July 2002 Questions

Digger Odell Publications 2002

Digger, I'm trying to identify a bottle I dug in Virginia City Nevada. Its light green-aqua. About 12-14 inches tall with a blob top, but it has a seam and disappears about 1/4 inch from the top. No markings, but a few bubbles one good sized and an embedded impurity. But on the bottom there is a picture (see attached) . It says PLUTO on the bottom and maybe a D and a backwards 1. Can you identify this one or know its value?

MINERAL WATERS FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES, EFFERVESCENT CRYSTALS, AND LAXATIVE PILLS U.S. Class: 018 (International Class 005) First Use Date: 1893. First Use in Commerce Date: 1893.

I get quite a few questions about this bottle. It contained "Pluto Water" a physic. The company ran a spa in French Lick, Indiana. They were in business well into the the 20th century. the bottles are quite common and most are machine made. Value for the quart with no label about $5-8. Digger

Digger, I'm trying to identify a small 8 oz. bottle I dug up in my back yard. on the bottom is pressed "1932" and there is an oval and triangle design with numbers 1 2 3 4 around them. my pop grew up around then and thinks it may have contained cliquot club soda. what do you think. Thanks

Your bottle looks much like an English Codd bottle. it would have had a marble for a stopper. i doubt it is a Cliquot Club bottle. Digger

Thanks so much for help in identifying the champagne bottle. This is another one that seems very unusual. Height unknown, diam 2 1/4", very thick clear aqua glass. I can't tell if the neck goes up much higher, but what may be a very squat lip appears to be applied just above the "pinching". It is deeply pinched in on both front and back. Visible part of wording on front reads "...ST INDIA AE..." Part of wording visible on back reads "NUTTALL &..." then below that "MAKERS" then below that "ST. HELENS ENG" Can you help to identify this? Much thanks, Susan
Jamaica West Indies

Your bottle sjounds like a Cood bottle. They are very common in the English Colonies or wherever England conducted trade in the 19th century. I cannot tell you much more. Digger

Digger, I have a bottle of Lucas Bols liqueur. It has a gold label. The bottle also has a music box in it and within the bottle a ballerina that dances. The bottle is unopened. I have been unsuccessful in finding info on it. Can you help? Year approx. value etc... Thanks James LeClare

Empty, the bidding begins at about $5 and ends about $10. Full with the original box, someone is asking $50. It likely will not sell at that price. Morely it will bring around $20-25 full with box. These bottles are very common. Digger

I recently found 2 amber glass Clorox bottles. Pint size in great condition except for some dried bleach inside. I checked the Clorox website and they are dated to 1929-1930. They have the Clorox logo in a diamond outline on the bottle. Can you tell me if they have any value? Thanks!

Probably in the $5- 10 range. Digger

I have a large glass (brown) beer bottle approx. 30 3/8" in height shaped in a regular beer bottle shape with a label P.O.C. pilsner beer. I would like to know if its is a collectible item and perhaps what it is worth. Thank You Roy Johnson

I would guess it has a rather limited value perhaps something around $10-20. I found lots of Pilsner items offered for sale but few takers. There are a number of collectors around who specialize in display bottles. I wonder how they find the room for these big guys. Digger

Would you please help me find some info on these two identical bottles. I do not have the equipment to send a photo by e-mail. If you would like to see one I can snail mail one to you. Excellent to near mint. Wheaton NJ is embossed on the bottom. Medium cobalt, cork top, ABM, approx. 7 3/4 tall. Both are shaped like a violin or bass. Sincerely, Melissa Edmonds

Aside from the annoying popups and advertising you might find this site interesting. Violin Bottles Your bottles are collectible but more of the more common violin varieties. Digger

I have dug up an old Listerine bottle (including the cork) In raised letters, it says, Lambert Pharmaceutical Company. The side seam goes all the way to the neck. Any idea how old. Is it worth any more with the cork?

Your bottle is very common and unlike the one shown above is machine made which makes it a bit newer. these bottles had cork tops probably into the 1930s. SOAPS FOR HYGIENIC & ANTISEPTIC PERSONAL USE First Use Date: 1895. First Use in Commerce Date: 1895.

Dear Sir: Recently I have been digging on some property that has been in my mothers side of our family since the 1890s. Today I found a bottle that stands 4 inches high. On the bottom are the words: "Insist on Virginia Dares Flavors" PAT'D...there is a "6" over the "I" in the word, "Virginia." One interesting thing is that the V in Virginia looks like our modern day ribbon symbol such as red ribbons.
On a side reads, "1 1/2 FL OZS and there is a crackled pattern on the sides, and the most interesting thing to me, four indentations one on each "side" of this little bottle. Now I don't believe the bottle is very old due to what looks like a screw on cap. This bottle is in perfect condition but of course the cap was nowhere to be found. I am in hopes that this bottle is as old as I am, I'm 41, and any information you could send me on the age of the bottle, any potential value estimate and exactly what came in this little bottle back when it was new would be greatly appreciated. I have older bottles than this and am a new collector, but I really find this little clear bottle interesting due to its' peculiar shape. Thank you for your time. Cordially, Tom Haberthaler Charleston, SC


I found the attached medicine bottle in Walden Pond. It is 8 high and 2 at the base with a 1 & 3/4 throat. There is an H or M on the base and the number 5202 is embossed on the side near the base. There are two seams which go from the base to the lip. Does it have any particular value or historical interest? Thanks. Sincerely, Michael J. Lydon

Michael, While I could not find the exact design patent for your bottle, I am certain is is a food bottle, possibly olives. I have put up a similar bottle patent by the Gulden (Mustard) company which is described as a packing jar. Your bottle appears to date after the turn of the century and looks to be machine made. It has not real historical significance. Digger

Hi there.... I am looking for some information on a stoneware flask inherited from my father. It is a flask measuring about 20 cm height by 4 cm width and approx 15 cm deep, and is a book shaped whiskey "bottle"/stoneware flask. The date of production is probably around 1920-30. It is shaped like a Bible, and is labeled "The Spirit of Scotland". The makers mark could possibly be "Campbells" but this is not certain. Can you give me any information about this item as far as origin and value. We think it comes from the mid to north highlands of Scotland, but we are not sure. Could you please help us on this as it is a treasured item, and we are keen to know as much about it as we can. Yours in appreciation, Duncan. Macgregor.

