June 2002 Questions

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Dear Digger, You have the best site! If it's not too much trouble. I was hoping you might help me identify this very unusual, embossed, "Statue of Liberty" bottle or jar. It belonged to my grandfather and I might be selling it on eBay. I am enclosing one photo and a link to a page which is up but not available to the general public, yet.

My conclusion is that it was made in a full-height three-part leaf mold with a post bottom, possibly by a Glassboro, New Jersey manufacturer. The glass changes color from cobalt blue to aquamarine, depending upon the light direction. I am using "An Illustrated Guide To Collecting Bottles", by Cecil Munsey, as a resource. According to his book; glass like this was produced in the New Jersey area.

I have never seen a bottle like this, anywhere. My Grandfather (1886-1972) immigrated from Italy to the United States in 1906 and established himself as barber in the N.Y.C. area. The bottle or jar was in his shop for years but there is no damage from use. I'm not sure if it's a barber's utility jar for combs, cotton, etc. or a food jar. I have been in touch with some fellow collector's and they are all stumped. No one has seen anything quite like it.

The closest thing I have found is a similar shaped bottle on the Design Patents section of your web site. 1894, Charles Gulden Packing Jar. Is this the Gulden mustard family? I am trying to identify the bottle's use and manufacturer. The lip appears to be machine made but I can't tell so I'm including some pics.

I saw one recently sell at auction. It was clear and not colored like yours. I am pretty sure it is a Barber accessory. Digger.

Hi Digger: I'm an old retiree who enjoys searching flea markets for that "Picasso painting for a dollar" -- Big Grin I have been searching for information on a strange bottle I came across in a flea market recently. It has zero embossing or name. Is 2/38" dia. and 9.5" long. It obviously was some sort of drink -- (suspect late 1800s) has the 'Crown" top - which was very poorly made obviously - since the bottom of the crown has 'cold folds' sticking out all the way around where it joins the bottle -- and almost appears that it is lightly sitting on top of the bottle like a big blob of chewing gum. It is a very pale green, has mold markings up to the crown top but not higher, (obviously) and is VERY poorly made with LOTS of bubbles and even pits and "folds" in the glass at the mold edges, (which I assume was due to the glass not being hot enough) -- lower neck shows high stress markings -- AND -- last, ---- the bottom is round -- (Not a torpedo bottle) and the mold mark does come all the way across it. On the bottom outer edges -- on one side is a large capital "R" -- and 180 from that is a single "3" I surmise that this bottle must have come in some sort of basket weave, hence the round bottom. Though I admit I don't have 10% of your bottle knowledge - I remember reading a large coffee table size book titled "Glass" many years ago -- and the one thing that stuck in my mind most - was identifying a bottles approximate age by the bubbles in the glass. It said that if there were bubbles in the glass, it was made before - (I believe it was) 1914 - or could have been 1917 not sure -- because after that -- the glass manufacturers began using silicone in the glass to eliminate bubbles. Since, -- I have used that criteria in purchasing bottles for my collection. If "it ain't got bubbles" - I don't purchase it. (grin) Would also appreciate your confirming if the date was 1914 - or 1917 -- if you can. I appreciate your help. Best of luck to you, great job! Bill Logan

Maybe --as you say -- you won't have time to look up my bottle -- however, these photo just might bring your memory up -- and perhaps you will recognize it right off. Photos attached. Bill Logan

You have a round bottom ginger ale made between 1900-1918 not because of the bubbles but because you have an applied crown top and these were not made for a long time.. Digger.

I have an old scotch bottle. 17' tall 14' at base. necks down to 5-1/4' top is 6-1/4 It has an Irishman dressed in a kilt that does a gig to Annie Laurie when the music plays. The front label says 100 month old 4/5 quart The large label says product of Scotland. Spey Royal 4/5 established 1857 . 86 proof On the back at the bottom -86 proof 4/5 quart Distilled and blended in Scotland Imported and Bottled By Glen Spey Ltd. Clermount, KY Offices; Edinburgh, Scotland. The bottle is clear- White 4-1/2' top with red Scottish plaid on it and a strip of red plad around the bottom. Also a white 1-1/2' border on the bottom there is a wind up handle underneath with an on off switch on the bottom on the front side. Thank you, Patty H.



I found the two registered trademarks listed above. I suspect your bottle was probably made in the 1970s. Given the size it might have been a display item. Other than than I cannot offer anything. Digger.

Have you ever heard of SUNBOW soda, it is an ACL bottle 7 fl oz. It was SUNBOW BEVERAGES on it. It is a clear crown top bottle? Any help on where this would have come from would be great. Greg Hartwig

Strangely, I could find absolutely nothing on this brand. I did find one reference on a listserv message board..."a Soft Drink called Sunbow Soda. It came in many flavors.( Mine including Sassabrilla) We always use to get it at the Nelson's grocery store in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Digger

can you help me with this, please? can't find anywhere on web! description; amber, embossed whiskey bottle, half pint embossed on front, label is in poor condition- can make out capital 'G' for name of whiskey, label is gold/ black and red, has whiskey, under that distilled. 'federal law forbids sale or re use of this bottle' on upper back near neck, seamed sides to lip, embossed on bottom of bottle ' R 76 (letter B in circle) 14 - 40' small 7 located below that. smooth edge, screw top. found: Northampton state hospital which was built in 1858 - closed 1993, located in Northampton, MA thanks......

The B in a circle is probably the mark of the Brockway Glass. The Federal Law...embossing indicates a date range between 1932 and 1964. I can't tell you much more than that. Digger

I found a jar with a ball lid that has an advertisement that says Listen to..."THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE" Radio's Laugh King Wednesday evenings. NBC 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time 8:30 pm pacific time (repeat Broadcast). Also has a picture of a man smoking a cigar. Is this a collectable and does it have any value? Don

I have a purple bottle like the one on your 2000 questions saying absolutely pure milk and the milk protector on bottom. Please advise value of this bottle. This is 2nd email. thanks Angela

I have came across a cobalt blue bottle of a Indian that is about 3" tall on the side it has original Pocahontas Indian herbs. On the bottom it has Wheaton ,N.J. marked on it. just wanted to know if you had any info. on this Thanks, Charles

Digger: I have a very old bottle that I believe, from my very limited research, would be described as "amethyst" in color. Embossed on the side in an embossed circle is "O. B. CO. BEER". Embossed on the slightly concave base is "ROOT". The bottle has defined seams on both sides and on the base. It is approximately 9 Ĺ inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide at the bottom and 1 inch across the mouth. I have attached some pictures of the bottle and I wondered if you can give me additional information. On its face, it would seem to be a very old root beer bottle. I also have a clear glass half pint (8 ounces) embossed bottle reading, "Dr. Cueeertin's Nervine Syrup Kalmus Chemical Co. Cincinnati, Ohio." I am considering selling them on ebay. Thank you, Mike Hall

Root is the glass works. You have a beer bottle. Value might be $10-20 if a root collector wants it.

Hello, I have a question about a bottle from Cumberland, Maryland. It is a Red Lion Pharmacy 5-1/2" tall light green to clear, embossed with the lion, do you know anything about this bottle, or the history of it? or could you point me in the right direction to find out about this bottle? Thank you for your time, Randy Briggs

Hi Digger,

I inherited a never opened bottle of Ye Old Hudson's Bay Rum and was wondering if you could give me any information on hit and let me know the best way to go about selling it.

Thanks Jacqueline

Hi My name is Leo Beauregard. I found a bottle, and can't identify it. I'm curious about the date, contents and potential value.

