May 2001 Questions

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Hi Digger, I was reading your questions & answers on your web site and thought I would pass along some info. regarding the following question: I am looking for information on how to refill an old seltzer bottle. Do you have any ideas? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Lino

Digger's reply: I get this question from time to time. I think you are out of luck. They were generally refilled at the factory. Today CO2 cartridges are fitted onto the bottle tops. I have not heard of a company still refilling reusable bottles.

From a Reader: Digger. There are still several companies that refill & deliver the old fashioned siphon seltzer bottles. Two friends & I run a little business doing this as Pittsburgh Seltzer Works (in Pittsburgh, PA). We bought the company (mainly the bottles & bottling equipment) a few years ago in order to keep it going & because we liked the whole notion. There are a few others, such as Seltzer Sisters in the San Francisco area, and a few in the New York City area (I think the NYC area guys share a common bottling operation, but Iím not sure), including Castle Seltzer. Although I or one of these others could refill it, its not all that practical because of the shipping factor. In addition, old seltzer bottles may not be functional and the washers in the head or the entire head may need replaced. We recently started using heavy duty plastic siphon bottles 9they are obviously much lighter & hold more) for our customers who love the highly carbonated seltzer that does not go flat in the bottle (like store bought brands) and donít care about the aesthetics of the beautiful old bottles. In fact, I recently shipped a case of plastic (returnable) bottles to Michigan to somebody who was desperate for authentic seltzer in time for the Jewish holiday of passover, however, shipping costs make this a bit expensive. FYI, I sell seltzer bottles on ebay under the name Ďseltzerkidí. Iím really enjoying your web site! Thanks, Paul Supowitz

Thanks Paul!!

Hi, I have an old clear glass seltzer bottle (guessing 1940s) with Czech glass, a chrome top, and metal lattice around the glass, and I am trying to figure out how to make it work. It has a screw on hole where the charger goes, and I am thinking I need some sort of holder/adapter for the charger. Any ideas? Thanks, Michael Persons

Michael see the above.  I think yours is missing the screw on cap on the metal. Digger

Dear Sir: I have been researching the history of my grandfather John Logue. He was a noted lawyer in Houston until he died young in 1933. I came across a small newspaper clipping which mentioned him and his a friend of his fatherís who was a friend of Santa Anna the Mexican dictator. The article mentioned Zumwaltís store in Houston that had a iron mortar and pestle from that period. Is there any way I can contact that store or its former owner? Thanks, John Logue Hoope

You could check the local phone directories for the name and make a lot of calls.  Other than that I do not have a good idea for you.  Digger

I have a bottle that looks like a pint milk bottle clear it says Gelfands Baltimore MD on bottom of bottle could it be a creamer.

The creamers I have seen are very small.  I think a number of product came in pint bottles such as  milk and  juice.  Creamers were primarily used in restaurants from what I have heard although ia m no expert I this area. Digger

Sir, I recently found a bottle in NE Ga. that says SCOTTíS EMULSION on top and COD LIVER OIL WITH LIME & SODA on the bottom, it has a picture in the middle of a man carrying a big fish over his back with TRADE on one side and MARK on the other. It is medium or aqua green, 9 Ĺ inches tall. ABM (I think). It has what looks like a flip top made of metal (rusted shut and still has some of the liquid inside). The base is smooth with a circular mold mark and says 8 0 (inside a square) 3. I would say it is in great condition. I would like to know more about it age, origin and possible value Thank you for your time, Mark Bailey Raleigh N.C.

We have 2 Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil with Lime & Soda bottle's, we were wondering why one has a clear picture of the man with the big fish with a lot of detail and the other you can't see the fish eye and the fin's the man's face and mouth as clear as you can the other bottle. The top of the bottle is made different also, the bottom of the more detailed  bottle has a number 10 or 01, the other bottle has a triangle and inside of the triangle has a letter W or M depends which way you turn the triangle. The detailed bottle is bluish green and the other is green.  Do you know any information on this type of bottle, and the value also please.  

Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine

 Scott & Bowne firm in New York began  using the man and fish in 1890.  The description of the trademark was as follows: "OUR TRADE-MARK CONSISTS OF THE REPRESENTATION OF A MAN CARRYING A FISH ON HIS BACK. THIS HAS GENERALLY BEEN ARRANGED AS SHOWN IN THE ACCOMPANYING FAC-SIMILE, WHICH REPRESENTS A MAN CARRYING A FISH. IN THE BACKGROUND A HOUSE AND A BOAT ARE VISIBLE, AND THE WHOLE IS SURROUNDED BY A PANEL-SHAPED BORDER. ON THE UPPER PART OF THIS PANEL APPEAR THE WORDS "SCOTT'S EMULSION," AND ON THE LOWER PART OF SAID PANEL ARE PRINTED THE WORDS "TRADE MARK (REGISTERED)" Value is $1-2 for the machine made bottle.  The trademark was further described as: SCOTT'S EMULSION P.P.P. OF PURE COD LIVER OIL SCOTT & BOWNE MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS, NEW YORK. EXCLUSIVELY FOR EXPORT. PERFECT PERMANENT PALATABLE WITH HYPOPHOSPHITES OF LIME AND SODA. A RELIABLE REMEDY FOR PULMONARY DISEASES, COUGHS, COLDS, AND GENERAL DEBILITY.  Description of Mark Our trade-mark consists of the words "Scott's Emulsion" in connection with a triangle arranged above these words, inclosing suitable letters; as "P.P.P." These words and letters have been generally arranged as shown in the accompanying fac-simile, which is in the form of a wrapper and contains our trade-mark, together with descriptive matter, so arranged as to be folded about the bottle containing the compound and over the top thereof. That part of the mark which appears upon the front is enclosed within a border, with the words "Scott's Emulsion" at the upper part, followed by a description of the ingredients of the compound, a statement of the diseases for which it is a remedy, directions for taking, and the name and address of the proprietors. Immediately above this part of the mark is arranged a triangle which folds over the top of the bottle, this triangle inclosing the letters "P.P.P.," which are explained by the words "Perfect," "Permanent," and "Palatable," arranged on the exterior of and parallel to the three sides of the triangle. Upon either side of that portion of the mark appearing on the front of the bottle appears in a different language the same statement, with the exception of the omission of the name and address of the proprietors. The name of the firm and their location may also be printed on the margin of the triangle. Any additional ornamentation or description may be added, if found necessary; but such matter may be changed at will or omitted altogether, as may also the descriptive matter referred to, without materially changing the character of our trade-mark, the essential features of which are the words "Scott's Emulsion" and a triangle above the same. Type of Mark TRADEMARK

The brand was first sold about 1878.  With the millions of Scott's Emulsion bottles made every year, the company would have had many different mold and possibly even different companies making their bottles.  Occasionally a bottle would be under blown resulting in a weak strike and poor detail in the glass.  Around the turn of the century as semi-automatic bottle blowing equipment became common, companies used compressed air to blow the bottles.  It would not surprise me to see early machine made examples with similar variations. See last month for another one of their products. . Digger


BELLE OF NELSON  was whiskey first used commerically and otherwise in 1869.  The owners, AMERICAN MEDICINAL SPIRITS COMPANY, THE CORPORATION MARYLAND SEVENTH ST. AND BERHEIM LANE LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY filed for a trademark on November 11, 1933 which was subsequently granted August 14, 1934    It was renewed for a second time in 1974. Value of your bottle unopened would probably be in the $50+ range. Digger

Hi, I know you get a lot of e-mail questions and appreciate your taking the time to read mine. What Iíd like to know is how I can find out about a company called the H.C. Hoover Bottling Co. in Glen Rock, PA. Iím new to collecting, and I recently found this old bottle. The above name is embossed on it, and I wondered if you knew what they made or how I could find out. Thank you.

I could not find anything in my sources. I did find a listing for what is probably a related bottle, a Geo. A, Hoover  soda bottle form  Glen Rock.  This was probably a bother, father, uncle or some other relative.  The local Library might be able to help. Digger

Hello there. My name is Karen Niggemyer and I am a graduate art history and museum studies major at Denver University. I am currently trying to locate information on a bottle that I am to give constructive advice on conserving. The problem that I have run into is that the majority of the books on glass conservation are more "fine art" glass pieces. I have printed out your page on glass bottle cleaning but was also wondering if you could give me any further reference for books or articles on the issue. The bottle itself is fairly general it looks like a medicine bottle pulled from a mold. It is clear and has absolutely no markings on it in terms of identification. This has also caused me great difficulty in locating any information on what might have been kept in the bottle. I do not have an image of it currently but will be getting one early next week. There is white residue on the inside and fly specks on the outside. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I thank you for your time and patience.

I would not put bottle cleaning under  the "conserving" label as I understand the term.  Conserving means leaving the item in the original state as much as possible.   Cleaning old bottles involves polishing them.  In most cases while the appearance is improved experts can still spot bottles that have been cleaned.  Mostly this comes from experience in handling many hundreds of such items.  I suppose the other meaning might be "reconstruction" or "repair" of broken items. There are very few printed resources on these subjects.  I do sell a publication on cleaning antique bottles by machine to remove the stain and even tiny  flakes, or chips. I do know that many major museums have specialized knowledge about reconstruction.  I have never seen this in print however. There are specialists in the commerical world that will for a hefty price repair many ceramic items and similar methods might be employed with different materials to do the same with glass.  These firms guard there proprietary methods very carefully.  I know of no one who is able to fix cracks. Digger


Hi, I hope you can see the pictures ok, I was hoping I could get e price quote for this to see if it was worth the $2 that I paid for it today at the garage sell. On the bottom of the bottle it says from top too bottom: "Creation of James B. Beam Distilling Co." "KY-?RG-290" "Genuine Regal China 1977" "C. Miller" "Regal China Corporation" "145 Liquid Bottle" Then on the right side of all I think it looks like "ONN" Thank you for your time. Vince Gamble

I know very little about Beam bottles but $2 for the bottle and original case seems like a good deal to me.

