground, it looks like it is made out of pottery or (ceramic?).no screw top it  looks like it might had a cork or some sort of stopper. the height is close to 6inches tall and about 8 inches in diameter. the lettering looks like it is  stamped in the bottle. the words on it are , vitreous stone bottles j.bourne&son  patentees derby pottery near dearby p&j.arnold london . the words are in a headstone shaped outline only on one side near the bottom. i dont see any seams or any other markings on it. thanks for the help. 

Your bottle is made by the same company as the stone bottle shown above but at a much later date probably 1870-1900 era. it was an ink bottle. They come in at least three sizes. You can find other information in other months. Try a search on my site. Digger


Hi, i had recently found a Paul Jones Four roses whiskey bottle under an old Victorian house that has a cork and a screw on shot glass top on it, it looks similar to the picture below. The only difference is my bottle has a cork and a shot glass that says Paul Jones Four Roses Antique written into the cap on the bottle. I would appreciate it if u could send me any information that u may have on this bottle. I would like to know how much it is worth. I was offered $400.00 for it at an antique store Thanx, Jason

Your picture did not come through but my opinion is go for the bucks. Digge r

digger i have a bottle I would like to know the history and the rarity and the value of it please it is a linseed oil bottle it has a round mouth that has had a screw top on it i do not have the top the label is painted on as you can see in the photo it says archer pol-mer-ik linseed oil it is a quart bottle and has measurements on side of bottle 1/4 quart and 1/2 quart and 3/4 quart it has the good housekeeping seal on it also on the back the uses are painted on telling you what it can be used for it has the manufactured by archer-Daniels-midland company Minneapolis 2,minnesota copyright date is 1930 the bottle was dug up under an old shed in a field it is in mint condition your information will be very helpful thank you very much  bibin

I'd think it might bring $15-30 digger


Digger, I have recently been given four glass bottles. I was wondering if you could help me date them to determine if they are of some value. There are four: one an amber color, one a dark purple, one a light purple, and one a dark blue. On one side of each bottle there is the bodice of a lady wearing a scarf of some sort on her head with stars above her. On the opposite side there is an eagle wearing a crest and holding something that looks like arrows or spears in his claws. The bottles are about 8 1/2 inches tall.  I think they might be flasks. Please email me with any information you may have pertaining to these bottles. Thank you, Missy

Could be real could be Lestoil reproductions. Thousands of dollars in difference. The colors make me think Repros. Digger

I bought this for 6 bucks at a flea market and don't know anything about it. Can you tell me what it was used for, or how old it is, and if it's worth more than 6 bucks. It stands about 12" tall and is a beautiful green color. Small chip on top lip. Any info would be most appreciated...Thanks...Tom

I do not know but I do not think it is very old. I suspect an alcohol related container. But I do not know. Digger

I have a large 14 inch tall Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858 jar. The mouth of the jar is 4.5 inches wide. On one side of the jar it has this title mentioned above. On the other side of the jar, it has what looks like the Presidential Seal, it has a eagle with wings outstreched and a shield across his chest. In his clutched talons, he has in the right foot, a olive branch, on the left he has three arrows. Above his head are 3 small stars and below him are 4 small stars. The jar is in perfect condition, it is not chipped or broken in any way at all. It is clear in color and on the bottom of the jar it looks like a dried up creek bed. Sorry that's the best I could describe it. The jar once had a screw on top, but when I found this jar after a flood near my home, the top was missing. Could you please tell me more about my jar and possibly what it is worth.

It is gift shop repro. Value is not much more than it cost. $15-20. Digger.


have a small round blue bottle 4" tall ,1" which is neck, mouth 1 3/4 wide, diameter 3 1/2".Embossed with "S. ORANGE " top line next line "18" next line  "CONGRESS ST." next line "BRADFORD" next line "PA." can you give any info or direct me to someone who can.

I'd need to see the shape to even have a clue. Digger.