There is wording on the base "PENICK & FORD INC PAT 90963"The bottle is clear. It is 8" high. It appears to have a crown top and the seam runs from the top to the base. The bottle is oval shaped 3" X 2" Thank you for any assistance you can give me in identifying this bottle. Leo

Sir: I found a clear glass bottle in an attic in 1976. The bottles body is about two inches high, square in shape with well rounded corners. The neck is about one inch high and is round. There is a clear glass stopper that fits in the top that seals with a ground glass beveled seal. On top of the stopper is a small glass ball. The front of the bottle reads "Lazell's Perfume New York" The bottom reads "Bottle Patd" "Aug 2nd 81" No chips, cracks. It's in perfect shape. Can you tell me anything about this bottle? Any and all help is very much appreciated. Thank You Charles Hinton

I recently purchased a Bi-Centennial bottle dated 1774-1974. On it is a sticker that says it was made by Clevenger Glass works-- authentic hand made. Does it have any value? B & L

We have a light-bulb style fire extinguisher. The label says Auto Fyr Stop. It is an automatic fire extinguisher w/alarm???Can you tell us anything about this? Thanks. Darci

Help, Could you help me identify this bottle. Thanks Bruce

Hello, I am asking this question for my dad. He is in construction and has a perfect bottle, no flaws still in tack. It is embossed with the logo Hayner's Soda also on the bottle is embossed Coca Cola Bottling Co. of Dayton Ohio. It is a greenish clear glass, at the neck of the bottle it has a raised ring around it. On the bottom of the bottle it has an embossed capital H. It is a 6 1/2 ounce bottle also. He would like to know how old it is and if it has any monetary value. Thank you Laura Young

hi, I have 3 bottles (all of them different) & I have no idea what kind of bottles they are. one is cylinder shaped with a short neck, and a squared off rim and has a glass cork the bottom has a (w) with a circle around it and a # 12 under it. The nest bottle is round with a thick ridge on two sides of the bottle from the base to the neck, neck is short, and rim is rounded, it has round bumps all over bottle and has no markings on the bottom. The third bottle is round with ridges all the way around it from the bottom to the top. The top is made to where a lid would have been screwed on, (I don't have lid). On the bottom it reads ( A 5607 D IH ). I would like to know what kind of bottles these are and if they are worth anything. The first two bottles that I described were in a collection of miniature vases that my father had. They are all now mine. The last bottle described was found on my property, that I am in the process of clearing off. Hope that I haven't wasted your time. Any info will be helpful. Thank you, firefly

I was digging up some grass from around a tree at my house the other day and found a very small clear glass bottle that says "Hoyt's Nickel Cologne". Can you tell me anything about this? Thanks, Brenda

Dear Digger

I have a Wine Bottle that is a Glass Duck with it's wings spread while standing on a Rock. The Glass was made in Murano Italy. The Rock is filled with Cherry Wine with a seal on the cork reading "Girolamo Luxardo Excelsior 1821. The Tri-Colored Glass Duck fades from Green to Gold to Yellow. It was imported by a company called "Boller Wine & Liquors in Elizabeth, NJ. I bought it at a Garage Sale. I was just curious if it is worth anything other than I think it is very nice and is a great addition to my husbands Duck collection. Thank You Barbara

Hello Digger, I own a "Royal Palm" bottle (fair condition) that is different than the ones I see on the internet. This bottle is a 7 ounce bottle with a painted label. The difference between this bottle and others I see on the internet is in the neck of the bottle.

All the bottles I see on the internet have crossed palm leaves shown on the neck of the bottle (front and back). My bottle has a smaller version of the Royal Palm logo (white circle with the words "Royal Palm" in a stylized font) on the neck (front and back). The back of the bottle has the following text:

CONTAINS CARBONATED WATER, SUGAR, CITRIC ACID, NATURAL FLAVOR, AND CERTIFIED COLOR.CONTENTS 7 FL. OZS. PROPERTY OF COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. OF WATERBURY INC. WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT I would appreciate any info you can provide about this bottle (I saw a reply you had made to someone previously about a Royal Palm bottle). Thank you, John Strebler

Hi Digger, I homebrew beer and was at a resale shop looking for some lids & found a box of bottles from a ghost town dig near Silver City, CO. I did a search on the Internet for the initials on the bottom of the bottles and came up with: http://www.bottlebooks.com/questions/December2001/december_2001_questions_ask_digg.htm which echoed someone with the same situation; having found a bottle with this acronym on their Colorado find. Mine is 9 1/2" high, 2 1/2" across. Brown. Two-piece with F.H.G.W. in a line across the bottom with a "c" looking more like a reversed 9 with the loop at the top of the 9 not closed. The letters are within a circle, which does not have a joining line (from the 2 piece) running through it. The lines on the sides meld into the circle. The I.D. of the mouth is 5/8" and there's a pronounced ring 1/2" below the top. The top of the mouth is more flat than rounded. ------------- Also, there is a bottle with a greenish tint 11 1/2" tall 1 3/4" across, less pronounced ring below the top. I.D of the mouth is 3/4" and is rounded. It has the same 2 piece description as above but the acronym is A.B.C.M. CO. with the letters radialy distributed around the circle on the bottom & there is a number 5 in the center. Thereís a golden brown residue inside which makes me suspect where it might have been located when found... Ahem. Have you any idea about these bottles? Also, there's a significant crusty/etched look to them. I was thinking of getting some muriatic acid & immersing them in it to clean them up. Have you a suggestion of what might be a better approach?

Thanks so much & if you're around Chicago, I'd be happy to bring you some homebrew beer for your efforts. Thanks & Cheers, Gary Gary Smith

Liberty Aid Soft Drink Base Bottle. Hi, Digger - know anything about this one? Has Memphis on it in raised letters - holds less than 2 ounces.

Hello my name is mike cash and i have a bottle in the shape of Florida made for the American legion national convention 1974 topped with a blue marlin made by heritage china 1974 by ezra brooks. This bottle is purple, yellow, gold, and brown, also says Miami beach and has the American legion seal. The back reads [COMMEMORITIVE BOTTLE FIFTY SIXTH NATIONAL CONVENTION MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA 1974] . I would love to hear your thoughts. THANK YOU mike cash

I recently found a couple of soda bottles that sound identical to those described by a fellow in your January 2002 archives, and I'm curious to know a little more about when they date to and about the company.

They are clear glass, have an odd hourglass shape and a sort of raised "honeycomb" design over most of the surface. They also have "The Lions" and "Van Bros." embossed on them so I suppose they must be a local (Vancouver, BC) area . I found them in a small local dump that dates to roughly the 1940s. Do you know anything about these bottles? Thanks so much. Jenny Vancouver, BC

Hi there, I need to know how much this bottles worth. It's a Creation of James B. Baen Distilling Co. Genuine Regal China C. Miller 1968 145 Liquor Bottle. It says on the bottle Sea Shell Headquarters of the world. Because no one knows so I'll try you. Thanks for your time. Leo Barter Jr.

Hi I was wondering if you could tell info on a coke bottle from Mass and it has an Elk head on the bottle from 1928 i think I have a picture of it some where but if know that would be good thanks Leo Barter Jr.

My name is Niles Primrose. Recently found a bottle in the Bahamas and was hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction for identification help. It is a BIM slightly over 5 inches tall over all, 4 to top of shoulder, 2.5 inches wide and somewhat hourglass shape in cross section though with rounded narrow sides. Neck is slightly flared with flat lip 3/16 wide. Color is blue. May have been a clear blue once, but has been sanded by water action. Embossing says AQUA DE ESTAMBUL on one side and J V SALIAS on the other. Thank you for any assistance. Niles

I have a brown, 4 inch wide, 11/2" depth, 7" high bottle. It has a metal band on the neck leading up to a cork. No screw top involved (there are no threads for that). The bottom say TM REF U.S. PAT OFF Pat. Pending with a #13. Also, 1 side is marked with Non Refillable, with 2 labels which are 2 3/4 " high) and 1 1/2" long(top one). The other one is 3/4" High and 2" wide(bottom one). The other side has 2 labels on it and one is 2"wide, 2 1/2" high(top one). The second label is 1" high (top) and 2" wide (bottomone). It had one spider, 1 fly and 6 wheat stalks on it also. Any info on this bottle and where it came from would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Heidi Montgomery Butler, Pennsylvania

pixjsmed Greetings , I see they don't have a question taker for flasks but you have helped with a question I had some time ago on liquer bottles. Could you take a look at this flask. I havenít seen enough old flasks to judge a genuine old one from a repro. This one was in my neighbors barn and he cant remember where it came from or how long ago he got it. Its a rich cobalt blue with a pontil scar and a smoothly tooled lip. There is abrasion wear on the base as well as on each side from surface contact. The name is B.A. ORNBERG/CHRISTIANIA.6 3/8" tall,3 1/2"w and 1 3/8" thick. Do you think its old if so how old and what may have it contained. If genuine about how much would it be worth? There is a surface flake near the bottom corner on the lion side. Thanks Still Digging and barn snooping Jeff Smedbron