Hi Digger: I have a brown Duraglas bottle that is approximately 12 inches high, with a circumference of 19 inches. One side of the bottle has a raised line in the glass measuring 1 1/4 inches approximately 9 3/4 inches from the bottle's bottom, and the opposite side has a 1 1/2 inch raised line about 8 inches up from the bottom. The bottom of the bottle reads ABBOTT LABORATORIES MADE IN USA. To the left of what appears to be a letter "O" that has an "I" in it is a number 9, to the right of the "O" encircled "I"a number 6, and below the "O" encircled "I" a number 4. Could you please shed some light on this bottle, and its possible value. Dan Zajchowski Chicopee, MA

Abbott labs produces hundreds of products. I found 1618 registrations for trademarks. Probably one of the early well know brands they had was Murine Eye Water. Other names include: CENOLATE, DICAL-D, VITA-KAPS, ENTERAB, CALCIDRINE, VITA-KING, PENTOTHAL, DILAUDID, HALIVER, NEMBUTAL, MAMMOL, SIMILAC, METAPHEN, BUTESIN, ALCOLO, LUMINAL, BUTYN, and MURINE. Many of those listed wre introduced ian the 1920s by Abbott Laboratories, The CORPORATION ILLINOIS NO. 4753 RAVENSWOOD AVENUE Chicago ILLINOIS


I was not able to find any reference to "Dragon Brand" and Abbott. Digger.



Hi- We found an old case that has the following items in it and we were wondering if any of the items might be valuable...can you help us? Liquors and cognacs- All of these bottles are unopened, and appear to be from the 1950s and a bit before. They are from Germany. France, and Holland. Perfumes- all from France probably from same era- many in their original boxes and unopened however the wax seals have all melted and many of the perfumes evaporated. Some of the names are Chanel, Molyneux, Nina Ricci, Lanvin and others. If you think they might be of interest to someone how would we proceed? Thank you for your time! Kris

Mr. Odell (any relation to the old life of riley show?) I recently found 6 old bottles in the crawl space under an old, old house, The attachment is a photo of the front of one. The label has 3B-144 in tiny print on the bottom of the front, and 3NB-134 at the bottom of the label on the rear. The bottom of the bottle is stamped with 132, below that is an L in a square box followed by D-23 9(underlined), below that is 58. Any idea of the age, and are they worth anything or should I put them into our recycle bin? Thanks, H. R. Hofmann

Dear Digger, Would you happen to know anything about bottling companies in Chicago and Quincy, IL during the time period of 1846 to 1850? According to the "Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York," my great great grandfather, Henrik Wilhelm Lundblad, "first settled in Chicago as a bottler of carbonated beverages. He later moved to Quincy, IL, where he also ran a bottling works." He had a brother Mathias Rudolf, who, in Quincy, was a soda manufacturer. I'd appreciate any information or suggestions for my research that you may have. Thanks, Nancy Lyons

Hi Digger, My 11 year old son dug up a bottle that says Hinds Honey and Almond Cream A.S. Hinds Co Bloomfield N.J. U.S.A. on the front, it says nothing on the back or sides, and on the bottom it says A.S. Hinds Co with an M in a circle on the left and the number 22 on the right. I was wondering if you knew how old it is, and if it is worth anything. The bottle is clear and about 4 inches tall. Thanks for your help. JB
Hi Digger, my name is Bob, my wife was mowing the grass that grew on what used to be the shore of our lake ( the water is way down from normal). She found a small bottle marked A.S. Hinds one edge of the bottle, the other side edge says Portland, Me. This is a stopper type bottle but sadly the stopper is missing. The bottle is about 6 in high, 1 in. thick and about 2 1/2 inches across. Do you have any idea what this bottle was used for and what the value would be. Thanks, Bob Dyke
Dear Digger, I have a old RC glass bottle that has never been open still has its contents within, sluggish looking but in original state all the same. On the bottom of this Bottle the numbers of 980,74,16 the letters LG. Can you tell me if this bottle is wirth anything and what era or year it was manufactured? Thank you Toni McDermott

Hi, I am not a bottle collector and have tried to find some info on the internet to identify a bottle I have. I think I have covered about all the info out there and I can't find anything on this particular bottle. From what I can tell (keep in mind I am totally uniformed on this subject)here are the basics: 1. Color: Common VERY pale green color 2. Bottle shape: Soda shape - I believe 3. Top: Crown - I'm pretty sure 4. Bottom: Has the end of the 2 side seams on rim, 468 embossed in center, glass on bottom is 1/4" deep on 1 side and 1/2 inch deep on other side (the thick side has a few bubbles in the glass) 5. Height: ~7.75 inches 6. Front: Embossed oval with following: (Arched around the top of oval) C.P. Kattenhorn, (In 2 lines across center of oval) 182 Conover St. Brooklyn, NY (Around bottom of oval) CAP. 8 FL. OZS.