I have a bottle of 1916 Monongahela Pure Rye Whiskey , LARGE Dist. Co., full bottle under seal. Could you help with what this could be worth? THANK YOU Michelle M. Pforr Instructional Graphics Designer West Virginia University Office of Information Technology / Office of Extended Learning Instructional Technology Resource Center

$50-125 Digger

I purchased a Kessler whiskey bottle it is in the shape of a football players Do you have any information on this bottle. on the bottle it reads 750ml Blended Whiskey 90 proof bottled by Julius Kessler Company Louisville kentucky. On the bottom of the bottle number one in series THE FOOTBALL PLAYER.1980 LIMITED EDITION.R.H.thanks Sandy.

I have no information on this bottle. Digger

To Whom It May Concern: My boyfriend has a Coca Cola Bottle that says Coca Cola Soda Water in a 6 1/2 or 7 oz. green glass bottle with the word Crass on the bottom. The bottom of the bottle is square, while the rest of the bottle is the regular shape. Crass is the name of the a family from N. Washington Avenue, in Scranton, Pennsylvania who had Coca Cola franchises in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC Did you ever hear of such a bottle? He checked in Coca Cola books in New York City as well as in Atlanta, Georgia and cannot locate this particular one. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.  Thank you. Donna McLaughlin

" Here is a green glass 6½oz. bottle from RICHMOND, VA. for CRASS DELICIOUS BEVERAGES. Bottle show some light case and vending machine wear. Bottle is marked: PROPERTY OF JAMES E. CRASS COCA-COLA CO.,INC.- RICHMOND, VA. PRODUCT OF YOUR COCA-COLA BOTTLER. " Selling $2.95 on Ebay but is probably newer than your. You say green I do not know if you mean emerald green or simply aqua. Could be as new as 1970s or as early the the 1930s. The reason he cold not find the bottle in Coca Cola books that is was a flavor bottle not Coke. Digger.

Hello: I have a rare bottle of Cuban rum: Trocadero Private Stock 1900, bottled in Havana, presumably before the U.S. embargo in 1960. The 5 Centavos excise stamp is intact as is the seal, although the cork has slightly deteriorated from standing vertical. I'm very interested in determining the age and market value of the bottle.  Attached are pictures of the bottle.  Thanks for any assistance. Regards, Richard

The bottle is clearly not American. I cannot tell from the photos and would need to examine it more closely. Your bottle might be more valuable for the contents than the bottle. Digger

Hello, my name is Tim Pinnix and I live in North Carolina. A few years ago, I found a small bottle in an old store. At the time, it still had the cork in it and the pills as well. I took the cork out to clean it up and the cork and pills got thrown away. But I still have the bottle, I do not have a picture but it is about 3 inches tall, and it says Dr. Kings new life pills on it. I also found a newspaper in the building with a picture in it of the pills manufacturer. It was a hand drawn picture of their building and the date was 1904. the bottle also says Chicago Illinois also. If you can help me determine the value of this item, it would be greatly appreciated. And i would also consider selling this as well. your friend, tim pinnix

Your cute little bottle is well known. You will find numerous other questions about it in this column in other months. Value is $5-8. Digger

Digger, I have a Jergens Lotion bottle from 1967. I'ts glass pump bottle with pink flowers . Any idea of its worth? Thank you kindly, Billy

I do not but I would think it might be under $10. Digger

To whom it may concern, I have several questions I hope you may be able to help me with. I know the Obear-Nester Glass Co. was in East St. Louis until 1980. could you tell me if at that time they closed or just moved their operations to another locality. The other thing I am in need is a guide for > interpreting their bottle (base) marking. Regarding the Northwestern Glass Co. of Seattle, WA. I need basically the same type of guide. I know NwG was operating in 1971, I spoke yesterday to a Mr.. Lorne Perkins of the Perkins Glass Co. in Seattle and he knew where the plant had been located but when he looked for a phone number there was no listing. I had done the same thing via the internet earlier and our assumption was that perhaps a larger company had bought them up. Again, the guide for base marks is what I am most concern with. Thank you for you time, I hope you can help. Sincerely, Richard Beaty Staff Archaeologist Baseline Data Inc. . American Fork, UT