I have two old bottles and would like to know the value of these. The first one is a old Mr. Boston bottle it has MINT GIN a beverage cocktail made with Mr. Boston's distilled dry gin 70 proof-certified color added Produced by Mr. Boston distiller inc. Boston, Mass. on the label. It is a 1/4 pint bottle. On the bottom of the bottle it has a bottle design in the middle and to the right of that it has a 1 or a capital I, that is the only markings on the bottle. It has a picture of a man in a top hat on the label. The other bottle is a Trader Vic's Pomegranate Grenadine Syrup. On the label it has a topless lady with a flower in her hair and a flower skirt on. The background has a grass top building with lots of designs on the walls. The label says made in U.S. A. it has the ingredients labeled, it says bottled for Trader Vic's Food Products 1545 Park Ave. Emeryville, California, USA 94608. Net contents 12.8 FL. OZ. The cap is a screw top with trader vic's stamped on it. The bottle has 4/5 Pint engraved around the bottom 4 times. The bottom of the bottle has numbers on it 22A 4722 on one area the other area has looks like a H some design and then a E. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you for your help and will be looking forward to hearing from you. LeAnn

Sir, I have a bottle like the one in the picture attached. On it is "Sharp & Dohme, Baltimore, MD" Can you tell me a little bit about it, such as when they were made and for what purpose were they used? Thank you. Mike Chevier

Hi Digger I was cruising' through your sight because my dad had some bottles from when he was in a dig in San Francisco during the mid-late sixties. Anyway he has a bunch of old bottle mostly the little medicine types, but there a couple old brown ones. the first one is a square bottle, about 11 and a half inches tall has embossing on two sides. The embossing says" the best cathartic and blood purifier" and on the other is "Lash's kidney and liver bitters" . and has a number on bottom which I think reads backwards, at least the 6 does then there is a 32. so it looks like backwards 632 but the 32 is forward, then I also have a another brown glass bottle about the same height., also square but it gets round at the top and has a real short neck with a double collar? I was trying to pick up the terms of bottle necks the other one definitely tapered though, I caught that much. the medicine bottles are all clear about three inches and have the square collar necks the largest of the small bottle has a cutter standard on the bottom with a cross and a 5 above the little stamping there in a another little bottle with tcw co 17 usa on the bottom also . anyway just thought I'd inquire about how old they might be what value they might have to a collector or someone who likes old bottles Thanks Garwin

have recently found a bottle while digging a footer at work. It is a spider web covering the bottle with a single spider, wheat, fly and the bottle is full of some kind of liquer. The cork is still in the bottle. You can smell the alcohol through the cork

Hi Mr. O'Dell: In digging below our basement subfloors (our home is 45+ years) we came across a brown glass bottle with the writing Erven Lucas Bols Het Lootsje Amsterdam. The writing is just below the next of the bottle. The title is framed in an embossed rectangle. There are no other logos. The number 2 appears on the bottom of the bottle as well as an insignia that looks the letter "D" in an embossed triangle and also embossed on the bottle is "25 oz". Any help you can provide us with identifying this bottle and it's possible worth would be appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

I don't know where to go for help in selling a bottle of rum my grandfather had for years and now is in my possession. It is an 1876 unopened bottle of Ron Bacardi Superior de Bardi Y Cia. Thanks for any help you can offer on what I can do with this bottle. Thank you

I have two flasks that I don't know whether they are reproductions or not, one is a "Success to the Railroad" it's emerald green and it has a flared lip? I'm not sure how to describe the lip. I also have an "eagle" on both sides, it's clear with a hint of aqua, niether of them have anything written on the bottom. I need to know if I have the real thing or repros. Please let me know at thank you, Carolyn Parsons

Dear Digger, I found your site and think it's fascinating. I was looking for information about my bottle, inherited from my mother. I enclose three pictures, the bottle is in perfect condition. The only flaw at all is if you look inside, there are perhaps some tiny spider web lines, cracks? But the outside is fine. The stopper is a cork, and smells deliciously like liqueur. The bottle is 8 inches tall. I was wondering about its age, if it is unusual and what the value might be. For a long time it collected dust in the basement! Thanks, Kate

See second letter below Digger

dear digger, I am searching for information on Erven Lucas Bols, some years back i inherited an urn/jug? from my grandmother it is believed to have been in the family for many years, my grandmother apparently inherited it from her grandmother? but i am not sure if this is fact or an exaggerated family story. its a delft blue urn/jug with a lid its about 25 cms tall and had a handle, it is in perfect condition except the cork in the lid its broken in half. it has the following painted on the base: Ervan Lucas Bols anno 1575 Amsterdam Holland delft it has windmills and boats painted on the front and i was wondering if you could tell me a little about its origins, maker and if anno 1575 is the year it was made and if its rare. I love this urn and its been on my shelf for a few years and people always comment on it. my father in law picked it up the other day and said that it may be worth something. I have never cared about a value as it has much sentimental value to me and i would never sell it, but maybe i should have it insured!!!!! for all i know it could be a worthless piece of junk but thought i would check it out anyway i can email a photo if needed, let me know and i will arrange this kind regards

dear digger, i have a limonade bottle that is: nine inches tall etched - J.Buro limonade gazeuses SIERRE the neck is squeezed, where the opening is like a coin slot, it has four dimples and holds a glass ball the bottom is flat the top has no lip, but has a cork-like ring on the inside i was hoping you would be able to tell me something about this bottle - or simply what purpose the glass ball serves. thank you for your help. rob woerner

i recently started digging the trash piles and love it have come up with all kinds of wonderful antique items! Yesterday found brown jugs that have Clorox on them also a brown one that has XOX these are in the glass not paper where can i find information on these and all the other really cool old bottles that i have found . headed to the Dump;-) Thanks Patty

HI Digger, First time on your web sight, Lots of info. Digging out a civil war hut sight I came across a bottle Brown in color,10in. tall, 4 sides, 3 sides have raised letters, side one says London Jocky side 2 says Club House Gin side 3 has a horse with a rider. Pontil is about the size of a half dollar and the break off edges are very sharp. Glass has lots of bubbles. Top looks to be double applied collar. Seam disappears on the neck. I would like to know how old, the value and is this a good find. One corner on the bottom has a small chip missing. Thanks for your advice. Handyman2987

I have three bottles I would like to sell, but know very little about. I appreciate any assistance you can give me. The first has a good description already partially provided on your site: On the bottom "shoulder" of the base is a T with what appears to an N or an M under the left bar and a C under the right bar, this also appears on the bottom Additionaly the bottom reads Property of Sunshine (illegible) Co. Atlanta. In the center there is a mold mark of an S in a circle which makes the above text difficult to read. The bottle is clear, in excellent shape and never used the body is rough and reads "Sunshine Trade Mark Registered" twice around the bottle.. I do know that these at one time had metal lids that looked as if they would be bent over the lip of the bottle to form the lid. The glass toward the bottom is wavy. The outside of the base is marked Pat. Des. 86037, 7 oz. net. The bottle is 6 3/4" high. The mold seam stops and then continues out-of-line at the lip. It is a round bottle, all text is embossed. The second bottle is the same as the above with a couple exceptions. The glass is smooth, not textured. There are three rings at the top, below the neck. And instead of the wavy glass at the bottom, there are 5 "rings" that increase in height as you go down the bottle. The bottom reads contents 7 oz liquid, does have the interesting TNMC type marking as above, and says registered. The bottom doesn't have the mold mark of the S, but has an indention only. The third bottle is in fair shape. It is clear with an interesting vertical oval pattern at the top, a band beneath, more vertical ovals in the center with the text, a second band and then more vertical ovals. It's about 8 7/8 high , held 10 ounces and reads "Drink Try-Me Beverages Trade Mark Reg."in the center section and occurs twice around the bottle, Try Me Beverages" in the lower section.. The bottom reads LaGrange, GA. The opening and lip look the same as a typical Coca-Cola bottle. I would appreciate any info you can give me, along with a rough estimate of expected values. The real question is trash or treasure! Thank you in advance! Jessica G. Williamson