I appreciate any information you can give me that's available either through you or documented elsewhere (especially online due to busy schedule). Nothing personal, but I am not interested in collecting bottles or joining a club. I am pretty interested in getting this to someone who is a bottle enthusiast. I appreciate any info you can give me. I hope the info I provided is enough. Best regards, Lisa

I have this exact amber coke bottle from Cumberland Maryland. Where I got the picture from says 1907-1912 center diamond script only from Cumberland Md and Toledo Ohio. Do you know its value? Thanks, John

Good Evening, Sir,
I have found two stoneware jugs in my shed. At some point in the past, someone has painted them. The paint peels off a bit, especially under running water. I would like to know if there is a safe way to remove the paint without ruining the bottles. On one of the bottles, it says E.A. Buck & Co., 14 Blackstone Street, Boston, Mass. The other bottle has lettering that cannot be read through the paint. The smaller bottle is about 8 1/2 inches tall and the larger is about 10 inches tall. I realize that it is difficult to tell much about painted stoneware, but in addition to the paint question, is there anything you could tell me about these (age, use, etc.)? I will attempt to enclose some pictures (worth a thousand words!). Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Sue Redwine

Hi, I found a bottle, it is clear and embossed with the words COTTFRIED BREWING CO. CHICAGO

Hi Digger: I thought this was a "neat" bottle because if it's seams. It is approx, 9.5" tall an the seam at the shoulder (at ~4.25") goes all the way around the bottle with two seams running up the neck (not through the lip). It has no identifying marks except on the bottom it has an XI. I guess I just haven't seen too many of these and maybe you would be able tell me something about it. Again, and again, many thanks. Lorelei

THIS BOTTLE NOT SOLD and another one which is also clear and embossed with the words INDEPENDENT BOTTLING WORKS OF CHICAGO THIS BOTTLE NOT SOLD at least that is what it looks like they say, they are very stained and dirty. They also have what appears to be a rolled lip. I have not been able to find any information about these bottles on the internet. Can you help? JoAnn

I have a few bottles that are very odd shaped vary in size from about three inches up to 20 inches some have very deep bottoms some have raised symbols on the bottoms but some don't I was looking over your site and it helped some but still confused about this. I have one bottle that's has rounded top with seam stopping before the top has a little tiny handle is very light green with raised letters on bottom which says 382andF1 is this possibly worth anything. I have others also that have different characteristics like the broken look to them and mostly light green could they be worth anything. like I said just starting an curious to know if I'm going about this the right way. thank you for any help.

Hi Again: Last inquiry for the day :). Attached is a picture of a bottle 10" tall, two seams that end ~1.5" from the top, has a glass stopper, and is embossed with the following: "ENGLE BOTTLING WORKS - LANCASTER, PA". As usual I haven't been less than successful in finding any information on this bottle. I wanted to say thank you for kindly taking your time to answer so many questions. I read as much as I can on your site and think it is great! I really, really, enjoy it. PS: My internet skills are less than the finest, but I do my best to first search your site before asking for your assistance! Thank you. Lorelei

i would like some information on an old Wilson soda pop bottle we found. It has white embossed writing that says since Wilson's since 1875. Thank you for any information you could give me..

Hey Digger, I found a empty brown pint bottle......8 1/2"H x 4' W.....screw top....no labels....It has the "Federal Law Forbids sale or reuse of this bottle" embossed on it. Also embossed on the top part of the bottle is a man on a horse jumping over a fence with the words "First Over the Bars Since 1860" under it. There is more on the bottom front of the bottle of the man on a horse and on the back of the bottle also. On the bottom it reads "B 0730 with 56-8" under it. Any idea of the name or worth ( if any) ? Thanks in advance, Ken

Digger, This is the first time I have ever asked anyone about this bottle. It was found among some of my grandfather's stuff. I was curious as to whether it might be worth anything. The bottle looks like a plump body, with hands on the belly. There is a label on the front that says, Product of Mexico The Original Liqueur de Damiana 54 proof net contents 3/4 quart Certified color added imported by & Bottled in the U.S.A. for The Paddington Corp. 630 Fifth Avenue New York, New York, on the back it has two labels, one says The Original Liqueur De Damiana This liqueur is elaborated from The Damiana, A plant of Baja, California. It was used by the Indians in their century old ceremonies, and the other label says " The design of this bottle is based on a Pre-columbian Peruvian bottle no in the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Anyway, on the front it has three pink sticker dots, one on each breast, and one on the belly. Are these original, or an extra someone put on the bottle, how old is this bottle, and what might it be worth, are my questions. On the bottom of the bottle it is stamped centrally, the first line is a 6, second is 9 9396 78
next line says Damiana next is Liquor Bottle, and the last line has a 10 and some symbol, I don't know what the symbol is. If you could help I would appreciate it. Jenn

Digger, I have recently "dug up" a whiskey bottle with the following information: The Crigler & Crigler Co. Distillers Covington, Kentucky (this is written sideways on the front of the bottle) Full Quart (written on the top right side) Union Made (written on the bottom right side) The bottle top is smooth and appears to have had a cork or stopper top. Can you enlighten me with any information on this bottle or at least point me in the direction where I can find information. Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Tucker Hibbitts

Need information on green glass bottle, about 10 ounce, found under house in Houston built in 1922. Bottle on bottom has letters AB with the right side of the A combined with the left side of the B. Below that are E 8. Any info would be appreciated.

