March 2001 Questions

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I have been chasing all over the internet trying to find out about this bottle. I found it on the waters edge at St. Augustine Fla., in 1961. It is 8.5 " high, 3 sides. Amber in color and has 3 seams all the way to the top. There is also a seam from the center near the top, to the top of the bottle. It appears to have a applied double collar. Has a smooth base with embossing. On each side in a circular fashion it is embossed with Bulloch lade & Co Ltd Glascow & London. "I have found that the Ltd was added around 1896. On the bottom, it has embossed E b & Co Ld with a number 1760. I have tracked this to a distillery in Scotland called Caol Ila. Bulloch Lade & Co purchased this company in 1863. There is a chip on the top of the bottle. This may also be a defect, as I can see swirl marks in the chip area. I am including a picture of the bottle. Thanks for any help. Bob Tuttle

Bob, this might not be much help but if the seam goes over the lip then the bottle is not as old as your research might suggest.  However it looks in the picture as if it could be an old bottle.

 Do you know anything about J. R. Cobb soda bottles. I have one from Latta  SC. Someone once told me that they are very rare. They looked the bottle up in a book and told me there was not one listed for the Town of Latta SC. Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated I have a bottle of "Golden Wedding" whiskey, that has never been opened. Is it worth anything? A friends father bought it when he got married and saved it for his Golden wedding anniversary. Well, he passed away before his anniversary. Just curious to know if this bottle of whiskey is worth anything. Thanks for your time. T.W

I do not know about the Cobb bottles.  An unopened bottle of Golden Wedding of the 1920's carnival glass bottle would be a nice item.  I'd guess $50+.  Golden Wedding is also a modern brand which can still be purchased.  if you are referring to the more modern bottle then I'd guess much less. Digger.

HI; I recently found an Indian Rock ginger ale bottle, It is a bowling pin style, about 7 3/4 high, slight yellow tint. It is embossed with Indian Rock Ginger Ale diagonally across the front, from bottom to top. Back bottom has contents 6 1/2 oz. bottom has AGW. Do you have any info on this bottle? looking for age, where it was made, and value.

The lettering AGW on the base probably stand for the American Glass Works , Richmond Virginia and Paden City WV (1908-1935) I could not find anything else.  I did find a reference to Indian Rock Ginger Ale in a bottle similar to yours but with the words Pepsi Cola Bottling company, Highpoints N.C. This bottle is extremely rare and probably very valuable listing for $2000. The bottle I found is a 7 oz. bottle but also has A.G.W embossed.. Without the Pepsi wording I'd would think it would be less but I'd check it out with some Pepsi collectors. Digger

Hi have found a whiskey bottle with the following: Brown glass, embossed with Jesse Moore & Co Louisville, Ky CH Moore OLD Bourbon & Rye Moore. Hunt & Co Sole agents Near the shoulder of the bottle are the words TRADE MARK in a circle of a vine. Is there a way you can tell me some history of this bottle? I live in Washington State. Is there any $ worth for this bottle? Thanks for the help in advance.

The Moore-Hunt bottles is in the $70-100 range. I was not able to find any history of the company.


John I have published quite a bit on Dr. King's New Discovery.  Use the search feature to find your bottle.

dear Sir, I have a few bottles that I would like to see if you can give me some answers for. My first bottle is rectangle is shape 4 1/2" high by 2 1/8"wide. It has the name Steele Lobell Co. Baltimore, MD. embossed in it. The bottle is clear in color. The seam does extend into the lip but does not seem to be a rounded style lip more of a flat even lip. The 2nd bottle I would believe to be quite old? It is 7 15/16" high by 2 1/2" wide squared style bottle clear in color. It has a measuring system on one side from 1 through 16 all numbers are embossed with slash marks. It has the name Eckels written in cursive and embossed. The seam does not extend into the lip. on another side it has a line embossed across the whole side at the 8 in the measuring system symbolizing 1/2 full?. The 3rd bottle is green tint or aqua in color. It is 9 1/4 long oval in shape. approx 2 3/4 wide. This bottle has a man which has a fish draped over his shoulder this being all embossed. On the top it has Scott's Emulsion written in capital letters. On the bottom it has Cod liver oil with lime & soda also written in capital letters. You see a couple small air bubbles throughout this bottle. The seam appears to go into the lip but what is different it has another seam about 1" down running around the neck. The next bottle is 6 1/4 long by 2 3/4 wide it is clear in color and the seam does not run into the lip, and has another seam for the lip around the neck. It has liquid stove polish manufactured by J.L Prescott co Passaic. N.J written vertically all lettering capitals and embossed. The next bottle is 6 7/8'' long by 2 1/8'' wide the seam does not run into the lip and has another seam around the neck. This opening is not rounded like most it is more flat. It has California Fig Syrup Co. Califig, written vertically all in capitals. Sterling Products ( Inc) Successor written vertically in capitals but smaller case size. Thank you in advance on any information you may be able to provide to me this is very appreciated. If by chance you would like to see pictures or other bottle descriptions please let me know, as our collection is quite large this was just a small sample. Although we have many bottles are knowledge is still somewhat limited. Thank you again Sincerely Brian. 

1918 labels for California Fig Syrup

You will find information on a number of the above bottles in other months.  Scott Emulsion, Prescott Polish and California Fig Syrup have all been addressed and are very common.  I was not able to locate specific information about the Steele Lobell or the Eckels bottles.  All of your bottles sound like they would be in $2-5 range.  If you send in pix of the latter two, I'll be more specific.  Digger


Digger, Found 4 embossed bottles up here in Connecticut, one patent medicine bottle- 5" tall, 1.5" wide, rectangular, clear glass with embossed label it reads "Pain-Expeller Reg.U.S. Pat.Off. For Rheumatism, Gout, Neuralgia, Colds Etc." One side of this bottle reads F.A.D. Richter Co. the other New York. An embossed Phillips Milk of Magnesia with trade mark seal, and reads registered along the bottom. 6.5" tall 3" wide, but it's not cobalt blue it's clear. Another medicine 6.5" tall 2.5",rectangular clear glass. Reads "7 Fluid Oz. Sloan's Liniment Kills Pain" The last is a 7" tall 2" wide, clear, cylinder bottle with Hutchinson style stopper, it reads "Registered Hallett Table Water Co." In the center is an embossed Indian head under which it reads "Non-Quit Trade Mark Bridgeport Conn. This bottle is not to be sold" Just wondering if any of these were worth anything? Thanks for your time, Karen 

Karen, you will find information about your Pain Expeller, Phillips and Sloan's in other months of Questions.  All are common.  The Pain Expeller is a nice bottle with all of the embossing  The Hallett Table water might be a better bottle.  I'd guess with the embossed Indian head the value would be $75-100.  Digger.

I am asking for help to verify the source of a bottle I have recently inherited. It has been in my family for as long as I can remember (40 yrs) and I have been told by my mother that it's a bottle of beer which was brought back from the Boar War although there is no way I can verify this. It is dark brown glass and has been made in a wooden mould as you can still see the grain of the wood in the bottle. The base of the bottle is folded in like a wine bottle and the top has a lead seal with a wire securing cage under (like a champagne bottle) and is marked with letters in red. The seal has been damaged on the top (by my daughter biting it when she was 5) but it is still clearly marked. The contents (allegedly beer) seem to bubble up in large bubbles like washing up water when shaken. 

From the description is sounds less like beer and more like some other type of liquor.  In fact, it has all the ear-marks of a wine or champagne bottle, except for the color.  Without a pix or more complete description, I cannot help much.  Digger

The bottle in question is at my son's, and so much for my memory - here goes. It's a champagne bottle, green, about two feet tall, part of a Remy (I think) label still on, with a wooden base and a wooden frame around the bottle like a yoke so the bottle tilts over and pours without having to lift it. I found it in an abandoned house on the coast of Northern California about 30 years ago and have been packing it around because it's really cool. But I know nothing about it. Could you give my any info or tell me where to look? Thanks

Sounds like a magnum size champagne.  These were often display type bottles.  I'd guess a value of $30-40.  digger.


