Excerpt from The Great American Fraud

By Samuel Hopkins Adams 1905 & 1906

Absolutely False Claims.

A curious mixture of the cautious, semi-ethical method and the blatant claim‑all patent medicine is offered in the Ozomulsion Company. Ozomulsion does not, like the "cures" mentioned above, contain active poisons. It is one of the numerous cod liver oil preparations, and its advertising, in the medical journals at first and now in the lay press, is that of a cure for consumption. I visited the offices of the Ozomulsion Company recently and found them duly furnished with a regular physician, who was employed, so he informed me in a purely ethical capacity. There was also present dur­ing the interviewer the president of the Ozomulsion Company, Mr. A. Frank Richardson, former advertising agent, former deviser of the advertising of Swamp Root, former proprietor of Kranitonic, and present proprietor of Slocum's Consumption Cure, which is the "wicked partner" of Ozomulsion. For convenience, I will put the conversation in court report form, and, in­deed, it partook somewhat of the nature of a cross examination:

Q. Dr. Smith, will Ozomulsion cure consumption?

A. Ozomulsion builds up the tissues, imparts vigor, aids the natural resistance of the body, etc. (Goes into a long exploitation in the manner and style made familiar by patent medicine pamphlets.)

Q. But will it cure consumption?

A.Well, without saying that it is a specific, etc. (Passes to an in­structive, entertaining, and valuable disquisition on the symptoms and nature of tuberculosis.)

Q. Yes, but will Ozomulsion cure consumption?

A. We don't claim that it will cure consumption.

Q. Does not this advertisement state that Ozomulsion will cure consumption? (Showing advertisement.)

A. It seems so.

Q. Will Ozomulsion'cure consumption?

A. In the early stages of the disease‑

Q. (interrupting) Does the advertisement make any qualifications as to the stage of the disease?

A. Not that I find.

Q. Have you ever seen that advertisement before?

A. Not to my knowledge.

Q. Who wrote it?

A. (by President Richardson) I done that ad. myself.

Q. Mr. Richardson, will Ozomulsion cure consumption?

A. Sure; we got testimonials to prove it.

Q. Have you ever investigated any of these testimonials?

Q. (to Dr. Smith) Dr. Smith, in view of the direct statement of your advertising, do you believe that Ozomulsion will cure consumption?

A. Well, I believe in a great many cases it will.

His blanket plan, for $5, and guarantees the cure (or more medicine) for $10, His scheme is so noble and broad-minded that I can not refrain from detailing it. For $5 you get

1 large bottle of Psychine,

I large bottle of Ozomulsion,

I large bottle of Coltsfoote Expectorant, I large tube of Ozojell,

3 boxes of Lazy Liver Pills,

3 Hot X Ray Porous Plasters,

 "which," says the certificate, "will, in a majority of cases, effect a permanent cure of the malady from which the invalid is now suffering." Whatever ails you that's what Dr. T. A. Slocum cures. For $10 you get almost twice the amount, plus the guarantee. Surely there is little left on earth, unless Dr. Slocum should issue *a $15 offer, to include funeral expenses and a tombstone.

The Slocum Consumption Cure proper consists of a gay-hued substance known as "Psychine." Psychine is about 16 per cent. alcohol, and has a dash of strychnin to give the patient his money's worth, Its alluring color is derived from cochineal. It is "an infallible and unfailing remedy for consumption." Ozomulsion is also a sure cure, if the literature is to be believed. To cure one's self twice of the same disease savors of reckless extravagance, but as "a perfect and permanent cure will be the inevitable consequence," perhaps it's Worth the money. It would not do to charge Dr. T. A. Slocum with fraud, because he is, I suppose, as dead as Lydia E. Pinkham; but Mr. A. Frank Richardson is very much alive, and I trust it will be no surprise to him to see here stated that his Ozomulsion makes claims that it can not support, that his Psychine is considerably worse, that his special cure offer is a bit of shameful quackery, and that his whole Slocum Consumption Cure is a fake and a fraud so ludicrous that its continued existence is a brilliant commentary on human credulousness.”