I have a very old unusual bottle (or vase). I have searched libraries for years and every where. shops, books and internet. I would be very grateful if some one could help identify/ It is aqua, 9 3/4 inches tall. 2 1/2 across top. 3 3/4 across bottom. the mold marks go thru the lip. Any help? Connie

roundbottom Digger Dug these out of Fort Ethan Allen in Vermont years ago and was trying to find as much information as possible up to and including the value for the three. Thanks

Hi, In 1988, I was swimming in the south shore waters of Lake Tahoe, California when I found an upside down bottle protruding from the sandy bottom. I dove down and pulled it to the surface where I found it to be brown, triangular in shape and on each of two (vertical) sides the words stamped: St. Nicholas Stomach Bitters Imported by Centry & Otis. N.Y. (Note the word: Centry is misspelled) Would you know what it is worth? Regards Bill Chesnut

Hi could you please give me any info and estimate price on the large Schweppes bottle any help would be appreciated regards Paul ---

I'm trying to identify a bottle found in an old garage in Michigan. Brown glass with "important Dates World War II" on top "This is the 1-WAy beer bottle available soon for covilians" near bottom. Bottom marked Duraglas 6 6 47. Is this real or a recent repro. Thanks. Walt

Hi there! I am not a bottle collector, but thought I would ask you about a bottle I found in a lake in Upper Michigan. The bottle says Bougheys - Traverse City Michigan. It is a 7 oz clear bottle, and it looks like maybe a pop bottle of some sort. There are some markings on the bottom...a 9 and a 48...not sure if they are dates or some other type of marking. Just wondering if you know anything about what this might be!
Thanks, Jeanne Wolf. I have had two of these bottles for several years. They are about a gallon each with a metal loop style handle and a metal wire-clip top. They have a patent from AG Smally on the bottom of each. I would like to know what these bottles were used for and their approx. worth. Thanks in advance for any help

I have had two of these bottles for several years. They are about a gallon each with a metal loop style handle and a metal wire-clip top. They have a patent from AG Smally on the bottom of each. I would like to know what these bottles were used for and their approx. worth. Thanks in advance for any help. Mike

hello: Quick question I was hoping you might be able to assist me with. I have a clear glass bottle that has a marble in the neck. When you tip the bottle as if to pour from it the marble moves to the opening and seals it off. I was wondering if you might be able to provide a little history on this type of bottle. Thanks

Bob Do you have any information about, or know where I can find bottles or artifacts from the G.A. Sigritz Bottling Company of Dayton, Ohio. This was my great-uncle Gus and I have a personal interest. Thanks, Aaron A. Sigritz, PMP

Dear Digger, I came across your web site looking for some information about a bottle my grandson found in a creek in a small town called Detroit, Texas in Northeast Texas. This bottle is about 7-8 inches tall, 2 inches thick and about 4inches wide. It is dark amber with a 1 1/2 in outside lip at the top. I believe it would have used a cork. On the front of the bottle is "Dr. W. H. Bull's Medicine Bottle". These letters are not made into the glass. The words "DR" are missing. On the bottom of the bottle is "Pat. Oct. 10, 1885. I have researched this doctors name and the only Dr. Bull I can find is Dr. J W Bull. Would you happened to know anything about this bottle. I believe he was a traveling medicine man. If you know anything about this bottle or man, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Peggy Smith

hi my name is Kyle Murray and I have found what looks to be a medicine bottle it is clear and in mint condition on the bottom of it says Knox and it has a jagged edged circle on the bottom I was wondering what it is and how old it is and its value. thank you Kyle Murray
on your Wheaton reproduction page, I have the first 2 bottles that you have listed, they look exactly like those bottles except, they don't say Wheaton village. the first one army drum, mine says made in Taiwan on the bottom,amber,8".the 2nd one dr. chandlers root bitters just says Wheaton, not Wheaton village, amethyst (grape} ,7 1/2". are they reproductions? if they are it wont be a big loss, they just cost a dime at a garage sale, just a big disappointment. thanks !!! joni

Hi Mr. Odell: I'm hoping you can give some info on our bottle, or direct me to another source of info. It is a bottle of Danzig Goldwasser, the liquer that has gold floating in it. It is from the 1930's or older. It was made by a Jewish company, in Germany! Contents and labels are all in excellent condition. Also on the label: Hartwig Kantorowicz, Made in Germany. Thanks! I can send a picture if it would be helpful.

I have a full, 1 gallon, bottle of Seagram's Canadian VO whiskey. I don't know how old it is. It's in a unopened shipping box which is inserted into a decorative box. Is it worth having appraised ? Can you give me advise as to how to have it appraised. If this question has nothing to do with your company, I apologize. Best Personal Regards----John

hi i am a bottle collector and i have found a bottle that i can not find any information at all it is 8 3/4 inches tall and has a 2 by three inch base. its clear and on the bottom has a pontil and across the bottom in embossed letters it said knoxall and a little above that has the # 10 on the face of the bottle it has the # 16 i think it is very old because of the pontil but i REALLY! would like to no the value thanks a lot for you time and patience in researching it kyle

I recently bought 3 ink well bottles made my Higgins. They have Higgins Drawing Ink printed on the bottom of each. They are round, clear, and smaller on top than bottom. On has 43 A 8, another has 3 - 5. I believe other is 41 A 8. Can you help me find their value. I also purchased a small looks like ceramic boot, glazed, which reads Pittsburgh, Pa. Would you know anything about it. It's color is brown. I was also wondering if you know anything about Spode dishes, or Homer Laughlin dishes. Thank you for your time.