I appreciate your returning my e-mail. I just have never seen a book on bottles this large. This one is blown with the mark on the bottom. It is about 3-3 Ĺ feet high and about 48 inches around. It is emerald green and has initials on the rim of the top. Did people years ago send wine in bottles this size? I seem to remember the antique dealer telling me that it was from Spain,. Portugal or Italy? I just donít know where to start on finding out about it at all. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Barbara Smith

Barbara,  You have a demijohn of some kind.  It could be modern or very old.  Can't say much with a picture.  these big bottles turn up fairly often at auction.  Digger

Digger, about 60 -70 years ago, my grandfather found a Hayner whiskey bottle on the road. He picked it up, brought it home, and it was later used as a rolling pin by my grandmother to roll out pastry. The bottle is dated November 30, 1897. Can you give me any information on the bottleís worth and the Hayner company? Thanks! Tracy Smith

Hayner Whiskey bottles are very common.  The bottles are known in half pint, pint and quart sizes in both clear and amber.  The company had small beginnings about 1856 in Farrington, OH. In 1866, the distillery was relocated to Troy, OH. The remained in business until the passage of the 18th amendment in 1920. The Company grew rapidly and distribution points were established in Dayton, St. Louis, St. Paul, Atlanta and Kansas City.  The company shipped orders for their Old Rye or whiskey by mail in plain wrapping with "no marks to even suggest contents," for eighty cents a quart.  After 1900 they pitched the whiskey as best for medicinal purposes.  Along with shot glasses and decanters the Hayner Distillery company is best known to collectors for the whiskey bottle with the combination lock. The label of these bottles says, "This ingenious lock stopper is a safe guard against servants, children or anyone else tampering with your whiskey-as the bottle cannot be opened with a knowledge of the combination (which followed) DO NOT FORGET THE COMBINATION.  WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE."   In addition to the whiskey business the company tried, less successfully, to sell medicines and an orange drink. Digger.

Hello! I like your site! Hazeltine Drugs of Warren, Pennsylvania started printing Hazeltineís Pocket Almanacs in 1879 to advertise Pisoís Cure. Could you tell me how long these miniature almanacs were printed and what was in Pisoís Cure? Thank you, B.J.

Ezra T. Hazeltine began selling his "heavily laced with drugs" product around Warren, PA for a number of years before he began bottling it in 1869.  Hazeltine, together with Micaja C. Talbott and Myron Waters ran the firm.  By the 1880s, they were heavily advertising this brand in newspapers on a national scale. Analysis of the product by the US government indicated the primary ingredient was Cannabis Indica (marihauna). 

In his series of articles which appeared in Collier's Magazine in 1905, Samuel Hopkins Adams says, " Piso Consumption Cure, extensively advertised a year or two ago, is apparently withdrawing from the field, so far as consumption goes and the Piso people are now more modestly promising to cure coughs and colds.  Old analyses give as the contents of Piso's Cur For Consumption, alcohol, chloroform, opium and cannabis indica (hasheesh). In reply to an inquiry as to whether their reedy contains morphine and cannabis indica, the Piso Company replies; "Since the year 1872 Piso's Cure has contained no morphine or anything derived from opium.: The question as to cannabis indica is not answered.  Analysis shows the "cure" contains chloroform, alcohol and apparently cannabis indica.  It is therefore, another of the remedies which can not possibly cure consumption, but on the contrary, ten by their poisonous and debilitating drugs to undermine the victims stamina."

As to the question about how long the almanacs were printed.  I know at least through 1901 and I suspect that they ended by 1906 or earlier.  the mini-almanac was a brilliant advertising strategy as they were so small as to be much more cost-efficient than other company's almanac which were many times the size.  Digger


I know this isnít the type of question your used to getting, but Iíve looked everywhere and I came across your site and thought maybe you could help. I am looking for a source for flip top whiskey flasks. I bought one several years ago at a civil war reenactment and it had root beer in it. Needless to say it recently got broke and I would like to replace it. If you could give me any help I would greatly appreciate it, even if you could point me in a direction. Thank you for your time. Dennis Campbell

The flea market is a place to find the 1970s beers with the flip tops.  You may even be able to find some foreign manufacturers still making something usable by looking on line.  the next best answer is to go to a bottle show or check the online yellow pages of the Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine.  Digger

I seriously think you should charge something for all the work you put into answering all the questions, even if itís .50 It would add up in a hurry, and Iíd pay it, good job, and thanx for answering all my questions. Dusty

Well Dusty, I am not sure how many people share your sentiments but I do appreciate your kind words.  This web site is supported through the sale of my publications and as long as I am able to do so due to time and money constraints, I will try to provide this help to the public.  Digger

I have Wheaton Glass JFK Commemorative Bottle with the original packaging. On one side, it has JFKís profile and on the other a quote with a border of stars. I understand that due to a problem during the making of it, it has one star that is only a half-star and therefore, makes it a bit more valuable. Can you give me an idea of how much this may be worth? Thanks Krista

Krista, Maybe, Maybe not.  If these bottles were in great demand then this might be the case.

Dear Digger: I found this bottle while I was fishing in northern Wisconsin. It is 8.5 inches tall bottle filled with Mrs.. Stewarts bluing Printed across the top of the bottle. the bottle is filled ľ of the way full of bluing liquid. It has a red cap on it I think with the number 35 on top. it has dried dirt as a thin layer on it. I was wondering how much it is worth. PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WITH A ESTIMATE ON HOW MUCH IT COST S AND POSSIBLY HOW OLD IT IS. THANK YOU

I am not able to answer personal email.  Your bottle is probably worth $1-2.  Use the search feature on my site to find further information about this brand.  Digger

Please help me with any information you may have concerning a bottle found in 80 feet of water off St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.( age, use, value, etc.) Iíll describe as best I can, I do not have a photo. The bottle is dark amber in color, it is molded and the mold marks do not travel over the top, the top appears to have been added after bottle was molded It has a round bottom, the bottle will not stand upright, it must lie on itís side. The markings on the bottle run laterally from top to bottom and are raised. One side marked: WEBBís, the other side is marked: LONDON. The diameter of the bottom is slightly smaller than the top shoulder. The bottle is Approximately 9 Ĺ inches tall and The shoulder starts about 2 inches down and reaches full diameter at 3 ľ inches, the circumference at the shoulder is 7 9/16 inches and the bottom circumference is 7 1/6 inches. The bottle is uncapped and is filled with sea sand. It is not chipped or broken in any way. There are what appear to be small thin bubbles included in the glass they are from ĺ inch to 1/16 inch long and run parallel with the length of the bottle. The bottom of the bottle appears to be approximately ĺ inch thick. Judging from the symmetry inside the bottle when held to the light, it appears to have been molded with the LONDON side up. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Respectfully, Wade Rash

You found a nice soda bottle.  Your bottle probably dates to the 1860s.  I cannot give a good estimate of a price but expect about $100+. The bottle is not American and my expertise gets thin with respect to English bottles.  I do remember seeing one over the years in a collection.  I do not have any information on the company. Digger.

hello i live in southern Michigan friend and I were metal detecting when we came across an old bottle dump along a river bank.. we decided to search for some more bottles we have found over fifty so far. We were wondering the age and which of your price guides to purchase. one of the bottles we found is dark blue glass about 2.5 inches tall and 1 inch round. it is embossed bromo-seltzer. second line says Emerson. third line says drug co. and the last line says Baltimore Maryland. it has a round lip.. another bottle we found is 4 inches tall it is square almost 1.5 inches wide clear glass. the side of it is embossed Arthur Mattans pharmacist Washington dc.... if you could please let us know what we have found as far as age and perhaps price. We will probably turn in our metal detectors and start looking for bottles. the bottles mentioned are chip and crack free.. thank you for your time and best wishes to you and your family.. Ernie Spaulding..

Your bottle is common but keep digging. Trademark information is as follows: GRANULAR EFFERVESCENT SALT FOR THE CURE OF HEADACHE, NERVOUSNESS, NERVOUS HEADACHE, NEURALGIA, BRAIN FATIGUE, SLEEPLESSNESS, OVER BRAIN-WORK, DEPRESSION, AND MENTAL EXHAUSTION. FIRST USE: 1889. EMERSON DRUG COMPANY CORPORATION MARYLAND 308 AND 310 WEST LOMBARD STREET BALTIMORE MARYLAND. The trademark was renewed in 1954.  Bromo seltzers sell from $3-6 a piece.  The latest owner is Warner Lambert of Morris Plains, New Jersey.  The pharmacist bottle is probably rarer and could be worth in the $5-10 range. Digger

I was wondering if you could provide me with some sort of a timeline of the earliest 3 in one oil bottles? I have a small green one that says sample on it, is this one of the first produced? thanks in advance Russell Bourg

The name Three in One was trademarked in 1905 by "G. W. COLE COMPANY CORPORATION NEW JERSEY NO.141 BROADWAY RAHWAY NEW JERSEY."  It was described as "OIL ADAPTED FOR USE AS A LUBRICATOR, A PRESERVER, OR A CLEANSER FOR METAL, WOOD, OR LEATHER. FIRST USE: 1894. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1894" The earliest bottles are aqua and not machine made.  Digger

I need to find out about a metal flask I have dating back to early 1800ís or before. Where can I go to find out more. Thanks. Joe

Maybe a reader has an idea.  Digger

Dear Mr. Odell, I have recently purchased several bottles with the following writing on it: ...Erven Lucas Bols het lootsje Amsterdam I am wondering about the dollar value of such bottles. The seller claimed that the bottles were from before 1945 since it was either dug up on a beach or came from an old shipwreck. Some bottles had seashells still attached to it. I appreciate if you can give me some information. Thank you for your kind attention. Best regards, Ripy

I get quite a few questions about Lucas Bols bottles. I have never seen an antique one but I expect they must exist based on the following Patent Office information which might help date your bottle. I do not know when the "Lootsie" name was discontinued or if it was.