Hi Digger! Boy do I need your help! It is a green bottle 9 and one half inches long. It was used to hold some kind of liquid. It is 15 and a half inches round on the bottle then has a neck of 4 inches wide and almost 3 inches long. The top is a blob with an opening pressed in to pour from. Has indent on bottom two inches deep. It has 2 seams running up both sides though the lip. Another mark blob is on the center with a picture of a crown on a slant With a capital C E. There is a slight line running from the inside of the C through the E. The inside bottle has a texture feel and spin lines. There is a few bubbles in the bottle. The neck is also textured feeling. The inside is smoother but has indents when running finger inside. Slightly under the lip there seems to be another seam. Can you help? Oh the green is a darker green. Thanks

I found a whiskey decanter in it's original box it is a man standing bent over slightly with a cane and top hat could you give me any information on it's value. . Thanks Andy

Dear Mr Odell, What is the value of this bottle? Front has lines shaped like a store front, printing on it : E.G. BOOZ (1840) Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle Back of bottle: E.G. Booz (1840) Bottom of bottle: 1-D-1 underneath that: 12 / circled A / 57 underneath that: 2 am sending picture of front and back of bottle, Thank you Merla Lewis

Dear Digger I recently found an old ketchup bottle underneath a house. The brand is Monarch Tomato Catsup, packed by Reid Murdoch. I was just curious if it has any value. It still has the ketchup in it, surprisingly. I cannot find this bottle anywhere and was hoping you could possibly help me. Thank you. Bobbie

Digger, I was given these bottles, and was wondering if you could help me in identifying them and determining their value. I am including a picture of the front of the bottles, which is an eagleholding a twig, but please know that there is also the bodice of a woman on the back of all four. Thanks so much. M in Ohio

Hi, I'm trying to find some dates/brand names for a couple of bottles: 1)Post-prohibition liquor bottle. Clear glass, threaded neck (single thread, twice around), foil-lined top, screw-top cap (red on cream lithograph of a rather dour-looking gentleman, balding, wears glasses, suit & tie. Lettering on cap sides: "DO NOT ACCESS..." "TURN" "PAT. 1684592 CAP MADE IN USA'. (I only have the bottle top fragment, so I can't give you a height measurement.) 2)Amber beer bottle, L=11 1/2", diam=3", crown top, seam to top of lip (smoothed), embossing at base: "R 109", bottom has several semi-concentric circles. Thank you, Stacy Lundgren

Have a bottle that has Bols on it ,it has a music box inside with a dancing Ballerina the song is Blue Danue, think it is about 50 years old. It has never been open and everything still works. Would you know anything about it Thank you Bettie

Hello, I just want to know the value of a Clorox bottle my friend purchased at a garage sale yesterday. I found a site with a picture on the Clorox site. It looks like it was made in 1931. It is brown with Clorox embossed around the neck and Clorox embossed on the bottom. It is a pint or quart. If you can give us an idea of it's true value, we'de gladly appreciate it. Thanks. Cindy

Hi, my name is Alesha and I found a jar under my grandmothers home. I would like to know how rare it is, how much it might be worth, and what kind of lid originally was meant to fit it. The jar label says: Kerr Self Sealing Trade Mark REC Mason. On the bottom of the jar it says Kerr Class MFG Company Pat 10 August 31 1915 Sand Springs Oklahoma. The jar is clear, with the mold seam running to the top of the jar or the lip, it is 7 inches tall-lip to the bottom of the jar. I look forward to your answer!

Dear Digger, I am very curious about a bottle I have. It is amber, embossed with a trademark of a standing lady with an eagle, what looks like a staff and edged with wheat around the trademark emblem, seeming to be in resemblance to Lady Liberty. It has REG.U.S. PAT.1907 on the bottom. It has a cork that if you look closely has No 1 on it, the cork is blackened & hardened but is cork. I thank you in advance for taking the time. Regards, Michelle S

i have an Italian ardo cherry decanter with a huge heavy fish on top of it. Is that one listed anywhere?

I have the bottle shown. Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomachic Bitters. It is 18 fluid ounce. It has no labels. I also have a Dr. W.B. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin bottle. If you are interested, let me know. thanks

Hello...I was wondering how I would go about finding the value of a coke bottle dated November 6, 1915, made in ballground Georgia? i have looked everywhere to find this...can you help me please? also I have an old dr. pepper bottle i would like to get a value on...if you know where I can get this information

Hi I have a few question maybe you can help, I found some bottle's in my dad old house they are medicine bottle one said Wyeth & bro phil ada do you think it worth any thing were can I check .....


I recently acquired this bottle in a cleaning of a relative's house. Can you tell me anything about it please? The bottle measures about 9.5" high, has a light aqua blue color tint and reads on the front "SCHWEYER BROS. & Co., BOTTLING CO, SOUTH ALLENTOWN, PA, REGISTERED". The rubber stopper on the tin and wire lid is embossed on the inside bottom and reads "PATS PT 10 79, LCHINING, 3". Thanks for your time. Sue Oneppo

hi i have a Larkin desk i inherited from my grandparents. with the paper stamp on it..how can i find its value or anything about Larkin furniture? thank you

Hi - I have a 5" amethyst Wheaton in the shape of a skull. It is stamped Wheaton, nj on the bottom. The only similar picture I have seen is of a Wheaton bottle where the skull is sculpted with deep recesses. I understand the historical purpose of the dramatic shape was to ensure the bottle was clearly identified as containing poison. My bottle is very lightly recessed. Can you tell me anything about it? Is it Taiwan made? If it is legitimate, can you tell me about age, purpose, quantity produced, value, etc.? Thanks! Julie

I am an exhibit floor manager in a tExas museum and have been given the job of stocking a fake 1930 pantry with homemade canned foods. My question is....what type of lid would have been in use in the early 30s? I will appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you for your time and consideration Betty Franklin Institute of Texan Cultures

small medicine bottle "f.a.& richter & co. inc" and "new York" embossed on each side.exc cond clean no damage. any big deal? 5" high. i have many more bottles. can i send inquiries about them? one is an olive German bottle with paper label etc.thanks.

Hey Digger! 1972 Ezra Brooks gold 'Seal' Heritage China decanter I'm in the process of moving, and I've been up for about 20 hours or so. That was the inspiration for opening the afore mentioned bottle (I hate moving). At 46, I thought I was getting mellow...wow! Forty-two years in a bottle does amazing things to Kentucky whiskey! I bought it for my Father in '72, and he was moving a few years ago, and asked if I wanted it. I accepted, since the price was right. I'm not a decanter collector, or whiskey drinker for that matter, so I thought I'd see if it was listed on the web. I heard that selling or shipping liquor without the proper license is taboo, so I thought I'd find out if it's worth anything with a few sips missing! The bottle and stickers are 99%, with only micro chafe marks on the head. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Dave

My husband has two 64 oz. green glass Coke Bottles. They are in excellent condition. He feels they are worth something. I don't believe so. We need to have someone tell us which one is right! Him or I....Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My husband has this bottle. On the spout it has "The Master Mfg. Co., Litchfield, ILLinois. Patd. Sept. 14, 1926. On the glass itself it has "Fill to the line around the neck and in a square it says Mass 0-10-8 Seal. Around the base it has "One Liquid Quart The AMCO Corporation Chicago - New York Does this bottle have any value? Appreciate any help that you can give us.

Mrs. Campbell

dear digger my parents have 2 garnier liqueur bottles that are ceramic birds. they are about 50 years old and on the bottom of the bottle is says garnier liqueurs enghien paris. can you tell me if they are worth anything and how old they are.. if you need a picture let me know. thank you for your time. linda

Hello, I have an dark amber bottle that stands 7" high, with a 2 1/2 inch neck, and elliptical indented base, and a circular (but not spherical) body. It has "Vinol" in large letters embossed at the base of the neck, and on the elliptical indentation in the base, there is the following: "PRIVATE MOULO - PATENTED APRIL 19, 1898". Is this bottle worth anything? Also, I have two 8" tall Log Cabin Syrup bottles: 1. Dark amber with a \n embossed design on the side: a fruit scorpion with 1776 above it. 2. Clear glass with Benjamin Franklin on the side. On the bottom is the log cabin logo with "1842". Are these worth anything. Thanks for your assistance. Charlie

Digger, I have these two Lysol Bottles , Pictures are attached of both side view and bottom of the bottles. Can not find any information on these two bottles. They both have cursive Lysol printed all the way around the sides at the top. Please send an answer as soon as you can, they are both from Bloomfield N.J. also. Thanks for your help! Lisa Seville

Iv,e had this bottle many years as my dad was a watch maker and approx.1950 he purchased an old trunk at a estate sale. I managed to save it and it,s label is in very good condition. I,m not able to date it so I found your web site and hope you can help me solve this mystery.Label reads:Wm.F NYE INC. Bracelet Watch oil ,superior New Beaford Mass. u.s.a. At the bottom of the bottle is a embossed circle with the letter M & just outside the circle is 1 .Please Thank you.