Hello Digger Odell, This bottle isn't that old but unusual to me. I've enclosed a picture of the face and of the base. As you can see the bottle is in the shape of a Bear and had a screw on lid at one time (missing). The mold seam goes over the top of the bottle and I would think it to be in the 1950's to 1960's period? The only markings on the bottle are embossed on the base inside of a circle. Around the outside perimeter of the circle reads: "PAT. PEND. MFRD. BY SNOW CREST BEVERAGES, INC." Inside this at the top it has: "17" on the left, then an emblem (diamond over laying a rectangle with rounded corners) with "II" inside. Just below this is the number "3". To the right of this is the number "2". Below this is "SALEM" above and below "MASS." 

Your Bear bank is fairly common and sells for about $30-35.  I tried hard to find out about the company but was unsuccessful.  Unfortunately I misplaced the pix. Digger

From a Reader

My grandfather (1882-1932) sold a patent medicine known as Dr. Starr's Medicine, Dr. Starr's Pills and Dr. Green's Medicine. On his death the business was continued by his son until the start of WWII. At the end it was a manufactured product that they repackaged and sold. Before this it may well have been Angell Medicine. There is a listing in the 1908 Charleston, SC, City Directory referring to them and Angell Medicine Co. His father, Jonathan Angell, was an early apothecary in SF ... trained in RI ... and having a drug store in SF from the late 1860s. His brother, Harry Angell, was a graduate of UC Berkeley's School of Pharmacy in 1898. Have you ever seen any of their product? Any suggestions on where I might look. While the family was in SF, my grandfather traveled extensively and lived in Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans, New York, Chicago, etc. Janet Anderson Digger, Thank you for your recent e-mail.  I have a few more pieces to the family Patent Medicine Business.  There was a November 10, 1882, trade mark patent 10,015 for Liver Pills and another no. 19,400 dated April 28, 1891 for Cydonia Cream which indicated that the initials were in common usage from 1875. The trademark consists of the initials JWA in a circle and the paper label for Cydonia Cream also shows my great grandfather's signature ... Jonathan W. Angell, Inventor and Proprietor, San Francisco, California.  Cydonia Cream by the way was to prevent dry skin and labeled a cosmetic. We have no idea what the product was in 1875 and nothing about the packaging for the 1882 Liver Pills.  This information was found at the Patent Library in Sunnyvale, California. The Savannah City Directory, 1910, also shows a listing for Angell Medicine.  As early as 1918 I have found Starr in conjunction with Angell.  By 1920 even the family name was changed to Starr. In addition there is a 1940 Price List which indicates Starr's Pills (1940) were formerly Wonderful M.L.&K.  Dr. Greene's Pills (1940) were formerly Special Nature. We know nothing about Wonderful M.L.&K. or Special Nature. By 1940 the product was distributed in small size boxes, about the size of matches and these products were called Starr's Pills, Starr's Herb Tablets, Doctor Greene's Pills, and Starr's Vitamin Tablets.  Business ceased during WWII. Thank you for posting on the Ask Digger, March 2001 site.  Janet Anderson

Comment from a Reader:

Digger, I noticed a bottle listed on your site Hartwig Kantorowicz It's Brown in color I know the history of that bottle it dated about 1823. It was a Kummels Bottle. Sincerely, James S. Kantorowicz

I have discovered an old whiskey bottle without the seal broken. It is called Special Old ReserveIt is made by the AMS Co. It is a pint bottle in an amber color signed by R.E. Wather, Pres. It states that it was made in Fall of 1917 and bottled in 1932 after being stored in the finest oak barrels for over 15 years in Kentucky and bottled in bond under government supervision especially for the stockholders of the National Distillers Products Corporation. The company name on the bottle is The American Medicinal Spirits Company Inc. It states that it was in the 5th Dist. of Ky. Permit no. Ky. P-18 100 Proof also states that it is for medicinal purposes only. Produced By Harry E. Wilken. Distillery No. 388. There is more but I am hoping that this is enough to at least give us both an idea of what this bottle could be worth. I would appreciate any help in finding all or any information on this subject. If you are unable to help maybe you could send me in the right direction. Thank you for your time and any help you are able to supply. Angela Kogler 

Sounds like a nice item having been made just as prohibition was beginning and then being one of the first bottles produced after prohibition was lifted.  I'd guess if it still has the contents and seal, it might be worth $50-100. You can find other information about Harry Wilken on this web site. Without the contents and seal it would have a lesser value. Digger

My name is Tanisha. I was wondering if you knew where I could find info on The Charles Wilson Pop Company. Thanks

I was not able to locate information on this company.  Maybe a reader can help.  Digger

if you can Help or just your time. We have an full (never been opened) amber bottle with 1836 stamped on the upper neck of a Gilka=Kummel O.Schutzen-Strasse 9. It sounds much like a bottle you described in the Sept 2000 ask bulletin board but this one has not been opened and has the original labels on front and back. We believe it to be over 50 years old. Could you shed any info on it? Greatly appreciate what you can forward on to us. It'll help settle some family bets. 

The name Gilka was trademarked in numerous times even as late as 1976.  The original product claims to go back to 1836 but the name was not used commercially until 1914 according to one source. The bottle could be up to 86 years old.  They come a quite a few colors both machine made and with tooled tops.  Believe it or not I have seen quite a few of these bottles with labels over the years. Below is the trademark registered in 1906 which claims use since about 1896.  Digger


Hello Mr. Digger, I have a 1969 whiskey bottle that has a picture of a Ringnecked Pheasant. The picture of the pheasant has the painter's name shown as A. Singer. The back of the bottle has a label that reads Edition N0. 1 Field Birds. It seems that the whiskey was a product from Canada and distributed by the Dant Distillery Co. of New York. It was a 16 year old blended Canadian whiskey. Do you have any idea if the bottle has any value? If so, about how much? Thanks Jess

I found a listing for your bottle in a recent price guide for $7-9 Digger

 I have an old wax bottle with wax still in it. it still has the label on it Johnson's floor and furniture wax. it has a funny top. i also have an old shoe polish ?? bottle with a cork top and a swab? in it. Are these worth anything? I also have old Grapette clown bottle several blue fruit jars with metal and glass lids and several more bottles, and canisters  Thanks Holley Langford 

Most sound pretty common and probably have only a small $1-3 value. Here's a link for the history of your Grapette bottle. Digger

I recently found many bottles at a construction site. One of them has an ACL that reads "drink Bud's beverage". Can you tell me more about this bottle? Thanks

I found a reference to an advertisement appearing in the Newport, KY Monitor June 6, 1924:  "Drink Bud's Best Beverages bottled by the Newport Bottling Works extensive improvements have been made in our plant this spring to provide better quality  beverages.  A sunlit factory - sterilized bottles - pure materials.  We gladly welcome visitors to our plant." Having an ACL label your bottle would not be that early but would date in the 1930-50 period in all probability.  I could not locate any other information.  Digger

Reader's Update: Here is the original question and answer...<> Actually, Newport Bottling Works was/is in Newport NEW HAMPSHIRE, not KY (my hometown). Bud's beverages is more commonly spelled "Budd's"--if I recall the owner's name was something like Budnitz. Budd's beverages were certainly still around during my childhood in the 60s. is an excerpt from the local paper (now called the Argus Champion) which repeats the ad you cited. Carol Parssinen  

Thanks Carol  your efforts are appreciated.  digger

We have a 3.5" Phillips magnesia bottle dated august 21 1906 (blue). Would you know the value of this piece? Also Dr. W.B. Caldwell Syrup Pepsin 7 1/4" tall cork top? 

Shown below are the trademarks for the Phillips Milk of Magnesia.  These bottles are very common in turn of the century dumps.  Many times you will find both machine made Phillips bottles lying next to tooled lip non-machine made ones.  The blue color of the bottles is pretty but they are so common they usually sell for $2-4.  