" Between 1961 and 1980 almost 13000 industrial jobs were lost due to closing of pants such as Armour Packing House, Alcoa, Emmerson Electric, Swift and Co. Obear-Nester Glass Co., American Asphalt Co., etc." taken from: http://www.eslarp.uiuc.edu/la/LA437-F95/reports/History/industry.html This might be the Northwestern Company but I am not sure. http://www.nwiglass.com/whats_new.html  This one sounds much more likely http://www.seattlehistory.org/preview.asp?id=7184  Below is tradmark information which might be relevant Typed Drawing



Goods and Services (CANCELLED) IC 021. US 033. G & S: Glass Bottles and Glass Jars. FIRST USE: 19580228. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19580228 Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING Serial Number 72047413 Filing Date March 10, 1958 Registration Number 0706351 Registration Date October 25, 1960 Owner (REGISTRANT) Northwestern Glass Company CORPORATION WASHINGTON 5801 E. MARGINAL WAY Seattle WASHINGTON (LAST LISTED OWNER) Indian Head, Inc. UNKNOWN New York NEW YORK Assignment Recorded ASSIGNMENT RECORDED Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Affidavit Text SECT 15. SECT 8 (6-YR). Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 19801025 Live/Dead Indicator DEAD Cancellation Date November 4, 2001


Word Mark N Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 021. US 033. G & S: GLASS BOTTLES. FIRST USE: 18950200. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 18950200 Mark Drawing Code (3) DESIGN PLUS WORDS, LETTERS, AND/OR NUMBERS Design Search Code 260901 Serial Number 71530242 Filing Date August 1, 1947 Registration Number 0500666 Registration Date June 15, 1948 Owner (REGISTRANT) OBEAR-NESTER GLASS CO. CORPORATION MISSOURI EAST ST. LOUIS ILLINOIS Assignment Recorded ASSIGNMENT RECORDED Type of Mark TRADEMARK Register PRINCIPAL Affidavit TextSECT 15. Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 19680615 Live/Dead Indicator DEAD


I have 2 Coca Cola syrup glass jugs ,used for fountain use. Each one has a number at top of label ,like they took a needle and labeled them. the, 1st glass jug are:2A351219.there is a number at bottom right hand corner too which is 3347-J-4-J162. the other jug # is 3B350729 at the top. at the bottom is 3550-J-1J-163. they have the red screw lid, with silver top with the words The COCA-COLA COMPANY and writing Coca-Cola in the middle of lid, clear label print on front of both 1 gallon glass jugs. they also have a place to put a finger at the side top of bottles. hope you can understand my description on my glass coke jugs. .   Thank You:  connie

Coke made these syrup jugs from the turn of the century until the 1960s. the older the better. those from the 1930s sell for over $100 those from the 1950-1960 sell for about $15.00. I could not tell from the information presented exactly how old yours are. Digger.

Digger. Please help us, we are trying to find the price of a bottle of wine we purchased a few years ago. It is a 12 inches high and 3 inches wide- it is a statue of Cristoforo Colombo. The bottom states the following- 123 bottle, Barsottini, C Colombo 1970 edition limited AG.BANFI PROD.CORP.N.Y.. We are trying to see if it is in fact valuable or if it is just a decorative item. Thank You in advance for your help, Rick

I'd guess the bottle is not too valuable perhaps around $10. Digger.

Hi, I have a brown bottle trimmed with gold and incased in a gold colored holder with a handle which plays "for he's a jolly good fellow." The bottom is stamped Swiss Harmony Co Patent no D-177022. Made in Chicago Ill. Is this collectable and would you have a date?? Thank you. Judy

Shown above is the patent design for your bottle. It indicates that it was made no earlier than 1956. I do not know the product which came in it. Without the label and contents, the value is probably about $15-20. Digger.