I have a bottle Nuline N.J. Water marked bottom Hunter green with a bird possibly dove with looks like scroll in the mouth and a shield and possible olive branch. approx 9" tall and on the other side embossed looks like to clasped hands with the word union in a emblem shield with stars surrounding it with wheat up the sides. The neck of the bottle is scalloped embossed peach liberty bell with water mark Wheaton approx. 71/4"

i recently brought a brass fire extinguisher pump i was liking to know if its wroth anything? Pyrene fire extinguisher. extinguisher & chemical patented 1,688,195 nov.11 1913 anti-freeze sept.21 1915. 1 quart hand fire extinguisher classification N_o Q699701 could you please help me find out some information on its wroth should i hold on to it for collector reason thank you so much Mrs. Teresa Chapman

Dear Digger, firs I will like to apologies for my English, I am a francophone from Canada. Thank you to ad some information on the web site in regards with Lucas Bols Ballerina...but do you have a site web where I could have some more information...not in regards with the value...but the history of this company...my self I have four different bolls ballerina from Lucas Bols...I pay the range of 3$ to 8$ Cdn in flea market...but like I said I'm note interesting in the value of it...but more the history...so that way, I have something to tell about that "ballerina" ... also, many thank to help so many people like me...with answers...thank you...thank you...

I have hundreds of old Javex brown colored bottles I recently found in a community dump that has been there since the early 20's and til 50's.The dump site is around 20' in length and 10' in depth. How much are these bottles worth? Mint condition, still have some javex in some of them ... rare find.

hello digger, just wanted to know about a small, green bottle, with the words st joseph aspirin on both sides of bottle and on the bottom of bottle is the number 3 on the left side, 8 on the right side, and under a symbol is another number 8. what year was this bottle made and is it worth anything? thank you for your time,

dear digger: i have found an amber bottle (inside a septic tank) the tank was built in 1937. There is no way this bottle could have been flushed down any drain as it is too large. The cap was still on the bottle and there was no fluid in it. We have no idea how it got in there or why. The height of the bottle is approximately 10 inches in height. The color is amber. There is no label. The mouth of the bottle stops and does not run over. It has a plastic screw on cap. The base is embossed and has many, many numbers. The bottle is round in shape. There is absolutely no damage to the bottle. However, the bottle states "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle". Now being that it was placed in the septic tank, that many years ago and is in impeccable condition, i would like to know if you have any information that you can give me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dear Digger, I have what looks like a freen glass pressed bottle. There is a seam just below the lip and down the sides of the bottle. The bottom of the bottle has a rectangular base with an oval seam and the only writing on the base is Canada and what looks like 11 or 1l. There is an embossed pattern on the bottle that looks like it might be a fluer de lis (sp). There are no cracks, scratches or chips in the bottle but there seems to be mold marks on the sides. I am attaching pictures and apologize for their quality as I have a very cheap camera. Any info you could give me on this bottle concerning age, price, and what it might have been used for would be appreciated. Sorry forgot to add the dimensions 8 1/4 inches tall 5 1/4 inches wide 1 3/4 inches thick dia of the lip is 1 3/4 inches dia of the opening in the lip is approx 3/4 inches The rectangular base is 2 3/4 by 3 3/4 Thank You, Steve Kerzner

Digger Odell, My grandmother has a bottle with the following embossed on the front Dr. King's New Discovery for Coughs and Colds also on the side is the following H.E. Bucklen and Co. I was just wondering if you could give me some more information on this particular bottle. Age, location, why it was made, and an approximation on the value. Thanks, Kelli

I inherited a bottle that was excavated from a site about 30 years ago. The site was a mansion complete with slave quarters. The bottle is a brown stoneware bottle with an imprint on the back which says "derby pottery, near derby" next is listed the manufacturer of P & J Arnold, London, England the bottle also has imprint of J Boorney and Sons with the word tentees listed below. Just trying to find out what I have and if it is worth anything. Can't seem to find any sites with any info. can you help or direct me to another source...thanks....

I have Two cobalt blue bottles and would like to know something about them and maybe there value. One says N.Y. PHARMACAL ASSOCIATION and that's all and it a square bottle and it's 8" tall and very crude. The other one is also cobalt and it's cylinder shape and on the shoulder it's embossed R.C.&A. and on the other side is embossed New York and it's 9" tall. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. I'm attaching pictures of both. Thanks Brad Price

dear digger, I am searching for information on Erven Lucas Bols, some years back i inherited an urn/jug? from my grandmother it is believed to have been in the family for many years, my grandmother apparently inherited it from her grandmother? but i am not sure if this is fact or an exaggerated family story. its a delft blue urn/jug with a lid its about 25 cms tall and had a handle, it is in perfect condition except the cork in the lid its broken in half. it has the following painted on the base: Ervan Lucas Bols anno 1575 Amsterdam Holland delft it has windmills and boats painted on the front and i was wondering if you could tell me a little about its origins, maker and if anno 1575 is the year it was made and if its rare. I love this urn and its been on my shelf for a few years and people always comment on it. my father in law picked it up the other day and said that it may be worth something. I have never cared about a value as it has much sentimental value to me and i would never sell it, but maybe i should have it insured!!!!! for all i know it could be a worthless piece of junk but thought i would check it out anyway i can email a photo if needed, let me know and i will arrange this kind regards


Hi Digger, A friend of mine recently found two soft drink bottles with the following labels: Starr Bottling Company, Jackson, Kentucky and Jackson Bottling company, Jackson, Kentucky We believe these companies were in business prior to 1950. Do you know anything about either of these companies. Thanks Dixie

Dear Digger,

I was on the web and ASK JEEVES directed me to your website I have inherited two bottles from my mother, one is a crown royal bottle that sits on what I believe to be a brass base with fish for the legs. It has a brass band on the neck, and a crown. The other bottle is a corked wine bottle wityh a dragons head handle, it is silver and glass with raised flowers in the glass. The inscription on the bottom reads:Distillerie Buton Bologna Italia Casa fondata nel 1820 Argenterie Comm G Galbiati Milano. I have researched the library and don't know where else to turn, if you can help I would appreciate it. sincerely, Janet L. Radford

I will start out by telling you the name of the bottle as I know it. A clyde bottle. I was told that it is a water bottle on the boats of the Erie Canal when it was being built. Have you ever heard of these. If you have I would like any information you could offer me. I will send you a picture if it would help you. Thank you ever so much. Lynette

Hi Digger If you can answer this you have earned your pay and I will be sure to let others know are you ready you might not know and if you don't and I find out would you like the info ? I found a metal tin like scoop with the name KLIM on the handle which is milk backwards klim is a powder (dry) milk how old am I and where was I made good luck and thank you for your time chrissy the digger

A friend of mine was clearing some brush near a river at his old farm house in Parshallville Mi. When pulling some roots of the brush up out popped an old Duraglas bottle. The bottle is brown about 9-1/2" tall. The cap has a peel away cap still on and is still full of what looks like beer. No label. The bottom of the bottle has the name duraglas on it under the name duraglas is a 6 with an emblem next to it then a 1 under that 22 under that gb41 do you have any idea how old this could be? Bob Triffo

Dear Sir / Mamm, I have a bottle ,embossed, Anheuser- Bush BRWG ASH Norfolk VA Branch. Also has trade mark , registered ,and the actual trade mark of capital " A " w/ a bird and a shield below it. The bottom front also has embossed , " registered ,"and , " this bottle not for sale ." The bottle is clear in color and 9 - 1/4 ,in height. Can you help me find out something about this bottle ? Or maybe refer / suggest a reference ? Thank You for anything you can help with ! Sincerely Kelly

Hello Digger! Quick question... I have a bottle of Teachers Highland Cream Scotch (I believe from the 60's). How can I tell the true age of the Scotch and its value? Thanks for your time. Wayne