Bols Erven Lucas Bols registered 1908

Mark registered October 26, 1915





Digger: I am enclosing a picture of a antique bottle. It was bottled by Erven Lucas Bols. It is a green Creme de Menthe Bottle. It is a musical bottle. On the bottom of the bottle is says the bottle was made in France, musical unit made in Switzerland. I think it plays when we "All pull together" or something like that. It is a quart sized bottle, 60 proof liquor. The date on the small label on the front says January 1868. The cap is metal on a cork. The lid says Erven Lucas Bols, Amsterdam, anno 1575. It says it is a product of Holland. The bottle is in mint condition with all labels and the music box works perfectly. Please let us know what you can find out. We would like to know its age, history, rarity, and value to insure it. Thank You, Buzz Evans

I guess I would say the bottle was made after 1915 and possible before prohibition.  In the larger picture you sent me the small label on the front is clearly the same trademark as the one above registered in 1915.  Since most of the printing on the bottle is in English, I assume it was made by Bols for export to the US.  Since no liquor was imported during prohibition it probably wasn't made between 1918 and 1932.  Since it apparently does not contain the "Federal Law Forbids..." statement, I'd guess it was pre-prohibiton.  I'd guess a value of $50.  Digger


Digger Odell Publications, I have an old ĎWild Turkey bottle that someone gave me back in 1977. I donít know if it is worth anything and I canít find any information on it. I donít know the date that it was made but it is old and I thought it might be worth something. It is a ceramic bottle of a Turkey and itís baby. The writing on the bottom of the bottle says: Austin Nichols Wild Turkey 101 Proof 8 yrs.old Liquor Bottle 185 Limited Edition Ceramic No.4  If you know or can tell me were I can find any info. about this bottle I would really appreciate it. Thanks Richard Hearne

The  words Wild Turkey were trademarked by AUSTIN, NICHOLS & CO., INCORPORATED CORPORATION DELAWARE 156 East 46th Street New York NEW YORK 10017. FIRST USE: 1942. Limited Editions were made by dozens of companies in the 1970-90s.  They made for instant collectibles.  Those that will hold value in the future will be unopened and in the original boxes.  I can't give a price, but i expect it is not much.  The Nichols Company has produced a whole line of these Limited Editions #6, #7.  I found on Ebay today 15 similar bottles listed.  Most had no bids.  The highest bid was $3.10. The basic problem is that the supply greatly exceeds the demand. Digger

Dear Digger, I have recently found a 10oz Orange Crush bottle... It is an Amber colour, and from what I can tell is from around the 1940ís.... I have attached a picture of what the bottle looks like... I was hoping you could tell me the price of this bottle.... Any help would be great Thank You C.Ray

From what I can determine these orange bottles were made from about 1939-1960.  All of the ones I could find listed were common.  I found amber Crush bottles but not specifically your 10 oz bottle. Yours is in excellent condition which is important.  I'd guess a value of $10-15.  Digger


Hello; My wife and I purchased this bottle in a grouping of Ďthingsí at an auction last year. It is 6 Ĺ inches high and about 5 inches wide. It has this unusual metal holder enclosing it that appears to have been made to hang from something. Can you tell me what the bottleís purpose was and an approximate age. Thank you for your assistance. Jeff Little Parkersburg, WV

Very nice and interesting item.  The form of the bottle is a "chestnut" flask and is almost always been one in which spirits have been bottled.  The A. M. Bininger Company of New York used similar handled versions of the bottle for Bourbon. Early pontil specimens are not uncommon in shades of amber and green. The color of your bottle is definitely unusual for a Chestnut bottle.  The age of yours appears to be 1870-1880 period.  Exactly what the function was is a bit of a mystery.  I might guess it was used for traveling either by carriage or horseback or perhaps simply as decorative item.  There exists the possibly that this is not as old as it seems and could be of foreign manufacture.  In any case, I'd say the piece was very collectible and worth in excess of $100.  Digger


Have a 1988 Beam Holiday decanter with unbroken seal in box, Excellent condition. #13 on bottom. Any idea what value? thanks Melba

I do not.  Maybe a reader can help.  Digger

I have a bottle I cant seem to find any information on .It is a clear bottle with a screw in wooden cap on the front of bottle are the words Registered Black Bear Brand Cross &co LTD Vancouver B.C it also has a cross insignia on the front. On the back of it near the bottom it has the words A. ALEXANDER &CO LONDON Any information on this bottle would be greatly appreciated Thank you Bill Atchison

The Black Bear Fruit Company made food products, namely candy, flavoring syrups and jelly powders, namely flavored and sweetened gelatins They are presently located in Vancover, BC.  there might be some connections.

My mom has about 50 brown "Aunt Jemima" glass syrup bottles that she saved throughout the 70ís. I donít know what to do with them! Please help meóthe labels are soaked off, but the caps are on... How much should they fetch at her yard sale??? Thanks Carlie

$1-2 each.  Digger

Sir, I would like some information a bottle I recently got from a friend. It is shaped like a Soda Bottle about 7 inches tall, 2.75 inches across the bottom, light blue in color. Has the words embossed in a half circle CHRIST CROSS with a C over C stamped in the middle, ST LOUIS, MO. under the half circle. On the reveres side it says: THIS BOTTLE NEVER SOLD On the bottom a single C. Any information you may have about it or someone I could contact it would be appreciated.. Thanks Ron

You got me on this one Ron.  I could find no such listing nor does it make any sense.  I did however find a listing for a "CHRIST & GROSS" soda bottle in St. Louis that I think might be yours. No other information however.  Digger

From a Reader- Digger, 

I have a few more pieces to the family Patent Medicine Business. There was a November 10, 1882, trade mark patent 10,015 for Liver Pills and another no. 19,400 dated April 28, 1891 for Cydonia Cream which indicated that the initials were in common usage from 1875. The trademark consists of the initials JWA in a circle and the paper label for Cydonia Cream also shows my great grandfatherís signature ... Jonathan W. Angell, Inventor and Proprietor, San Francisco, California. Cydonia Cream by the way was to prevent dry skin and labeled a cosmetic. We have no idea what the product was in 1875 and nothing about the packaging for the 1882 Liver Pills. This information was found at the Patent Library in Sunnyvale, California. The Savannah City Directory, 1910, also shows a listing for Angell Medicine ... As early as 1918 I have found Starr in conjunction with Angell. By 1920 even the family name was changed to Starr. In addition there is a 1940 Price List ... which indicates Starrís Pills (1940) were formerly Wonderful M.L.&K. Dr. Greeneís Pills (1940) were formerly Special Nature. We know nothing about Wonderful M.L.&K. or Special Nature. By 1940 the product was distributed in small size boxes, about the size of matches and these products were called Starrís Pills, Starrís Herb Tablets, Doctor Greeneís Pills, and Starrís Vitamin Tablets. Business ceased during WWII. Thank you for posting on the Ask Digger, March 2001 site. Janet Anderson

Hi, Iím hoping you can help me. In a recent auction, my parents purchased a number of clear bottles that have a crown insignia on the side and say "Crown" in raised lettering. They are dated on the bottom of the bottle with either 1942 or 1945. They resemble canning bottles and have a glass lid with the crown insignia on the lid as well. They were wondering about the origin and if they have any value (other than current usefulness!). If you need more information, please feel free to ask! I unfortunately donít have a bottle in front of me. thank you for your help, Kim

The Crown fruit jar (you were right) is a Canadian jar of which more than 30 variants are known.  Most were made by The Dominion Glass Co. of Montreal, Quebec from about 1913 to the present. A good fruit jar book can help decipher which one you have.  Some are valuable some are not.  They range in price from $3 to more than $300. 

Hello, I am trying to get any information I can on a flask that I just purchased. It is a Tiffany & Co. clear glass flask with a sterling silver cork screw type cap over the glass lip. and a sterling silver base with the markings:


13117 MAKERS 8619





Further, I believe there are 2 side seams that "V" at the top sides and then circle the base of the lip. Although I donít believe it is worth very much, I was told it is an antique and I would like to find out more about it. Tiffany wants $100.00 to search their archives. I would be grateful for any information you can provide or any information about who might know. Thank you so much for your help! Teena Holley

Tiffany & Co. began in business in 1868. Shown below are the trademarks they registered.  I suspect you would find the 1905 mark for solid and plated precious metal ware on your piece and I would suggest is must date after 1905. Given the popularity of the name, I would not want to guesstimate a value.  I was surprised at the wide variety of objects they created. Digger

Mark registered 1905 for WATCHES and CLOCKS




Can you tell me anything about this Anheuser Busch bottle that we found?  

You are not the first to ask about the bottle but you are the first to provide a picture.  I was able to find out that this product was called either 1) "GRANT'S FARM" table syrup which was first used in 1967. 2) "MOUNTAIN LODGE" pancake and waffle syrup  first used 1963 3) "BUD" Table syrup used since 1934. 4) "BUDWEISER" table and malt syrup used since 1948. All were products of  the Beer company Anheuser-Busch Incorporated of St. Louis, MO. Digger

Hello, I was hoping you may be able to help me. I found this bottle on some property I purchased and have not been able to find anything on it. Green in color size of and old coke bottle with raised letters across top below neck reading "registered" then sideways and down reads Swaimís Kola Champagne Clifton, S.I. New York this bottle is not to be sold any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Don

"Kola Champagne" was and still is being produced in Puerto Rico and other places in the Caribbean as a soft drink.  The earliest reference I could find to the name was 1945.  I was not able to find your particular brand but would expect it to date to about the same time period.