Mr. Odell, I have in my possession a bottle that I can not seem to find any information on, and I am hoping you can help shed some light into what I have. The bottle is clear, about 6 inch tall and is complete with metal cap that has a smaller cap for splashing the contents on to something. The bottle is rectangular with a round neck and has a diagonal seam that stops short of the threaded bottle top. The inscription on the bottle reads: "Geo.A.,Schmidt Co Mfrs of ASCAGE 405-407 North Avenue Chicago, USA" The print seams to be in the turn of the century style. The bottle seams to be in excellent condition. Any help you can provide in identifying this bottle and its potential value, would be greatly appreciated. George LaBeau Beavercreek, Ohio

it's a gold almost Greek designed decanter for James B. Beam distilling co. #135, on the bottom it's has "regal china" copyright symbol, then C. Miller 1956. it's 11 inches high. any idea about the worth of this baby.

The bottle book I have is over 10 years old. Should I get an updated one? Does your book have a Mrs. Stewarts liquid bluing bottle? The bottle I have is from the 40's or 50's according to the web site I visited, but gives no appraisal. You have a nice web site. I look forward to ordering your books! Thanks Cathy Hicks

its a glass bottle with silver lotus flower embossed on it. it has a solid sterling silver narrow neck and a little ball for a lid also embossed in silver swirls. and it has NINA in cursive on the front of it. Did I stump ya? what's the price tag? Thanks Bmyers

my husband is crazy about this stuff, his family's land, I think it's cool but the bottles are dirty and hard to clean. i read your site on really cleaning them. some of the bottles are from the 40's probably, anyway ... some guys came over a few years ago and dug up a privy, I'm not going to take up your time, we have lots of old dirty bottles. Please direct me on the best way to find out about them. thanks, Renata Coury Hello,

I purchased a seltzogene bottle about 8 years ago called the veritable seltzogene D. Fevre Paris Marque Deposee it has a metal top but also wire shaped around the bottle and it is rounded in at the middle of the bottle a very interesting shape. I was trying to find out more about the bottle I have seen normal seltzogen bottles but none with this shape. can you help thanks Kathryn

an Arden brown milk bottle, fortified with vitamins, what do you think?

hi digger from beautiful Calgary Alberta . i have one of these bottles and was wondering what the number 2 and letter p in a circle on the bottom of the bottle means. thanks in advance, ian.


Could you please tell me about the following bottle that I have found ? (age, rarity, possible value, history, what the heck are bitters) The bottle features: rectangular (7.5" h x 3" x 1.5", neck is 1.5"), amber in color, bottom is smooth, slightly curved, condition - some scratches and a small chip on lip, glass has some internal flaws. Markings are as follows: X X X Dandelion Bitters

Dear Digger:
I have four bottles that I would like to know what they would be worth. The first one is a pastel green. On the bottle is an embossed lady which appears to have on a grass skirt and coconuts for a bra. The words Chicago Brewery are written one on each side of the lady. Below the lady are the words Chicago, Illinois. Below that in an arc shape are the words Chicago Brewery. Below that it says 64 to 78. Below that it says West North Avenue. Below that it says Chicago, Illinois. Below that it says United Breweries, Co,. On the other side of the bottle it says "This bottle not to be sold." On the bottom it has what appears to be a shield with an "S" embossed in the middle of it. The seams of the glass go all the way from the top to the bottom.

The second bottle is brown in color. It has F.C. Lang & Co. written on one side. Below that it says Chicago, Illinois on it also. It appears to have swirls in the glass. The seams go all the way from the top to the bottom on this one too.
The third bottle is what appears to be a milk bottle. I believe it is the 1/2 ping size. It looks like it is light purple in color. It has an embossed circle on one side, and the words half pint above it. It also has a circle embossed on the other side and on the bottom.
The fourth bottle is a Coca-Cola Bottle. It is the Teal blue colored one. It has the Coca-Cola logo on both sides below the neck. There is a stamp on it that reads S7-S8. On the bottom, it says Glendive, Montana. In the middle it says L-G. The bottle appears to be about the 8 ounce size. Could you please give me a rough guess of what these bottles might be worth. Thanks, Angie Meidinger

OK. Here Goes. Have a mystery bottle here. Has 2 seams, (Blown in mold, I think) blob top, smooth bottom. Color is Aqua-Green, height, about 7 inches. Is a round cylinder shape and has embossed on one side: J. H. GRIEME STAPLETON. S. I. (around a trio of fancy intertwining initials: JHG), and toward the bottom: REGISTERED. On the other side is embossed: NOT TO BE SOLD The condition is hard for me to judge- lots of bubbles, one close to the surface that has broken, lots of wavy lines- kinda crude looking - so hard to see if there are scratches. no chips or anything except for the burst bubble on the base. Wondering what this bottle is, and how much it might be worth- if anything. Thanks Carolyn
I own a 6 & 1/4 inch cobalt blue Wyeth, dose cap bottle in excellent condition, no label. The glass cap is numbered 1 through 12; the numbers align with an arrow on the neck preceded by "TAKE NEXT DOSE AT''. The bottle is square, and one side is embossed "JOHN WYETH & BRO.". The top of the dose cap (actually the bottom, when in use) reads "THIS CUP HOLDS A HEAPING DESSERT SPOONFUL", and the bottom of the bottle is embossed "PAT. MAY 16TH 1899" with the number 2 embossed in the center of the bottom. My questions are what were the contents of this bottle? The word ''HEAPING" suggests a powder ???, and my second question, what did the label look like ? and what was its exact wording? Thank you for your effort and time - from a modest collector.