Trademark for the facsimile signature of Charles H. Phillips.  Trademark is still active.  it was renewed for the third time in 1983 by Sterling Drug Inc.



I have a bottle that says, Dr.W.B.Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. Also has Pepsin Syrup Company on it. Also has Montecello, Illinois on it. On the bottom is a number 10 & a number 1 inside of a triangular shape. It is app. 7 inches long. Found it in my pasture in Florida. Can you help on what it is worth? Good shape. No cracks. Thanks

Your Dr. Caldwell's bottle is also very common. You will find more information about this company in other months if you use the search feature on this site..Now originally there was no connection between the Caldwell's and the Phillips but the trademark information indicates that they both wre owned by the Sterling Drug Company as was another very common product referenced above, California Fig Syrup.  Apparently in the early decades of the the 20th century, the Sterling Drug Company began buying up some of the popular brands.  Your Caldwell's is worth in the $1-2 range. Digger

We found what we assume is an old bottle at a ghost town in Jacksonville Florida. The bottle is clear glass in perfect condition. It is 3 1/2" tall, and 5 1/2" in diameter. The neck of the bottle reduces in diameter to 4 1/2 inches. It has a very faint seam that runs up the whole length of the bottle, including the lip. It has a very slightly flared lip, but no groves indicating a screw top. The only marking on the bottle are a W with a circle around it and the number 40 beneath it. We are just wondering the age and the use for the bottle. Thank you. 

Without seeing the shape, I cannot guess at the function. the bottle sounds like an early ABM (automatic Bottle machine) item.  It has almost no value but is a keeper for the context in which you found it.  Digger


Could you tell me if a Heinz's 57 with a glass stopper might be collectable? Thanks in advance, David Todd

Prior to using the pickle as a symbol, the Heinz company used a "Keystone." I have seen a large jar with a ground stopper with Heinz and the Keystone embossed that sells upward of $400.  Most Heinz bottles are collectible since there are many people who collect them.  If the stopper is original and belongs with the bottle then it would be very good piece.  Digger

 Greetings, I got a metal detector for Christmas and of course I find bottles in my way to finding coins. 2 bottles look cool tell me if they are of any value? 1900-1919 site. milk bottle 7 inches tall 1 3/4 inch wide mouth no markings clear to rose glass. "Fort Wayne bottling works f and v" perhaps beer bottle metal hooked stopper still in bottle? thanx dave

How much is a durglas bottles worth? 

Depends on what else is embossed or painted on the label.  By itself the presence of the Duraglas embossing will not add anything to the value of the bottle. If that it is the only embossing then the value is probably nil. Digger.

question: I have a bottle that is the same size, shape and color of a standard aqua MRS WINSLOWS SOOTHING SYRUP, CURTIS AND PERKINS PROPRIETORS. However, here's the catch, the bottle is not embossed SOOTHING SYRUP its embossed TOOTHING syrup. This bottle contains no pontil but does have a crude rolled lip and is in great condition. What can you tell me? Was this another "product" from Mrs Winslow, or was the TOOTHING a mis print in the mold? NATHAN 

Nathan,  I have checked all my medicine sources and have not found a listing for Winslow's with any thing other than "Soothing".  The product was so popular and sold nationwide.  I would think they had many companies making their bottles and I expect it is a mold error and not another brand since it has Curtis and Perkins embossed.  It sounds like a neat bottle and a keeper.  Digger

I have a light green straight sided bottle with raised letters. One side has SODA WATER printed underneath a 1/2 inch raised star. The other side shows SODA WATER PROPERTY OF COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO This too is underneath a 1/2 inch raised star. Near the bottom is printed MINIMUM CONTENTS 6-FLUID OUNCES. On the bottom is printed HARLAN KY with a 1/2 inch star in center. Would you provide me with a good search link for this bottle? I would appreciate any information you might have. Thank you, James Elmore 

James, Your bottle is common and can be found with many cities embossed on the bottle including: Ashville, Birmingham, Atlanta, Tampa, Rome, Pittsburg, Milledgeville, Winchester. I found one from Enid, OK that sold for $12.  Most sell in the $7-10 range. These Flavor bottles appear to have been made between 1926 and 1936. I found information to suggest the design was patented in 1923. Digger

I have a Mason amber fruit jar dated 1858. Is there any way I can find out the value of it? Thanks so much! Doreen Johnston 

Yes, buy the Red Book of Fruit Jars to find an exact price.  They listed dozens of different amber 1858s.  they range in price from $100-$1500+.  Generally the smaller jars in amber bring more.  Pints for example more than quarts.  There is also a repro jar with the mold number 851 on the base in amber and others as well.  So If I were you, I'd buy the book.  You could even probably find one one Ebay used.  Doug Leybourne Jr. of North Muskegon, MI publishes the book these days.  Digger.

We have a bottle that is brown at the neck and cream at the bottom. The oval stamp on the side, bottom says Barrowfield Pottery GH Kennedy. We believe it is a beer bottle, but know nothing else. How old is this and what could you tell me about it? I would appreciate any information you could give. Thanks! Traci We noticed one in a background of the movie "The Patriot" (Mel Gibson) thought maybe they were from the revolutionary war?? 

I looked and looked and found several references to GH Kennedy and the pottery at Barrowfield but information was scarce.  I know it was a pottery in the United Kingdom. The bottle sounds like an ale and could date anywhere from 1850-1890.  These do not bring a great deal of money.  Value is probably about $15-20.  Digger.

digger, I know you deal with very old bottles. I have 300+- bottles of whiskey ( full unopened) from the 40's and 50's where could I sell them. Thanks

Ebay would be your best bet.  Digger

John I had a bottle for sale on ebay- and I received a message from someone who said it was a rare umbrella inkwell- another person wrote and said it was a reproduction- I decided to cancel the auction until I found out more information. If I describe it- do you think you will be able to help me? I feel really bad about the bidders, but since I am not knowledgeable in this area, I felt like it would be fair to all, if I put more information on it. It is an eight sided bottle- ruby colored. It narrows in at the top, and has a lip on it. On the bottom, it reads WHEATON N.J. there is a copyright mark at the top center. It is 2 3/4" high and measures 2 1/2" across the base. Please give me your thoughts- I would really appreciate knowing it's worth. Thank you so much for your time- Joyce

Joyce your bottle is new.  Circa 1970s.  It is a good reproduction in form but not in method of manufacture or color.  I'd say it was worth in the $5-10 range.  Digger


Your metal hooked stopper sounds like a Hutchinson style stopper as shown in the illustration below. You hutch is worth $10-20 depending upon condition. Without embossing the milk has little appeal to collectors.  Mint examples would bring $3-5.  Digger

I am new to the web search thing, and have had a bottle that I have kept for years, mainly because I love how old it looks, and especially love the wooden box it comes in........I am wondering if you would know anything about it...It says on it Liquid Pure Culture prepared by Laboratory of Soil Bacteriology of the Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. The bottom of the bottle has only 1670 on it......Can you help? I would really like to find out more about it...... 