Hi, The other day I found a bottle while digging at a construction site and I have been trying to determine the date of this bottle. I read past questions that people have sent you about this type of bottle but their numbers on the bottom donít match in anyway to mine. If you would be so kind to tell me what to look for or where to look to determine the age of this bottle I would greatly appreciate it. It is clear in color, had no cap but looked like it was a screw top the bottle is 6 1/2" tall and 3" wide and seems to be a flask type bottle. The words FEDERAL LAW FOR BIDS SALE OR REUSE OF THIS BOTTLE on front along with the face of a man in a oval shape to the left of the face are factories with smoke coming out of stacks and to the right of the face is a house. The sides of the bottle have wheat shaped stalks (3) coming out of a leaf like shape at bottom. On the bottom of the bottle the numbers read D 230 next to that a triangle with the letters WT in it and next to that the numbers 12-5. On the next line it has M 1645. Around the bottom of bottle there are names written out that look like Harry Wilken Sr. and Harry Wilken Jr. starting from one side and goes around back to other side. If you have any info on this or site I can go to please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank-You Mike Damoulakis


I have a bottle my husband found years ago while operating a crane in the city park area of New Orleans. They were doing some remodeling in this area and came upon many bottles "pottery" different lips because they may have been made by hand. It may have been a factory of some sort. maybe they were ale bottles. We had about 20 of these but gave them away . this one we kept. It is about 8 to 10 inches tall. It has the initial of J.F on it. The information we found on it was in the Library. Joseph Flowers Bristol--Who was an Apprentice . Started a delftware Manufactory at Redcliff Bank 1743-1783. Crock England. J F 1751.What I would like to know if it is of any value. You use to could buy the other bottles at sales for a dollar each. There is no other markings. a chip on the bottom edge. An ecru color or light tan. ----Thank you, Sincerely ----Uldine Tracy

Have a 12" long, clear, & uncorked fish shaped bottle with an amber, watery liquid inside. The only markings are on the bottom of the bottle & include "CONTR. IVA-A2R.i. 375-787-". Please advise if you are able to identify this bottle & if it has any value as a collectors item. Thanks for your help! Connie Riche - Washington State

please help me with 2 bottles I found while emptying my mothers house. Both are seagrams 7 whiskey bottles in the original felt bag and box. One is from 1955 with the labels intact, 1/2 full: and the other is 1961, never opened. Any value in these besides the alcohol content, and can I sell an open bottle of alcohol?thanks brenda

Hi Digger, I have tried to find information about the name and bottle information on the web without any luck. I hope you can help me. I have a seltzer bottle that is a deep rich turquoise color, with etched script in old English, and leaves around the lettering on each side, like an oval frame. The lettering says:T.A. Mills. This name also appears on the spout, and is engraved into the metal.It says: T.A. Mills New York 67. Their are no seams to show where the bottle was joined together, if in fact it was. It is smooth with no seams. On the bottom of this bottle is engraved, (made in Czechoslovakia). I would really appreciate any information you could give me about this seltzer bottle and name that is etched on it. Best Regards, David

Hi Digger I just purchased a collection of old medicine bottles that have original contents, and in most cases, still have original labels. The labels are fragile, and I have to move the collection from the previous owners storage shed to my house. I have suggestions to spray the labels with clear Krylon spray ,or another Krylon product called Fixatif which is used on engineering drawings to stabilize them. Hair spray has also been suggested. Can you provide any guidance or recommendations? I do not want to decrease the value of the bottles, but the labels should be protected someway. HELP! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Regards Ken Lawler

Hello, my name is Tracy and I have a porcelain bottle with an aunt jemima on it, she is not painted or one of those rub on things, she's about 1/2 inch raised on the bottle, the bottle is an off white in color and about 2 1/2 feet tall, it has a opening in the top about the size if two golf balls the lip is rounded and smooth and the bottle itself is smooth. I'm not for sure if it has any writing on it or not, it's at home and I'm not, I can let you know later. I have been trying to find ANY info. on her for about two weeks now and keep coming up empty. I got her at an auction down where we live and I only paid $5 for her. Even if she isn't worth anything I still love it. If you can help and would be greatly appreciated, if not thank you for trying. Still looking, T. Johnson St.Louis

I recently purchased a bottle that contains(d) Dr. Hobson's N and B Liniment manufactured by Pfeiffer Chemical Company Offices New York St. Louis, date on bottle Revision 1929. The bottle is in great shape with only minor nicks on the label. I cannot find any information on this bottle. Can you help?

Thanks Mary


Hi Digger, I purchased this bottle today at an estate sale and would like to know what it was used for and what it might be called if it is possible. It is cobalt blue with silver filigree on all sides, a long nozzle that unscrews from the mouth of the bottle and a tip that also unscrews. There is a number embossed on the bottom of the bottle but is covered up by the silver filigree on the bottom. The only number I can make out is the last one which is 3. There are no seams on either any of the 4 sides. It is rectangle and measures 6-1/4" tall without the nozzle and almost 10" with the nozzle. It is 2" wide x 1-1/4" front to back. There are no markings at all on it other than the number on the bottom. It has no damage whatsoever. Thank you. Sue

Hello, recently i found an old cola bottle i will do my best to describe it . The color is light green with a squared off center ,it is 10 o.z. . It has the word soda water incorporated ito the COCA_COLA lable. On the bottom of the bottle is Wilmington, Del. . It is in perfect shape with no nicks . Could you please e-mail me if you have any info thanks. pete stewart

we have a small bottle with the word valaze and a 3 under it could you please tell me what it is.

Hi, In which of your books might I find out about the following bottle: This bottle is approximately one inch square and about five or so inches high. the bottom says A. Schilling & Co. 2 oz net. The side has a monogrammed A S & Co, and the stopper is glass, four-sided with a cross on each side, with cork to fit into the bottle neck. The seam on the bottle stops just above the beginning of the neck. Thank you, Fred Bertram

Hello, I have a bottle that is approx. 10 to 12 inches high. And the name on it is the Duffy Malt Whiskey company Rochester NY.The letters are inside a circle and also have large initials inside. There is a date on the bottom of this bottle that says as follows Pat Aug 241886.Hopfully you will have some information for me because I know nothing about it.

My grandangel found a bottle that he says looks rather like a baby bottle only larger and with no measuring marks. It has Moline written on it. He is eager to find out just what it was used for. Glory

i have a bottle in amber brown color that i got at a tag sale--for 1$ it satnds about 10" and is in the shape of a guitar and has the markings of strings and all--the only writing on the bottle is federal law forbids sale or reuse of this bottle then on the bottom of the bottle it says des pat then lots of #'s d202 64-9 then another row of #'s 107353 then a little gremilin looking smiley face next to #'s any idea what this is or can you direct me to the right person ty candice

Hi sir, I have an old jar bank that has a really old label on the lid that reads" Mountain Sorghum Syrup" on it. There are some words that I can't make out, but I can tell it says " Made On Our Farm" on it and you can also make out the ingredients and the weight(21 oz.). On the bottom of the jar, made right into the glass is 1801. Does that mean the year 1801? Do you think this could sell on ebay? The jar is in the shape of an old gumball machine or something similar. Thanks for any info you can provide!

I just got a bottle. It is aqua (light greenish tint). It has a round bottom. On one side is embossed the word BELFAST. On the other side, the word ROSSS (yes, three "s"s) is embossed. Your site for May questions syas that these were usually soda bottles. Is this true of mine? Can you give me information on ROSSS? How old might the bottle be?

Dear Digger, My husband has an old whiskey bottle that has the following embossed on the side "The Duffy Malt Whiskey Company Rochester, N.Y.U.S.A." the bottle itself has seams on both sides but the neck has no seams and was obviously attached after the bottle was made the bottom of the bottle is embossed with the following "PATD AUG.24 1886" and in the center of the bottom there is a "17." embossed could you please give us a clue as to how old (and the worth) also in the center of the embossing on the side(which forms a oval) there is a symbol which I can't describe so I have included a picture. There is also a cork which we believe to be original by it's condition. We look forward to your reply. Thank You Beth and Mike

Okay, I feel real stupid asking this, but please, I'm new. Would the value of a beer or cola bottle be greater if it was never opened? Not that anyone would ever drink it, but just have a few on the shelf unopened for one reason or another. Should I dump the contents? Thanks and best regards, Rick Molique Ithaca, NY (found your address on antiquebottles.com)

i found a bottle that is clear and round and it says Maypop on it and it has little designs like upside down triangles and circles near the neck of the bottle it has a tree on the opposite side from where it says Maypop and on the bottom of the bottle there is another tree here are some pictures and can you please give me some info on it and maybe how much it is worth

I recently purchased at an auction a log cabin shaped bottle. I have read a little about the bottle from your web site. Although my bottle is like the one you talk about it is different.