We have found a 9 inch Ayers Sarsaparilla bottle in Galveston, Texas at John Sealy Hospital. I have found on the internet at http://www.p4a.com/itemdetail/79798.htm a picture and the age of the bottle. I am having a hard time finding how much this may be worth. Could you help me with this? They are adding on to the building and this bottle plus a couple of others were found. One bottle was a tiny medicine bottle, the other was a a bottle with WOG-Galveston Texas on it. Can you give us any information on these bottles? Thank you so much for your help. Carolyn

Hi Digger! I found an interesting bottle at a flea market, and hopefully you can help me with it. The bottle is emerald green in color, flask shaped with a cork top. It has a seam from the bottom almost the top of the bottle. There is an indention (circle) around the neck, without seams, where it appears that the top was attached. The top is flared. The bottom of the bottle is oval, no markings of any kind on this bottle. The bottom is smooth with the oval "ring" is prominent. It is 5" tall. The glass on the outside "feels" rough, almost gritty, but the glass on the inside is smooth. Very nice to look at, but I have no idea what type of bottle it is, maybe perfume. The bottle is in very good condition. If you can help me figure out what this bottle could be, I'd appreciate it. Thank you. E. Wetzel

Can you please help me on this matter?

I have a porcelain whisky bottle that has written on it 1872 . Centennial . 1972 ( On the top of the one side.) UT100 The University Of Toledo ( On the Bottom of the same side.) All of the above is on one side. On the opposite side is a sticker that reads............ ANNIVERSARY Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 90 PROOF 12 years 4/5 Quart Bottled BY Marita Spirits LTD CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY On the bottom it reads........ Exclusive design by Marita Spirits Ltd. A 1972 From the Anniversary collection of Authentic Liverpool Porcelain If you could give me any information on this bottle I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Peter Hessman

hi there i was looking round a market one day when i cam across one old venos cough mixture bottle it has still got the sticker of it one front and came with it original box , it is called venos brand lightning cough cure and was prepared by veno drug co Ltd , Manchester eng. the box is quite old and the bottle as well it even has some medicine in the bottom of the bottle , can you please email me and let me know about this bottle only date i can find on it is 1910 can you tell me if it is worth anything as well thank you very much for your help

Hi, My name is Michele. My husband and I are getting my dad ready for an auction in September. My focus today when I was out at his house was the boxes of jars and bottles that he has in his basement. How do we know which ones to keep and which ones to recycle? Someone told Dad that if the bottle/jar had a name on it then those are the ones to keep. Any good advice to bear in mind as we continue our journey through his jars and bottles? We have milk bottles, liquor bottles, blue mason jars, soda bottles, a couple of Dr. Kilmer bottles, bottles that candy came in(or at least that's what we were told), this that and the other too. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Michele

Digger, I have a bottle with a round bottom, aqua green approximately 8 " high, with a taperd or double taper neck. What can you tell me about it? There are no markings on the bottle and it appears to have a seam that doesn't go through the top. Thank You mwright1

Hi Mr. Odell
I am enjoying your website however I have not found an answer to my question. I have a carnival glass bottle that has Sun Punch embossed on the front of it. On the bottom it has Monument Bottle Co. I cannot find anything about this co. Have you heard of it? Thanks in advance for any help or information on where I can get an answer to this question.
Brenda Davis

How do i find out how much a 1983 , 10 oz. ,Coke bottle is worth? It seems to be a special bottle, dedicated to the Birmingham Barons for being the southern league champions. on the back it has the names of the General manager, the manager, the M.V. player, and the M.V. pitcher. Could you please assist us in locating information on a couple of bottles. We have one which has Drumheller Sparkling Beverages. From Drumheller Bottling Works. It is clear in color 61/2 fld. oz. Then we have a pop bottle which is a greenish blue the only embossing on it is King Edward Soda Water Company Yorkton Sask. on the bottom is the number 20 all of the lettering is raised. The next bottle is clear . The lettering on it is Property of Starlite Bottlers Saskatoon There is a star in the center of the bottle and 7.5 oz. The last one is a clear bottle the raised lettering on it spells out The Jitney Pop Yorkton Sask. contents 8 fld. oz. We appreciate any help you may be able to offer Digger,

I have been hunting yard sales for some finds...I only paid 4$ for the whole set of the 3 of the these so value isn't that important but just curious... I have 3 glass milk bottles FIRST ONE: Its a quart sized clear milk bottle ,on the bottom it says in cursive, Duraglass, there is a 4 under it and under that is has, still on the bottom underneath, to the left bottom it has a 9 and a little to the right of that it has a 55 between those two but a little below there is an X.. There is a lip on the top with little notches 10 to be exact. and on the bottom front sides its says on one side, SEALED with an O with a circle around it like the planet Saturn... and an S...on another side same place it says...ONE QUART...next...LIQUID 20.....next....1HX925 and REG....all of this is embossed.. SECOND ONE: Very similar. a few different numbers but it is a pint THIRD ONE: Still very similar but is a half pint...looks like it could be the size of a baby bottle and they all three have the lip and notches in the top.... Any help on these would be highly appreciated... Thank you so much! Michelle in E . Tenn.
Hello: I have found this 5 inch bottle, ABM, has a small cork, and also a twist tin cap that says to open turn and an arrow. It has a pretty arches design in the glass all around. On bottom of the bottle it says Enosburg Falls, Vt Made in USA and number 2. Can you please identify this bottle, and what was in it, and what the worth would be. I do thank you very much for your help.
Sincerely, Karen