Sir, I have a few old Rum, and Scotch bottles with the Original labels covered by protector labels from the Afrika Corps cache that was captured by Rommel in WW2. They were then recaptured by McArthur and returned to Afrika Corps. These bottles were made available to the US Military in 1976-1989 (Filled of course, Empty now) They were bottled by Delva Ltd. Can you offer any information on my bottles. Thank you, J.D. Flemal

Use the search feature on this site and you will find a nice history provided by a Reader.  Digger

I have a bottle in the shape of a violin, color cobalt blue. It has square protrusions on each side of the lip, which would be the string adjusters on a stringed instrument. These have indentations on both sides. The bottle is 8" tall and 4" wide at the mid part of the lower part of the violin. It has no label or marks except a # 5 on one side of the base bottom. The base has no pontil, and the mold lines extend up over the lip. I know this means it is probably early 1900ís, maybe 1920ís or 30ís. The base is rectangular, has beaded edges around the base, with a slight indentation inside rectangular lines, inside the edges of the base. The "front" of the bottle has the shape of the strings and S shaped cutouts that are on a violin. The back of the bottle, which would be the back of the violin, has striations, which look to me like marks from laying on wood, or maybe the mold was wood, I donít know. I got it in an old antique shop in a small town in Indiana. I was told it belonged to an older lady, from outside of town that was selling off old things that she had, or were in her family, for years. I paid $30.00 for it. I wish to know more about it and the value, and where I can find more information about figural bottles. I have searched and can only find regular bottles, like drugstore, inks, etc. but hardly anything on figurals. Do you know of any web sites that feature or include figural bottles? Thank you. Jeanne AlJabi I just sent you an email about a violin shaped bottle, in cobalt blue. I forgot to state that this bottle is clean, with no chips, scratches or cracks. Thanks. I hope you can connect this to the other email. Jeanne AlJabi


Your bottle is one of many violin bottles.  I have seen many of the type you describe.  They are always machine made and I do not know the history of them, but I believe them to have been purely decorative rather than having held a product..  There are more than 40 different violin bottles known.  Yours is one of the more common one. they typically sell for $15-20.  Violin bottles are very popular and highly collectible.  the great variety and wonderful colors makes them especially appealing.


I have a question, I have two bottles from my mothers estate. One is 4 inches high and is clear glass round bottom and round lid with a square like middle, with 4 like racks that would hold something in place. On the bottom reads T.C. Wheaton Co. Millville, N.J. U.S.A. The other is cobalt blue kind of tall. On the bottom reads Wheaton, thatís about all for the second bottle. Any information you could give I would appreciate. I would like to sell if i knew what i had. Thank you very much Patricia Stephens >From TN.

The first bottle sounds like a chemistry regent bottle for measuring out drops of certain chemicals.  They are relatively common.  Hard to say about the second bottle. Digger

I am inquiring about a whisky flask. It is clear with an amethyst tint. It is sunburst one pint flask. How would I find out about its value? I can provide a picture/

If the bottle is a pumpkin seed (round) flask clear tooled top.  A tooled top will be finished with a lipping tool and the process will erase the mold seam.  The top would be a double collar.  If it fits that description then it has a value of $15-20.  If on the other hand it is an early pontiled teardrop shaped "sunburst," it would be worth many hundreds of dollars.  Maybe you better send the pix.  Digger.

Have an ink bottle dug in up a dumping site back east..WATERMANíS on the bottom 2OZ on the left side of that, a number "4", on the right. A "B" in the center, and "D PATíD" on the bottom, (in the 6oclock position). I donít believe this to be that old, but have always been curious of dates, etc..Thank you. Rick

Waterman's inks were first sold commercially in 1888 by L. E. WATERMAN COMPANY CORPORATION NEW YORK NO. 173 BROADWAY NEW YORK NEW YORK.  they applied for and received a trademark for the words "Waterman's" and "Ideal" in 1909.  the trademark was renewed three times, the last being in 1969.  The bottles are very common and yours sound like one of the machine made varieties which sell for a very modest $1-2.  I'd guess yours to be from the 1920s. Digger.

Check out Digger's Volume 9 on Black Glass.

I am looking for any information on a Schenleys whiskey bottle shaped like the empire state building probably made just before the 1939-1940ís world fair in New York.

I was not able to locate information about your bottle.  Maybe a reader will help.  Digger

I got a jug. It says (R. P. Webb Co. Wholesale Liquors Monroe La) on it. I have searched all over to find something about it. It is a 5 gallon jug. Just minor chips. It is clay jug tan on bottom brown on top. Kind of remind me of the old milk jugs (churns) It is about 16" tall 11" round. If you could help me any way please do so. thanks

The color scheme sounds like a late period jug (1890-1920). Five gallons is a very big jug. Again I can't help much maybe a reader can. Digger

Hello Mr. Odell, I have a bottle that has stumped me and my friends. I found a clear glass bottle (10 oz?) embossed with the words "Eureka Fizz." I canít find any reference to a drink called Eureka Fizz. Any ideas? I donít have the bottle with me at the moment (Iím conducting research at Lake Erie, where I found it), but I think it said Boston Mass. on it too. I also have a larger (20 oz?) clear bottle embossed with a "KS" (the letters are embossed over each other). Again, Iím stumped, but I havenít consulted many books on this one yet. Thanks for any help you can provide. Geoff

I did find a reference to a "Eureka Fix Surup Company" soda bottle from Boston.  I suppose the Fix could be a typo. The KS sounds like a monogram.  Tough to track down without a city.  I am afraid I can't help much either.  Digger


I found no reference to your bottle but did find three other soda companies operating in Kingston in the 19th century. "BOYER, W H"; "DOUGHERTY BROS BOTTLERS" and "LAPCHAK, JOHN BOTTLER .  Your bottle is probably earlier than these companies which given that Kingston is fairly small might have been bought out by one.  Perhaps the local Library could be of help.  Digger

I have a question about a half pint bottle, found in Jersey County, Illinois. It is labeled "Old Mississippi" BRAND 90 proof straight bourbon whiskey. On the bottle is an Illinois series D1935 revenue stamp. Label is in poor condition because I can not read after "Bottled for.... xxxNG LIQUORxxx Distributing. Know anything about this brand of whiskey? Thanks for your help in advance. Andy Macias

I did look but I did not find. I found nothing listed under Old Mississippi.  I'd guess your bottle to be worth in the neighborhood of $5-10 given the poor condition of the label. Digger

Hi, I have, what I think is unusual bottle. I will try to describe it to you. 1- Light green in color. 2- good to excellent condition. 3-writing on bottle LITTLEBOROUG J.C.CROSSLEY 4- Trade mark C C I can send picture Any information would be helpful. This bottle is green in color. It stands 7 Ĺ inches tall It is some type of bottle to pore with. There is a marble in side the bottle to stop the pouring. Written on the bottle is a trade make C J C. Also written is chnnington-shaw & cole. Makers sthelno little bououg Jc Crossley. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You Bob Lo Dolce I can understand being behind. by the way in that bottle there is a marble to stop the flow of whatever when you tip the bottle. thanks for the reply Bob Lo Dolce

Your bottle is one of hundreds of Codd bottles from England. It is a nice form.  On Ebay recently English sellers have been offering numerous Codd bottles. Today I found 40 listed few with bids.  One with an unusual shape was at $123.00 but most were listed for under $10 and going begging.  these bottles are very common in England and were produced in great quantity in the later part of the 19th century.  Digger


Digger, I recently found the following bottle in my motherís attic (Dayton, Ohio area) and need any information anyone might have. Iíve searched the net, newsgroups, and local libraries w/o results. Approx 6 5/8 in high, light green tint, Hutchinson stopper, embossed (slug plate?) with a fancy letter "K" inside a circle. No marks on (smooth) bottom. Base of bottle has 10 flattened segments about the width of my thumb which are arched at the top of the segment (also like my thumb). Mold seam extends from base to the bottom of the (blob?) top. The wire from the stopper is still intact in the neck, although the rubber seal from it is laying in the bottom of the bottle. There are two large chips out of the top and the glass is in need of cleaning, if you have suggestions as to how to clean it. Any idea as to mfgr. and value? I have a mint condition (with stopper) 1950 sharpe bros demijohn and I am interested in how much its worth if anything???

Both a squat soda and a Hutchinson bottles are listed in the Ohio Bottle Book.  It is a Dayton soda, but I have no other information other than it was listed for under $10. I have no information on the 1950 demi-john.Digger.

hi, I have 12 j.lochhart series.and 6 duck stamp series Jim Beam bottles. I was wondering if you could tell me how to determine the dates,and average price of each. the Lochhart bottles are all wild life elk, duck, owl etc. thanks

Since 1950 over 500 different Jim Beam bottles (most with wildlife themes) have been made.  I checked on Ebay today and found 208 Beam bottles for sale.  About one in ten had a bid and the average asking price was probably about $10. Only two had high bids ($50+).  I found your Elk bottle on another auction going begging with an asking price of $2.00.  I noticed a tax stamp showing on the one for sale. You might find a date on the stamp.  My guess is about 1970.  Digger

Dearest whomever, While digging in junk my stepson found an old bottle that has the word duraglas on it, also it has measurements on each side (similar to those on a measuring cup), and it has what appears to be this on it also 3XXX11. What type of old bottle is it? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely Patty

Sounds like a prescription bottle.  See comments below. Digger

I found an octagon shaped clear glass bottle with a black syrup type substance in it. There are many imperfections such as air bubbles on one side. The bottom is lop sided and the neck hole goes more to one side than the other. The only markings on the bottom are what appears to be w.e.b co. the middle letter is vague. There is raised markings on the bottle that look like a number 3 over another number 3 and then the symbol Viii . The lip is round and protrudes beyond the neck, it too is unlevel. I have no idea the age of this bottle or what might be in it. It has a cork top. Iím not sure if this is original or not but the bottle is about ĺ full of the black stuff. Any information would be helpful Thank you, Lorie Mead