It clearly has E C and not E G on it. There are no period's after any letters or under any letters. At the base of the neck where the it meets the floor, there is a small piece of glass left over from the mold. There are a few air bubble in the glass mostly small but one large. Also at the base of the neck where the word BOOZ's is, the top portion of the first O is missing, this portion is cut off by the neck of the bottle. At the base of the neck where the roof connects to the it there are also what appears to be wrinkles in the glass. They are clearly not cracks. The only seams in the bottle that I can find are at the top of the neck before the neck tapers. Thank you for your time. Please let me know what you think about the bottle and what it might be worth. Thanks, Susan Hudgens

dear digger- I have recently started collecting White opaque milk bottles the are labeled Carlton on the bottom and have colorful pictures of cows and dairy scenes on them. some are quart size and others are half gallon size. Some have plastic lids others do not. I do not think that they are of any great value, but the are fun to collect. I am trying to find out how may designs there are and how new or old they are , I have searched and can not find much information about them. Do you know anything that may help me? Thanks, Keri

I have an old cork top vermifuge bottle. It reads on the face white's cream vermifuge. I was wondering how much this bottle might be worth. I have also found many other bottles in the field near my country house in buckingham florida.

Can you tell me if Clevenger made the Cobalt Violin Bottles that had vanilla in them? Do you know what they are worth? (no label or lid)

we have a green round bottle no marks except for woodbury & buschmiller newport ky

Hello, I have come across a very large glass bottle and I'm stumped as to what it might have been. My bottle has a 'c' marking on the side, was made from a 3-part mold, and has the following markings on the bottom "1918", "12G". I assume this indicates the manufacturer date and volume (12 gallons). The bottle is 24" high, 14" in diameter, and 47" in circumference. The lip seems to have been added and has two indentations as if it had a stopper mechanism Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you, Ron

pixleo This is a creation of James Bean and Genuine Regal China it says C.miller 1968 I was wondering how much. Thank for your time. Leo Barter Jr.

we have recently received a Paul Bunyan and babe the blue ox decanter. the head and shoulders lift off as one piece to open the bottle. there is a paper decal in lower front of the figurine reading as such: Old Mr. Boston's Five Star Brandy Genuine, blended and bottled by Mr. Boston Distiller, Boston, Mass., Albany,Ga., Owensboro, Ky. 80 proof 4/5 quart. on the very underside of this figurine it reads: O.M.B. No.13-1971 Royal Halburton China. would it be possible for you to give me a rough estimate on what this might be worth? Also i have a very nice red blown glass decanter, squared on the edges and the neck was added on with a shoulder of glass. I believe it to be a medicine bottle. could you please send me any info you can give me on these? thanks so....much Debi

I have a bottle still in the box (sealed) and wanted to find some information about it. I have looked around the Internet and haven't found anything... I have attached two photos and wanted to know if you could help with any information. Any help would be appreciated. Armand Cooper

I have 2 old bottles one says linco wash on it and the other says mira glo on it can you tell me anything about them? thank you tazm

Hey - Recently found the bottom of a clear triangular bottle. It has a pontil mark and air bubbles in the glass. Measuring 3 inches on each side of the triangle, the base reads "Knadler & Lucas Louisville KY.". Any ideas as to what it contained or who Knadler & Lucas are/were? Thanks for having such a great resource on the Web!! Shary

Hi Would be interested to know any info on champagne bottles ,around the 1880s that is what I presume they are any way dark in colour with a deep indent in the bottom some are still corked complete with contents, bottled in England for export many thanks Andy

Found about 2dozen Plymouth Gin bottles with the monk label, glass stoppers and straw wrappers in my Grandfathers cellar. I suspect they date to the 1930's. Do they have any value ?

My son picked up a bottle that we have no idea what it was used for. I do not think it is very old but it is very unusual (I think) It stands a little over seven inches high. It has a nutritional label on it that says serving size 200 ml, servings per container :1. Calories 75 Fat O Cholesterol O sodium o Total carbohydrate20g fiber 0 sugar les than 20g Protein 0 vitamin A 0 Vitamin C 0 Calcium 0 Iron 0 on the bottom there are several markings molded into the bottle. 5 lll 44 NT

and several other characters that I cannot tell what they are. The most unusual thing about this bottle is that about 2/3 of the way up it curves in from two sides reducing the opening to a very small opening. Just above this the are two glass balls ( about the size of marbles) and the opening bottle opens up again. Not as much as the bottom but close. There is a screw top which has a plastic cover with an opening. Whatever was in the bottle could be poured?? out or I imagine consumed. The opening is not large enough for the glass balls to come out. Any information you could give me about this bottle would be appreciated - it really has my curiosity up. Thanks Ginger Chamberlain

Hello: I have quite a mystery. After searching many hours and many sites, I still cannot come up with any information regarding (2) bottle/jar/jugs that I have. I don't know which term describes them best. They are brown glazed stoneware, fat bellies, short narrow necks, wide mouth openings, the writing on both is "Federal law prohibits sale or re-use of this bottle" and each has a size description "Quart" and "Pint." On the bottom of the pint bottle "Wing Fung Hong China" with some Chinese writing and on the bottom of the quart bottle "Wing Lee Wai China" also with some Chinese writing. I am hoping that you can shed some light on this mystery. Maybe I've just got junk here, but a history would sure be nice to know. Thank you for your time. Julie

My husband found an old 3-in-1 oil glass bottle and would like to know if it is worth anything. We have never seen a 3-in-1 glass bottle only the tin cans it now comes in. Thanks, Dorinda

Hi...my husband has acquired a bottle...pale green in color....8" by 4"....written on the side...Fellows Syrup of Hypophosphates....nothing on the reverse side...I have read about the tonic....now we would like to know the approximate value/rarity of the bottle itself...the bottom has a recessed circle about 1and a half inches in diameter....the bottle itself is heavy....with no chips.....no cracks. Thanks for any information you may be able to provide. Patricia O'Connor

Hi Digger I found your site whilst searching for Julius Wile Sons. I live in Scotland and have in my possession a bottle of Scotch Whisky which was blended and bottled in Scotland then shipped to the USA where the agent was Julius Wile. His label is still on the bottle top and it bears the number 30272077. It was then purchased by my father in law possibly some time in the early 60's and brought back to Scotland where it remained in his attic until he died in 1988. The bottle itself states the name of Peter Dawson and has the trade mark 'Blue bell' with a little picture of a bluebell on it. The proof of the whisky is 86.8 which is pretty much blow your head off stuff even for a Scot!!. Do you have any idea as to whether or not this would be valuable. I wondered if the company still exists and if so, do they have a museum where the might want to display this bottle? I have tired to value the bottle here in Scotland without any luck so far. Would appreciate any info. Thanks, Sandra Kane

I recently found a bottle in a place where we normally search for arrowheads. It is octagon shaped with a metal screw on cap. It is clear and about 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall. It has MOROLINE embossed on all 8 sides and twice on the bottom. Also, on the bottom it has the following numbers- 7 8 0 Fred Guerra Smithville, Tx

I have dug up a glass, cobalt blue, rectangular shaped bottle about 3" in height, 1 1/16 inches square, flared lip with a 1/2 inch neck length, horizontal lines on 2 sides around the word "poison", and a number "3" on the bottom. There are no apparent mold marks, the bottle is in excellent shape, no damage. I am curious about the time frame and what its possible use may have been. Thanks for any help you can give, sorry I can't send a photo, don't have the ability to do so. Side note, the bottle was found in the Florida panhandle in a small town

Hi. My father gave me a orange/ginger colored clay bottle about 12 inches tall with a circular marking on it that says Victoria Brunnen at the top, VB with a crown over it in the middle, and Berlah Stein at the bottom. There's no date on it but an inche below the handle its engraved: No 3. My father said that his aunt's called it a ginger bottle and that they used to fill it with hot water and place it at the foot of their bed at night to keep their feet warm in the winter. I know that Victoria Brunnen is a German company that made mineral water and is presently owned by Beck's. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have on its value.