I could not find out much and without a description of the bottle and method of manufacture I can only guess about the age.  I did find that Bureau of Chemistry and Bureau of Soils consolidated to form Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, effective July 1, 1927, by Agricultural Appropriation Act (44 Stat. 991), January 18, 1927, absorbing also the soil bacteriology and fertility investigation functions of BPI. Soil bacteriology and fertility investigation functions assigned to BPI by Secretary's order, September 1, 1934, with formal transfer effective July 1, 1935, by the Agricultural Appropriation Act (49 Stat. 260, 268), May 17, 1935. Fruit and vegetable utilization investigation functions transferred to Bureau of Chemistry and Soils from BPI by Secretary's Memorandum 669, April 3, 1935. All this suggests a date range between 1927 and 1935 for your item.  exactly waht it was a culture of or for, I cannot say.  Maybe a reader will know.  Digger


Hi, My name is Katie and I'm from Covington, Louisiana. My Dad was breaking up an old black topped road the other day at work and found an old bottle about 3 feet in the ground. I was writing you hoping we can find out about this bottle. I can't send a picture because I don't have a scanner. But, I'll try to explain it as well as I can. It's a round squared looking bottle with four sides. The bottle is aqua green colored. On the top half of the bottle is 6 stars going around the bottle. Under each square of the bottle is an ace of spades. (Which there is 4 spades total.) In the middle of the bottle it says" Beverages Quality".Under the bottle it says Coca Cola Bottle Co. with a small c in a circle on the side of it. It also says Hammond, Louisiana. Around the bottom of the bottle under the spades it says",281 contents 6Fl.oz."I would like to know as much as possible about this bottle. What kind of soda was in it? How old is it? How much is it worth? I hope you can help. Thanks a Bunch!

Katie, Your bottle was designed by John M. Lents who worked for the the Graham Glass Company of Evansville, Indiana.  The Design patent was granted June 1, 1926.  The bottle was was by companies bottling coke but was one of the "flavor" bottles.  You can find out more about these in other months. I do not know how rare your bottle is but it is collectible and probably worth at least $10-15.   The first Coca Cola bottling plant opened in Chattanooga in 1899. Shortly thereafter with the help of financial backers, they began opening community bottling companies, many of which are still locally owned and operated. There are many excellent sites on the internet which can give you more history of Coca Cola.  Here is a link to a German site which is very well done.


The original (as we think of it) Coke bottle with the slender waist was designed by a worker of the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana.  Your bottle almost certainly is not made before 1900 but more likely is from the 1920-1930 period.  It sounds much like the bottle described above.  Digger.

Hi there, I have been trying to research on a bottle for a long time and can't seem to come up with many answers. It is a brown decanter, it is wide on the bottom and narrow on the top with a metal stopper in the top of it. It has a picture of a man on it with the signature "Ben Jonson" underneath the picture. It is stamped on the bottom of the jug "Royal Doulton" and "Dewars". It is an old Dewars whiskey bottle. It is in mint condition and very attractive. Do you know how I would go about finding out how much this bottle is valued at. I have searched some sites on antiques and cant seem to find it. Thank you.

Apparently Dewars made a lot of pitchers /decanters many of which bear the Royal Doulton mark on the base.  Here's a link on another site with pictures of a number of them .   I like you was not able to find much about your specific bottle.  I hesitate to make a guess without seeing it or having a clue about the age. Some of the better ones can bring hundreds of dollars.  Digger

Hi Digger, I have a bottle of erven Lucas bols apricot brandy which is dated Amsterdam 1 january1868 . the bottle is very old the glass is a blue-green color and on the bottom it is marked with a 3/4 could you tell me any thing about it and or its value ? thank you, mark

Mark, I did some research on the Bols Company in another month, April 2001, I believe.  I seem to get quite a few questions about Bols bottles.  Use the search feature. I have not seen an old one but many new ones. Most sell for under $10.  A picture might help.  Digger


Hello, I hate to bother you, but my husband works on construction jobs and is always bringing home new bottles, I am used to a lot of them and can sometimes tell when one is " Different " Anyway this one is aqua embossed letters are extract of sarsaparilla on one side Bristol's on one end, buffalo on other end, other side is smooth, the pontil mark is very deep and well defined. it is 5 1/2 " tall about 2" wide. I have other sarsaparilla bottles, like hoods etc, but can't seem to find any info in any of my books or on any bottle websites about this particular one. If you could give me any info or lead me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated. Thank you Work like you don't need the money Love like you have never been hurt Dance like nobody's watching Green Blessings,Willomoon AKA Maureen  

Cyrenius C. Bristol was the originator of this brand.  He began producing his sarsaparilla sometime in the early 1830s by his word.  Yours is the smaller of two well known pontiled variants.  The product was made through at least 1918. So well known was the name that Lanman and Kemp registered a picture of Bristol in 1904 for their witch hazel. You can find out more in my Pontil Medicine Encyclopedia. Digger

dear Digger, Several years ago I found a bottle in a dumpsite in the woods near my house. It is cobalt in color, about 7 3/4" tall, round in shape, and smooth bottomed. The neck is tapered, and the seam runs about halfway up the neck, stopping about 3/4" below the lip. It is embossed, RANDALL'S INK NEW YORK. U.S.A. There is a small crack in the lip. I have not been able to find any information about this company. I would like to know any information that you may be able to find about this bottle, especially age and value. Thank you, Tami E. Beauchamp

Tami, I could not find a listing for your ink which makes it pretty rare.  Sounds like a great item with good color and good embossing with the exception of the damage, it is a desirable piece.  I'd guess from what you say and from the probable style the age to be about 1880-1900.  Value would be $50-100.  Digger.

Dear Digger, First of let me thank you for you site, its a great help! I found quite a dig site located behind an old homestead in Glenns Va. The first thing I found was a large crock jug about 2 feet down (its a ravine in the woods) several straight sided cokes, and lots of cork medicine bottles. Several blob top bottles were broken. Now the unusual thing I found there (unusual to me anyway :) ) Its a bottle only 4" tall. An exact replica of a whiskey bottle ( like jack Daniel type square bottom, shoulders and long neck) it is embossed vertically "D. J O. Connell Washington D.C. My specialty Oronoco Whiskey (fancy script)" and appears to be a cork top. It is already turning amethyst color. Sorry if this is something very common I own about ten bottle books and it isn't in them. Thanks for your patience. "T" 

I do not think it is a common bottle. I could not find reference to the company maybe a reader will help.  Digger

Good morning...I recently found a bottle in my back yard ...i am adjacent to Glendale Park and Zoo...1888 - 1932....i think it may be a relic from the park...I have not been able to find any info on the company whose name is on the bottle...any help will be appreciated The only information on the bottle is: Sinola Company, Nashville, Tennessee It is: Clear 6 inches tall Probably ABM Crown Top Thank you. Opal Pelton 

I could find not record of "Sinola." The local library might be of help.  Maybe a reader will know.  Digger

i found a bottle 25 years ago and was wondering what it is. It is similar to the old cola bottles (very thick and intricate) with the word squeeze on it.(not in paint but from the mould) thank you for your time. lesley 

1959 bottle with painted label described as - Squeeze - Clear heavy bottle with painted white label with red lettering. Picture of 2 children on bench hugging (shown back view) Min Contents 7 Fl Ozs. On back: The trademark Squeeze on bottled carbonated beverages is assurance of fine dependable and uniform quality beverages in all popular flavorings. The flavoring used in all Squeeze beverages is manufactured by an old established company. Bottled under license of National Fruit flavor Co. Your bottle was probably made sometime between 1917 and 1935 since it has embossed lettering.  I'd guess the value to be about $8-10.

I have about three questions: first I have a clear crown top bottle approx 14 inches tall embossed with the words "SAECERTOWN" below that in a circle is embossed with the image of either a wolf or a dog? Made of thick heavy glass, would like to know the country of origin, possible contents originally, age of bottle? No base marks to identify it. The seam does run all the way up to the top of bottle lip. Also any idea what the letter "B" may stand for on the base of a sugar dispenser that I have. Right above it is the word Chicago. There is also a auto bottle machine suction mark quite off center. It to is made of heavy glass. It is the same variety you find in any restaurant! I have already referred to J. H. Toulose ref: Bottle Makers and their Marks. Cant come up with anything. Can you help? Thanks in advance. William R. Gates

William,  It took a long time to find this out because of the misspelling of "SAECERTOWN" for "SAEGERTOWN" often on embossed bottles the letters C and G are confused.  Your bottle is a soda bottle from SAEGERTOWN, PA.  Trademark information is as follows: for the word "SAEGERTOWN"  NONALCOHOLIC MALTLESS SOFT DRINKS. FIRST USE: 1919, FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1919 Filing Date April 30, 1952.  Registration Date November 17, 1953. Owner (REGISTRANT) SAEGERTOWN GINGER ALE CO. CORPORATION PENNSYLVANIA 341 GRANT STREET SAEGERTOWN PENNSYLVANIA. Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 1973

Your bottle could be Ginger Ale or Eureka Spring Mineral Water or another one of their flavors.  In the 1939-1970 period they produced a half dozen different painted label soda bottles.  Your is probably earlier dating in the 1920-30 period.  