I have found also, a 6 and one half inch bottle that says A.C. Hynd Co. Buffalo, NY with the A C and H insignia in the middle of the bottle, also the company name and buffalo, NY on the bottle checkerboard pattern in the glass, and a daisy design in glass on bottom of bottle. had a screw on top. What was in this? How much would it be worth? I know, I really need to buy myself a bottle book. I am really getting into this bottle collecting. What book would you recommend? Thank you again,
Sincerely, Karen

Dear Neal
My friend across the street found a 6 and 1 half oz. bottle that was made in Battle Creek Mich. It said Wolverine on one side and on the other side it said quality beverages. Down at the bottom it said coca cola bottom co. registered c5516. that all I know. It's a white bottle. Can you tell more about it if possible, and if there is any worth to it thanks MR

i'm looking to contact the person who asked this question. i know the budnitz family and thought it would be nice to find a bottle for them. as far as i k now, they don't have any for posterity. have any suggestions how i could find one? diane cook

I recently found many bottles at a construction site. One of them has an ACL that reads "drink Bud's beverage". Can you tell me more about this bottle? Thanks

I found a reference to an advertisement appearing in the Newport, KY Monitor June 6, 1924: "Drink Bud's Best Beverages bottled by the Newport Bottling Works extensive improvements have been made in our plant this spring to provide better quality beverages. A sunlit factory - sterilized bottles - pure materials. We gladly welcome visitors to our plant." Having an ACL label your bottle would not be that early but would date in the 1930-50 period in all probability. I could not locate any other information. Digger

Reader's Update: Here is the original question and answer...<> Actually, Newport Bottling Works was/is in Newport NEW HAMPSHIRE, not KY (my hometown). Bud's beverages is more commonly spelled "Budd's"--if I recall the owner's name was something like Budnitz. Budd's beverages were certainly still around during my childhood in the 60s. http://www.newportnh.com/Ancestors/aswewere2.htm is an excerpt from the local paper (now called the Argus Champion) which repeats the ad you cited. Carol Parssinen Thanks Carol your efforts are appreciated. digger

Hi Digger: My husband has a bottle he thinks may be an antique. It is a ceramic jug, natural in color from the base of the neck down. The neck is a brownish color. It is still corked and sealed with the original wax and ribbon. The front of the bottle says - Sanderson's Liqeur Special a blend of pure malt Scotch Whiskey Reg'd Leith (the L looks strange on this. It has two diagonal slashes from right to left just above center of the letter.) I believe the name on the bottle is Robert von Sanderson but I can not make out what the end of the signature says. The print is good it is just in a font I can not read. It also says matured and bottled in Scotland. Net contents 24oz. - Alcohol 48%. There is a marking on the bottom of the jug but I can not really make it out. Any info you could give us on this bottle would be appreciated. Kim

8'' honey amber embossed ; irondale spring w. va. mineral water F N [fancy] any info thanks mike[digger]

i recently came across a bottle of brandy that i think may be very old. i was wondering if you could tell me if it was valuable? The label has no bar code or alcohol content and the bottle looks like it is hand made! the label says: 1888 RARE OLD FINE CHAMPAGNE LIQUIR BRANDY CONNOLLY AND OLIVIER LTD BIRMINGHAM. this doesn't look like home made alcohol as the bottle is professionally sealed. Many thanks Jenny Smith

Dear Digger, My name is Hannah Koop. I was helping to clean out an old building when I found an old Dr. pepper bottle. It is a clear bottle with these words embossed on it: Dr. pepper, no deposit, no refill, dispose of properly. On the bottom of the bottle it is embossed: a B inside a circle, 9121-A, 3, 79, and 21. It is 10 FL. oz, 7 1/3 in. tall; 1in. diameter on the lip, it is an applied round band lip; mold seam stops 1/3 in. away from top. It is cylinder shaped, and is in awesome condition, (just needs to be rinsed out). I would like to know the age, rarity, and/or value of this bottle. Thank you. Sincerely, Hannah Koop

Hi Digger, I have just purchased at an auction a Jim Beam Trolley Car Decanter (never opened). It measures approx. 14 1/2" L x 5"W. It has a Jim Beam Label on it that reads: BEAM, KENTUCKY STRAIGHT, BOURBON WHISKEY, Bottled by James & Beam Distilling Co., Clermont Beam, Kentucky. 100 MONTHS OLD, 80 Proof. It is Trolley #9, Stops at St. Francis; Powell & Market; Aquatic Park Maritime Museuem, Hyde and Beach, Fisherman's Wharf, 4 blocks from terminal. Do you have any idea what this decanter is worth? Thanks Debbie Can you give a value for 2 Whiskey bottles 1. Old Crow - 1927 - Amber bottle, never opened, in original box 2. Old Colonial - 1926 - Clear bottle, never opened, in original box. Thanks Larry Zellner

Hello, I am trying to get some information on the worth of a bottle that my father found. He was a carpenter in San Francisco. During a job at the SF Opera house he found a bottle inside a wall. The bottle says GRUMBACH & SCHUMACHER SANTA ANA CAL. It still has the stopper pushed into it. This bottle has sentimental value since it was something my father valued, but I was wondering if it has any monetary value. Thanks for your time, Jennifer Hoping you might be able to help me. I'm looking for a manufacturer where I can purchase or have made bottles for an after shave I would like to market. I'm looking for a bottle in the 8-12 oz. size, one that looks old. I don't know quantities yet. Any suggestions? Thank you, I appreciate it.