Dear Digger, we are interested in the price of a copper flask with the inscription of Souvenir, twenty-sixth grand annual encampment, Washington, DC, Sept. 20 - 22 1892 on the other side it has three heads and GAR 1861 - 1865 1892. This flask has a handle of plaited rope and a chain top with a cork. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John & Charlene

Hi, I have a collection of coca-cola bottles but this one stumps me. It stands about 8 inches and is 2 1/4" wide. It has seems that run all the way up the neck to the top of the bottle. Has a diamond on both side with the coke bottle in the middle, one says Coca-Cola and the other Coke. Both say trade-mark. Bottle has straight sides and the neck says contents 10 fl. oz. Bottle has a linen or some cloth texture from the shoulder down. Base says No Return No Deposit. Bottom says Not to be refilled. 18941-ck 21068 3AA. Any help on the age and value? Thank

Dear Sirs. I ask you for your help identifying a bottle I dug, I believe to be a wine or beer bottle. Bottle is,11"3/4inches tall,Lt. green,-(aqua?)in color, looks to be Blown-three-mold, gradual sloping shoulders leading up to mild, blob or medium cork type top. There are lines or scars, running down neck about 2 inches. But embosment on base is my interest. Picture of ALIEN, waving and word "PLUTO" under it Please help THANKS Duggett

Hi! My 9 year old daughter was playing in our linen cabinet and came down to show me a bottle of "sun" cholera mixture she had found. It is in great condition! In fact, the medicine is still inside, as well as the piece of cotton on the top! The front label reads: "Sun" Cholera Mixture Tablets A safe and speedy cure For colic, Diarrhea, Cramps, Pain in the bowels, cholera, Morbus, and Cholera. It lists the name and address of the "prescription druggist" The back of the bottle reads: Adult Dose One tablet every half hour for two hours; if the disorder is not checked, continue with one tablet every three hours thereafter. Dose for children over seven years, one tablet every two or three hours as case may require. The bottle is rounded and the bottom (by design) so it does not stand upright. The lid looks to be a tin or aluminum. Our house was built in 1900. My great grandparents and my grandparents lived in this house, before selling it to an outsider. We have lived here 9 years, and are just finding this. We would love to find out how old this bottle could be. We are wondering whether it was something that would have been used by my grandparents, or great grandparents. Thank you for your help! Colleen

pixsusan Good day, We are building our retirement house in Jamaica on the site of the 1658 battle at Rio Nuevo. Previous to that time it was a small Spanish stronghold. The English defeated the Spanish in this battle... and set up a small settlement. This is well documented and in fact we have found two cannonballs while excavating for our foundation. We have located an old foundation near to our building site and in that area we have found numerous artifacts including many wine bottle pieces and shards. I have been able to piece together some of them and I believe that some may date to the late 18th century. I would like your help in more accurately dating these "finds". I realize that they are probably of little collectors value, as they are so fragmented. We have found only two whole bottles so far, but I believe they are much more recent, though one of the complete bottles does have an applied lip. But they are of great value to me... so I would appreciate your help in identifying them and learning as much as possible. I believe they are most likely English in origin. Bottle #1... 11 1/2" high, 3 1/2" diam, blue/green/grey (not black glass) with pronounced iridescent surface. No seams Picture "Bottle #1a": view of full bottle Picture "Bottle #1b": view of bottom, very high "kick up" Picture "Bottle #1c": view of lip. applied, no down-tool. Picture "Bottle #1d": view of from broken side Bottle #2... hght not known, diam 3 1/4", black glass with very pronounced iridescent surfaces and clear down-tooled applied collar. Picture "Bottle #2a": view of pieces Picture "Bottle #2b": view of pieces turned over I anxiously await your reply. Will I be notified of response in your on-line column? Susan, Jamaica, West Indies

I was intrigued so here's the scoop. The champagne dates from 1900+ no earlier than 1870. I cannot see mold seam The other fragments blob type top date from 1840-1860 Digger


Hi! I have been trying to find information on a bottle I have recently acquired, and can't find it anywhere. It's clear glass with a white screw lid. On one side it says "GARRETT'S" and "contents one half gallon" The other side has an eagle and says " Garrett's" & "American Wine". The entire bottle is covered with leaves and grapes. On the bottom it has the number 1087 and the letters E T 6. Any idea of how old it is and how much it's worth? Thanks so much! Sally

I was wondering if you could tell me about this bottle.. I have had it for about 15 years and it looked old at that time.. It says "Kiss Snookums" on the bottom and as you can see, a cork in its mouth, so I feel like it might be a liquid bottle ... it is not very large. any help would be welcome... Thanks .. peggy

dear digger, I have a few bottles that I know nothing about I haven't been able to find anything out on my own, the first bottle is a cranberry color shaped like a cathedral, with the words church brand ink on the side and Wheaton n.j. and a c in a circle on the bottom. the other bottle Iím wondering about is amber in color with a picture of Andrew Jackson on one side with the dates 1767-1845,on the other side there is a tree limb with the words home the hermitace Tennessee and the dates 1829-1837 with a signature I cant make out, and on the bottom of the bottle it says made in Taiwan, on both bottles the pictures and writing are raised and they have seams that go down each side of the bottles I would like to know anything about them, and their value if any thanks, nay

Hi I hope you can help me I have recently came into the collection of several apothocary jars? Some are marked and some are not, but they are all extremely beautiful Handpainted white china jars with lids in perfect condition. Some are marked Jeanne Robinette of California and I can find out nothing in my search for information about these jars. I would greatly appreciate any information or any direction to go about these pieces. I have all sizes and they are in perfect condition with beautiful paintings and color. I look forward to hearing from you Thank you Jeanne

I have a 4/5 quart decanter of Texas Tech Raiders mascot, never opened. Bought it in 1975. It is full of straight bourbon whiskey. I bought this for my grandmother and it was returned upon her death. The seal is broken but the cork is still in the top. Worth anything? I think I paid $25.00 in 1975. Just wanted to ask since McCormick's website is not up. Thanks

Dear Digger, I have bought a fish decanter from a yard sale and it is glass and has several gold stickers on it that says made and bottled by Garnier Enghien Paris France and one sticker that says Creme de menthe 1 pint. The fish has spots and is green and white and is sitting on a rock like it is standing with its mouth open and the tail is on the rock in front of him. Please tell me if you might know anything about him. He is a very pretty fish. Dot

MR. DIGGER, I bought a bottle at a yard sale for 2.00, it is 6 3/8 " tall, clear, ABM (seam is barely visible to top of lip & is smooth ), flared top, smooth bottom. marking on bottom is the letter i inside a diamond with the # 13 outside to the bottom left. on the back is 3vi, (the # 3 is odd, the top half looks like the letter z is in line with the arc, with the bottom half being a regular arc, although much larger than the top half. it appears to be a medicine bottle. a small part of the label is visible on the front: or LT CLO for 20 pound (pound is the best i can make out) it was found under an old R&R track in Milwaukee any info you can give me about its origin would be greatly appreciated

Hello Digger, Found your website by typing in "Consolidated distilleries Corbyville Canada", which brought up the question asked by someone else with the labeled Corby's whiskey bottle. There's no label left on this one, but the sides are embossed with a horseshoe and the words "Green River". Also the front of the bottle is embossed "Federal Law Forbids sale or reuse of this bottle". Also found a flask with a narrow neck, ribbed sides, "OCAP Trade Mark" embossed on the top on both sides and "Patent applied for" embossed at the bottom. Lastly, I found a flask with geometric design of lines and half circles embossed on the sides and "The FW Fitch Co" embossed on the bottom. Just curious about the age and value of these bottles, I plan on keeping them. Thanks, Bernadette

Dear Digger, I recently found the following 3 jars in an old basement. Could you give me any information about them and are they of any value? 1. 2 Clear Gallon "Duraglas" Jars. The are marked on the bottom: 9 (I) 57, 2 SCS-48, CCS-W, Duraglas and the other is the same but has 9 (I) 53. They both have wire handles. Someone has made corks for them. The (I) is actually a symbol, a circle with the I in the middle and a primade shape on either side of the circle. The I is Roman Cap. I. 2. The third jar is a Ball quart jar with a wire handle. The name "Ideal" is at the bottom under the name "Ball". Under "Ideal" is Pat'd July 14, 1908. Thank you, S. Norris

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