I do not know what the letter "B" is for on your Sugar Dispenser.  Digger

Hello, Recently a relative passed away and left me several Huge beer bottles among things. The bottles measure rt. at 30 inches tall and maybe 7inches in diameter.. any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff Huber 

Jeff, Your bottles sound like display bottles.  There are collectors for these.  They like them with good labels.  Digger

Digger I have several ball and claw bitters bottles with Wheaton n. j. on the bottom. I have geeen and amber ones also 3in ad 9in.could you help me put a date on these and a value . thank you

Dates to about 1970-1980.  Value $3-4.  You can find out more in my article on Wheaton bottles.  Check my home page.



Creomulsion was Medicine Used in the Treatment of Coughs, Colds, Tuberculosis, Bronchial Troubles, and Other Ailments of Respiratory Organs.

Dear Sir, My husband found a bottle today on his job site. It is about 10 inches tall, clear, and the letters embossed on it are as follows..... CREOMULSION (that is at the top) Then towards the bottom it says.... For COUGHS due to COLDS. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Cindy 


I was given this bottle by my son-in-law. It is shaped like the cruise ship Mount Washington on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Originally there were stickers on the side telling about the boat and the fact that is was used in 1942 by the Coast Guard. Anything you could tell me about this would be of interest. Karen

I suspect your bottle was made in the 1970s as a give-away for some special event or was a souvenir.  The original side-wheeler Mount Washington that had been taking passengers on cruises of Lake Winnipesaukee since 1872, was destroyed by fire while in drydock on December 23, 1939.  In 1940, the former Captain Lavallee purchased the Chateaugay, an iron-hulled ferry boat built in 1888 on Lake Champlain.  Lavallee  the Chateaugay cut up into twenty pieces and transferred by train to Lakeport. , Captain Lavallee had once again a cruise ship, which he christened the “Mount Washington II.’’ The ship was idled again during the War when its engines were commandeered for other purposes to serve the War effort.  It was not until 1946 that with new engines.  In the 1970s extensive remodeling lead to dinner cruises and on-board entertainment.  I suspect your bottle dates after this period. Digger

Can you tell me anything about this bottle? It has a metal band(?) around it with the words: Bustanoby Freres N.Y. Forbidden Fruit. Thank You  Wanda Couture

Dear Digger, We have two bottles which we are using on an antiques quiz show on the BBC. I attach an image of one of them: They are clear glass orbs with metal stoppers in a narrow neck and around the outside of the bottles there is a sort of metal 'strap' cut out with the words "Bustanoby Freres NY "Patented 1904 BF No 36764". They contained 'Forbidden Fruit' - which I have learnt was some sort of liqueur produced from the citrus fruit pomelo (related to the grapefruit) with a brandy base, sweetened with honey. I am trying to find information on the Bustanoby Freres factory in New York. Could you put me in touch with someone who might know? I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Yours Claire Hobbs 

The trademark information below might be a helpful place to start. The present owners just reregistered the mark. FORBIDDEN FRUIT LIQUEUR OR CORDIAL. FIRST USE: 1904. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1904. Registration Date July 4, 1950.  Owner (REGISTRANT) CHARLES JACQUIN ET CIE., INC. CORPORATION PENNSYLVANIA 2633 TRENTON AVENUE PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA 25
From the picture your bottle looks old, but you indicate you have 2 and I just got another letter (see above) about the bottles so I am wondering about the age.  If old (1904) then it would be a nice item worth, I would think more than $100.  You can begin by contacting the company listed (maybe by phone) to see if they have any records of the history of the brand. Digger

Update from a Reader 2/3/02 Thanks for the contribution. Digger

In your March 2001 post you have a bit about a Bustanoby Freres. - Forbidden Fruit Bottle. I recently started collecting these bottles, as the bottle was the design of my Great Grandfather, Andre Bustanoby and his two brothers, Luis and Jacque. The three brothers were the owners of Cafe des Beaux Arts, Bustanoby's Restaurant in New York City and Chateaux des Beaux Arts in Huntington, Long Island, NY, as well as the creators of this liqueur. In your review of the bottle you questioned its age. I am almost certain that the bottle shown in your picture was produced between 1904-1914 (pre-WWI). I believe that the Bustanoby brothers decided to change the top from a cross to a crown when the war began so that Americans would not assume the Bustanoby family were in any way sympathetic to Nazi Germany. 

I have attached the first patent on this bottle just for the fun of it. If you should have any additional information or cover this bottle in any of your publications, I would be most interested in learning more. 
Mia Glover, President 
The Destination Group, Inc. 

I just read some of your letters on your website, <> , and I noticed you had an answer already regarding a bottle that my boyfriend's grandfather kept old pennies in. It is the bottle that is shaped like a bear that is about 7" tall and you said it was sold with syrup in it. He has the cap on it as well. His (his name is Walter) question is - is there a value to it? At first we thought it was quite old since his grandfather had it. You said it is at least 40-50 years old. Thanks in advance for any information you can pass onto us. Laurie Fulton N. Attleboro, MA PS It was very interesting to read about the other bottles too. :-) 

They sell for about $30.  Digger

Hello. I am trying to find some information about patent medicines and their distribution. I don't know if you can help me but I'll try anyway. In looking at old newspapers and some bottle books I seem to notice a pattern that many patent medicines available during the late 19th century were only available to regional markets. Can you provide me with some names of such medicines that were available throughout the United States at this time? I'm new at this but I guess Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compounds would have been widely available, but others such as Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic and Mexican Mustard Linament (advertised in a Texas newspaper 1872) would not have been. Am I correct? Thanks for your time, Bobbi 

Bobbi,  I have had an interest in this question as well.  The newspaper advertising is one way to get such information but much or it would have to come by way of archaeological evidence. One factor to consider is the growth of the United States over the course of the 19th century.  Early medicines (Pre-Civil War) had more regionally restricted brands than those medicines distributed in the later part of the century.  There were a number of major pontil era brands that achieved national distribution.  However few would have penetrated the Far West.  Dr. David Jayne's line of medicines, Ayers line of medicines both were widely distributed.  Drake's Plantation Bitters were found on steamships bound for the mining towns of the far West. The list is to large to got into detail here.  My Pontil medicine Encyclopedia contains a section on Pontil Era common bottles (translate as widely distributed). 

ON 700 OLD SODAS.  $25

Hi, We have come across a couple of old bottles. Both have paper labels. No chips or cracks. If you have any info. about these, we would appreciate it!! One is an old pint size whiskey bottle. It says... The Large Distilling Company, Pittsburg(spelled like this), PA. Monongahela Pure Rye. Whiskey, St. Louis, Grand Prize. Bottled Fall 1915, Made Fall 1911. Made by Henry Large, Jr., Pittsburg, PA. It has a cork with a wooden top in it, and the government seal is still on the neck of the bottle. It is empty and the front label is torn some. The back has a Caution Notice, about reuse of the bottle with the labels on it. The second one is...Good Old Guckenheimer, "since 1857", distilled and bottled by A. Guckenheimer & Bros., Freeport. PA. It also has the caution label on the back. The paper seal on the top says 1910, 100 proof. There is a cork with a glass top in it. Also it says bottled in Bond. Most of the labels on this one are intact, just dirty. Any info. on these would be very helpful and appreciated! Also, are the bottles without paper labels worth more, or older than with paper labels? Maybe these would be worth more to someone in this area. Thanks so much for your time!!! Amy