Hello, We have an old bottle of Benedictine and Brandy-- unopened and sealed at the top. The red wax seal is the only thing missing. It looks very old, but we can't tell how old. It has a U.S. Internal Revenue "Tax Paid" stamp on it: No. 50631001. It says it was imported by Julius Wile & Sons. Would such a bottle be worth anything on the market? Thanks, Alison & Peter

The first mention of them in the Patent Office records indicates a registration shown above for the Word Mark JULIUS WILE SONS & CO., INC. ESTABLISHED 1877 Goods and Services (EXPIRED) IC 033. US 049. G & S: BRANDY, COGNAC, WHISKEY, GIN, RUM, CORDIALS AND LIQUEURS. FIRST USE: 1934.. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1934. REGISTRANT) JULIUS WILE, SONS & CO., INC. CORPORATION NEW YORK #2 PARK AVENUE NEW YORK NEW YORK. You have not given me quite enough information such as the lip stype, mold seam, the address or product name to help pin down an exact date. the tax stamp suggests a date after 1934 to me but I am positive about that. the bottle probably has some value but the damage hurts it. I'd say if it was from the 1930s it might be worth $40-50.

While digging in a river bank in Chinchilla Australia I came across an area that was amass with old bottles unfortunately I only had about 5 mins of time to dig up what I could see. I will only describe a few of them. The first one is a brown rectangular shaped bottle with Woods Great Peppermint Cure for Coughs & Colds written on the front. The second is a brown beer bottle about 30cm high on the front is a strange shaped logo with the raised letters B E B written in it and QUEENSLAND underneath that, towards the bottom of the bottle it says This bottle is the property of The Brisbane bottle exchange Co.Ltd Made in Australia. The third bottle is another beer bottle brown in colour its about 17cm high, it has a with-in a circle on the bottle it reads P&S on both sides of the bottle, around the top rim it reads The property of what I think is H. perkins & son Brisbane. The other bottle is an old insulin vial it stands 9cm high and about 5cm in width round in shape, it still has the old rubber that the needles would punch through. If you could help me with pricing and age of these Items I would be very thankful. Thanks Kristine Campbell

I found three of the Woods Peppermint cures for sale on Ebay today. One was machine made, amber with a screw top the other two were hand blown with tooled tops dating to the 1880-1900 era. They were asking $4. the bottles are common usually sell for under $15. They are English. I am not familiar with the Queensland beer or the Perkins bottle but would think they would have much more value locally being Australian. I could not guess how much. Digger

Hi, Do You have any info on a 11" high, clear, ABM, rolled lip with cork sealed glass top, smooth based with circular mold mark, labeled CANDY BROS. MFG. CO. St. LOUIS 4-LBS. NET bottle. It's been in my mother's paint store from at least the 30's. It contained paint pigments. Don't know if this was the original use. Thanks for any info or leads! Bret Sandleback

I'd guess a candy jar but that is too obvious. I could not find anything on the company except a reference to Real Wooden Plaque Candy Bros Confectioners St Louis so I am sticking with the candy idea. Digg er

Hi, I was wondering if you might know anything about this green colored glass bottle has hand holding a gun have not seen any around here like this. This is the neck of it there seems to be a seem but is rather smooth barely noticeable but goes under the lip. The lip has like 2 edges on it. this is the bottom of it and appears to have an inward curved circle almost smooth and some slight air bubbles in it but no marks or names or numbers. this is the base of it which seems thick in goes inward I was just inquisitive about it and is a beautiful work of glass and pretty green color. Please let me know if you may know anything on this bottle? I have another nicer green colored bottle which is bigger then the one in the above pictures and is also beautiful bottle and I may also send you a picture of that too. Thank you kindly...Teresa

Looks like it might have been a wine bottle. Figural gun bottles are not rare. there are many varieties. some were candy containers but yours does not have the wide mouth. I can't tell the age from the picture it looks like it could be old or new. Digger

I just wanted to say hi and also compliment your bottle's site. It is awesome and I also may send you some pic's of bottles to possibly identify because I have plenty of them. I also plan to dig for some in the New England area and have mapped and planned it already and I really enjoy that as a hobby and just being outside and all is fun and quite an adventure but best part is finding the treasures! I really appreciate your site and all your tips and advice. Thank you kindly on this matter. Sincerely Teresa

Thanks for the kind words Teresa and good luck with the digging.