Lorie Sounds like another prescription bottle.  Roman number markings were used in the Apothecary system commonly used in the past by pharmacists and physicians as the system of weights and measures for prescribing and dispensing medications. the table below shows these symbols and their measure or meaning.  Some examples: vii  means "eight ounces".  In the question from Patti the XXXii    means "32 ounces or 1 quart. Digger

ss  1/2 L or l 50
I or i 1 C or c 100
V or v 5 D or d 500
X or x 10 M or m 1000
ounces dram

Hi, Are you familiar with real old Heinz bottles? We have one embossed F & J Heinz. I know this preceded H. J. Heinz in the company history lineup, but canít find any source that gives value for these. It is exactly like the one in the Zumwalt book that says Heinz and Noble, except this says F & J Heinz. If you could point us in the right direction, would appreciate it. Thanks. Ed and Lucy -- Ed & Lucy Faulkner Ink Bottle Collectors (& glass works bottles)

Cousin Frederick and Brother John Heinz helped Henry J. Heinz  restart the company under the  F&J Heinz name about 1875 after a bankruptcy.  Most of the earler Heinz and Noble bottles bring in excess of $100.  I'd expect yours to be quite rare and possible worth in the $200 range to the right collector.  Short of auction results or seeing another example It will be difficult  to establish an exact value. Digger

I recently acquired a cobalt blue bottle..with embossed lettering and a picture of a man milking a cow....the lettering says "Absolutely Pure Milk"on the top and "The Milk Protector" on the bottom..113/4"appears to be Blown in mold....i would appreciate any information you could possibly give me...I have been through many books and on many web sites and canít seem to find it!!!!! There are no significant markings identifying whom it may have been made by. Thank you for your time...

Your bottle is a new bottle sold in gift shops.  It is a fantasy reproduction of a one of the early milk bottles.  See the comments in June 2001 about Crownford China Company. Digger



Royal Palm Hotel, Miami, Florida
Picture is part of the University of Miami Postcard collection

Hi Digger; Your web site is great. I was just recently given a massive amount of bottles from a friend here in Florida. I am not a bottle collector but a couple of these are different and wondered if you could help me out. I have a bottle from Royal Palm; 10 fl. ozs. bottled by Florida Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Daytona Beach, Florida. What is different about this particular bottle is the labels and back side information appear to be in a sterling type overlay? It really is different. Any information you may have would be appreciated. Also if you are looking for any "southern" bottles; please let me know and I will see if I have any you are missing. Thanks for your time. PS Boy I must sound like a dummy to you guys that know what you are doing I just realized the silver is what is left behind after the paint was worn off. Sorry about that. Still let me know what and if anything that you would be looking for. Pat

 Royal Palm was a soda brand distributed widely across Florida, New York and Indiana from at least 1951 until 1970.  Most of the bottles produced in this time period have painted labels some showing Palm trees with either green and white or red and white colored labels.  These bottle are clear ranging in size from 6 to 10 ounces. The value of these is between $5 and $10 each.  Digger


Hi - Iím not sure if you can help. I want to clean a beautiful old seltzer bottle I just got. Unfortunately it still has the seal from the seltzer company around the siphon top. So you know if there is a way to get the top off? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Tim

Usually these have threaded pieces that can be unscrewed. See the comments in June 2001 about Seltzer patents. Digger

I have a old cobalt Worth perfume bottle...about 9.1/2 tall-with stopper-round....the stopper has stars on it...and WORTH is written on the front....could you tell me where I could get information about it...history, value..etc...I have been surfing the web ,but nothing...thanks..jean luc

Here is the trademark information:  Trade for the word "WORTH" for  PERFUME, TOILET WATER, TALCUM AND DUSTING POWDER, COSMETIC LOTIONS, AND BATH OIL. FIRST USE: 1924. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1924.  Filing Date March 4, 1966. Registration Date December 27, 1966. Owner (REGISTRANT) LES PARFUMS WORTH DE PARIS, INC. UNITED STATES CORPORATION UNITED STATES 5 E. 57TH ST. NEW YORK NEW YORK (LAST LISTED OWNER) WORTH PARFUMS CORPORATION ASSIGNEE OF FRANCE 26 RUE BAYARD PARIS FRANCE 75008.  Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 19861227 Live/Dead Indicator LIVE.  I am still checking about the value and will update this shortly.  Digger

hello I have an old brown jug that has I big label which reads opium on it. My family used to have a pharmacy and a lot of the old medicine bottles are still around my grandparentís attic. It has a paper label that lists a bunch of stuff but the opium part is real big. The thing is the contents are still inside of the bottle and are stopped with a cork. I donít know if this bottle has value or if it is even legal for me to have since the contents may be opium. Any information you can give me on this would be a great help. thank you for you time. Allison Coleman

Allison,  I am not a lawyer but I figure it would not be legal to sell this item.  That said, there is a large demand for such pieces and it has a good value.  My personal opinion is that since this is a family item you would be wise to keep it. You are very lucky to have these pieces of family history and they are priceless and irreplaceable.  Just a thought.  Digger




We found a bottle that looks like an old soda pop bottle - clear, with the words HOWDY on the front. Can you tell me anything about it? thanks 

HOWDY  Non-Alcoholic, Non-Cereal, Maltless Beverages Sold as Soft Drinks and Syrups and Flavorings Therefor. FIRST USE: 19207. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1920. Filing Date March 24, 1920. Registration Date October 26, 1920 Owner (REGISTRANT) Grigg, Charles L. d.b.a. The Howdy Co. DBA THE HOWDY CO. INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 4012 JUNIATA STREET St. Louis MISSOURI. (LAST LISTED OWNER) Seven-Up Co., The UNKNOWN St. Louis MISSOURI.  Renewal 3RD RENEWAL 1980 Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

The painted label bottles from the mid 1960s are very common.  they come in 10 and 12 ounce sizes and sell for $3-5.  Yours is probably one of the earlier ones since it is embossed.  I'd guess a value of under $10.  Digger


I was Wondering if you had any information about antique crocks which held embalming fluid it has a #5 and a blue flower design type figure, above it says Egyptian embalming fluid for preserving the dead. If you have any information containing this I would appreciate it if you would e-mail to me thank you

I found a reference to "The Egyptian Chemical Company" of Boston, MA which may be the company which produced your crock.  It sounds like a super item.  I 'd hesitate to make a guess without a picture.  Digger.

Ad from Pharmaceutical Record 
December 15, 1887

Hello Digger, I recently found two bottles while digging in my yard. I was wondering if you had any information regarding the date/origin of these. They are both rather small. One says Majorís Cement, New York New York The other one says on the bottom, Humphreys New York, with a logo of a small circle with wings. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Garry

Your Major's cement is common.  It sold for 15 cents a bottle. The Liquid glue for 10 cent. It was for sale still in the 1930s being put up at a different address (Pearl St.) by the Major Mfg. Company. check the link for another nice ad.

Ad from The Western Druggist August 1887

Your other bottle is probably one of the many remedies of the Humphrey Company.  I have covered this in other questions so use the search feature to see what you can find. Digger

Hello, my name is William Gates, Henderson Nevada, I submitted question in March 01, on the clear bottle marked "Saerctown" with image of wolf in circle, along with a couple of other question's. I have been following your site for some time, and have not seen a response! Might be one of the missed ones that you mentioned, so maybe if OK can I re address it. I'am a little confused, I see the question, but are the answers posted in a later Month, and are the answers mixed in with other questions submitted? Still would like to find out about. I would like to ask two(2) more if possible? (1) Is the book by Julian Harrison Toulouse "Bottle Makers & their Marks" still widely accepted or has another author come out with a newer version (updated info)? (2) I have a small "Major's Cement" bottle 2" high, 1"wide, clear, corker, the bottom has a "P" in a circle, which may stand for Pierce Glass Company representing years 1905-1917, the letters are embossed and raised with a high relief. Can you provide insight. Thanks, and looking forward to any info on this bottle and the Saerctown question sent in March 2001. See Above Digger

I have a small Vicks bottle with the lid, like the one on this web site. Could you tell me if it has any value? Than you, Debbie

$5 Digger

While boating, I found a bottle buried in the mud. The bottle is half pint size and is simply inscribed with "Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Reuse Of This Bottle". On the bottom are numbers/letters - D1 56-45. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Whiskey- 1932-1964.  You will find many other references on the site.  Digger

Hello, I was wondering if you might know of some information about some bottles I've found. They are as tiny as my pinky, they have no opening, they have a liquid inside. My belief is that it is Morphine, and the doctors cracked the top off and drew it out with a needle. My questions are How old might it be? Can I still sell it if I chose to? Any information you have would be helpful. Thank-you Yvette Kane

My belief is perfume.  Perfume you can sell with no problem.  Another reader wrote about such bottles and included a picture. Digger

I have some bottles of different shapes. Some of them are embossed. This clear bottle with the word Creomulsion at the top and at the bottom of the bottle it has for Coughs due to colds. The brown one says down the side of the bottle FATHER JOHNíS MEDICINE in capital letters. Could you please tell me if they have any value big or small. Also have 3 cobalt blue bottles have been looking all over the web to find out the information on these and have only found out bits of information on the bottles. Any information you could give me would b very helpful. Thank you L. Hawley

You will find information about Creomulsion in April 2001 Questions.  It was a very popular seller so the bottles are common.  Likewise so too was the Father John's.  You can learn much more about Father John and other similar bottles by reading this new article .  Value-wise, the Father John and the Creomulsion bottles are worth $2-5 each.  



I think items like these are quite common.  I found about a dozen being offered for auction on the day I searched.  Below are some of the offerings and the results including one that sounds like yours.