Your bottles are pre-prohibition whiskey bottles which have become more popular with collectors in recent years.  They have been selling recently the in $12-25 range. Without labels your bottles would have almost no value.   Bottles with labels are always worth more than those without to collectors.  Labels have been appearing on bottles in this country for more than 200 years.  I could not find any information about your Large distilling bottle but did find out at least a bit about the company that owned the Guckenheimer trademark in later years. The Word Mark "GUCKENHEIMER" for WHISKEY. FIRST USE: 1857. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1857 Filing Date July 18, 1934 Owner (REGISTRANT) PENNSYLVANIA DISTILLING COMPANY, INC. CORPORATION MARYLAND 271-9 PROVOST STREET JERSEY CITY NEW JERSEY (LAST LISTED OWNER) HEAVEN HILL DISTILLERIES, INC. CORPORATION ASSIGNEE OF KENTUCKY LORETTO ROAD P.O. BOX 729 BARDSTOWN KENTUCKY 40004.  Digger

Hi Digger, I asked you a question about a year ago and you were very helpful. Now my niece in Missouri has called and asked me to help her find out about a baby bottle that she bought at a flea market. Here is what I know about the bottle without seeing it. It is a clear bottle. It is an 8 oz. bottle. In the center it says Hygeia. on the bottle and the nipple it has a date of December 5 1916. The nipple is red in color and stretches over the top of the bottle. Also along the bottom of the bottle there is another date that reads Pat. June 19,1894. Any answers you may have or of someone who may know about the bottle would be great. thanks again. Paula Adamson

Word Mark HYGEIA NURSING BOTTLES. FIRST USE: 1893. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1893.  Filing Date June 2, 1905. Registration Date January 2, 1906 Owner (REGISTRANT) DECKER, WILLIAM MORE  NO. 242 ASHLAND AVENUE BUFFALO NEW YORK.  Renewal 3RD RENEWAL. Present status, DEAD. Your particular wide-mouthed nursing bottle with the with the 1916 dated nipple was advertised in Sears Roebuck Catalog from 1916 to 1944.  Tt came in 4, 8 and 10 ounce sizes. They are very common.  Value of yours is probably $15-20.  Digger

Hello Digger, Elephant -Amber -Donkey- Green in the boxes appox 7" high & 6" across first edition on bottom by Wheaton/ Nuline glass co. I would like to know what they are worth. Thank you. Mitch Brown 

I'd guess in the $8-$15 range.  Digger

Mr. O'Dell, I found a pop bottle and I'm trying to find out some information on it. Its seven and a quarter inches high, aqua squat that's embossed- City Pop Works East Saginaw Mich. It has a blob top and a lot of air bubbles in it. Thanks for any information you can give me. Dave McCord East Tawas,Mi. 

About all I can say is it sounds like a good soda I was not able to find anything about it.  Maybe a reader can help.  Digger.

I seen one of the letters sent to you about a wine bottle, but I could not find your responses back to him. I have an old wine bottle with raised engraving on the bottom saying 'collectors item Vento wine Cleveland Ohio made Italy' I don't know anything about it. It is ceramic and shaped like a human skull. I would appreciate anything you could tell me. thanks, Mrs. G. Clinton 

VENTO WINE IMPORT, INC. CORPORATION OHIO 12117 BEREA RD. CLEVELAND OHIO 44111 appears to have been in business from 1974 - 1984.  They filed for more than a dozen different trademark names for their product among which were "Vituse", "Casa Vento", "Vito" and "Altar Wine." Your product was almost certainly made in those years.  I'd expect a very modest value of $5-8.  Digger

 I have these two bottles one is in the shape of a Spanish matador the other one is a female flamenco dancer. the both say 'designed especially for dalmau hermanos tarragona spain" anything you can tell me anything about them? are they worth anything? I would like to keep them as a collectible I just don't know the history behind them. When my husbands grandmother passed away they were the only things nobody wanted so we were allowed to keep them before they sold them in a garage sale.. thank you for any info. Elissa powers 

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me find any information on a pair of bottles that appear to be crystal figures. They are in the shape of a matador and a seniorita and are marked DALMAU HERMANOS TARRAGONA (which I assume means Dalmau Brothers of Tarragona, Spain). They are most beautiful and I would love to know more about them. They have been in my friend's possession for over 40 years. I found your name several times as a bottle expert. Any guidance you can give me would be most appreciated. Thank you, Rich Gaines 

I am afraid I cannot help hopefully a reader will have some information.  About All I can determine is that these were probably containers for some alcoholic drink.  Since this is the second question about them (See Oct 1999) There must be a few around.  Digger


Hi. My name is Gary Taylor and I have just begun to collect bottles. I have found a couple and have no idea how to check their value. Not really concerned with the value per se, just curious. My wife and I have recently remodeled our home, and during construction found an old jar. Since then we have purchased several old bottles and have paid up to $25 for them. We are decorating with antiques or "old stuff" (even if it's not really old - as long as we think it is!!). Anyway, maybe you could help us out. Here is what we have found so far: 2 - 64 oz. St. Louis Crystal Water & Soda Co. bottles (clear) (one has a metal strap-down lid and one has a ceramic pull-down lid) 1 Atlas-Mason Patent (pint size, apple green) 1 Atlas jar (pint size, clear) This may not be enough information for you. If not, please e-mail us and we will provide what you need. Thanks for your time - we'd really appreciate hearing from you. We have done all we can on our own. Thanks again Gary & Sharon Taylor

Your Water bottles sound like they would date from the 1920-1930s but I was not able to find any information about the company. The apple green Atlas is a nice jar.  None of the bottles or jars you have described date prior to 1900.


Dear Digger, I recently found a small bottle with Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhea Remedy on it. The bottle is in near perfect condition. Is it worth anything, and what age might it be? Thanks Jeff Meyer

Here's your bottle with a label and dried contents for sale on my site. they are very common and without a label would sell for $3-5.  The bottles dates around the turn of the century. The company founded by Davis S. and Izanna L. Chamberlain moved to Des Moines in 1881 to sell their medicines.  They introduced the Cholera & Diarrhea Remedy in 1882. The product was sold world-wide. Digger

 I found a bottle that is 10 1/2 inches high it is green with the 'KXG13" made in the USA on the bottom has the words Waterline written on the sides of the bottle.. The lid is made of Walnut. I believe it to be a pickling jar.. Any idea on the age of use of the bottle thanks

I do not know.  Your explanation sounds likely.  Perhaps a display jar from a store.  Digger

.. Angie I have a turtle ink with a cardinal embossed , it is in good condition, can you give a approximate value? Thank You David Buccella

$150- $250 Digger

I have a bottle which is about a pint size and says on the front MERRELL'S RUBBING ALCOHOL COMPOUND" "RUB WITH THE BEST" TRADE MARK Reg US Pat Off. Embossed on the bottom are the numbers 9 and 151 on the left and right respectively. The bottle is still sealed with what appears to be a screw type top and contains the original liquid. The seam on the side runs up to at least the lip under the lid. I know from a previous letter you had this is a product of the Wm. Merrell Chemical Co. but I am wondering about the age and if it has any value, particularly since it is still sealed. Thanks for your time.

Judging from the pictures, I estimate your bottle to be from the 1930-1940 period.  The bottle has little value, maybe $1-2.  Digger.