Greetings, Digger. Your help please. I have a Seagram's V. O. one gallon and a J&B Scotch one gallon bottles, both empty. Did they stop making these, and if so, when? Is there any collector value to them? My brother ran a liquor store years ago and gave them to me. Thanks, Jim

Word Mark "VO" Goods and Services IC 033. US 049. G & S: Whiskey. FIRST USE: 1934. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1934. REGISTRANT) Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Limited CORPORATION CANADA Caroline St. Waterloo, Ontario CANADA. Renewed 2004. the name is obviously still in use. I am not sure if they are still making the gallon size, but empty, and from the last 20-25 years it probably has very little value. Digger

Dear Sir: I hope you can help me. I have 2 cobalt blue violin bottles given to me by my grandmother from my great grandmothers glass collection. I am trying to find out how old they are and what they were used for. If you have any information Thank you for your time. Tina Song

Most of these violin bottle were either made by the Clevenger Brothers and have a sheared and fired lip. or they have large protruding tuning pegs at the top of the neck, maker unknown and probably date from the 1920-40 period. Value could be anywhere from $20-45. Digger.

Hello~Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine I see you get lots of questions about the bottles, but would you know what the ingredients were to this nervine? Supposedly it's some condiment? Thanks! ~Tanja~

While I could not find any information about about the formula. I did discover that the manner in which the company might have stayed below the radar of legislation regarding patent medicines. One A. H. Beardsley, treasurer of the Miles operation in 1906, headed the Proprietary Medicine Association to block the pending Food and Drug Act which would have negative consequences for the whole industry. Dr. Miles' son did not stay in the business after his father retired and the business was taken over by Beardsley who had by that time become a partner. the firm is now well know as Miles Laboratories. Digger

hello, I have found a bottle, that appears to b an old soft drink bottle, its about 8 in tall, slender with ribs running to bottom ,has embossed logo which says, this brown bottle protects the fruity flavor from the effects of light, has marking at bottom des.pat 11 07 31 thku

I could not track down the bottle from the date given. This is because it could be the date registered or the date at which the application was filed. I would refer you to the Designer Soda pages for the 1930s to see if you bottle is shown there. Digger


BRITISH NAVY PUSSER'S RUM Goods and Services G & S: Rum. FIRST USE: 1980. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1980.Pusser's Ltd. U.S.A. CORPORATION D.C. Suite 1000 888 17th St., NW. Washington D.C. 20006 (LAST LISTED OWNER) PUSSER'S RUM LTD. CORPORATION BY ASSIGNMENT, BY ASSIGNMENT, BY ASSIGNMENT, BY ASSIGNMENT, BY ASSIGNMENT BR.VIRGIN ISLANDS LOWER ESTATE ROAD MAIL SORT A ROAD TOWN, TORTOLA BR.VIRGIN ISLANDS. According to the Patent Office information above your bottle is probably made before 1980. JAMES CATTO & CO. LIMITED COMPANY GREAT BRITAIN 21 ADELPHI ABERDEEN SCOTLAND appears to back to 1864. My guess is between 1934 and 1980. Catto was importing this stuff. I'd need more information to be certain. Digger

Hello. My name is Amy Dingler. Recently my great grandmother, Rita Booze passed away, and found in her house were four EG Booz bottles. By all indications on your web site, these are originals.  Do you have further information on EG Booz? We are trying to construct a family tree, and would like to include any information possible with regard to these bottles, and the family link to them. It seems that all leads cease to exist as soon as we trace back to Mr. Booz. Can you give me an estimated value on the bottles, as well? Thanks so much for any help you may be able to provide. Amy Dingler

Real Booze will bring $700-800 or more. Digger

Dear Sir: We found your site through a friend in Reference to Bottles with an email address so thought we would drop you an email.  We have a E.G. Booze Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle, Marked 1840, & wondered if  there would be any interest on your part in the bottle, or could you refer us to someone who might be. Please see below for description: E.G. Booze Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle, Marked 1840. Marked On Side "120 Walnut St, Philadelphia. Size Is 7 3/4" Tall, 4" x 2 7/8" Wide. Dark Amber In Color.  This Bottle Has The Two Dots Under "St"(Walnut St). There Are a Lot of Bubbles & Wavyness To Glass & a Blob Top Which Looks Like It Was Applied After The Molding Of Bottle. The Glass is Very  Crude Under Top. I Feel Sure the Date 1840 is Pretty Close to the Age of this Bottle. Thank you for your time. Regards, Ralph

See my article on Booze bottles.