Whiskey and shot glass set it is in great condition with all the gold shot glasses and bottle with it's lid, all around it's round rack with a bird cage type lid that has sailing ships all around it, Inside is a music box wind it up , when you lift the lid it play "How Dry I am" 1950-1960 $26. 

JAGUAR Car Grill Music Box Whiskey Flask that dates back to 1968. It was made by Royal London Ltd. It plays the tune "How Dry I Am" when it is picked up. It measures 7" tall and 5.5" wide. $45

Liquor Decanter Fire Extinguisher Music BoxStands 11" box works! Perfect condition...heavy piece ---chrome and metal and glass No bid


WC FIELDS DECANTER, MUSIC BOX. Stands about 14" tall and plays "The Bear Went Over The Mountain".crack, No bid

This one sounds like yours. A Dancing Scot Music Decanter in excellent condition. In original box. The music box plays ďWhen Irish Eyes Are SmilingĒ, while the little Irish Dancer Dances around In a circle. Asking $10 No Bid.

Dear Diggeró I have a Jim Beam - Betsy Ross "200 Years of Freedom" - 1776-1976 Music Box bottle, sealed, with the original contents still inside. The bottle is in absolutely perfect condition. I was wondering how much it might be worth and where I could sell it. Thank you very much for your assistance. Sincerely, Virginia (Ginny) Henkel

See the above letter. Ebay to sell it.  I could not give a good estimate.  Digger

Hi, I did some excavating in Oxnard California Yesterday and at 4 feet below grade I discovered some pottery bottles and know nothing about them and are having a hard time getting some information. I will try to get some pictures of them. The bottles have some markings on them and are different from one another. Some of the bottles have the following markings: 1) In an oval shape it reads: Port-Dundas Pottery (Top and bottom of oval) Glasgow (in the center of another oval inside the first oval) They are made of clay and fired some are all beige and some with brown from above mid point. One has a copper wire at the top still intact not broken. about 40 of them are perfect in condition 2) this one reads H.Kennedy Glasgow (around oval outer and reads in center oval) Barrowfield pottery (and the number 20 in the center) The bottles measure 8.1/2 inches tall and are 3 inches in diameter at the bottom and 1 inch at the top. I scanned some to send you. please find attached. thank you Roger Stevens

Roger, looks like it was quite a party.  You have found a cache of English pottery Ale bottles.  These typically date from 1850-1890. How they came to be where you found them might be an interesting story.  Could they have been from a single shipment from the United Kingdom?  Oxnard is very near the coast.  Oxnard itself is likely not as old as these bottles so it raises some interesting questions.  Below is a scene of the Potteries very much like where your bottle would have been made.  The ale bottles were exported in huge numbers all over the world.  Yours all seem to be from the same geographic region.  the monetary value of these is from $10-20 each.  Digger.

Bottle Kilns of the Potteries


Your bottle dates to the 1950s.  Sun Tang was a soda which was distributed across Texas and in parts of the Midwest.  While I did not find a listing for a Sun Tang bottle forh Waco, I found listings for other Texas towns.  The painted label bottles from this company seem to be in the $5-10 range for ones in good condition. The Sun Tang brand first use the words "Big Red" was in 1957. It was put up by the Perfection Company Ltd of Waco Texas.  It looks they they stopped making it sometime in the 1970-84 period. The trademark information for the words SUN TANG indicate that the bottled soda brands were first produced commercially in 1948  for imitation flavor concentrates used to make soft drinks including imitation strawberry, grape, orange, cream soda, and cherry. The name was used as early as 1939 for syrups for making soft drinks.  Digger

Hello, Can you tell me anything about a Claytonís Old English Stone Ginger Beer Bottle? It has a marking impressed on the side that says maybe 33 Derby along with something else. It came in a lot I bought at an auction along with some Jim Beam bottles. Thanks, Toni McKeever

I'd estimate $20 for a value.  Maybe a reader can help.  Digger.

Hello, I was wondering if you could offer any information on a milk bottle my husband found while digging in the Cleveland Ohio area. Bottle specifics: it is clear, embossed wording (raised) states on front: one quart, C.C.S-D, REGISTERED, WODA BROS DAIRY. On the bottom: T. MFG. CO and the number 10, all of the bottom is embossed as well. Anxiously waiting your response. Thank you for your time. Lorraine

Lorraine, You milk bottle is listed in the Ohio Bottle Book.  the book indicates the embossing is in a slug plate and the bottle is from Cleveland (surprise).  It is listed for $10-15.

I saw in your web site that there was a Greenís Medicine. I have a cork remover which among other things says Greenís patent Pending. Do you know what kind of closure the Ďgreenís Medicineí bottle had? Was it a wide or narrow mouth? If a cork or stopper would you know if it was a shallow cork or stopper? Thanks for your help.

My guess is that the Green's patent Pending refers to the corkscrew itself and not the bottle. Here is a link to a listing of medicinal corkscrews. There are at least half a dozen known "Green's" medicines from different companies (Green's Lung Restorer, Green's Ague Conqueror, Green's Sarsaparilla...) Most medicine bottles have small mouths since they were liquids. Most medicine bottles were cork stoppers.  I am not sure what you are wanting.  Digger

Hi Digger,

We have a bottle that we assume is a beer bottle. It was in a box lot of items we bought at an auction a few years back. It has a blob top with a porcelain/wire bail top. The name on the porcelain top says, "Rhode Hall Bottling Co., N.J." with a red star in the middle. The side of the bottle reads from top to bottom, "registered (Wm. Eisberg Cliffside, N.J., it has a W in the center over an E design - all this wording within a circle). Lower edge says this bottle not to be sold. Bottom is smooth embossed K.H. - 0-5. Side seams end about halfway up neck and there appears to be tiny air bubbles within the glass. The color is light aqua. I would appreciate any information you could pass along about this bottle. Sincerely, Joan

Your bottle sounds more like a soda than a beer bottle.  I can't say much except the style of the stopper and the wording makes me think the bottle dates to the late 1890s or early 1900s.  Value would be $10.  Digger

I am not a collector but a descendant of the pharmacist Basile LaPlace (1830-84) who lived in New Orleans and LaPlace, Louisiana, and supposedly developed and successfully sold the patent medicine described in the subject line. I came across a reference to your guides on eBay. Have you ever seen a bottle fitting this description? Would you have any advice for how I might search for one? Thanks. Bill Kammer

Yes Bill, the bottle is pictured in my book, Indian Bottles & Brands. Embossing along with the the proprietor's name is Indian Turnip Pectoral Balm.  They are fairly hard to come by.  Diggers in the New Orleans areas and dealers from that region would be the best bet.  I have had a chance to buy one over the years.  I'd expect you'd hae to pay a good sum for one.  Try running an ad in the Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine.  Digger.


Can you tell me if my Masonic Union Flask is authentic: Enclosed is a photo: app 9" tall: it does not have an applied top, has seam on each side front has two hands shaking the word union, eagle on reverse: the bottle looks dug. It is not marked Wheaton so how do i tell if it is real or not: It cost my about $200 in traded. thanks josh

The picture did not come through so I cannot give you an opinion.  digger

Hi Digger, I hope you can help me. My husbandís Dad was a bottle collector and when he passed away, we were given some of his old bottles. Unfortunately I know nothing about these bottles so I searched the web and stumbled across your web site. It seems that you know a lot from what I can tell. There are 2 bottles that caught my eye and would like to know there value if any and where I could find more information on bottle collecting. I think this might be my new hobby. thanks alot. Becki Howard

1.Embossed bottle with the words Moo Cow written in cursive writing. 9" tall clear glass. On the bottom the words "Brown Ranch Capitola". There is also a picture of a cow on the front and back. 7 fluid ounces. anything???

2. A 5" clear Welchís Junior bottle, good condition

Brown Ranch in Capitola, California is the site of the birth of your Moo Cow bottle. "The family of James Brown, who built a cottage along the dirt lane of Forty-First Avenue in 1911. When he planted begonias there in 1921, the ranch quickly became a worldwide producer. Seeking fertilizer for the bulbs, Brown bought 14 registered heifers and a bull, and began one of the state's finest Guernsey herds. Over the years, the tradition of the Brown family remained its diversity, from the production of Moo Cow Ice Cream and the establishment of Moo Cow Stores, to the reputation of Capitola as the "Begonia Capital of the World." I found a bottle similar to your that looks like a soda bottle with Moo Cow embossed and the asking price was $80.  

Your other bottle, the Welch's is much more common.  they sell for $1-2.