I have a question about a bottle that I found. It is a clear jar, maybe instead of a cap or lid I think that maybe a cork was used. The jar is about 3" tall and has Little Boy Blue Bluing raised. And on the bottom of this little jar is 804 on one side and the #8 as well.Also the bottom of the jar is recessed and thick. Could you please point me in a direction that I might find out about this little jar. Thank you


The following is the trademark information about this product.  The bottles are very common.  Note that the last owner (perhaps not the original owner?) was the Purex corporation.  they had a very popular Bleach.  See other months questions about "Purex." 
LITTLE BOY BLUE Bluing. FIRST USE: 1914. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1914. Filing Date February 4, 1921 Registration Date June 20, 1922 Owner (REGISTRANT) Condensed Bluing Company CORPORATION ILLINOIS 615 WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET Chicago ILLINOIS (LAST LISTED OWNER) Purex Corporation CORPORATION CALIFORNIA Lakewood CALIFORNIA.  Renewal 3RD RENEWAL 1982 
DEAD Cancellation Date July 30, 1999 

I'm a novice when it comes to this sort of thing, but I find bottles at the construction sites I work occasionally. I've attached two pictures using our lower end digital camera, I hope they allow you to see the bottle. If you cannot make out the writing I'll describe it to you, On the front it says "Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery" On one side "Buffalo, NY" and on the other is "R.V. Pierce. M.D. The top is of the double collar variety you describe and there are no machine markings on the bottom. From this information are you able to tell if the bottle is worth anything? If so how much? Thank you for your time. Tony

Tony, Let me introduce you to Dr. Ray Vaughn Pierce. The Golden Medical Discovery was first used in 1871 and the trademark for the name is still active, renewed for the fourth time in 1986.  Here are his words about the product written in 1876.  Your bottle probably dates closer to the 1890s.  It has a vlaue of $3-5.  Digger

HiI just started collecting bottles. I recently purchased three bottles with the same product two different co. names. Two of the bottles are 4" high they appear to be BIM. They say Newell's Vegetable Pain Reliever one is Lindsey & Atkinson Proprietors Hartford Ct. the other is C.W. Williams & Co. Hartford Ct. The large bottle is 5 1/2 " from C.W. Williams & Co. Do you have any info on the company when it was in Hartford? Who was Newell anyway?? Newell happens to be my Dad's name that's why I purchased the bottles. Thanks for any info you can give me. Cathie Cromwell.Ct.


Hello My husband found a liquor bottle size, aqua colored bottle in the stream behind out house in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The bottle is embossed with a sunburst and the following inscription on the front of the bottle. Crystal Brand Crystal Bottling Co. 85 Arthur St. Montello, Mass 1 pint, 10 oz Do you know anything about this brand or its age. Thank You Darlene 

I was not able to find out any information on your bottle.  I could guess being aqua and embossed it is probably before 1950.  Digger

Don't know if you all can help or not. Got your names under Antique Bottle Questions. My husband found a bottle that we are not quite sure of it's origin. It has embossed on the wide side "Gouraud's Oriental Cream". On one small side it reads embossed, "New York" & on the other small side it reads embossed, "London". Under the neck of the bottle embossed is it's size, "8 1/4 Fluid Oz". It has embossed on the bottom, the letter H. If any of you have any information regarding what could have been in it, what it was used for & if there is any value to it. Thank you, jcmctired 

I found a Listing Gouraud's Oriental Cream in the "toilet and cosmetic section of the Americna Druggist for 1933.  the product was also listed in the 1912 Druggist Circular.  In 1912 the product was being sold by Fred. T. Hopkins of 37 Great Jones St. New York City. 

Hello! I have what appears to be a whiskey flask. It is a glass flask with leather on the top, metal on the bottom & a metal cap that screws on. Has the date in the 1800's. I have it packed away at the moment, so the exact date I don't recall. The metal bottom comes off, but the leather on top doesn't - fits like a glove. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! TJ 

These leather covered flasks were popular around the turn of the century.   If you inspect the lip under the metal cap you will probably find it is a ground lip.  Without any other markings except those on the leather or on the cap, the item is probably worth in the $30-50 range.  Digger.

hello, i was walking over our property and came upon a trash pile and found a bottle which appears to be a soda bottle. it is a "big boy", clear round, and on the bottom is: min conts 9 fl oz 350 patented April 12, 1927. there are no chips or cracks. can you advise if you have ever seen or heard of this bottle? thank you p. pressley

I found a listing for two different embossed Big Boy  bottles one which sounds like yours and another which is embossed Big Boy Cola.  Neither has a city or state embossed which makes the job of research much harder. I also found three painted label Big Boy bottles one from Arizona, one from Indiana, and one from parts unknown.  The Indiana was made in 1946 and the Arizona in 1954.  I found trademark information which may or may not relate to your bottle as follows: BIG BOY FLAVORED CARBONATED AND NON-CARBONATED NON-ALCOHOLIC, MALTLESS SOFT DRINKS AND FOUNTAIN SYRUPS FOR MAKING SAME, BOTH FOR USE IN RESTAURANTS. FIRST USE: 1938. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1947. Filing Date April 17, 1969  Registration Date October 3, 1972.  Owner (REGISTRANT) MARRIOTT CORPORATION CORPORATION DELAWARE 5161 RIVER ROAD WASHINGTON D.C. 20016 (LAST LISTED OWNER) ELIAS BROTHERS RESTAURANTS, INC. CORPORATION ASSIGNEE OF MICHIGAN 4199 MARCY WARREN MICHIGAN 480911799. Digger

 I have a bottle that I purchased from an antique shop on the east coast in the 70's. I had purchased a lot of antiques from them and found them extremely reputable. I have forgotten what they told me about the bottle and cannot find any magazine or person to help me. I think this was used to ship wine. It is approximately 3 feet high and 48 inches around. It is emerald green and has no markings. It is apparently blown since there are bubbles in it, but no stamps of any kind. 

Sounds like a demi-john.  these were multipurpose containers from four to twenty gallons usually covered in leather or more commonly wicker.  Many of these were imported from Europe during the 1700 and 1800 hundreds but they were blown in this country as well.  Early bottles tend to have a globular bulbous shape.  Those advertised in the later 19th century were cylindrical with straight sides.  Digger.

Help Hi. I am looking for information on a bottle that my sister-in-law has had for years. It is a medium blue, and in the shape of George Washington. it appears to be blown and is not round. It is in good shape just the normal wear. It is about 10 inches high. Thank you for your time and help.

Many different reproductions of an old Bitters bottle made in the likeness of George Washington have been made over the years.  The original was never made in cobalt blue.  Yours may be a Clevenger bottle. It may be worth in the $20-30 range.  Digger


Hi, I'm not a collector, but did dig this up in the backyard. Any clue what it is? It has a round bottom, side seam and looks like it must have had a stopper of some kind. The raised star is the only marking. Thanks Paul

Paul,  I had one of these at one time. I always thought it was a perfume but it could just have easily been a pill bottle for a medicine. It is a cute little bottle and probably dates to the 1890s.  Wish I could help more.  Digger


- Paul Hello, I saw you listed on the antiquebottles site. We dug up two green glass bottles (smooth embossed bottom, blob top, seam up sides but not lip) in our garden on Long Island, NY. The bottles are embossed "Pflug & Ackley, Hempstead, LI." The back says "This bottle not to be sold." "P&A" is indicated to be a registered trademark. "P&A" appears on the front and bottom. One is in good condition; the other has a cracked lip. Can you tell us anything about these bottles? Thanks so much. Patricia Phelan 

I am afraid I cannot tell you much you do not already know.  They are soda bottles produced sometime between 1860-1900. Digger


What can you tell me about a " Burnett's Cocaine"( raised molded on front )bottle? On the sides in same raised lettering "Boston" on one side and "Burnett's" on the other. Thanks

If you look carefully at the spelling you will see that it is Cocoaine.  It was a hair product and used Coconut Oil as its main ingredient. It is a product of Joseph Burnett of Boston who also marketed a very successful line of flavorings.  Cocoaine was first advertised in 1859. People often mistakenly advertise these bottles as having contained cocaine.  Digger.


! I have been running into a mark found on a clear tumbler w/ no seam marks. I haven't found a whole tumbler yet, usually only the base. The mark is an embossed horseshoe w/ a star inside of it. The surface inside the shoe is dimpled around the star. I haven't been able to find the mark in any of my literature, does it sound familiar? 