My husband recently went to an auction and brought home a bunch of junk. In the junk was a bottle with Mr.Boston's deluxe blend whiskey? I have never heard of this brand. The bottle is amber with a metal cap and is one pint please help. Is it trash or treasure and if it is treasure how much treasure? Thank You Raejean Nicholas

Hello, I have a bottle that I thought you might be able to help me with. It has the signatures of Harry E. Wilken Jr., Harry E. Wilken Sr., and William T. Wilken. The front has one face with buildings behind it and Federal Law Forbids Sale or Re-Use Of This Bottle. Thanks for any info.

Hi Digger, My husband and I have just started collecting bottles. We have been digging them out of our own back yard that was a dump. I have been researching bottles some but I don't know very much yet. Anyway, I dug up a Holy Water Bottle and can't find any information on Holy Water Bottles at all. The one I dug up is about 5" tall with a smooth base. It is clear with a flare lip and the seams go about half way up the neck. It is embossed with Holy Water(fancy writing) on top and under that it has an embossed cross and beneath the cross it has a flower design that runs from side to side. Also, the embossing is sharp not smooth like the other embossed bottles that I have found. The original cork is still in it and the shape of the bottle is square(I think 8 sided or 4 sided with beveled corners) The bottle is in excellent shape with no cracks and lots of bubbles. Can you please help me with the age and value of the bottle. Thank you for your time and help. Best regards, Rene' Smith

Hi, I found a large Bromo-Seltzer bottle from Toronto, Ontario (Canada) with the cap still on. It's 8 inches high and about 3" wide. It's in perfect condition. I also found a couple of Welch's junior bottles. Can you give me any idea of their values. Thanks in advance,

Hi Digger, I found an old bottle on a river bank. It is medium aqua in color and is 7 3/8 roughly in height. On the front it reads " Jackson's NAPA SODA Spring's". On the back it reads, " Natural Mineral Water", all reading is embossed, smoothly. The top is a blob top, with a small chip on the back side. .....and the mold stops at the bottom of the lip of the blob top. There are also some air bubbles in the glass. The glass is visibly thicker on one side than the other on the inside of the bottom. I wanted to know whatever you can tell me about the bottle. Like the history, maybe the value, and rarity. Thanks for your time. Debbie







Hi I have a bottle with a hand written label. Brown gravy 1928. It is a very
unusual bottle. I have not been able to find out any info on it and hope you
can help. Thanks. I am sending along some pictures. hope they help. Barb 

Dear Sir,
My father is in possession of an antique scotch bottle, found 40 years ago up to its neck in sand on the banks of the Spokane River in eastern Washington State. It was found just downstream of the confluence of the Spokane and Little Spokane River, where an old Hudson's Bay fur trading site, Spokane House was located. Under the direction of the British-Canadian North West Company's David Thompson, two men were sent to Spokane country in 1810 with orders to build a small trading post at the confluence of the Spokane and Little Spokane Rivers. The men, Finan McDonald and Jacques (Jaco) Finlay, built a small, crude cabin which they called "Spokane House". This became the first permanent white settlement in what is now the state of Washington. Spokane House was occupied until 1826 when it was abandoned for Fort Colville on the Columbia River. The following url contains a brief history, http://www.riversidestatepark.org/spokane_house.htm. This bottle may well be of a later date, the above being only coincidence, however the manufacture appears relatively crude and very old. The glass is very dark amber with a high number of inclusions. The bottom of the bottle is roughly spherical in shape with a tapered then flattened bottom. The neck is slender, approximately four inches tall and is slightly offset, (it does not sit quite squarely on the body of the bottle). The overall height of the bottle is 8'1/4". There is a visible seam running down both sides of the bottle. The bottle is in very good condition. Markings on the bottom of the bottle include the names P. Dawson, Glenlivet and Dufftown. There is a P near the center of the bottom. I am hoping that the above information and attached photos may help you tell me how old the bottle might be. Sincerely, Richard L Abbott











yes i have a old extracts bottle a phoenix 2075 brand from Baltimore could you tell me anything about it? cock top

Hi! Is this a promo bottle? 6&1/2 oz. Clear, swirl Pepsi. Block Pepsi in a circle on one shoulder and script version on the other. Very heavily weighted base. Marked on the bottom, DES. PAT. 78917(I think) and 58A underneath the center. I can't seem to find it listed. Thanks! Victor Lendermon

Hello, I have found an old bottle at a flea market. The bottle is light aqua in color, mouth-blown, no seams, open pontil from blowing and tapered. There are no markings whatsoever on the bottle. The bottle wobbles on a flat surface from the pontil. It is approximately 11" tall with a beautiful tapered (with point) glass dauber. It has a 9" circumference on the bottom tapered all the way to a 3 1/2" opening at the top.I do not know if this is a perfume bottle or maybe a vinegar bottle, but I have searched the Internet trying to find something like it. If anyone has any idea what kind of bottle this might be, age of the bottle, and value, I'd certainly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you for your help.

Hi. I bought two 1860's glass oil lamp fonts which had been dug from a privy. They are covered with a layer of chalky lime or calcium mineral deposits which I am trying to remove. I tried muriatic acid to no avail. I can't polish the deposits off as most are on the inside of the glass. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks, Grasslice

Can you tell me anything about A.B. Stewart Druggist Bodie Cal. Bottles I have one and can't seem to find any info on it Thanks. Patty

Dear Neal My friend across the street found a 6 and 1 half oz. bottle that was made in Battle Creek Mich. It said Wolverine on one side and on the other side it said quality beverages. Down at the bottom it said coca cola bottom co. registered c5516. that all I know. It's a white bottle. Can you tell more about it if possible, and if there is any worth to it thanks MR

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