Hello, I am inquiring on an unopened bottle of Camus congac. It resembles a book, made of porcelain, Limoges Castle France is the mark on the bottom. It has a picture of Napoleon. "CAMUS NAPOLEON COGNAC, BI-CENTNAIRE 1769-1969". So, is it worth anything? Thanks, Natalie

Any unopened bottle of Cognac is worth something.  Here is a link about your bottle CAMUS .  I do not have a good idea of value. Digger

Dear Digger: A few years back our son was digging and found this unusual looking bottle. We are just presuming it is an old soda bottle. Itís approximately 9 inches in length. From the bottom of the neck for about and inch and a half or so is almost diamond etchings. The glass is smooth until the raised lettering which is approximately 3 inches from the top of the bottle it has raised lettering on it saying WHISTLE under it (registered) 6 Ĺ FLD OZS . Then diamonds start again for a few inches then more writing with the words WHISTLE then under it REGISTERED DOMINION PAT.NO. 34.FOLIO 7216 . Then the diamonds start again until it runs into the smooth bottom with raised letting on the bottom that says. R VESS JONES 1926 with a 2 in the middle. There is seams that run from the bottom where the etching start to the neck of the bottle where there is a seem going horizontal. But it also looks like there is a seam going up to the first lip..... Any information you can find out would be greatly appreciated. I have tried in the past to find information to know prevail. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Verna Dubray

Verna check March 2000 Questions for more information about your bottle. While your bottle is certainly much earlier, the above trademark was filed in 1987.  The name had been in use since 1916. Trademark was registered by the owner, VESS BEVERAGES, INC. CORPORATION MISSOURI 2525 SCHUETZ ROAD MARYLAND HEIGHTS MISSOURI 63043. Digger

Hi -Iím hoping you can help with this question - I have an old jug, about 24" tall, clear glass, and it has a "rolled lip" looking top similar to an old milk bottle of the 1920s. It looks similar to a water cooler jug that could be filled with water and turned upside down into the water cooler. I got the jug from a friend who said it belonged to his grandmother in the early 1900s. I donít know anything else about it or any other history about it. The jug is heavy, and appears to be in about 5+ pieces, 2 halves, a 2 part bottom, and a 1-2 part top. On its bottom is a raised pattern that looks like like veins in a leaf, and in the very center circle part is a raised circle with a diamond turned sidewise. In the middle of this diamond and circle is a capital I letter. The numbers 5250 appear above this diamond and small circle, and below it is the number 4. On the left of the circle is the number 7, on the right is the number 52. Can you help me identify this jug? Thanks, Chuck in South Carolina

I can't.  But your suggestion of a water bottle sounds plausible. Maybe a reader can help or a picture might be useful.  Digger

Hey Digger, have a "liquor bottle" light green in color (with an aqua colored flowing strip down on side) with D-334 and 11972 on the bottom. Can you help me find out where itís from, and its worth? Edee

Give the description it does not sound like it has much value.  Again a picture would help.  Digger

Hi, My name is John and I found a small bottle in a field when metal detecting in Pensacola, Fl. I think the bottle is old and might be worth something. The bottle is 5.5 in. high and 2 in. wide and its clear with a cork top, It also has the number 61 on the bottom of it (it looks just like a very small/tiny old milk bottle). If you can provide me with the type of bottle it is and the price, I would be in your debt. Thanks, John P.S

Tiny milk bottle sounds like a creamer.  Unfortunately without most bottles any embossing and without any color  have very little appeal to collectors. So I would say the value is $1-2.  Digger.


Pixbitmap Hey Digger I was out digging this weekend and after several hours wrestling with 300 pound rocks I found a couple of real nice bottles one was a Brooklyn NY prescription bottle from about 1880 (I have no idea how that got up in Ontario Canada) the other bottle, however, is the one I want to know about it is a darker shade of aqua and is Bimal with the seam coming up to the lip. It has a smooth base with a letter "B" or "3" in a diamond also the mold number "382". It is embossed on the front panel




The bottle still has some contents residue on the inside and is 4 ľ" tall. I've looked on the Internet and couldn't find it but I did find out that Festiniog is somewhere in Europe. Any help in identifying price, age or rarity would be much appreciated Jon Allison Ottawa Ontario Canada

I'll say it's a nice bottle.  Wow!  Great color.  Veterinary collectors would very much like it.  I have not seen it and I have had an interest in Vet bottle for many years.  It has got to be rare.  If I owned it and was in a mood to sell it (which I would not)  I'd be asking $125-150 for it.  Now Festiniog is in Wales in the United Kingdom.  The inclusion of the word sheep in a veterinary bottle in this country is rare, but sheep are big business in Britain.  Your bottle is English...Welsh to be precise.  This makes it less surprising that you found it in Canada. I have no way of knowing if it is rare in Wales.

We found a bottle yesterday, it is a Double Cola brand, clear glass, faded red label with white writing. It says flavor from Seminole Flavor Company, bottled by Cammarano Bros. in Tacoma-Olympia Washington. Just wondering if this bottle has any significant value and how old it might be, we are guessing it might be from the 50ís or 60ís. Thanks for your any help you might be able to give. Stefan and Gaston

Double Cola bottles are very common but I could not find any listed from Washington State.  While a few of the Double cola bottles with painted labels were from the 1950s most seem to be from the 1960-70 era. The words "Double Cola" was trademarked by the Seminole Flavor Company Corporation Tennessee, Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1958.  The previous owner was called the Double Cola Company of the same city who first invented the Brand and used the name about 1935.   The previous owner of the Seminole Flavor Company was Fairmont Foods in Houston Texas.  Value would be easy if it were from Washington (West)  I'd say in the $10-15 just guessing.  Digger

Hi! My oldest son found a brown/amber 1 gallon glass Hi-Lex bottle. I am assuming that this was probably in produced in the 50ís and not much value?- but I told him that I would ask the question! Thanks for your time- and happy digging!

In 1927 Hi-Lex Corporation began making household bleach.  The Hilex Company was located in St. Paul, Minnesota. I think the company must stopped making it sometime in the 1970s. The bottles would hae a minimal value of $1-2.  Digger

Hello! Great web site - very informative! I would like to order your books at some point, as I have a huge collection of bottles that my mother had dug up in the 60ís (old homesteads up in the California foothills/mountains). But for now my correspondence is to inform you of some dead links you have to other sites.. 

Thanks, I hope I fixed them.  Please other readers should let me know of link rot. Digger

Dear Sir: The Question I have is a simple one: How were the standard bottle sizes decided, i.e., wine bottles 750 ml, beer bottles 12 oz. I hope to here from you soon. Ed Carson.

Of course Ed this was not a simple question.  It looks to me like the answer for wine is that the sizes have become standardized and all nomenclature revolves the word "Bottle" Apparently a "bottle" 750 ml was considered in the 18th century to a single serving.  Now anyone who who has drunk a bottle of wine certainly knows that this too much.  So from what I was able to determine it was the French (surprise) who first standardized the bottle to be 375 ml  about 1885 and the Americans followed suit about the turn of the century This size was considered was considered to be a more suitable personal serving.  So you see, since wine is meant to be shared, a bottle is a serving for two.  I guess it just takes less beer to get your date drunk. (just kidding) Digger

SPLIT-  for Sparkling Wine. The187 ml. Size is equal to a quarter of a standard bottle. 
HALF-BOTTLE- Half a standard size bottle. 375 ml. 
BOTTLE- You know this one. Standard sized bottle. 750 ml. 
MAGNUM- Equal to 2 standard bottles. 1.5 liters. 
DOUBLE MAGNUM- Equal to 4 standard bottles. 3 liters. 
JEROBOAM-  people of Champagne and Burgundy call their 3 liter bottles. Equal to 4 standard bottles,  
REHOBOAM- About 4.5 liters. Equal to 6 standard bottles. 
IMPERIAL- Equal to 8 standard bottles. 6 liters. 
SALMANAZER- This one is a case of wine all shoved into one bottle. About 9 liters or 12 standard bottles. BALTHAZAR- Equal to 16 standard bottles. 12 liters.  
SOVERIGN-  67 standard bottles or 50 liters.

                                            Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine

I have this bottle that I am attaching pics of... it says on it - C I HOOD CO. LOWELL, MASS. CORE LIVER ILLS, 2 TOG. It measures about 1 inch across, and 2 inches high... here are pics of it beside a quarter... it has a faint hint of a bluish color to it?? Can you identify the age, and worth of this bottle?? thanks maureen PEI, Canada

Unfortunately your picture was not useable but I happen to have the same bottle in my collection.  The embossing actually says CURES LIVER ILLS.  The bottle is not at all rare but much scarer than the Hood's Sarsaparilla which was the company's best seller.  There are several variants of the bottle.  It was certainly discontinued around the time of the 1906 Fodd and Drug Act. Value is about $15-20.

I have a small ceramic bottle (jug) that has the word "Scott" engraved at the base of the neck. Below this the inscription reads "417 Strand". It is 4" in height and tapers from 21/2" at the base of the neck to 2" at its base. It has a glaze that is brown at the top and gray at the base. A cork stopper was probably used to seal same. Can you please advise me? Thanks, Paul Christofferson.

I can't, maybe a reader will have an idea.  John Scott was a British watercolor painter.  A John Scott, watercolor prepared lived in 1794 at 417 Strand St. London.  Without seeing the item I have no way to judge the age.  it could be a old item or modern one.  Digger

I found an old whiskey bottle, dark amber in color, donít know much about bottles but it has a name on it of M. Shaughnessy & what looks to be Ho, but could be Co., it is written in an old cursive style & hard to read. St. Louis also is under the name. Has a number on bottom is 1.G.C. on the end here is a small o with a dot over it also. Thanks for your help. Sorry to bother you again, but I also have an old soda bottle. It is a Garrettís, says Better Beverages. was bottled in Clarksville Bottling Co. Clarksville, Arkansas. Thanks.

Well it makes a different on the whiskey whether or not it is machine made or not.  Either way the bottle is probably worth less than $20, maybe much less.  

I have a set of 50 black and white cards, 3x5, with views from all over the world. On the back is an advertisement for a free book from Dr. Hartman for chronic diseases caused by catarrh from the Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company , Columbus ,Ohio. Several of the descriptions on the cards present information that is derogatory and prejudiced toward Chinese culture at the time. Can you help me identify these cards and their value. Condition good.