Hello! I have a question about two bottles that I have. #1 is a fluid extract Pichi by the Eli Lilly & Company. It is amber with a cork stopper. All the labels are intact with a huge amount of staining, but you can still read the labels. #2 is another Eli Lilly bottle. This one is a musk root bottle the bottle is in great condition but the label is fair. This bottle is also an amber color with a cork stopper. If you could help me out and give me some information on these bottles I would greatly appreciate it

Pichi is an herb used as a Tonic for, cholagogue, diuretic, used in treating catarrh, useful in the treatment of jaundice and dyspepsia, Bright's disease and for gonorrhoea. the bottle probably date after 1900. If not machine made then probably before 1920. Digger

Hey Digger, I bought a bottle several years ago at a tag sale in CT. its about 8 inches tall, triangle in shape, brown glass with pewter bottom and top neck area, a cork stopper with mushroom pewter top. the pewter looks like it was hammered in place. the bottle is in near perfect condition and i knew for a dollar i couldn't go wrong .the seal on the bottom says daalderop holland royal pewter. do you know what type of bottle it is and maybe how much it's worth? thanks for your help.. keith

Sounds like a flask of some type possibly a back bar bottle for gin. Digger

This question is about a Torpedo shaped bottle I have: Its about 7 1/2 inches long, very thick heavy glass, the following embossing"Albert Coombe & Son", below that line is a very ornate C superimposed over A. the last line has "Melksham" "Trademark, believe the bottle is English? Any info as to age (time period), would really like to know when this Albert Coombe & Son may have been in operation/business, or any historical data around this bottle. I have tried to send some E-Mails to bottle collectors in the UK, none have responded. Thanks William R. Gates, Henderson Nevada

Melksham is a town which describes itself as being on the River Avon in the heart of Rural England in the county of Wiltshire, gateway to the West Country. the bottle sounds like it dates between 1860-1900. tough to track down specifics in this country. Many many English bottles have been imported by antique dealers into this country in the last 30 years. Digger

I've found a 8 1/4" tall, rectangular, aqua green glass ABM bottle with sloped shoulders, a blob top with a double tapered lip and a 1/2" opening. It has a smooth base with what I believe is an "Owens" ring, embossed with a "P" in a circle and a "3". Three sides have beveled rectangular depressions.  The front has a nearly oval beveled depression with a scroll design on the right edge, framed by beveled depressions on top and bottom. The oval depression looks like an adhesive paper label may have been affixed there. I found the bottle in a cliff dump in a Michigan State Park that was a town until it was reclaimed in the 1930's for use by the military and all structures were torn down to the foundations. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Tom Owens Portage, MI

Tom sounds like a cosmetic or medicine bottle but I can't be more sure without a picture. Digger

We would really appreciate any information you might have concerning an old bottle marked with Fruitola - Pinus Medicine Co. - Monticello Illinois USA. The only thing we have been able to discover is that it is from the 1930's and contained an olive oil based "gall bladder" cure.  Thank you in advance for any information you might have. Helen & George

Your spelling is off on the name. FRITOLA Goods and Services (EXPIRED) : MEDICINAL PREPARATION FOR THE TREATMENT OF INTESTINAL INFLAMMATIONS AND STOMACH DISORDERS. FIRST USE: 1943. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1943. (LAST LISTED OWNER) PINUS MEDICINE COMPANY UNKNOWN MONTICELLO, ILL. The trademark is dead and was never renewed. Sounds like the product was not popular. Digger

How do you know where to dig?  Do you just go where old home places are? I would like to start digging too, but I am unsure where to start.  Thank you, Deanna Lambert

Deanna you can not get a better deal than to order my Secrets of Privy Digging to get started. Digger

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