Sounds like a jelly jar we dig from time to time but I could not find any research. Digger

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me the value of a bottle I bought yesterday at auction. It reads MAGNETIC/AETHER/HALSTED & CO., is aqua, 4 1/4" tall, nine sided, flared lip, open pontil. It's not in my bottle books. It needs a good cleaning and must of been in a barn for the last 150 years! No chips, cracks or dings. Looks like a very nice specimen. Any help would be very much appreciated. Best regards, John Woloss 

Nice bottle. One sold with a complete label many years ago in the Sam Greer pontil medicine sale for $650.  Today it would be well over $1000.  Without the label I'd estimate in the $150-300 range.  It is a very attractive bottle and unusual in that it has nine sides.  You can find out more in my Pontil Medicine Encyclopedia. Digger

I have found several four sided w/ beveled edges, aqua colored, machine made bottles (or most of them anyway), which on their base have the embossed figure of a man holding up a large fish to his side (his right, viewer's left). The figure is somewhat crudely executed, almost as if a child had drawn it. On the side panel are the words "Cod Liver Oil." I can't find any such bottle in any of my sources, are you familiar with it? Any help would be appreciated, Danny M. 

Very very common - Scott's Emulsion.  I have covered this bottle many times in other months.  Use the search feature. One new bit of information is that the company was selling a cough remedy in the late 1920s bearing the same logo. Digger



Sir- I have acquired a Ste Pierre Smirnoff bottle the mouth is approx. 1-3/4" wide the height is approx 18" tall, the base is 5-3/4" in diameter. It has a picture of a crown with the following dates 1877, 1886, 1887, 1890 it has a banner in the crown that has the dates 1886-1917. Its lot number(?) is 64077. I also have another bottle which is a CASCADE Kentucky Straight Bourbon Bottle. it is 4/5 of a qt. The bottle itself is mounted in a base the bottle is 13" tall and it has a pourer on the cop that is believed to pour an even shot. If you could give me any information on these bottles, I will greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Robert Lee 



Mr. Odell, I'm Elizabeth McNary and I'm a Hazardous Materials Technician at the University of Michigan's Haz Mat department. My co-worker and I received an antique bottle filled with Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) from the Fire Chief on campus. This fire Chief wanted the liquid out of the bottle without any damage to the bottle and its cap so that he can keep the bottle for souvenir. There is a glass stopper in this bottle, it seems like there's a gauze covering the stopper and dipped into wax. It's solid. So we were wondering if you could tell us how to take the liquid out without breaking the glass and the lid. Shall we try a glass drill? Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thank you very much. Elizabeth M. McNary 

Great question.  I have had trouble with many a stuck stopper.  I found this information in The Pharmaceutical Era, June 1, 1891.  It was taken from the Pottery & Glass Rep. "Some one of the following methods is certain to prove effective.

1. Hold the bottle or decanter firmly in the hand or between the knees, and gently tap the stopper on alternate sides using for the purpose a small piece of wood and directing the strokes upward.
2. Plunge the neck of the vessel in hot water, taking care that the water is not hot enough to split the glass.  If  the stopper is still fixed use the first method.
3. Pass a piece of lint around the neck of the bottle, which must be held fast while two persons draw the ling backwards and forwards.
4. Warm the neck of the vessel before the fire and when it is nearly hot the stopper can be removed.
5. Put a few drops of oil around the stopper where it enters the glass vessel which may then be warmed before the fire.  The apply process No. 1.  If the stopper still continues immoveable repeat the above process until it gives way, which it is almost sure to do in the end.
6. Take a steel pin or needle and run it round the top of the stopper in the angle formed by it and the bottle.  then hold the vessel in your left hand and give it a steady twist toward you with the right, and it will very soon be effectual.  If this does not succeed, try process No. 5 which will be facilitated by it."


I am trying to find out the value of a beer bottle found under my home 23 years ago. At that time, the home was 63 years old. It is all brown in color. One side of the bottle says: "P.SCHOENHOFEN BREWING CO. TABLE BEER CHICAGO." On the other side is: "THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD." There is a cork in the bottle also. I would appreciate any information you can provide concerning the value of this bottle. I live in the Salt Lake area and have been unable to find anyone locally who can help us. Thank you for any help you can provide. Budd Egan 

Peter Schoenhofen Brewing Co. operated under that name from 1879-1925. Peter had operated the brewery himself from 1867 until 1879 when it merged with the National Brewing Co. and operated under the name embossed on your bottle.  I'd guess if the bottle were a blob top it would be worth $10-20.  If it is a crown top then probably $8-10.

Do you know how I can find out how many different styles of Hires Root Beer Thermometers were made? Thanks

I do not know but maybe a reader will help. Digger

Gloria HI, I just found a rich puce colored bottle with an embossed label : Cherry Nectar, West Point ,GA. Do you know this bottle? And is it a good one? Thank you for any help you can provide! Judy

Wow! sounds like a GREAT bottle.  The color outstanding and if old, which I am assuming it is and embossed.  Size and shape are important but I can see a 6-9" 1860s period rectangular bottle like you describe selling for several hundreds dollars and maybe being a Southern bottle much  more.  I'd love to see a picture.  Digger

dear Mr Digger I have a Whiskey bottle . That has never been opened. It has a picture of Mano' War on it. The Date on the lid says 1849. It's a smooth glass. And it also has (Old Fitzgerald Prime).86.8 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Okay on the back of bottle Man O' War, 1917-1947."Big Red". Winner of 20 out 21 races in turf career spanning a gold age of sports. The chestnut colt retired in 1921 1921 after mastering all competition, amassing $249,465.MAN O' WAR DECANTER. It was bottled by STITZEL- WELLER DISTILLERY Louisville, Kentucky DSP.KY.16. I had a antique dealer wanting this .What do you think I could get out of this. On the seal the numbers are.350910392 red and white seal. It is torn but never opened. If you think this is worth anything please let me know. Thank You Maria Graham

From: American Whiskey February 18, 2000 "One of the best-known and most revered of Kentucky’s old distilleries is among those no longer producing, the Stitzel-Weller distillery in Louisville. It was built by Pappy Van Winkle just after prohibition ended and was the home of Old Fitzgerald, W. L. Weller, Rebel Yell, Cabin Still, and others. Pappy had begun his career in the 1890’s as a salesman for the W. L. Weller company, who processed and re-sold whiskey they had purchased in bulk. As their reputation for quality increased, they became more and more particular about their suppliers. When an opportunity came to purchase one of their chief sources, the A. Ph. Stitzel distillery, they took it, forming Stitzel-Weller."  I'd guess since someone is wanting the bottle it must have value.  I expect it was produced in the 1970s from what I can gather.  I can only hazard a wild guess and say $35-40.  Digger.

   I have come across a bottle that I would like to know the age and value of. It's clear and it's about 12" tall with a long, ribbed neck. The base is rather round. It says- E.M. Corthell Dragon brand Creme de Menthe Boston, Mass. Thanks

I was not able to find any information.  A picture or better description would help.  Check my "Ask Digger." for tips. Digger

Hey Digger your sight is really informative and interesting. I've been a bottle collector for about 5 years now and have a collection of around 200 bottles (small by comparison to some I know). What I was wondering was if a bottle I got this weekend was a reproduction or not. I paid $ 8.00 (US) for it but what got me suspicious about it being a repro was 1) its a really nice deep purple colour and 2) I found some reproductions on the net in clear. The bottle is about 6 1/2" tall and is dark purple (like I said) Its embossed "J CLAPHAM BOTANICAL CHEMIST WADE L & KELSAILS LEEDS" the base is smooth with no markings. The lip is flared with a seem that comes up to and onto but not over the lip. If you could tell me if it is a reproduction or not was this bottle ever really produced and how much it is worth it would be a great help thanks Jon (Ottawa Ontario Canada)

I do not have the sources to check this old English bottle.  But I would guess that it would be authentic.  What might not be authentic is the deep color there have been many irradiated bottles sold in the last 4-6 years.  Either way for $8 if you like it keep it.  You bought it because it appealed to you so enjoy it and stop worrying.  Digger

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