I have covered some of the history of the Pe-ru-na Company in other months.  The cards which I have not seen before were almost certainly advertising cards possibly a give-away item.  The date would be 1890-1910. Value I hesitate to guess.  Digger


Bottle: 7.5 inches tall, corked, sealed. Type: Foleyís Kidney & Bladder Remedy. With front and back label. Bottle sealed with contents. Side Panelís embossed with: FOLEY & CO. Other side with CHICAGO, USA Back of bottle embossed with "FOLEYíS KIDNEY & BLADDER REMEDY" - but is covered with a label from Foleyís warning on the use of this product. Bottle has diagonal seams down the length of bottle on opposite corners (mold marks). Top appeared to be hand applied double collar. Any idea on the scarcity and value? See photos and let me know, thanks! Scott (zenbeer)

John Foley began his medicine business in Chicago in 1891.  He had several very successful brands one of which was his Kidney Bladder Cure.  The Cure is known in 3 sizes, 9 1/4", 7 3/8" (the most common) and  a sample bottle 4 1/4 inches tall.  The 7 3/8" size is known in amber, clear and aqua with Amber being most common.  I list the number of variants to give the idea that the bottle is common.  Now after the passage of the Food and Drug Act of 1906, the word "Cure" was changed to the word "Remedy." The wording on the label of the Cure versus the Wording on the label of the "Remedy you have is very similar is except for the word "Cure.".  The Remedy is less well cataloged, but I do know that the Remedy comes in an aqua 9 1/8" size as well as the more common 7 3/8" size. The remedy was sold probably as late as 1925 in some areas in bottles similar to yours.  Value with label and contents is probably $30-35.  Digger. More pix at:

I found a small (6") square bottle that has raised letters that say Hartshorns Est. 1850. Any info? Thanks, George Shumar

The firm of E. Hartshorn & Sons of Boston, MA made a number of medicinal products.  From the 1904 Pharmeceutical Era: Aromatic Syrup of Rhubarb, Hartshorn's Bitters (sold as early as 1876 was a labeled bitters Embossed Dr. Hartshorn's Family Medicines.-1894 also is found in a sample size), Hartshorn's Cordial, Hartshorn's Cure-All, Hartshorn's Family Pills, Liniment No. 18, and Hartshorn's Sarsaparilla (label only bottle-embossed E. Hartshorn & Sons, Boston, Mass. The company was listed as E. Hartshorn & Sons from 1867-1935.  In the later years they produced a cough balsam, diarrhea remedy, headache powders, Liniment No. 18 and a worm extract.   I also found a ketchup bottle attributed to this company. Digger

Good afternoon! I just purchased an old seltzer bottle at an antique mall. It is clear glass, metal top, about 10" high, and has "Supreme Beverage Co. Chicago Ill. " in red lettering on the bottle as well as the metal top. Any idea how old this is, and how rare? Also, I want to make it functional again (like in The Three Stooges!). Is there any way to recharge this type of bottle, or get it to work again? Thanks.

The red lettering suggests a silkscreen applied colored label.  This process was not used prior to about 1932- 1970s. I would not be able to jusdge the rarity but the value would be about $30.  See the first letter in this month for ideas about making it functional. Digger

Hi there Digger, I am a bottle collector, and have some of your books on "classic" antique bottles. I am also interested in the newer American bottles, even the common ones. I know you have this elitist idea that "Nobody" collects clorox bottles, but you are just unaware of the slowly growing ground-swell of interest in them. (And just because they are not 100 years old, donít be snobby). Clorox bottles can all be dated (most of them to the individual year made, when the date codes are understood) between 1929 and 1962, when the last glass ones were made. This is one of those "despised & degraded" bottles that, a few years from now, people will be less likely to frown on, and take more interest in. Check out one of the detailed bottle collecting pages about old Clorox bottles at

Best regards, David


Hi, I have a question concerning bottles. I know this may take a while for you to reply, but if you can reply to me, it would be Very much appreciated!! I have found a bottle. I was wondering what it was, where it was located and approx if it would be worth anything, any information you can give me. COLOR: Sunburst/ Amber colored. PennyFlask (rounded) DATES: Abraham Lincoln Date of Birth- Date of Death. MADE: Wheaton, New Jersey First Edition INCRIPTION: We the people, of the people, shall not parish in hell by the Gettysburg law Signed A. Lincoln. I can give u more information if needed. That is the basic though. Thank you for any information you can give me! thanks in Advance Paula

Paula, your Wheaton bottle is from the 1970s and probably one of the presidential series bottles.  I found your bottle for sale today on Ebay with an asking bid of $4.99 and no takers about half way through the auction.  Digger.

Hello, I was hoping you might give me some information on the following CHERO bottle .I grew up about an hour from Columbus, GA. in a rural Alabama town, and know a little history on Chero, Nehi, and RC. But I canít seem to find anything out about this particular bottle. It is a round spiral cut, white glass bottle that is rough around the edges. It stands approx.7 ĺ" tall and is approx.2 ľ" across the base. The label area is smooth and goes from seam to seam on one side. It appears to have been a printed on label that is now hardly visible and only when held at an angle into the light. It,the label, reads CHERO with FORMERLY CHERO COLA under this. Embossed above the base reads CHERO BOTTLING COMPANY on the label side and 6 fluid ounces on the opposite side. the bottom is embossed PATENTED FEBRUARY 26 TH,1926.It does have an embossed symbol on the bottom of an oval shape with a diamond around it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.............

You will find information about Chero in March and April 2001 and March 2000 questions. From your description it sounds as if the bottle had a painted label.  Maybe a reader will be able to help. Digger.

Response from a reader about Jolly Aid:

Robby I remember that powder! I say Ďpowderí, because when we were kids, during lunch recess in elementary we would go across the street to the neighborhood stand (Johnnyís) and buy a pack of this stuff, which we downed dry, mixed with salt (we like weird things in South Texas, like chili-lemon snowcones). I used to love that stuff! The grape/salt combo was the best. Never did try it as a drink, though. RG Jolly Aid I remember that powder! I say Ďpowderí, because when we were kids, during lunch recess in elementary we would go across the street to the neighborhood stand (Johnnyís) and buy a pack of this stuff, which we downed dry, mixed with salt (we like weird things in South Texas, like chili-lemon snowcones). I used to love that stuff! The grape/salt combo was the best. Never did try it as a drink, though. RG

More about Jolly Aid trademark information



Hi there - Great site! I am not a bottle collector but I inherited some beautiful bottles from my grandmother - who collected them purely based on how pretty they were. I have a question about a flask that I canít seem to find much info. about in this color. It is a blue (light to medium cobalt - not aqua) six-seven inch high Success to the Railroad Flask. It is BIM and has either a ground or sheared top ( I think sheared but Iím new to this) and a smooth bottom with an air bubble in it but no pontil. My question is - it doesnít have any marks that would make me think itís a reproduction (like the CB as you show on the site or Wheaton) so is it probably an original? Also it has two hairline cracks in it and a small chip in the lip. Does that totally negate the value? What do you think it would be worth? - I love it no matter what itís worth, anyway, but Iím curious as to its value. Thank you so much for your help. Penny Ruekberg Dallas, Texas

Penny, the above flask is a reproduction.  It was probably made by Clevenger.  I am certain yours is not authentic.  The real ones are always pontiled.  The above bottle has a nicely finished lip made in the old style but  the base is smooth.  The impression is poor on the above example.  Digger.


Dana, I have no way to be certain.  But it sounds like a pre-machine made bottle (Pre-1910) Digger.

Good evening, I attended a rummage sale and picked up a few unique bottles, one of which I am hoping you can provide some information on. It is a whiskey bottle with "NIKKA WHISKEY" embossed in white letters along with a gold embossed seal on a black label with the words "GOLD & GOLD" across the top. It has a small white label with red Japanese writing located below the black label. The bottle is clear in color, stands 8" tall, is oval in shape, and has a capacity of 760 ml. The bottle is ABM and in excellent shape. It has a plastic pourer screwed on with the words "NIKKA WHISKEY" embossed in the top. The bottle has shoulder and chest armor, very detailed, that the plastic pourer sticks up through. There is a gold "G & G" across the front of this. Sitting over the plastic pourer is an armored helmet, also very detailed. Both pieces are metal in construction and removable from the bottle itself. Any information you could provide (age, if still produced, worth, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and expertise. Matt from Ft. Lauderdale

Here is the trademark information about the company.  I do not think the bottle has any worth or any significant age.  It appears to me they did not use it in this country until 1996. The word "NIKKA" : WHISKY. FIRST USE: 1952. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 1996 Filing Date April 19, 2000 Published for Opposition January 30, 2001 Registration Number 2446421 Registration Date April 24, 2001 Owner (REGISTRANT) NIKKA WHISKY DISTILLING CO., LTD., THE CORPORATION JAPAN 4-31, Minami-Aoyama 5-chome Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN  Digger

Hello my name is Kelly, about five years ago I bought a bottle, I was wondering if you could tell me about it... It looks like a liquor bottle, it is covered in brown leather and has a light brown leather trim. It is also embossed with gold and has a round picture of an old ship on it. The stopper in it looks like a round wooden ball that has been covered in leather. I cannot find any markings on it. Will you please help me...thank you Kelly

I wish I could, maybe a reader will know.  Digger

I have an old glass bottle that has a B in a circle and it says J.T. Baker Chem. Co. on it . It is aqua in color and is probably the size of a 2-litre pop bottle, I cannot seem to find any information on this bottle. It also has a glass cork lid. It is in mint condition and would like to know the value. Could you help? Thank you, Terri Konkle

The J.T. Baker Chemical Company was founded in 1904 by John Townsend Baker  in Phillipsburg, New Jersey USA. Baker was trained as a chemist and was involved in the production of reagents.  Prior to starting his own company he was partners in Baker Adamson Chemical company.  With the advent of the First World War his business boomed since many chemicals were no longer avialable from European sources.  After going public in 1926, the company was bought by by Vicks corp in 1941 and later by Proctor & Gamble who presently own the name. Your bottle is a chemical bottle and is probably worth $15-30 Digger.

Hi- what an excellent resource you provide! Iím looking for information for a friend of mine about a bottle labeled "Century Cream". She hasnít given me dimensions, but I think itís small- perhaps the size of a perfume bottle. Any ideas? Thank you for your time, Anne Wilder

I found a Century Chemical Company in Indianaand a Century Catarrh Cure but no cream.  The name suggests the product was made right around the turn of the century.  Digger

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